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10:26<GUiLTY>Hi all
10:27<GUiLTY>has anyone mounted a vpn in ubuntu?
10:27<npmr>someone, somewhere has
10:29<GUiLTY>I've created one, and I can connect, but I dont know how to define "localip" & "remoteip" because I only have one ethernet interface.
10:31<npmr>first of all, i have no idea wht software you're using
10:33<npmr>on your linode, localip will be your linode's eth0 ip address and on your client remoteip will be your linode's eth0 ip address
10:34<npmr>acutally, that's not right
10:34<GUiLTY>ok but with remoteip I mean the ips that are assigned to the vpn clients
10:35<npmr>inside the tunnal?
10:35<npmr>so right now you're just setting up the server end, rigth?
10:36<GUiLTY>well what I normally do is. For example.
10:36<GUiLTY>Server public IP AAA.BBB.CCC.DDD
10:36<GUiLTY>private ip
10:36<GUiLTY>when I create the tunnel I assing to the clients.
10:36<GUiLTY> -
10:37<npmr>those won't work
10:37<GUiLTY>but with linode I only have one IP and is the same private /public.
10:37<npmr>your vpn should all be one subnet
10:37<npmr> and are not the same subnet
10:38<GUiLTY>But it works I can connect from my client to any on the other subnet.
10:38<npmr>what netmask are you using?
10:38<npmr>i see
10:39<npmr>a bit unconventional, but ok
10:39<npmr>so what's the problem, exactly?
10:39<GUiLTY>so the thing is that with my ubuntu box hosted on linode, I dont know how to define localip & rermoteip
10:39<npmr>but you already have
10:39<npmr>so what's the problem?
10:40<GUiLTY>I can only connect to the vpn. But I loose all conectivity when I'm connected to the vpn.
10:40<GUiLTY>the vpn is no enrouting anything.
10:41<npmr>this is not a problem with localip and remoteip, i think
10:41<GUiLTY>I really dont know
10:41<npmr>this sounds like a routing problem
10:42<GUiLTY>now i've defined localip 67.XX.XX.XX
10:42<GUiLTY>remote ip
10:43<npmr>but that's your eth0 ip address
10:43<npmr>why are you now assigning it to ppp0 as well?
10:43<npmr>your ip addresses were fine before
10:43<GUiLTY>so I can connect and I get and ip from that range. And is correctly assigned, but I dont get any gateway.
10:44<GUiLTY>do you mean that I should write localip and remoteip 192.168.20-30 for example?
10:45<npmr>if by "192.168.20-30" you mean "" then yes
10:45<GUiLTY>yes sorry.
10:45<GUiLTY>ok I'm going to try it.
10:45<npmr>with the vpn running
10:45<npmr>your linode will have two interfaces
10:45<npmr>eth0 and ppp0
10:45<npmr>they will have different ip addresses
10:46<npmr>so, you started to say something about a gateway
10:46<npmr>what was that, exactly?
10:47<GUiLTY>with the pptpd running I only have eth0 and lo ... there is no ppp0
10:48<npmr>please show me the contents of /proc/net/dev
10:48<GUiLTY>Inter-| Receive | Transmit
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10:56<GUiLTY>ok perfect this is what I got
10:56<GUiLTY>Sep 25 11:54:09 langboristan pppd[2426]: pppd 2.4.4b1 started by root, uid 0
10:56<GUiLTY>os I can connect to the server with
10:57<GUiLTY>now I only need to enable the routing.
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12:33<npmr>does anyone here know whether there's a way to make postfix do partial ip address matching against the HELO hostname using check_helo_access?
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13:24<bendy24>some neat stuff with regexp
13:26<npmr>are regex tables seriously the only way to do it?
13:28<bendy24>no, im trying to find another link for you
13:31<bendy24>that guy setup a helo_access file
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13:33<npmr>yeah, but not one that does partial matches
13:33<bendy24>like with a wildcard?
13:33<npmr>he's matching an entire address
13:33<npmr>well, like a client access table
13:34<npmr>but against the helo hostname
13:34<npmr>so in a client access table you can have this:
13:34<npmr>10 550 Forfiku vin!
13:35<npmr>and that will match any client in address space
13:35<npmr>but having that same line in a helo access table does not apparently do that kind of partial match against the hostname
13:40<bendy24># Checking by IP address
13:40<bendy24> #
13:40<bendy24> 10 554 Go away!
13:40<npmr>yeah, i know, in a client access table it works
13:42<bendy24>try that in helo_check
13:42<npmr>i have
13:42<npmr>it doesn't work
13:42<erikh>would it be too rude to tell the saslauthd maintainer for debian "Please stop modifying the permissions of the sasl mux, most of us would prefer to administer our systems ourselves"?
