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#linode IRC Logs for 2006-09-12

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08:08<hhalpin>Is anyone from linode support here?
08:10<hhalpin>I am attempting to access my account from an internet cafe in bulgaria and so do not have my payment invoice number handy in order to reset my password.
08:10<hhalpin>I was hoping the password could be reset and e-mailed to the e-mail account I registered from, which I do have access to.
08:12<bendy24>they usually dont show up for a couple more hours
08:14<bendy24>its only 9am here
08:17<npmr>and only 08h17 where the staff live
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11:23<SpaceHobo>Does anyone here know the going rate for a T1 in the states?
11:25<Battousai>like $400/mo plus
11:31<SpaceHobo>what's the minimum contract?
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12:48<BitterIggy>SpaceHobo: generally 1yr
12:48<SpaceHobo>BitterIggy: figures.
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17:43<warewolf>I got a date with Lucifron, homeward bound I go.
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20:05<JDM>do the signup emails usually take long to send?
20:13<@caker>JDM: all set, thank you
20:14<Safari_Al>caker: ping
20:15<Safari_Al>caker: I am wondering if I could update me as to the status of the billing issue we discussed before?
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20:19<npmr>bad lag
20:19<npmr>last hop to my node
20:19<npmr>high packet loss
20:20<@caker>OK, posted a refund to your card in full, should see it tomorrow
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20:22<npmr>intermittent, too
20:25<sec39>ima gettin teh lag too
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20:29<@caker>should be resolved now
20:30<maher>works for me :) - i assume you were talking about connectivity to 47 / the planet
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20:38<npmr>what happened?
20:39<@caker>outbound udp flood by a linoder (shut 'em down)
20:39<@caker>his graph saw ~65Mbit/sec
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22:13<encode>well, it clearly wasnt me, since i'm still here
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22:25<JasonF>caker: you around?
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