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00:43<encode>how do i remove all the packages in a meta-package in ubuntu?
00:49<@mikegrb>remove the meta-package then the individual packages, or use something like aptitude that can remove automatically installed packages that are no longer required to meet dependencies
00:51<encode>yeah see thats the thing, i cant remove the individual packages manually cos i dont know what the meta package installed; and i tried using aptitude and couldnt figure out how to get it to automatically remove installed packages that are no longer required to meet dependencies
00:51<encode>so i was hoping there was an easier way
00:54<@mikegrb>well you could just look at the meta-package details
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01:21<fo0bar>encode: apt-cache show <package>; it'll list all of its dependencies
01:41<encode>fo0bar: ahh thanks
01:41<fo0bar>encode: of course, be careful that you don't remove something that both the metapackage and other packages rely on
01:42<encode>so, if you had downloaded linux-source-2.6.15_2.6.15-26.46_all.deb, what version of kernel source would you expect to find in there?
01:42<encode>yeah, i'll make sure i wont - aptitude is good for that
01:42<encode>i take a look in /usr/src/linux/include/linux/version.h
01:42<encode>and what do i find?
01:43<encode>#define UTS_RELEASE "2.6.15-7-ubuntu1"
01:43<fo0bar>encode: well, it's ubuntu from the package number format
01:43<fo0bar>hah yeah
01:43<encode>(oh, and the md5sum matches the one given on ubuntu's website
01:43<fo0bar>IMHO ubuntu kernel packages are a crime against humanity
01:43<encode>am i doing something wrong? or should they be the same
01:43<fo0bar>it makes Red Hat packages look tame in terms of stuff tinkered with
01:44<Eman>ubuntu does something unholy to apache :/
01:46<fo0bar>well, in Debianland, you have things like linux-image-2.6.17-2-686_2.6.17-8_i386.deb, where "2" means the 2nd ABI compatibility change, and "8" is the 8th package release for 2.6.17 overall
01:46<fo0bar>so I assume the "7" may be the ABI tag
01:46<encode>am i going to make things difficult for myself by manually altering the #define?
01:48<fo0bar>you should be able to just edit Makefile and change EXTRAVERSION to match the crap at the end of your running kernel, copy its config file into place, run "make modules_prepare", and I *think* version.h should be corrected for you automatically
01:48<encode>where do i get the config file from?
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01:49<encode>(now im started to enter n00b land)
01:49<fo0bar>/boot/config-`uname -r`
01:49<fo0bar>again, debian here, ubuntu may be different
01:50<encode>oh, there we go
01:50<encode>i can see /boot/config-2.6.15-26-server
01:52<encode>no rule to make modules_prepare
01:52<encode>so that config file gets copied as /usr/src/linux.config?
01:53<fo0bar>making Makefile's EXTRAVERSION match the target kernel is essential though. If your kernel is 2.6.15-26-server, EXTRAVERSION = -26-server
01:53<fo0bar>root@flexo:/usr/src/linux-source-2.6.17# make modules_prepare CHK include/linux/version.h UPD include/linux/version.h
01:53<fo0bar>etc (irssi screwed up the paste)
01:54<encode>it changes after copying the .config file
01:54<fo0bar>I have no idea what /usr/src/linux.config is
01:54<encode>and i obviously missed a / there
01:54<encode>ok, thanks heaps for all your help fo0bar
01:54<fo0bar>go to hell
01:54<fo0bar>I mean
01:54<fo0bar>no prob
01:55<encode>hooray! the vmware tools are building now
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10:13<joruffin>Not to be a bother, but does anyone know why host 2 is rebooting?
10:13<bendy24>i went down too
10:14<bendy24>it was down for about 30 minutes
10:15<joruffin>Yeah, I'm back up now but I didn't see anything about it in the Network Status feed
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10:24<@linbot>New news from forums: Reboot: host2 in System and Network Status <>
10:25<bendy24>caker: thanks for the update
10:27<bendy24>my poor updike
10:31<npmr>did you finally get your two memory upgrades?
10:34<@caker>an odd thing happened on host2 after the reboot -- eth0 switched to eth1
10:35<@caker>had to add it to the bridge (after some confusion)
10:35<@caker>same kernel as previous boot, and I don't recall that happening last time
10:36<@caker>also, (cell modem + laptop + car inverter for dead laptop)++
10:36<@caker>additionally: drained pocketpc battery--
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13:32<SpaceHobo>stupid oftc
13:34<bendy24>whats the problem?
13:34<SpaceHobo>oh, just how it doesn't pass the server password on to nickserv
13:35<bendy24>your server password?
13:35<bendy24>thats not a good idea
13:35<SpaceHobo>um what
13:35<SpaceHobo>if there is no server password
13:36<SpaceHobo>most servers pass it on to nickserv as your nick password
13:36<bendy24>uh, sure
13:36<SpaceHobo>avoids annoying msg windows
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13:36<bendy24>why not use a real client?
13:36<redgore>he havign network problems again ?
13:37<bendy24>redgore: nope
13:37<SpaceHobo>I'm using irssi
13:37<SpaceHobo>irssi is a real client
13:37<bendy24>good. set irssi to auto auth yourself.
13:37<SpaceHobo>I do
13:37<SpaceHobo>by setting the server password
13:37<SpaceHobo>I also have msg hooks
13:38<SpaceHobo>that open annoying msg windows
13:38<SpaceHobo>polluting an already crowded window list
13:38<redgore>bendy24: t'was my isp by the looks :(
13:39<bendy24>redgore: are you on host 2 by any chance?
13:41<redgore>I was failing on internal he hops according to tracepath
13:41<bendy24>dunno about 17. 2 went down this morning
13:41<redgore>its all working now so no problem
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13:42<redgore>my screen session was still there so it wasnt the host going down
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14:13<@mikegrb>SpaceHobo: you could always set irssi to auth you like you're supposed to, no msg windows there
14:57<@mikegrb>oh, this isn't #oftc
14:57<bendy24>bad mike
14:58<bendy24>and stop touching host2
16:02<warewolf>"Stop touching host 2's bad spot"
16:02<warewolf>you're making it angry!
16:10<SpaceHobo>mikegrb: explain
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18:44<helpmeplz>hi guys
18:44<helpmeplz>i have a centos box with linode, and i did a yum update, and now httpd wont start properly
18:44<helpmeplz>ive been googling for a while now
18:45<helpmeplz>and tried a two solutions
18:45<helpmeplz>and i have had no luck
18:46<helpmeplz>any ideas?
18:47<Kurt>26-21 Colts!
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