13:42<npmr>i'll just try a regex table
13:43<npmr>erikh, it may be a policy thing
13:44<erikh>screw policy. init scripts should NEVER enforce permissions
13:44<erikh>I have better utilities and heck, a brain for that.
13:45<erikh>I restart saslauthd and my mail doesn't work
13:45[~]erikh just LOVES that feature
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13:45<npmr>oh, initscripts
13:45<npmr>is that a socket?
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13:46<npmr>is it closed when the daemon isn't running?
13:46<npmr>(i.e. not there)
13:48<erikh>no, it's there
13:48<erikh>the script deliberatly alters the permissions when it starts
13:48<erikh>so frustrating.
13:48<npmr>well, for what it's worth
13:49<erikh>and of course, there's no default option to turn it off
13:49<npmr>initscripts are marked as configuration files in debian packages (per policy)
13:49<npmr>so you can modify them as freely as you'd modify any other config
13:49<npmr>having said that, they should have good default behavior
13:50<erikh>yeah. that's what frustrates me
13:50<erikh>this more or less changed out of the blue with no warning whatsoever
13:50<erikh>I mean, the fix was damn easy, just add postfix to the sasl group
13:51<erikh>but meanwhile I think I have a wonderfully working mail system until I try to send something otu
13:51<erikh>and I guess what bothers me a bit more than that, is that people who are using saslauthd generally know what they're doing, and don't need help enforcing permissions (especially from an init script)
13:52<npmr>i think that's a dangerous assumption
13:55<erikh>err... you know what saslauthd is for, right?
13:55<npmr>more or less, yes
13:55<npmr>i don't use it myself
13:56<erikh>anyways, here's something more lighthearted:
13:56<erikh>not for people feint of heart or lacking headphones
14:41<warewolf>why does this prospective employer NOT negotiate?
14:42<warewolf>they refuse to give me leave equal to what I'm getting now, and refuse to add verbage to my offer letter
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15:15<afv-13>warewolf: who?
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16:01<warewolf>afv- I would rather not badmouth them in a logged public channel :)
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17:22<arkaos>hi any admins around?
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17:27<rtm-nick>any admins around?
17:28<JDM>caker, mikegrb?
17:34<JDM>rtm and arkaos: that would be your admin
17:35<rtm-nick>me arkaos are the same person
17:36<rtm-nick>i cancelled my linode but would like to re-subscribe but i can no longer us my original username
17:36<rtm-nick>is there anyway i can reuse this username?
17:36<purrdeta>I need money to buy one now... I just have so many sob stories :P
17:39<rtm-nick>is it possible caker?
17:41<@caker>you'll need to use a new username
17:42<rtm-nick>cheers :) will sign up in a mo
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19:02<james4>Looking to speak to a support person. Called your Number but the voice mail box is filled
19:03<james4>sounds like this is not used either.
19:03<purrdeta>well it isnt like instant
19:03<purrdeta>caker, mikegrb, you around?
19:06<james4>Reasion why I am needing support is that I had a user from your location try to connect to root on a server I have 113 times. Plus tried some other user id's
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19:08<james4>I will see if I can find other info. Will be checking back here in a min
19:11<james4>Anyone here for support? I am about to call to see what I can find out
19:12<@caker>james4: send an email to, if you haven't already, please
19:12<@caker>(with log info, etc)
19:12<james4>Actually I would like to talk with someone.
19:13<james4>But will send an e-mail. I am calling now
19:14<james4>Sorry not to be mad but today had someone crash a Helpdesk database and delete all tickets I have so a bit Mad
19:14<james4>So looking at all areas of threats today. Thanks for the info
19:19<james4>Sent now calling the Host for this Site
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19:31<James7>Any support Reps here?
19:34<@caker>still here .. I already have an abuse ticket open with this client, and their server has been shutdown since 09/25/2006 01:54:00 PM
19:35<astro>James7: where in lane county are you? over here in Eugene
19:35<James7>See if this does not stop I will be forced to add your server to my list of IP's to report.
19:35<James7>I am on the Oregon Coast
19:36<@caker>James7: we'll take care of this on our end, we're very strict about abuse
19:36<James7>good that it was taged from that User. I am glad. Now I have a bunch of others to contact. Thank you for the info.
19:37<@caker>good luck
19:37<James7>I lost a lot of data. So I am about to bring up a case about this abuse. I have had to work with FBI before. No fun let me tell you
19:37<James7>thank you. James out
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