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12:01<jblack>Hello. When does the linode 100 come back?
12:02<jblack>I've been waiting for months to buy a couple of them. :)
12:03<BitterKvandivo>you haven't been checking at the right times, then.. they come and go
12:03<npmr>jblack, do you check often?
12:04<jblack>Every few weeks.
12:06<jblack>Whenever I've checked, the availablity says expected in aug 15.
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12:10<jblack>Is there a way I can preorder?
12:11<jblack>I'd love to drop business dsl.
12:11<jblack>I can't do that, though, until after I move my mail and dns servers. :)
12:23<BitterKvandivo>no way to preorder. just check back in. often there are cancellations at the end of each month, so that's a good time to check
12:29<afv-13>you can hang around here as well
12:29<@linbot>afv-13: Linode100 - 0, Linode150 - 0, Linode200 - 1, Linode300 - 3, Linode400 - 3
12:37<npmr>jblack, yeah, the last day of the month is usually a good time to check, especially later in the day
12:41<jblack>sounds like their having trouble meeting demand.
13:00<BitterKvandivo>"full with a few people waiting" is the best place for them to be
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13:31<jblack>you don't believe in "Victim of their own success"?
13:33<jblack>Their success with lack of ability to sate could lead to new entrants.
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14:07<npmr>yeah man, just look at apple and their ipod shortages in 2002-2003
14:07<npmr>now NO ONE has an ipod
14:08<bendy24>not one?
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