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07:03<brocktice>my ears
07:04<MIIU767>i mean any linode customers here...?
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07:04<RobotBanana>Hi, got a question for you guys: how restrictive are linodes? i.e. Can I run virtually whatever I want (providing it's not hacking/illegal, etc.)?
07:04<brocktice>pretty much, yeah
07:04<brocktice>you can't screw with the kernel
07:05<RobotBanana>hmm... i'm trying to decide if I should go with a Linode, or Quantact/
07:05<brocktice>what's the difference?
07:05<RobotBanana>quantact is cheaper, and they beat linodes in storage and bandwidth
07:06<RobotBanana>which are 3 important things to consider
07:06<brocktice>And they appear to already be using Xen
07:06<RobotBanana>however they do restrict certain things like IRCds, proxies, etc.
07:06<brocktice>Oh, linode doesn't restrict anything
07:06<brocktice>I used to run Tor on mine.
07:07<RobotBanana>i probably won't ever need those, but I don't like feeling like i have to watch everything i do for risk of getting in trouble
07:07<brocktice>One time ThePlanet sent me a takedown notice, but I wasn't actually hosting the files, so they let me go on my merry way.
07:07<brocktice>(because someone was filesharing via Tor or something)
07:07<RobotBanana>ah, hehe
07:10<brocktice>just about everyone here is a linode customer MIIU767
07:10<brocktice>Actually I'm not any more
07:10<brocktice>I don't know why I'm still hanging out here :P
07:10<MIIU767>anyone running cpanel?
07:10<brocktice>I use Webmin
07:11<RobotBanana>I'm thinking of trying Cube or whatever it's called
07:11<RobotBanana>Cube Panel, that's it
07:13<MIIU767>ok just curious
07:13<MIIU767>How is lindode's support? 24x7?
07:13<MIIU767>linode I mean
07:13<MIIU767>sorry. 7th Sam Adams.
07:15<MIIU767>support any good?
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07:22<Spads>surely it's early in the morning anywhere they sell sam adams...
07:26<RobotBanana>Hmm.... one more question, does Linode support RDNS? I know with Quantact all you have to do is hit a little button in their control panel.
07:26<brocktice>R = reverse?
07:27<RobotBanana>And do you have to set that up manually, or does Linode have the "little button" too?
07:27<brocktice>You just put in a reverse DNS name in the Linode control panel, I believe
07:28<brocktice>It's been a while since I set one up.
07:28<brocktice>But it's trivial.
07:28<RobotBanana>alright, thanks
07:28<RobotBanana>gotta run, bye guys
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07:32<bogdan>hello everyone
07:32<bogdan>i have one quick question, not exactly linode related but linux related
07:33<bogdan>can anyone recommend a linux utility that can zero the unused disk space?
07:33<bogdan>space for deleted files that is
07:34<bogdan>is there such an util for linux?
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08:36<cow>caker / mikegrb - you here?
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15:39<erikh>anyone know why I'd be getting this when I have free RAM?
15:39<erikh>Sep 6 16:37:31 juiced couriertcpd: malloc: Input/output error
15:39<erikh>Sep 6 16:37:31 juiced couriertcpd: malloc: Input/output error
15:43<erikh>caker, mikegrb?
15:45<warewolf>erikh: what host are you on?
15:47<erikh>I'm losing connectivity too, now
15:47<warewolf>for some reason my load average is unusually high
15:47<erikh>my mail system is hosed righ tnow
15:47<erikh>and I'm trying to get a response for a job application :)
15:49<warewolf>I think I'll just reboot for good measure.
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15:59<warewolf>ok that was interesting.
15:59<warewolf>if I remember correctly, at one point if you manually 'rebooted' your linode from inside the linode itself (eg, the reboot command) it would not come back up
15:59<warewolf>I believe that was fixed though
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16:00<warewolf>anyway - I rebooted my linode from inside itself (via the reboot command) and it shut down like it was supposed to, but didn't boot.
16:00<warewolf>lish said it was still running via the 'status' command
16:00<warewolf>the linode website said it was powered down
16:00<warewolf>there's some disconnect between lish and the website
16:02<erikh>christ, it's doing it again
16:03<erikh>warewolf: shutdown -r does the same thing
16:03<erikh>I think it's UML or something.
16:03<erikh>I rebooted it, and I'm still getting the malloc errors.
16:03<erikh>I have even more ram than last time and am using 0 swap
16:05<warewolf>wow I am sucking down the ram too
16:05[~]warewolf investigates
16:07<erikh>still, when I pay (relatively high) prices for 300M of ram, I better get all of it.
16:07<erikh>I'm normally very happy with the service here, but this is absurd.
16:07<warewolf>erikh: I don't know what's going on with you, but if given a moment to investigate my own problems I would enjoy helping you resolve yours.
16:08<erikh>well, i'm seeing if there's a new patch for courier, but maildrop and friends are acting odd as well
16:09<erikh>hmm. new libc6.
16:09<warewolf>it looks like spamd, clamd, httpd(mod_perl) are sucking up the most of my memory
16:09<erikh>yeah, that's how it usually is here.
16:10<erikh>eh, I should just write a small program to allocate some ram and exit to see if courier or the system is the problem. :)
16:11<warewolf>$a="\000"; while (1) { $a.=$a; }
16:11<eric_>you might want to set a limit on that before running...
16:11<warewolf>eric- that's totally _not_ the point.
