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08:34<BrianHV>I don't suppose there's a way to make my debian linode think it has a different hostname? /etc/hostname doesn't exist
08:44<BrianHV>looks like I just needed to make it.
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10:09<linbot>New news from forums: very nebbie-apache default page in Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (LAMP) Forum <>
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10:39<espresso>I feel kinda like I'm intruding on someone else's party
10:39<espresso>mikegrb: you were given an excellent referral to respond to a linode question for me... are you in house this morning?
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12:44<denis>i'm getting a lot of segfaults on li3-25
12:44<denis>err, li3-251
12:44<denis>seemingly random
12:45<denis>anything i can do to check system integrity?
13:09<guinea-pig>what host is that?
13:13<denis>sorry, host 14
13:14<guinea-pig>i was hoping you'd say host10.
13:14<guinea-pig>i've seen a few seemingly random segfaults, and i was wondering if it was host-side or not
13:17<denis>memtest shows no faults
14:02<denis>switched to a 2.4 kernel, no segfaults
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14:16<square>caker / mikegrb?
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14:23<lucca>denis: sounds like a /lib/tls issue
14:24<lucca>guinea-pig / denis: try moving /lib/tls out of the way, and see what happens
14:24<lucca>if that's it, then you're having a problem with thread-local-storage-etc-etc support in your libc
14:25<lucca>either compile a custom libc package that doesn't try those things or move the directory out of the way each time you upgrade
14:33<guinea-pig>lucca: it wasn't that, on my end
14:33<guinea-pig>it started doing it one day, and it stopped the next.
14:35<lucca>hm, okay
14:35<lucca>what process was segfaulting?
14:36<guinea-pig>there were a few. dunno, it was over a month ago
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14:40<cmantito>...anyone happen to know if there's any problems right now?
14:43<denis>lucca: yeah, i think that was it
14:43<guinea-pig>i've got tons of problems, but i'm willing to bet they've nothing to do with the reason you ask.
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16:17<JasonF>mikegrb: caker: has something happened on my host recently to effect I/O... for the last few days the IO on my box has been very laggy
16:23<Battousai>cosmic rays
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16:36<clanehin>JasonF I don't work for linode but what have you done to diagnose?
16:37<JasonF>clanehin: I've had basically the same setup on my node for 2 years, so I can say with a bit of certainty it isn't on me ;)
16:39<clanehin>I assume you checked top for runaway processes then?
16:39<JasonF>er, yes
16:39<JasonF>heh, easy to hit caps lock on my laptop :)
16:39<JasonF>I'm not in swap at all, either.
16:39<JasonF>free on my box is a beautiful thing
16:39<Battousai>i like the capital yes
16:39<Battousai>it makes you sound angry
16:41<JasonF>haha, yeah
16:41<clanehin>then I'm out of suggestions, but yes that was precisely the moment some people would choose to act very annoyed
16:41<clanehin>heh :)
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19:37<espresso>mikegrb: are you here?
19:37<espresso>caker: are you here?
19:38<espresso>I am suggesting to one of my clients that we move to a linode server for a better hosting solution
19:39<espresso>the service that he has, he can do his basic administration through cpanel...
19:39<espresso>how well does it work on a linode host and is it possible to get a box that has cpanel installed already?
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