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12:02<@linbot>New news from forums: Hacked - Have info on the culprit... in General Discussion <>
12:03<erikh>wow. lilo is dead?
12:04<Kurt>nice...sack for a loss of 9 and then a fumble...
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14:18<blorpy>oh, all you guys just showed up
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15:36<blorpy>i'd stick around and talk with you kvandivo, but i need to go visit my father in prison
15:36<blorpy>have a good one
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17:31<bduncan>I can't seem to get connected to lish on host7. The connection just keeps dropping immediatly. I tried uploading my public ssh keys in case passwords were turned off. no such luck.
17:37<bduncan>Anyone with any ideas? using ssh with -v shows that it tries to authenticate using the keys, doesn't,(it should), but doesn't ask for a password either.
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18:01<@caker>bduncan: try now?
18:02<Battousai>must be your internets clogging up the tubes
18:14<bduncan>It works now. What was wrong?
18:32<@caker>sshd required a restart
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20:38<jblack>Would anybody happen to know how much the delay between getting a payment receipt and the account being active is on a typical basis?
20:43<@caker>jblack: not long, few hrs most, usually
20:44<jblack>Ok. THanks
20:47<jblack>I got lucky it seems. Perhaps about 10 minutes.
20:54<JasonF>jblack: seeing as how caker is the guy who flipped the switch, in most likelyhood.. :)
20:55<jblack>btw, you guys don't leave aptitude in a very clean state. Its first recommendation is to perform 62 installs. I'll tell you guys what's tripping things up. :)
20:56<jblack>(this is for your ubuntu 6.whatever image)
20:58<jblack>nah. Is a mess. :)
21:03<JasonF>jblack: Really? That's weird
21:03<JasonF>I don't use ubuntu
21:04<JasonF>but I'm guessing the image is old as crap, i think it's breezy
21:04<jblack>breezy is one of the options. I'm on the dapper image
21:04<JasonF>(and I'm not "you guys" btw, I'm just another customer)
21:11<JasonF>jblack: ooh, i didn't know they had released a dapper image
21:11<JasonF>I use gentoo on my 'node.
21:11<JasonF>helps me keep mem usage down
21:11<JasonF> total used free shared buffers cached
21:11<JasonF>Mem: 190 186 4 0 33 78
21:11<JasonF>-/+ buffers/cache: 74 115
21:11<JasonF>Swap: 128 0 128
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21:43<jblack>There we go. That's pretty clean
21:50<internat>and what might that be?
21:51<jblack>Oh, aptitude had a pile of preferences set like "I want firefox".
21:52<jblack>Anyways, now that that's take care of, time to get bind9 going. :)
21:53<jblack>Verizon, your infatuation with my wallet is coming to an end...
21:58<JasonF>jblack: why run your own dns?
21:58<JasonF>linodes usually are hurting for ram
21:58<JasonF>that's why I use dns hosting
22:01<Battousai>i use some kind of crazy offbrand ns daemon
22:01<Battousai>it's powered by orphans, not ram
22:03<jblack>JasonF: mostly because I've been running things myself for years. Right now I'm interested in offshoring things
22:04<internat>yeah i pay for dns. i wouldnt mind setting up my own, but whenever linodes new dns service takes off that is going to become kinda pointless
22:05<JasonF>I'll still use my hosted dns
22:05<JasonF>but dammit, i can't remember the name of it
22:05[~]JasonF whois' his domain
22:05<internat>i use dyndns
22:05<internat>cause i liked the dynamic updates for my home computers etc
22:05<jblack>bind doesn't worry me very much. Its not exactly a heavy service. Nor does mail... I haven't quite figured out what I'll do about my websites yet.
22:06<internat>are they big?
22:06<jblack>Not in themselves, but they've got php and postgresql going...
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22:06<internat>well on my node
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22:07<jblack>The problem is that drupal sites use php and postgres (or mysql).
22:07<internat>i run postfix with virtual hosting using mysql, php4, tomcat, apache2, greylisting.. umm and a few other things and i havnt hard problems
22:07<Battousai>tomcat, jebus
22:08<internat> total used free shared buffers cached
22:08<internat>Mem: 144884 136012 8872 0 7440 24888
22:08<internat>-/+ buffers/cache: 103684 41200
22:08<internat>and i still have ram to spare
22:08<jblack>so I'm thinking of getting a bulkier service for the websites and installing my own dynamic dns setup.
22:08<internat>fair enuff, well i havnt had any problems with my node for php/mysql stuff
22:09<jblack>I'll probably give it a shot, at least at first.
22:09<internat>and i just installed joomla for a friend and it seems to be running quite nicelly
22:09<internat>and it would be an entirely database driving site
22:10<jblack>postgres on mercury has a vsize of 17 megs. I have php running in cgi mode, so I'm not sure what that's using.
22:10<internat>what is cgi mode? i never got arround to working that out
22:11<jblack>Um... think really old fashioned, before you could get an php/apache module
22:12<internat>so apache outsourced php to command line kinda thing and used the results form that
22:12<internat>ie ran php <script> ?
