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#linode IRC Logs for 2006-09-10

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04:15<buzen>howdy anyone alive?
04:26<Spads>52 users, all of us dead
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04:36<buzen_>love network screwups
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09:54<linbot>New news from forums: What do you know about Bob Marley, reggae, cannabis, marihua in General Discussion <>
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10:00<linbot>New news from forums: no response to refund request in Sales Questions and Answers <>
10:08<afv-13>you know things are running smoothly when nonsense topics like Bob Marley pitch up
10:17<erikh>wow, didn't take long for that to be whacked
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10:21<Narada>hi when shutting down my linode is hanging on deactivating swap; is there any way to force shutdown?
10:21<Narada>hmm never mind it took forever but now it's finally down
10:21<Narada>wonder why swap took so long
10:33<Narada>hmm disk resize is taking quite long too
10:34<Narada>when resizing swap it says Host Message fs_resize: Error determining blocksize ''
10:34<Narada>maybe i should delete and recreate
10:35<Narada>hmm the website is being very buggy
10:35<Narada>i just got a blank page with the word 'no.' on it and nothing else heh
10:38<Narada>hmm okay on boot now it can't stat swap
10:38<Narada>what's the device name normally for swap if not /dev/ubdb
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10:40<Narada>never mind think i sorted it
10:49<Narada>hmm even after increasing swap it's stil segfaulting left,right and centre and i've no idea what else to try
10:50<Narada>any suggestions would be appreciated
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12:25<linbot>New news from forums: I can't receive Reset Password's email for Members Area in Feature Request/Bug Report <>
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13:14<@mikegrb>: I can't receive Reset Password's email for Members Area in Feature Request/Bug Report <>
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17:34|-|mode/#linode [+o linbot] by caker
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17:40<caffeinated>linbot, roulette
17:40|-|caffeinated kicked [#linode] linbot [BANG!]
17:40[~]linbot reloads and spins the chambers.
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17:41<caffeinated>finally. my brains blown out by the linbot.
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19:59<BitterKvandivo>that's got Paris Hilton's name written all over it
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20:28<fo0bar>BitterKvandivo: oh, I thought you were talking about "dp" being in the URL :)
20:30[~]mikegrb writes fo0bar all over BitterKvandivo
20:31<@mikegrb>BitterKvandivo: now you have fo0bar's name written all over you
20:31<fo0bar>mikegrb: your mom
20:34<@mikegrb>she's dead
20:37<fo0bar>, jim
20:38<@mikegrb>you'd think you'd know your own name!
20:39<fo0bar>where am I?
20:48<@mikegrb>with 95% certainty
20:48<Eman>unless you have ftl communications, you are on earth :p
20:49<@mikegrb>well, he lives in nevada, so no telling
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