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06:21<hirstp>anyone here at the moment?
06:23<Spads>54 of us, I'd say.
06:23<Spads>well, minus one bot...
06:24<hirstp>lol well anyone awake more the question! I hst jad a weird thing - looks like I've lost a ton of files on my linode and df is returning a 95% full but on the whole host disk size
06:26<hirstp>should df notonly give me my own disk usage?
06:26<hirstp>does thi s dound like a host problem? i'm on host59
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07:55<hirstpf1>anyone here?
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07:57<hirstpf1>does anyone know why df would give the disk usage for the entire host no just my linode?
07:58<npmr>show me the output
07:59<hirstpf1>Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on
08:00<hirstpf1> /dev/ubda 3470883441 1769871120 100399615 95% /
08:00<hirstpf1>tmpfs 147908 0 147908 0% /dev/shm
08:00<npmr>what makes you think that that's the whole host and not just your linode?
08:00<hirstpf1>it is a terabyte
08:00<npmr>no it isn'
08:01<hirstpf1> /dev/ubda 3.3T 1.7T 96G 95% /
08:01<hirstpf1>usgin -h
08:01<npmr>oh, right 1k blocks
08:01<hirstpf1>and a bunch of my directories have disappeared
08:02<npmr>open a ticket
08:02<npmr>what host are you one?
08:02<hirstpf1>yup did that a couple if hours ago; i'm on host 59
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08:04<npmr>did you just restart your linode and find it this way or did this happen while it was running?
08:04<hirstpf1>happened while it was running - and now just tried lish into the host and generating a ton of errors
08:04<npmr>i'll bet
08:05<hirstpf1>EXT3-fs errors
08:05<hirstpf1>does this look like a host problem do you think?
08:05<npmr>a major one
08:05<hirstpf1>in which case they go to a backup I hope??
08:06<npmr>it's not outside the realm of possibility that all of the linodes on 59 will be lost
08:06<npmr>but i couldn't say for sure
08:06<hirstpf1>that has happened before?
08:06<npmr>not that i'm aware
08:06<hirstpf1>I thought I read somewhere they take full host backups
08:07<npmr>the host hard drives are mirrored on the host
08:07<hirstpf1>so if the host dies it can kill the mirror too?
08:08<warewolf>extremely unlikely
08:09<npmr>normally, when a host dies, it's dead, and there's nothing being written to either disk
08:09<hirstpf1>well the host is kind of working
08:09<hirstpf1>I can ssh into my linode
08:09<hirstpf1>most processes are running
08:09<npmr>can you shut down?
08:09<hirstpf1>some folders however have disappeared
08:10<hirstpf1>should I shut down from ssh or from the linode website?
08:11<npmr>i doubt it will make a difference
08:11<hirstpf1>I'm a little worrie to do that because a couple of months ago they had network problems and then rebooting did some damage
08:12<npmr>do whatever you're comfortable with
08:12<npmr>but definitely add an update to your open support ticket
08:12<hirstpf1>if there was a problem JUST with my linode, would it be throwing all these lish errors when I log in to lish?
08:12<npmr>actually, do this for me
08:13<npmr>in lish, are you attached to your console or are you at the lish prompt?
08:13<hirstpf1>neither - lish is still scrolling through pages and pages of errors
08:14<npmr>hit Ctrl-A and then "d"
08:14<hirstpf1>ok now says detached
08:15<npmr>ok, those EXT filesystem errors are coming from your linode
08:15<npmr>you're seeing them on your linode's console
08:15<npmr>what you see now is the lish prompt
08:16<hirstpf1>ok - any idea what might cause that? still a host problem ?
08:16<npmr>i doubt it
08:16<npmr>it looks to me like corruption in your filesystem
08:16<npmr>there's no gentle way to say this...
08:16<npmr>it looks like a total loss
08:17<hirstpf1>no tools for fixing file systems?
08:17<npmr>there are, but there are limits to what they can recover
08:17<npmr>if you can shut down at all, do it
08:18<npmr>then you'll have to make a decision about whether to try to recover the filesystems or start from scratch
08:18<npmr>also, feel free to totally ignore me and wait for an admin to come along
08:18<hirstpf1>if I want to try to recover, how would I set about that?
