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10:10<olekvi>Any Linode admins here?
10:11<olekvi>I'm having a Linode in limbo (and it is impossible to reach it on 'console screen' or on ssh, and te webgui says 'waiting on host' :/)
10:15<olekvi>oh; finnaly I managed to get in on the console.
10:17<olekvi>which died. :/
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15:53<taupehat>hey erikh your presense is requested in #ngs
15:53<taupehat>and #rm-r
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17:56<^MrMike^>Hi, caker or mikegrb, are either of you available?
17:57<^MrMike^>Hi, would it be okay if I messaged you? It's a sales-related question.
17:57<@caker>that's fine
17:57<brocktice>caker, since you're here, did you get my msg the other day about my credit?
17:57<@caker>brocktice: yes, one moment
17:57<brocktice>sure no rush
18:02<taupehat>caker: long time no see =]
18:02[~]caker has felt like doodoo these past few days
18:04[~]caker coughs on brocktice
18:04<@caker>er Battousai
18:04<brocktice>oh gee, thanks
18:04<Battousai>you haven't been eating your spinach have you?
18:05<@caker>I heard today they found the source
18:05[~]taupehat assumes all the spam has been scraped off the forums
18:05<taupehat>was that automated? It kinda didn't look like it.
18:05<@caker>I need to find the .htaccess foo to password protect one page
18:06<@caker>Dunno -- I guess phpbb's captcha is weak enough to be cracked my some apps I saw that do just that
18:06<Battousai>phpbb has captcha?
18:06<taupehat>then put the .htaccess in that particular directory
18:06<brocktice>but where will I get my news about cheap viagra?
18:07<taupehat>or that /\/\0P\7G4G3 offer for my home lone?
18:07<taupehat>jeez =[
18:08<taupehat>cd /path/to/dir
18:08<taupehat>htpasswd blah blah
18:08[~]caker looks to see if <limit> works on a file, rather than just POST GET
18:08<taupehat>answer some questions (like what the password is)
18:08<taupehat>then make sure the .htaccess file is ther
18:08<@caker>yeah, I know that much silly
18:08<taupehat>well then?
18:09<@caker>I don't want to limit the entire thing, just the reg page
18:09<taupehat>ah so
18:11<taupehat>alternative solution
18:11<taupehat>track down the spammer
18:11<taupehat>cause lasting physical harm, preferably accompanied by public humiliation
18:11<taupehat>or simply wrap him in barbed wire and fire him into the sun
18:12<@caker>ahh, the <files> directive
18:12[~]caker looks
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18:19<@caker> <--- :)
18:19<taupehat>Authorization Required
18:20<@caker>ok, fixed :)
18:20<taupehat>members-only forum, foos!
18:20[~]taupehat approves
18:21<taupehat>although how are you going to handle people who want to login just for prepurchase sales QA?
18:21<@caker>pretty sure that will keep googlebot out of the profiles, too -- so no googlejuice for all the existing spam profiles
18:21<@caker>Then they can register -- the password is in the realm description
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18:22<@caker>guess you missed that, eh?
18:22<taupehat>you should probably take the "register" link out of the phpbb template
18:22<taupehat>no, I saw the "register" link that works
18:22<taupehat>but I don't see how you can register an account without purchasing a linode
18:22[~]taupehat should look more closely perhaps
18:23<JDM>forum accounts are seperate from platform manager accounts if that's what you're thinking
18:23<taupehat>I still don't see how it works
18:23<taupehat>the only way I see in is
18:23<@caker>Are you logged into the forums? If so, logout
18:24<maladmin>evening all, can i ask a question about static ip's, like how do I get one thats not listed in sorbs?
18:24<@caker>forum header now includes a register link
18:24<taupehat>I'm not logged in
18:24<@caker>click register then, you should get the auth (if you haven't entered it already)
18:24<taupehat>I see it
18:24<taupehat>and get the auth
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18:24<@caker>bam. SpamBeGone
18:25<taupehat>now suppose I'm joe schmo, and want to ask a question in sales QA before I decide to purchase services?
18:25<@caker>maladmin: does that really affect you? sorbs and friends block entire huge ranges of IPs
18:25<maladmin>this the link your after?
18:25<@caker>taupehat: so you enter the user/pass in the realm description, and proceed with your forum registration
18:25<taupehat>eh, which user/pass do I use? Assuming I don't already have a linode?
18:26<maladmin>caker - I'm sure theres a way around it, but means I cant simply use sorbs on my debian exim4 install
18:26<@caker>taupehat: it's in the realm description <-- (the box that pops up)
18:26<maladmin>it blocks me sending emails to myself
18:26<taupehat>I get it
18:26[~]caker applauds
18:26<taupehat>I'm working on Active Directory today
18:26<taupehat>it causes stupid-skill enhancements
18:26<@caker>maladmin: well, shoot us a ticket and I'll see what we've got in the IP pool
18:27<taupehat>next thing you know, caker, I'll be sending you a ticket saying "it gives me 'some error' when I type 'dir' or the like"
18:27<maladmin>simple as that - thx. impresses me more each day
18:27<taupehat>I love getting tickets saying "some error" in them.
18:27<taupehat>"Which error?"
18:27<@caker>taupehat: btw, dir actually works :)
18:28<@caker># which dir
18:28<maladmin>esp after my last experience with a hosting co.
18:28<taupehat>"You know, that error box that has a bunch of text in it!"
18:28<maladmin>rm /*
18:28<taupehat>"yes, but what does the text say?"
18:28<maladmin>that dosnt work!!!
