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04:39<jblack>So, how does the bandwidth allocation work out?
04:40<jblack>Lets say I have a node with 50 GiB, over a period of 3 weeks, it tries to push out 60 GiB.
04:41<jblack>How is the limit enforced? Are you shaped down, cut off, or what?
04:41<fo0bar>jblack: you are warned when yu start to approach your limit for the month, then are charged for any overages.
04:41<fo0bar>though I've never hit my limit yet
04:42<jblack>Here at home I push 3 to 6 gigabytes a day...
04:42<jblack>so.. :)
04:43<fo0bar>you're lucky, I don't think that's mathematically possible on my 256k up line :)
04:43<jblack>You'd be surprised.
04:43<jblack>That works out to... perhaps 25Kbytes a sec.
04:44<jblack>Your looking at pushing up to 2 gigs a day.
04:46<fo0bar>yep, 6GiB/mo is just shy of 20Kbit/sec. amazing
04:49<jblack>same story for cpu?
04:53<fo0bar>you are guaranteed the equivalent of the CPU stated on the signup page. most of the time you'll get much more processing because that minimum CPU assumes everybody else on on the same host as you is pegging their linodes as well
04:54<jblack>I'm more concerned about "You have used xxx of one Host CPU for this month"
04:54<fo0bar>oh, heh, that's just a random trivia stat
04:54<fo0bar>there's no "penalty" or anything if you go over 1
04:55<jblack>So then its probably smart to turn on file compression... :)
04:56<jblack>I'm not quite sure why they're so... stingy on disk space. I suspect that they're trying to discourage io contention.
04:58<fo0bar>*shrug* there's only so many disks you can fit into a rackmount server while maintaining RAID... though the management does have a history of giving away free upgrades to everybody occasionally (as technology becomes cheaper, I imagine)
04:58<jblack>well, sure... But these days, they can put together a terrabyte raid5 array for... perhaps 800 bucks.
05:00[~]fo0bar heads off for bed
05:00<jblack>sleep well. Thanks for the info
06:11<encode>how does single user mode work in ubuntu, when theres no root password?
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08:33<Ciaran>encode: Single-user mode normally doesn't require a password anyway, unless you set it to require one. I'm not sure what Ubuntu's default is, though.
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10:51<jcm>host17 is denying incoming ssh connections.
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13:21[~]Kurt goes back to listening to Borodin's "Polovetsian Dances"
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16:06<rise>I appear to have wedged my server by running reboot in a moment when I wasn't paying attention, and lish reboot/shutdown/boot doesn't seem to help.
16:06<warewolf>use the website
16:07<rise>Already did, the reboot and shutdown jobs are hung in the queue.
16:07<warewolf>did you log out of lish?
16:07<rise>And now I get a "Timeout, server not responding." trying to ssh into lish.
16:07<warewolf>that smells of a problem of a different nature.
16:07<rise>Lost the connection. I don't have anything much I care about there yet, should I just blow the image away and restart?
16:07<warewolf>I would suggest opening a ticket.
16:07<warewolf>rise- naw, don't restart yet.
16:08<rise>From my limited Xen experience I'd suspect the same, but I'm debating how much it's worth trying to debug.
16:08<rise>Lazy sysadmin syndrome...
16:09<rise>Thanks, I guess I might as well try a ticket first. Do you know if there's any way to do a hard "power cycle" equivalent through the console?
16:11<warewolf>when lish didn't work for me, I rebooted/powered on via the website
16:11<warewolf>and I don't know of any ways to "hard" power cycle a linode, sorry. I don't think there is one
16:12<rise>NP, thanks for the help. It'd have to be a violent kill on the Xen instance, which could get a bit messy.
16:16<@mikegrb>shutdown/reboot from lish or the website both do a hard shutdown if your linode doesn't shutdown when it gets ctl+alt+del
16:16<@mikegrb>shutdown/reboot from lish is the same as from the website
16:20<rise>Ah, that says it's pretty low-level. I'll see what the ticket comes back with. The information is appreciated.
16:21<rise>And it's back up. :)
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20:14<efudd>bychance any of you picked up test drive unlimited for xbox360?
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22:46<lucca>mikegrb: thanks, will do in a few hours
22:50[~]mikegrb is unsure what he is being thanked for but says you're welcome anyway
22:51<encode>im also unsure
22:52<encode>i thought it was just me, since i couldnt see anything mikegrb had done that required thanking
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22:53<lucca>mikegrb: heh, ticket response
22:53<@mikegrb>the wife if the guy with lung cancer from last week thanked me for saving her husband's life
22:53<encode>mikegrb: good stuff ;)
22:54<@mikegrb>seems he is still alive, or at least hasn't had an obituary published
22:54<encode>i wish i got the same job satisfaction
22:54<encode>i only hear complaints
22:54<@mikegrb>we woke some people up
22:54<@mikegrb>ended up landing the air ambulance in a front yard around the corner
22:54<@mikegrb>people came out in their bathrobes to see what was going on
22:55<@mikegrb>also gave the emt a good laugh
22:55<@mikegrb>he asked me to take the straps off the stretcher, so I did
22:55<@mikegrb>when we later carried the patient to the stretcher on a backboard and said "oh"
22:56<@mikegrb>"I meant unbuckle them"
22:56<@mikegrb>"Well you should have said that then rather then take them off, huh?"
22:56<@mikegrb>"Sure enough, guess we better watch you fire guys"
22:56<@mikegrb>they only rode a couple of blocks in the ambulance so it was no big deal
22:57[~]mikegrb figured he wanted them off because he wasn't going to use them and didn't want them in the way
22:57<@mikegrb>since they hang down to the ground and can get run over if they aren't fastened
22:58<@mikegrb> <-- there's the chopper
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22:59<encode>ahh, so you werent just being facetious (sp?0
22:59<@mikegrb>I'm a vol fire fighter one day a week
23:00<encode>i've heard/read that in here before
23:00<@mikegrb> <-- pictures of burning buildings, upside down cars, etc
23:01<encode>that air_show link doesnt seem to be loading very much
23:01<@mikegrb>it's flash
23:01<@mikegrb>the suck
23:01[~]mikegrb was playing with adobe lightroon
23:02[~]encode cancels the air_show page
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23:09<encode> <-- thats you isnt it mikegrb
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23:16<@mikegrb>encode: nah, that's my chief
23:17<@mikegrb> <-- that's me
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