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08:11<jdashton>Quick question:
08:11<jdashton>(Hi, by the way. :-) )
08:11<jdashton>Last night I set up a Linode 100 with an FC2 image.
08:12<jdashton>Is there a standard way to install Apache, Tomcat, MySQL, etc>?
08:14<jdashton>Or should I use the distro-standard tools to install such software?
08:14<jdashton>(I just want to check whether you have a Linode-specific tool for adding these packages before I go to the distro way of doing things.)
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08:39<IntuiWorx>jdashton: Just use your distro-specific way of installing packages.
08:43<internat>the wiki has performace settings that you should try
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10:06[~]BitterIggy hopes he's not on the same host with the guy trying to run tomcat on a linode 100
10:07<kvandivo>do you even have a 100?
10:08<BitterIggy>not anymore
10:08<kvandivo>i'd say you are safe, then
10:08<BitterIggy>but that was more of a clever way of telling said individual that s/he is quite silly to undertake such things
10:09<bendy24>kvandivo: from what i hear about his exwife, no one is safe
10:09<kvandivo>BitterIggy: just like my statement was a clever way of reminding everyone that linodes are grouped on physical machine by size
10:09<kvandivo>bendy24: here sya
10:10<BitterIggy>you silly guys and your ex-wife talk
10:11<kvandivo>hey.. i'm not even half way there
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11:17<jdashton>Thanks for the warning re Tomcat on Linode 100. What would you consider the smallest machine for running Tomcat with a handful of small JSPs and a tiny database?
11:18<Battousai>a quad xeon 2.4
11:18<kvandivo>the key factor with a linode is RAM. You need to be able to run a well-tuned version of whatever packages you desire in RAM (no swa)
11:18<kvandivo>swap, rather
11:19<kvandivo>any package that consistently will be hitting swap with the amount of ram you have won't work well on alinode
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11:28<BitterIggy>iow, run a test locally and see how much memory it uses, then size your linode accordingly
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17:54<EfuddBleh>host29 fubar?
17:54<EfuddBleh>sshd/console isn't working.
17:54[~]caker looks
17:55<EfuddBleh>I get no version string when i connect to host29/22
17:55<@caker>seems fine here... ping ok, etc?
17:56<EfuddBleh>connectivity is fine....
17:56<EfuddBleh>yah, fine now
17:56<EfuddBleh>you restart sshd?
17:58<efudd>And now for something weird about screen....
17:58<efudd>if one has sent a CTRL-S (stop char) to a session and tries to screen -r -d that session, everything hangs. :)
17:58<efudd>Which I guess is exactly what it /should/ do.
17:59<@caker>continue to pids help at all?
17:59<efudd>didn't try.. good point tho.
17:59<efudd>I just, out of frustration, sent a ctrl-Q to the other session.. and boom.
17:59<efudd>the session triing to reconnect had to be manually killed/restarted.
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18:01<efudd>thanks for the restart; wonder why it was disliking me...
18:01<efudd>Reminder: Your maximum bid for this item is US $ 75.00
18:01<efudd>Bidding in: 02:52:16 seconds*
18:01<efudd>go go sniping skript.
18:03<@caker>local skript, or (once I've used in the past; works well)
18:05<efudd>get it from cvs on
18:05<efudd>I presume it'll bid right; first time using it. It's done the right things watching so far.
18:05<efudd>I also presume I won't come home tonight to a bid of 75,000.
18:05<kvandivo>that would be rather amusing
18:05<efudd>main reason i'm using a script for this is that I'll be at the bar whilst the bidding ends.
18:05<@caker>also, someone else doesn't have your ebay auth goodies that way
18:06<efudd>kvandivo, Yes, that'd be amusing. Once.
18:06<@caker>that reminds me...
18:06[~]caker figures how to calc the number of ebay scam emails he gets in a day
18:06<@caker>anyway, it's a lot
18:07<efudd>I get way too much spam.
18:07<efudd>then again, I'm using no spam filtering other than my 'D' key.
18:07<@caker>and your email address is? (go on, paste it)
18:07<Battousai>a dangerous proposition
18:09<efudd>caker, oh, that's easy. which forwards to your email address(es).
18:09<@caker>gee, thanks :)
18:09<kvandivo>while i'm sure this is far from a record around these parts, i have 21,711 spam messages filtered in the past couple of months.. can't imagine hitting D that many times just because i don't have a filter
18:09<efudd>A wise man once (or should have!) said "The best part of war, is retaliation."
18:10<Battousai>who said that?
18:10<kvandivo>a wise man
18:10<kvandivo>keep up, Battousai!
18:10<Battousai>you're goin a mile a minute!
18:10<Battousai>or 60mph, if you will
18:11<kvandivo>i prefer to think in terms of: a one minute mile
18:13<efudd>So car dealer tried to sell me a 2006 Corvette Z06 today as a trade in on my '04 z06.
18:13<JasonF>kvandivo: I average around 15k a month, probably close to 3/4ths are caught by the gmail filter
18:13<efudd>He offered me a sweet deal of $75,900 for the 2006 z06 with 5k miles on it.
18:13<kvandivo>that's still missing a lot
18:13<efudd>Please note, the MSRP on that 2006 z06 is 71,200.
18:14<@caker>efudd: professionally broken in, right? .. oh, and $2000 paint protection?
18:14<efudd>Indeed. :)
18:14<@caker>love it
18:14<@caker>I bought a new bike a few weeks ago after the car hit me, and the guy told me it had a feature that I knew it didn't (slipper clutch)
18:14<@caker>they're all the same.
18:15<kvandivo>none of "them" are as bad as cell phone sales staff, though
18:15<kvandivo>you want to talk about clueless people.. cell phone salesmen are your prime candidates
18:15<@caker>most of the cell phone pricing is on paper, at least
18:15<kvandivo>pricing, yes
18:15<@caker>you can find the deals *somewhere*
18:16<@caker>^-- new baby
18:16<kvandivo>but if you ask a question that isn't clearly in black and white on the page, you can expect a useless, probably incorrect, answer
18:16<@caker>kvandivo: nice referrer in your http requests
18:17<kvandivo>it's all a matter of getting your name out there
18:17<@caker>I got back from a motorcycle trip into the mountains last week, videos to follow soon :)
18:17<kvandivo>you should take some pics of a day if you ever find yourself out in the sunshine
18:17<@caker>yeah, those were by request, and it was night
18:29<efudd>Ha. the payment on that z06 would be $1429/month.
18:30[~]mikegrb orders 3
18:30<kvandivo>hunter's is hunter green, right?
18:30<efudd>That's, uh, a little more than my current one. s/little/lot/
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20:39<warewolf>does someone here own
21:42<linbot>New news from forums: no response to refund request in Sales Questions and Answers <>
21:46<efudd>damnit. didn't win the rebay auction. i bid 4 seconds from the end and lost due to not betting enough ><
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22:35<fapestniegd>How long should a 4GB host migration take?
22:36<fapestniegd>It's been 2 hours.
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23:15<@caker>fapestniegd: fixed -- sorry about that
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