18:28<taupehat>"Uhh, I don't understand what it means!"
18:28<taupehat>I get that a lot at work =[
18:29<taupehat>I try and ask what the error box says and they say "it's just a bunch of computerspeak"
18:29[~]taupehat is grumpy, jaded, or both today
18:32<maladmin>lol u missed 'i dunno I just clicked OK'
18:35<maladmin>maybe the wrong venue but does anyone know of a secondlife style site that dosnt require windows?
18:36<kvandivo>look out the window
18:36<kvandivo>oh wait.. that requires windows
18:36<maladmin>your quicker than me tonight kvandivo
18:37<@mikegrb>maladmin: secondlife
18:37<maladmin>is that a question mikegrb
18:37<@mikegrb>I was answering your question.
18:37<maladmin>or are you just wineing?
18:38<@mikegrb>I was answering your question.
18:38<maladmin>ahh i wasn't counting macs as real computers
18:38<@mikegrb>right, they're better
18:39<maladmin>hmm, i'm still not sold (too much OX<X experience)
18:39<kvandivo>yet you have apparently used windows, even though windows 3.0 really stunk
18:40<brocktice>In retrospect, I'm not sure any of the later versions were much better.
18:41<maladmin>W2K was good
18:41<brocktice>so I hear
18:41<maladmin>at least I could make it do what I wanted instead of what someone thought I should want
18:41<brocktice>huh, I missed that blip in the windows saga
18:42<brocktice>every one I've tried does the latter
18:44<maladmin>no you can make them do what you want, you just have to accept there gonna try to show you something else every step of the way
18:44<maladmin>please dont tell me you seriously thing applescript is a good thing
18:44<JasonF>applescript is great!
18:44<brocktice>I've never really used it, so I couldn't say
18:44<JasonF>...for me to POOP ON
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18:45<brocktice>I'm hooked on OmniGraffle though.
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18:45<brocktice>I begged them to make a linux version, but they said they're too deeply hooked into the OS X dev kit
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18:45<maladmin>don't know it - away to google
18:46<brocktice>diagramming program
18:46<brocktice>use it for scientific posters, etc
18:46<brocktice>, sodipodi, and inkscape don't hold a candle to it.
18:46<brocktice>neither does CorelDraw or Visio
18:48<maladmin>i rarely need more than dia and gnuplot
18:48<maladmin>oh and R
19:06<maladmin>ok try this one for size - I'm using exim4 on my linode for my email server, I just enabled sorbs blacklisting, my client ip is listed (as a dynamic address) in sorbs. what config changes do i have to make to allow my ip to send mail?
19:15<@caker>doesn't it just work off exim's ACLs?
19:15<@caker>(granted, I've never used exim)
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19:41<maladmin>incase anyone is interested an oldpost from mikegrb ( helped me solve the problem
19:41<maladmin>btw what was going on with the dates in that post>
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20:37<fructum>Hi all
20:38<fructum>I've recently payed for an account, but I cannot get in. Do you know how much time they need to add me?
20:38<JDM>depends... could be minutes or a couple of hours
20:38<JDM>but definitly within the next day
20:38<JasonF>they manually fraud check every account
20:39<fructum>ah ok so .. I can go to sleep :-)
20:40<fructum>have any tried ubuntu there?
20:40<Battousai>yes, my linode runs ubuntu
20:40<Battousai>works exceedingly well
20:40<fructum>I've never used something like this...
20:41<fructum>what about kernel updates... I mean.. if something new appears on synaptic, can you install it without any problem ?
20:41<fructum>Does it has any kind of limitation ?
20:41<JDM>i think it's the server ubuntu install
20:41<JDM>no limitation other than bandwidth/space/...
20:42<JDM>as for kernel upgrades, all of those are done through the linode control panel. how ubuntu does kernels won't affect anything
20:44<fructum>Do you know if they will call me on phone... or they will simply enable my account.
20:44<JDM>depends on how the fraud check turns out
20:44<@caker>fructum: all set, thanks
20:45<Battousai>guess that answers that question
20:47<fructum>I'm in caker. Many thanks... A friend of mine.. has tried to show me the server he has there.. but host15 give us a "ssh_exchange_identification" error...
20:47<@caker>one moment
20:47<@caker>try now
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20:49<fructum>ok perfect.
20:50<fructum>many thanks to all.
20:50<fructum>I'm going to start playing with it.
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20:59<fructum>caker: same problem with host31
21:02<fructum>I mean ssh_exchange_identification
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21:03<purrdeta>I cant wait to get one of these :P
21:03<fructum>purrdeta ets catala ?
21:03<kvandivo>i'll bet you can
21:04<fructum>ok... nothing I thought that you were catalan. for the nick
21:05<purrdeta>To be honest, purrdeta is just my cats name
21:05<fructum>ok... well.. in catalan it mean bad smell :-)
21:05<kvandivo>cats can do that
21:05<purrdeta>oh really? LOL. Yes, I had no idea that was a real word!
21:05<fructum>sometimes my cat also is purrdeta.
21:06<purrdeta>That is interesting to know :P
21:06<fructum>so if you come to barcelona change the name :-)
21:06<kvandivo>that's why i named my cat AcidicVaporCloud
21:08<fructum>caker: ssh_exchange_identification on host31 ... can I do something to solve it?
21:10<purrdeta>I noticedyou do Reverse DNS but will I need to contact someone or is it part of the control panel?
21:14<@caker>fructum: fixed
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21:19<fructum>if this happens again what should I do .. come here and tell it .. or what
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