22:12<jblack>cgi is the rules for which apache can execute external programs.
22:12<jblack>Yeah,that's the right idea.
22:12<internat>ah ok
22:12<internat>but obviously having a module would be more effeicent cor\recT?
22:13<jblack>The catch though, is if you're running php as a module, suexec goes out the window.
22:14<internat>suexec? whats that, like chrooting apache
22:14<jblack>Heh. what have I gotten into?
22:14<jblack>How familiar are you with unix style operating systems?
22:14<internat>not hugely :(
22:15<internat>im kinda learning as i go
22:15<jblack>familiar enough to know that files and processes have owners?
22:15<internat>oh yeah,d efinatly
22:15<jblack>Ok. Well, when php is run as a module, it runs as the apache user (the name varies according ot the way apache is setup).
22:16<jblack>So, if you have three websites, they are all the same user. One website can read and write another website's data, because their all the same apache user.
22:16<internat>suexec runs it as the owner
22:16<internat>i googled :)
22:17<jblack>Which means that if someone breaks into your crappy little photo album, they've also got access to the credit card list on your other site
22:17<Battousai>credit card list?!
22:17<jblack>battousai: I'm illustrating a point. :)
22:17<internat>i getcha
22:18<internat>suexec allows each site to have its own user as such and apache just run it as that correcT?
22:18<jblack>So, suexec is good in that you get seperation. But for that, you need a processes, because user group directives do't apply to apache.
22:18<jblack>pardon, user group directions don't apply in virtual hosts as far as php is concerned, when its a module.
22:22<jblack>So, as I get ready to move my dns servers, how often do you guys see ips change?
22:22<internat>id be interested to know how many hosting providers use suexec then
22:22<internat>err my linode ip?
22:23<internat>its changed twice
22:23<jblack>Over a period of... ?
22:23<internat>first time when i changed to a different datacentre
22:23<internat>2nd time when i changed back :)
22:23<internat>2-3 years?
22:23<jblack>I'm rather new here, so can you explain to me?
22:23<jblack>Oh, that's fine.
22:23<internat>it never changes
22:23<internat>its static to u
22:24<jblack>Yeah. I undersatnd that its supposed to be static. The aup is rather clear though to stick to cnames when possible.
22:24<internat>u can run dhcp so that u get it, but ud ont have to
22:24<internat>i have a static /etc/network/interfaces flie. didnt wanna be running dhcp one more thing that is potnetially eating memory
22:25<jblack>You've really got a thing about memory, don't you
22:25<internat>my accounts been alive for about 2-3 years, but i shared with a friend previously and we never had the ip change in the year or 2 i was with him either so
22:25<internat>well if u start swapping on a linode, your in trouble
22:25<jblack>Why's that?
22:25<internat>cause it starts chewing throught your io tokens
22:26<jblack>I didn't know that io is metered
22:26<internat>nf@broken:/home/hosting/$ cat /proc/io_status
22:26<internat>io_count=36329910 io_rate=7 io_tokens=399985 token_refill=512 token_max=400000
22:26<internat>its used to stop people thrashing and taking the whole box down
22:26<jblack>io_count=103902 io_rate=3 io_tokens=400000 token_refill=512 token_max=400000
22:27<jblack>Ok, so, can you break those down for me?
22:27<internat>io_rate is how many ur currently using in the timeframe (cant remember what it is)
22:27<internat>token max is the max u can have
22:27<internat>refil is how many are refilled per timeframe
22:27<internat>count is how many uve used
22:27<internat>io_tokens is how many you have left :)
22:28<internat>and io_count doesnt have a max or anything, its just there fyi. if i remember cforrectly
22:28<jblack>speaking of io, it looks like modules have been disabled.
22:28<internat>if io_tokens hits <=0 ur in trouble
22:28<internat>yes u cant load your owon modules
22:28<jblack>I guess there's no fuse for me.
22:28<internat>check the forums
22:29<internat>there was a few people asking for that
22:29<jblack>For modules, or for fuse?
22:29<internat>when linode migrates over to xen there wont be a problem with modules
22:29<jblack>Yeah. I'm using xen here.
22:30<internat>the latest 2.6 kernel for linode has fuse support
22:30<jblack>I wonder why they gave me 2.4.29
22:30<internat>its the default
22:30<internat>u can change it on the config page
22:30<internat>in ur members seciton in the boot profile
22:31<jblack>speaking of which, I should restart this thing.
22:31<internat>yeah so you have to use their kernel, and that, but other then that its ok
22:33<jblack>How about checking network usage?
22:34<internat>u can do that on ur members section
22:34<internat>or there is a script u can use to check it on ur linode
22:35<internat>its in xml
22:35<internat>and somone made a perl script to check it
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23:06<@caker>har, ionic cpu cooling -->
23:24<jblack>Can you really push enough air that way?
23:28<jblack>whoah. He claims 325cfm
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