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#linode IRC Logs for 2006-09-22

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08:31<mxpxpod>is there any reason why a linode would be shutting down for no apparent reason?
08:32<mxpxpod>I've started my linode 3 times in the last half hour and it keeps ending up powered off
08:35<brocktice>mxpxpod, it's haunted
08:35<bendy24>lish it
08:36<mxpxpod>well, what is the number for the ghostbusters?
08:36<brocktice>but yeah, check lish
08:36<mxpxpod>bendy24: I'm doing that... it says "no screen session found"
08:36<mxpxpod>then I check my linode's status, and it says "powered off"
08:37<mxpxpod>so I boot it, and then 10 minutes later, it's powered off
08:37<bendy24>anything in your syslog?
08:37<mxpxpod>bendy24: I'll check
08:39<mxpxpod>bendy24: I don't see anything...
08:40<mxpxpod>bendy24: it doesn't help that my host's load is at medium-high
08:40<bendy24>yeah, could be the host itself
08:41<mxpxpod>bendy24: ok, here's something strange... I was using a 2.4 kernel (when it was crashing) and I just switched to a 2.6 kernel and it's not crashing...
08:41<mxpxpod>not sure if that really would have something to do with it
08:41<mxpxpod>just kinda strange
08:42<bendy24>how badly are you into swap?
08:42<bendy24>2.6 handles swap differently
08:42<mxpxpod>bendy24: how do I check that?
08:42<mxpxpod>which column?
08:42<mxpxpod>oh, wait
08:42<bendy24>near the top
08:42<mxpxpod>let's see, using 2.6, 0k is used
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08:43<bendy24>naw, thats not it then
08:43<bendy24>im just guessing now
08:43<mxpxpod>but, perhaps using 2.4, it was filling up...
08:43<mxpxpod>I dunno
08:43<bendy24>caker or mikegrb are your only hope
08:44<mxpxpod>alright, I'll stick around and see if they respond ;)
08:44<bendy24>i usually dont see them for a few more hours though
08:44<mxpxpod>that's find :)
08:44<mxpxpod>stupid fingers...
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09:16<npmr>for future reference: "logview" at the lish prompt
09:16<mxpxpod>ah, cool
09:16<mxpxpod>how do I get out of lish when I'm at my login prompt?
09:17<npmr>it's just a screen session
09:18<npmr>that detaches your console and puts you in lish
09:18<npmr>or, *back* into lish, i should say
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11:31<mxpxpod>bendy24: hmm, switching to a 2.6 kernel solved that issue I was having...
11:31<mxpxpod>bendy24: and it dropped my CPU usage as well
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11:45<bendy24>mxpxpod: great!
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12:39<linbot>New news from forums: Reboot: host50 in System and Network Status <>
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13:52<Johnnie390>Hello all
13:52<Johnnie390>Anyone xen-savvy here??
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15:15<OvrLrd-Q>j linode-beta
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15:41<Nerdmaster>erikh: Fancy meeting you here
15:41<taupehat>gang's all here
15:41<Nerdmaster>Any ruby + rails users around here?
15:42<Nerdmaster>I'm with Dreamhost right now. And I am at the point where I've outgrown their... uh... mediocre-at-best service.
15:42<Nerdmaster>But I'm curious what kind of plan I'd need with linode to get enough memory and CPU for a relatively small site with PHP, Perl, apache, ruby on rails, and mysql...
15:43<erikh>that's a rather memory-intensive site.
15:43<erikh>namely, ror+mysql.
15:44<Nerdmaster>RoR alone will be eating up 60-90MB ram, I imagine.
15:44<erikh>Nerdmaster: do you need mail?
15:44<Nerdmaster>Assuming it stays small enough to have 2-3 ruby children running.
15:44<Nerdmaster>erikh: Hmm, yeah, that too.
15:44<erikh>yeah. that's not "small" in any sense of the word. :)
15:45<Nerdmaster>Not to mention I don't even know how to set up a mail server in any way...
15:45<Nerdmaster>Perhaps I'm stuck with DH for a while yet :(
15:46<erikh>Nerdmaster: i'll host your mail if you want.
15:46<erikh>and your DNS too, if you're not BIND savvy.
15:47<erikh>it's already setup, and if you're willing to learn a little LDAP very extensible too.
15:47<Nerdmaster>No need right now, but thanks.
15:47<Nerdmaster>Given my needs, I doubt I can afford linode :(
15:47<taupehat>err, wrong chan
15:47<erikh>OTOH, my second huge puppet patch got integrated today!
15:48<Nerdmaster>taupehat: AHA
15:58<Nerdmaster>Oh well. Thanks anyway.
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16:21<fo0bar>taupehat: hah, I forgot about that bug
16:23<purrdeta>Ugh I want one of these so bad.
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17:07<purrdeta>oh no. They are all sold out now :(
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17:54<astro>I have a sales question.. who do i talk to? :)
17:56<afv-13>caker or mikegrb
17:56<astro>well, actually any of the users might know
17:56<afv-13>or you could ask in # and someone here might be able to answer
17:56<astro>do they allow IRC?
17:57<astro>and do they allow forward/reverse dns management?
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18:08<OvrLrd-Q>yes, yes, kinda
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18:09<OvrLrd-Q>but if you're getting DoS'd cuz of IRC just dont expect to stick around :)
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18:24<purrdeta>now that I have the go ahead to purchase the darn linode, they are all unavailable :(
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21:11[~]guinea-pig chews on a leaf of salvia
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23:34<@mikegrb>FDNY Firefighter Steals New Jersey Fire Truck, Gets DUI <-- awesome
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