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07:18[~]SpaceHobo punches in the face
07:18<SpaceHobo>15% packet loss!
07:18<SpaceHobo>once I get into theplanet I'm fine
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09:24<Eman>oh noes HE strikes again
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10:26<rko>has anyone been able to mount amazon s3 into linode (without KDE)?
10:28<rko>without KDE = from command line and not using Jungledisk over VNC session or anything else like that
10:29<JDM>i've never tried but this might help:
10:31<rko>thanks... let me look at that. Basically I would need something like 'mount.s3'
10:32<rko>so I could just say 'mount /bigdisk s3-blah-blah'
10:32<JDM>that won't let you mount it, it just syncs the files
10:33<rko>yep, I thought jungledisk would actually create a mounted directory. But to use Jungledisk you'd first need to have KDE session to run it.
10:34<rko>or rather jungledisk would act as webdav server so you could mount a disk as webdav
10:34<rko>which in turn is missing from linode kernels
10:39<rko>looks like this is the only way to do exactly what I want:
10:39<rko>s3sync is very good start though :-)
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12:29<linbot>New news from wiki: FAQ <>
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13:05<Juston>I need some information on setting up UserDir's with apache...
13:07<Juston>I've went through the httpd.conf file & enabled UserDir's but when I try to broswe to one via a web browser it tells me "You don't have permission to access /~user/index.html on this server." Any one got any ideas?
13:11<linbot>New news from forums: Apache Problems in Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (LAMP) Forum <>
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20:56<fapestniegd>Network problems with again?
21:00<Eman>there are always network problems with HE
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21:05<Battousai>i guess that's a yes
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21:45<@mikegrb>no problems at HE we are aware of
21:54<taupehat>hi mikegrb
22:04<@mikegrb>yes, right
22:08<taupehat>what happened to my host then?
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