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00:00<taupehat>so you can push a post to +5:Troll or -1:Insightful
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04:40<Ciaran>Is host36 down?
04:43<Ciaran>It seems to be up now, cool. :)
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08:17<bd1308>anybody on host50?
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08:40<defraine>$ ssh
08:40<defraine>ssh: connect to host port 22: Operation timed out
08:40<fdc>Hey, is anyb-..
08:40<fdc>That answers my question.
08:40<fdc>So, host50 is down again?
08:41[~]Spads wrinkles his brow
08:41<defraine>I don't know, but my linode is unreachable and neither is host50
08:41<Spads>oh no, I'm not on 50
08:41<fdc>Yeah, I'm on 50 too, and it looks down from here... =/
08:41<fdc>Again... =/
08:42<defraine>somebody wake up caker
08:42<Spads>file a ticket
08:42<fdc>Third time in the last month.
08:42<fdc>Yeah, I already have.
08:44<fdc>Filed a ticket, that is - not woken up caker. =P
08:44<defraine>other hosts seem worse:
08:45<fdc>Yeah, 51 seems to get a lot of beating.
08:45<fdc>So does 53, actually.
08:45<BitterIggy>looks like all the new hosts seem to have some sort of problem
08:46<fdc>Yeah. =/
08:46<npmr>it's a cpu revision thing
08:46<defraine>do they use particular hosts for particular linodes?
08:46<BitterIggy>I guess those aren't the new ones since I'm on 58, but that group seems pretty rough
08:46<defraine>e.g. all cheap ones on host5x
08:46<BitterIggy>yes, different plans are grouped together
08:47<fdc>Hahahah... great... priority downtimes for the low-end clients? ;)
08:48<BitterIggy>those aren't necessarily all low end clients
08:48<BitterIggy>host52 could just as easily be linode400's
08:49<fdc>Yeah, host52 isn't the one that keeps going down!
08:49<fdc>So it probably is! ;)
08:49<BitterIggy>it looks like 50-53 all have trouble
08:49<fdc>Where do I apply to get put on one of the good servers? =(
08:50<BitterIggy>buy a better plan ;P
08:50[~]fdc laughs.
08:51<npmr>those hosts aren't all linode 100 hosts
08:51<BitterIggy>actually, host53 is 400's
08:51<npmr>also, you can open a ticket and ask to be moved
08:51<BitterIggy>of course that depends on !avail
08:51<npmr>they may or may not be able to accomodate the request
08:51<linbot>BitterIggy: Linode100 - 0, Linode150 - 3, Linode200 - 7, Linode300 - 1, Linode400 - 1
08:52<fdc>Really? Well, that's good to know, might be worth a shot to keep in mind if this keeps happening..
08:52<BitterIggy>so if you have a linode100 you are probably screwed
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08:52<npmr>i think it's hosts 40 to 55 that have the pentium 4 xeon revision 3
08:53<npmr>that chip doesn't play well with the skas patch, which all of the linode host kernels have
08:53<npmr>to my knowledge, no one has been able to find a workaround
08:53<fdc>Well... that's... just great. =|
08:54<fdc>It would seem that a fairly simple workaround would be to NOT use that particular CPU for this purpose?
08:54<npmr>it would
08:54<npmr>but those hosts are already out there
08:54<fdc>True. Hindsight is always 20-20, and all that.
08:55<defraine>The TOS guarantees 99.9% uptime, so if it is down more than 43 minutes I am entitled to a refund?
08:55<defraine>43 minutes a month, that is
08:55<fdc>I've been wondering that myself.
08:55<npmr>yes, i think so
08:56<fdc>Because host50 has already been down for more time than that in the last 30 days.
08:56<fdc>Though, conveniently, not all in the same billing month. =/
08:56<linbot>New news from forums: SSH Key in General Discussion <>
08:56<BitterIggy>one might also say another easy workaround would be to not use the skas patch, but then you'd be trading a pretty substantial performance hit all the time for 5 more minutes of uptime
08:56<fdc>Yeah, well, that workaround doesn't sound like such a great idea. =)
08:56<BitterIggy>spend your pennies well
08:57<defraine>anybody every applied for the refund?
08:57<fdc>Though, just to quibble, it's more like 50 more minutes of uptime. =P
08:57<fdc>I don't think I'd even NOTICE if my linode went down for just 5 minutes.
