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00:01<Eman>ya, thats creepy
00:01<Eman>go camwhore or something less weird
00:01<taupehat>I mean, the kids getting into it I guess I can understand
00:02<taupehat>but that lady on the left, and the two hobbits... they're old enough to know better!
00:02<Eman>well, i know a 45 year old guy and his wife that are addicted to WoW... like 16 hours a day addicted
00:03<taupehat>sounds like they have something in common
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12:34<Godsey>if I purchase, will it get setup today or are you on vacation? :)
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12:40<BrianHV>Godsey: funny, I have the same question
12:41<BrianHV>and I was rather surprised to see that I was giving my credit card info out to submit an application...
12:43<JasonF>they manually scan all incoming apps
12:43<JasonF>anywhere from 5 minutes to 24 hours to get activated
12:43<JasonF>I'd say the mean is around 2 hours
12:44<BrianHV>that information would have been valuable prior to my paying money. ;)
12:44<JasonF>yeah, I know
12:45<BrianHV>the "no refunds ever" policy already makes me nervous...
12:45<JasonF>The service is good all except for the business side, they tend to not be great about giving out info
12:45<JasonF>but I've been a customer for almost 2 years now
12:46<BrianHV>but yeah, I can give some benefit of the doubt to techies trying to run a business. that's what I'm trying to do myself, after all
12:46<JasonF>my website ( is running on a linux
12:47<BrianHV>are they actually going to call me before they active my node?
12:47<afv-13>rarely happens
12:47<JasonF>They didn't call me
12:48<JasonF>I think they only do it if it gets flagged as fraud
12:48<JasonF>but they manually look over every new customer... i kinda like that, b/c it keeps bad people off
12:48<BrianHV>that means I can leave my phone to make food. ;)
12:48<@caker>Godsey: today
12:50<@caker>BrianHV: you're all set -- thanks
12:50<BrianHV>sweet. thanks!
12:55<BrianHV>now that's what I'm talking about
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13:01<BrianHV>is it just me, or is my reverse DNS a little wonky? ;)
13:04<BrianHV>btw, what happens when I hit my transfer limit? will I lose connectivity, or be billed for overage, or what?
13:06<Godsey>caker: thanks
13:09<BitterIggy>BrianHV: billed
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13:14<BitterIggy>hmm, I didn't realize it, but I've been a customer over 2 yrs now... since june 2004 apparently
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13:54<Spads_>guinea-pig: you know, xkcd hangs out in #tron now
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13:54<Spads>it's been fun watching that comic cement his fame
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14:21<efudd> <- that cracks me up
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14:57<@caker>BrianHV: reverse dns wonky how so? I might have been an IP that was recently released back into the pool, but the rdns should have been reset
14:59<BrianHV>well, as of when I logged into IRC from the node 2 hours ago, IRC claimed I was
15:00<@caker>ok .. what does it say in the rdns manager (off the overview page)?
15:01<@caker>most likely the zones haven't been rebuilt yet, so that should fix itself in the next few hours
15:02<BrianHV>now I just need to figure out why exim won't send my mail...
15:02<@caker>sounds like fun
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15:17<guinea-pig>Spads: i'd never heard of xkcd until you just said that.
15:17<guinea-pig>obviously i'm the fool for not knowing the comic i linked to
15:25<BrianHV>is there a way for me to retrieve the entire zone file for my domain? my current provider has been taking care of that for me
15:37<BrianHV>I don't suppose you could elaborate?
15:39<npmr>there's a tool called dig
15:39<guinea-pig>heh. friend of mine just visited emperor norton's grave
15:39<npmr>install it
15:39<BrianHV>I have dig
15:40<npmr>then run "dig youdomain.tld axfr
15:40<npmr>if your axfr request is denied, you'll have to go to your current dns host to have that enabled
15:40<npmr>and that may be on a per-ip basis
15:41<BrianHV>hmmm. ok, thanks.
15:41<BrianHV>looks like I'll have to bug my current provider some more
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