16:11<taupehat>erikh: you might not want to run that on my linode =]
16:12<taupehat>but we miss you in ngs
16:12<erikh>i'm here
16:12<erikh>err, there.
16:12<taupehat>no, you split a while ago
16:12<erikh>yep. if i'm here, i'm there. the beauty of an irc proxy that runs on the same host as the ircd.
16:13<erikh>taupehat: nah, we rejoined
16:13<erikh>do a /names
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16:13<taupehat>no, erikh, hollensbe split at 13:54 and hasn't been seen since
16:13<erikh>dude, I am there. :)
16:14<warewolf>erikh- suprisingly my mysqld is not a top-contendor of ram
16:14<taupehat>say something then =]
16:14<erikh>taupehat: you didn't just see that?
16:14<@mikegrb>mmm cake
16:18<erikh>heh. why would debian choose to not make libc6-dev a prerequisite for gcc?
16:18<erikh>can't compile much without the C library headers.
16:20<npmr>why not just install build-essentials?
16:20<eric_>they want you to use build-essentials
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16:21<erikh>ah. where's that documented exactly?
16:22<npmr>apt-cache show build-essential
16:22<erikh>that's... not documentation.
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17:06<hirstpf1>hi are there netowrk problems at the moment?
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17:09<BitterIggy>hirstpf1: no one has mentioned anything, but it's possible you are just the first person to get here
17:09<IntuiWorx>No problems w/ my Linode at ThePlanet ... I'm ssh'd in right now.
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17:10<hirst>anyone here? Has host59.fremont just fallen over, wider network or just my linode
17:12<BitterIggy>that's 2
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17:12<hirst>as in 2 of us?
17:12<BitterIggy>so far
17:13<hirst>is your linode down also?
17:14<hirst>are you still with me BitterIggy?
17:15<BitterIggy>no, mine is perfect afaik
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17:16<BitterIggy>just logged in and checked, it's fine
17:16<BitterIggy>I'm not on host53 though... it could just be that host
17:17<hirst>I'm on host59 according to the control panel
17:17<hirst>can't lish into it either
17:18<BitterIggy>oh, I thought you said 53
17:18<BitterIggy>actually, one of mine is on host 58 and it's fine
17:19<hirst>i just managed to get into lish
17:19<hirst>so host is now up
17:20<hirst>my tokens arent though - hopefully i can ssh in and kill som ps!
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17:44<heidi_>BitterIggy: actually that was the same person
17:46<BitterIggy>oh... whatever didn't seem too sharp either way
18:07<linbot>encode: Linode100 - 0, Linode150 - 3, Linode200 - 7, Linode300 - 1, Linode400 - 1
18:07<encode>eta on a linode 100?
18:07<encode>caker? mikegrb?
18:08<Battousai>150s give you a bigger wang
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18:29<encode>Battousai: yeah, i have a 200
18:29<encode>the 100 is for someone who wants a cheap reliable host
18:29<encode>anything more than 100 doesnt really count as cheap
18:29<encode>and even then it might be stretching it, for his definition of cheap
18:30<@mikegrb>mmm cake
18:30<encode>hmm, ok
18:31<encode>either thats mikegrb's version of humour, or his script is *Really* laggy
18:31<Battousai>wasnt even a second behind
18:32|-|internat [] has joined #linode
18:32<@mikegrb>mmm cake
18:32<encode>well i said caker 23 minutes before he said mmm, cake
18:32<@mikegrb>mmm cake
18:32<Battousai>[19:30:43] <blake> cake
18:32<@mikegrb>mmm cake
18:32<Battousai>[19:30:43] <@mikegrb> mmm cake
18:32<encode>i have blake on ignore
18:32<Battousai>you must have him on ignore
18:32<encode>now that makes sense
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20:13<taupehat>my... NETSPLIT brings all the geeks to the screen, and it's.... not really so keen
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23:38<taupehat>wonder how long that'll take to get modded -1: Insightful
23:41<encode>i sense an animosity towards gnome
23:41<JasonF>that's the best comment on that story
23:41<JasonF>by miles and miles and miles
23:41<Eman>gnome is the desktop environment that has no screensaver advanced config because "its too confusing for users"
23:41<taupehat>only because firefox project, in their infinite stupidity, chose to dump the perfectly-functional xpi filepicker for the stupid lame-ass broken, filename-erasing gnome filepicker
23:42<taupehat>otherwise I'd never see any crap from that crap project
23:42<taupehat>JasonF: that's hilarious!
23:43<taupehat>thanks =]
23:45<internat>god gnome shits me to tears.. kde for the win
23:46<taupehat>otoh, I had to reply to one of those replies. I bet this one really does get modded -1:insightful haha
23:47<taupehat>you have to read the parent to really see the post in context
23:47<taupehat>I should quote more often
23:55<encode>JasonF: ahahaha @ /. comment\
23:56<encode>i like xfce4
23:56<encode>but i must admit, i havent tried kde for years
23:56<taupehat>haha, my first post there got modded down troll, and almost immediately, somebody replied agreeing with me
23:57<taupehat>someone else got bit by the bug
23:58<taupehat>take a look at the moderation history on this post
23:58<encode>if i had mod point, i'd mod up your comment taupehat
23:58<taupehat>but that last link wasn't my post
23:59<taupehat>when you do get mod points, look for posts that got modded troll but shouldn't have, and use "underrated" or conversely, look for really dumb posts that got modded up, and mod them "overrated"
23:59<taupehat>all those two mods do is move the post up or down a point
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