08:57<BitterIggy>defraine: I don't know of anyone who has for less than the SLA promised uptime
08:58<BitterIggy>but people have for various other reasons
08:58<npmr>service level agreement
08:59<BitterIggy>s/SLA/TOS/ ...whatever you want to call it
08:59<npmr>i believe several people asked for a refund after the TP power outage spring 2004 that lasted for eight hours
08:59<BitterIggy>I didn't
08:59<npmr>but it's not a refund of the whole month
08:59<npmr>it's just for the down period
08:59<fdc>Before my time.. but I would have.
09:00<npmr>and only for problems with the host hardware and software
09:00<@mikegrb>mmm cake
09:00<BitterIggy>mostly because I figure I got my money's worth by sitting in here and harassing mike and mr. cake all day
09:00<npmr>TP's power problem was not a problem with the host hardware or software
09:00[~]fdc laughs.
09:01<@mikegrb>mmm cake
09:01<fdc>cake is good =)
09:01<@mikegrb>mmm cake
09:01<Spads>fdc: have some cake then
09:01<fdc>Heh, silly script. =)
09:01[~]Spads lols
09:01<@mikegrb>mmm cake
09:01<fdc>Spads: I don't have any cake!
09:01<Spads>fdc: then you may as well lol
09:01<Spads>fdc: or rofl
09:02<BitterIggy>mikegrb: your script needs some rate limiting
09:02<fdc>rofl lol mmm cake
09:02<defraine>lukily we have mike to entertain us during the downtime
09:02<fdc>lol cake rofl
09:02<Spads>BitterIggy: it does have it actually
09:02<fdc>His scripts like lol the best. =P
09:03<Spads>BitterIggy: but it's per-person
09:03<BitterIggy>mikegrb: your script needs some _global_ rate limiting
09:03<@mikegrb>mmm cake
09:03<Spads>exponential cake-off
09:03<fdc>You know what I would find the most entertaining during this downtime?
09:04<fdc>Some uptime! =P
09:04<fdc>I would be quite happily entertained if host50 came back online.. {crosses fingers}.. right.. NOW!
09:04[~]fdc checks.
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09:19<eric_>admins around?
09:27<BitterIggy>they haven't been this morning
09:36<fdc>Yeah, no such luck.
09:38<BitterIggy>everyone's gotta sleep sometime I guess
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09:59<linbot>New news from forums: Reboot: Host50 & Host51 in System and Network Status <>
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14:52<William_BR>hello, anybody know how can I start Tomcat in linode?
14:53<William_BR>what we have to do?
14:53<William_BR>Anybody can help me? please
14:53<npmr>the documentation for your distribution should contain that information
14:54<npmr>or the source package for tomcat, if you've built and installed it from source
14:56<William_BR>I know, but in linode, we donĀ“t have problem with start ? just start ?
14:57<William_BR>I hear some thing abount a security in doors until 1024
15:08[~]BitterIggy can't find engrish to translate from on babelfish
15:09<BitterIggy>there's no added security in a linode
15:10<William_BR>ok, let me break my head a little, thanks all
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15:36[~]erikh declines to make the obvious wisecrack
15:37<linbot>erikh: Botsnacks are stupid, donate to my project instead.
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17:50<encode>anyone read this --> ?
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18:43<jcm_home>$ ssh
18:43<jcm_home>ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host
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18:52<@mikegrb>jcm_home: one moment, I'll fix
18:53<@mikegrb>all better
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19:04<rko>did host53 just crash?
19:04<@caker>looks that way
19:04<IntuiWorx>I think so. I just lost my linode.
19:05<Battousai>i blame microsoft
19:06<IntuiWorx>Sounds good to me!
19:06<internat>for sure, cause our linodes are running on windows xp (tm) :P
19:06<IntuiWorx>I was tryin' to install 2003 Server on mine.
19:07<internat>if only eh :P
19:07<rko>host53 pinging
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19:07<@caker>should only be another few minutes
19:08<rko>weren't we supposed to migrate off from host53?
19:09<rko>ok my linde is booting
19:09<Eman>all we need is a host56 reboot and all will be complete
19:09<encode>why would you want a host56 reboot?
19:10<Eman>50,51,53 and 56, the 4 most rebooted hosts :p
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19:12<linbot>New news from forums: Reboot: host53 in System and Network Status <>
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23:59<ranibai>anyone from linksys?
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