08:18<npmr>i lack the credibility of actually working for linode
08:19<npmr>if you wanted to try to recover, you should create a finnix boot profile and boot into that
08:19<npmr>and work with your disk images using the tools in finnix
08:20<npmr>whatever data you can get out of your old filesystem, put it into a new one
08:20<npmr>once you've recovered all the data you can, get rid of the old filesystem and see what you can do with what you've got
08:20<hirstpf1>well in that case I have backups I can do a complete rebuild from, that will just be a right royal pita
08:20<npmr>alrighty then
08:21<npmr>kudos on the backups
08:21<hirstpf1>I just didn't want to get into that if this is being caused by some host issue
08:21<npmr>honestly, when you said "EXT-fs errors" in lish, that kind of freaked me out
08:22<npmr>but that wasn't entirely correct
08:22<npmr>what you were seeing were "EXT-fs errors" on your console
08:22<npmr>not in lish
08:22<npmr>it's a small distinction
08:22<hirstpf1>understoon lol
08:23<hirstpf1>i've not had to get into lish before
08:23<npmr>there's a help command that shows you all it can do
08:23<npmr>useful stuff
08:24<@mikegrb>mmm cake
08:24<warewolf>and don't forget the undocumented 'cake' command
08:24<npmr>ha ha
08:24<@mikegrb>mmm cake
08:25<@mikegrb>mmm cake
08:25<npmr>damn, cake doesn't even tab complete
08:25<hirstpf1>geez thanks for feeling my pain guys lol
08:25<npmr>sorry about your ubda, dude
08:26<hirstpf1>its just a bitchin tease to have all my apps apparently still running and just lost some filespace
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09:20<eric_>hey guys
09:20<eric_>anyone here?
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09:56<anderiv>eric_: yo
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11:32<Spads>Any problems on host40?
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12:24<Spads>97.9%wa, full tokens, and the load's not going below 10
12:28<@mikegrb>well, your linode is the only one using significant io
12:29<@mikegrb>well, there is another one with a bit
12:29<Spads>it's just trying to catch up from all that lag
12:30<@mikegrb>according to historic averages, it just normally does that much
12:30<Spads>well it is settling out anyway
12:31<@mikegrb>I see it getting higher, not lower
12:32<Spads>load's at 5 now
12:32<Spads>and falling
12:32<bendy24>mikegrb: if he starts thrashing, i can take him out
12:33<Spads>I'm not thrashing.
12:33<Spads>I haven't thrashed in a long long time
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12:34<bendy24>so defensive
12:35<Spads>so offensive
12:36[~]mikegrb just gets a bit annoyed with people complainging about slow io when they are using all of the host's io
12:36<Spads>it's possible I did
12:37<Spads>but as I said: full tokens, no obvious cause of the load
12:37<Spads>I have no other tools to find out
12:37<@mikegrb>um, full tokens doesn't mean anything
12:37<Spads>You're right
12:37<Spads>pretty meaningless
12:37<bendy24>Spads: sign up for
12:38<Spads>bendy24: it's on there
12:38<Spads>and yes, it's pretty high
12:38<bendy24>host name?
12:39[~]bendy24 giggles
13:07<eric_>mikegrb/caker: you here?
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19:42<srw>anyone? How can I tell which process is using all my IO? I've hit the limiter hard, but can't seem to figure out which process is the culprit.
19:48<@caker>srw: perhaps it's paging? (swap)
19:49<srw>nope. RAM was fine. Maybe 1M swapped out with more than that buffered. Whatever process it was is finished now. Until next time, I suppose.
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22:46<buzen>Hello ... kinda anxious to get a project up and running .. wondering whats the usual turnaround time for creation of accounts?
22:47<buzen>btw its kinda cool you guys have IRC support :)
22:47<Eman>it'll be activated when either caker or mikegrb wake up and see new accounts to activate
22:48<buzen>Ah ... if only there was an electric human prod :-) j/k
22:54<buzen>are they usually working through out the night?
22:58<buzen>btw a different question... I have been looking at mediawiki to design a site around..but it seems that skinning it has a steep learning curve. are there any other options?
22:58<buzen>the main thing I am looking for is being able to edit the pages through the site itself. well... a wiki I guess
22:58<buzen>and need to make it look a bit professional
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23:20<@caker>buzen: all set (I think that was you)
23:21<linbot>encode: Linode100 - 0, Linode150 - 0, Linode200 - 3, Linode300 - 0, Linode400 - 0
23:21<buzen>waiting on the email confirm
23:21<buzen>mine was the linode 150
23:24<buzen>caker: you guys send out an info email right?
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23:26[~]buzen twiddles his thumb waiting for an email
23:32<buzen>hrrmm... still haven't gotten the mail
23:36<buzen>heh...screw the email I can login directly :)
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