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13:08<npmr>linbot's a little behind the times
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13:41<Xel>Wow this channel has grown.
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14:44<klaruz>hi, I'm trying to expand a raw disk volume, but keep getting the "fs_resize: Error determining blocksize ''" error
14:45<klaruz>Other filesystem types are ignored, but the disk image itself is resized. "
14:45<klaruz>but that's not happening..
14:45<klaruz>any ideas?
15:01<npmr>the thing has no filesystem in it?
15:02<klaruz>it has a reiserfs filesystem on it
15:03<npmr>are you increasing or decreasing the size of the volume?
15:03<klaruz>i have some large maildirs, so I wanted to use that instead of ext3, but would use ext3 if caker enabled dir_index in the kernel
15:05<klaruz>yah i thought it would work
15:05<klaruz>it should just do the dd command, and skip the resize2fs command
15:06<npmr>and the lpm lists it as raw/unformatted?
15:06<klaruz>4888 MB, raw, readonly: No
15:06<klaruz>Status: Ready
15:06<npmr>open a support ticket
15:07<npmr>sounds like a pretty straightforward bug in the resize code
15:07<npmr>but i can't think of any way to work around it
15:07<klaruz>yah me neither
15:07<warewolf>speaking of reiserfs
15:07<warewolf> # Yes, that Reiser. WOW.
15:07<klaruz>not without write access to the disk image anyway
15:08<klaruz>oh wow
15:09<warewolf>this smells of a smear campaign.
15:15<npmr> <--
15:16<guinea-pig>ring ring ring ring ring ring
15:22<npmr>go-go gadget tricky
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16:36<Xel>@find tome of battle
16:37<Xel>Heh heh, wrong BX session.
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18:21<erikh>wow, that story about Hans Reiser is seriously screwed up.
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21:05<fapestniegd>does linode back up it's customer's vms in the event of a disaster? Or do we need to prepare for disk/controller failures?
21:05<fapestniegd>(just curious)
21:08<JDM>i don't think so, from what i've read on the forums it seems that they use raid set up for multiple disks in the same machine, so if there was a datacenter fire that wasn't out in time you'd lose everything, but drives going bad shouldn't be a disaster
21:08<JDM>but i'm a new customer so don't take my word for it
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21:50<tierra>All hosts do have a RAID 1 mirror setup, but no offsite backup or anything beyond the RAID 1
21:52<tierra>you can get some fairly cheap rsync backup service from a few places that tends to work really well with Linode
21:52<tierra>Linode doesn't offer it though
21:53<tierra>I've just used rsync to a local machine I have, but I've heard of good things from
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