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03:22<linbot>New news from forums: Reboot: host53 in System and Network Status <>
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10:59<npmr>anyone out there?
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10:59<bendy24>lunch time!
10:59<npmr>hi bendy24
10:59<npmr>can you check something for me?
11:00<npmr>what do you see?
11:00<npmr>attempting to connect to
11:02<bendy24>telnet 80
11:02<bendy24>Connected to
11:02<bendy24>Escape character is '^]'.
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11:03<jelson>i have a quick question
11:03<jelson>does linode still have 2 datacenters or has an additional one been added?
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11:06<JasonF>jelson: ThePlanet in Dallas and ... Hurricane Electric in Fremont, Cali (I think)
11:06<JasonF>no third, afaik
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13:20<cmantito>caker: poke
13:20<cmantito>you around at all?
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15:41<warewolf>caker- lets play pong!
15:41<warewolf>|. |
15:56<SpaceHobo>| '|
15:56<warewolf>|. |
15:56<@caker>| '|
15:57<warewolf>|. |
15:57<SpaceHobo>| -|
15:57<fo0bar>| 1 0 |
15:58<warewolf>I need to figure out how to root a juniper ISG 1000
15:58<@caker>| |. :(
16:00<SpaceHobo>so l33t
16:00<warewolf>the box is mine :)
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17:07<Nick>howdy ho
17:07<Nick>caker or mikegrb around?
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17:31<hisada>I need linode staff help.
17:33<astro>wow - you guys have to do callbacks, must've had a lot of fraud.
17:34<hisada>I signed up 11th Sep, but my account has not been activated yet.
17:35<kvandivo>you didn't spend the 11th quietly thinking about the 4,000 innocent victims that gave their life? That's your problem. Karma is biting you.
17:35<@mikegrb>hisada: did you check your email?
17:36<hisada>I havea problem about credit card authentication.
17:36<hisada>I received that I need to send a copy of my license and credit card copy.
17:37<hisada>I do not have any license United States, so I sent several e-mails about the question to linode contact e-mail.
17:38<@mikegrb>do you have some other form of local government id?
17:38<hisada>Is my drivers license ok?
17:39<@mikegrb>the email said driver's license
17:39<hisada>But the problem is I cannot contact to linoce contact e-mail.
17:40<astro>mikegrb: do you guys offer a central dns server?
17:40<@mikegrb>astro: not for authoritive dns
17:40<astro>doh :D
17:41<@mikegrb> will do it for free for up to 5 domains, I believe
17:41<kvandivo>I believe you
17:41<kvandivo>unless they are insanely popular domains
17:43<hisada>I sent e-mails to support and billing department, but no response.
17:43<kvandivo>each domain served is limited to 200 MB of transfer a year.. I've always wondered exactly how many bytes are used for each DNS request
17:43<@mikegrb>kvandivo: aprox .5 - 1k I'd imagine
17:44<@mikegrb>hisada: well, I've answered your question here?
17:44<BitterIggy>depends on what kind of request
17:44<hisada>also service department.
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17:45<kvandivo>zoneedit's faq uses loose terminology like "if your site gets a million hits a year, it won't be free'.. So i'd assume that a million dns requests would be > 200MB
17:47<npmr>most dns responses are considerably smaller than .5k
17:47<kvandivo>you'd think so
17:47<npmr>i know so
17:47<npmr>i have written dns parsing and composition code in two languages
17:48<kvandivo>dude.. chill.. i didn't mean that might not know. :)
17:48<npmr>most responses contain less than five records
17:48<kvandivo>that you* might
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17:49<kvandivo>are the responses sent as strings, or 32-bit addresses when possible?
17:50<npmr>well, just fyi, for 2ld names under 10 characters served by two nameservers in that domain, a request for an address record for is going to be about 80ish bytes
17:50<npmr>sorry, the response to the request for
17:51<kvandivo>hmm... ok.. that's a good basic number..
17:51<npmr>if your nameservers are in other domains, the responses will be slightly bigger
17:51<kvandivo>which wouldn't be an issue zoneedit's MB limit..
17:51<npmr>if your www record is a cname, there will be an additional record bearing the address
17:51<kvandivo>issue *in*
17:52<kvandivo>so, if they charge for the request AND the response, you're looking at something very close to 100 bytes per
17:52<npmr>yeah, about
17:53<astro>i bet they set the TTL real low to charge people :D
17:53<SpaceHobo>don't forget out-of-bailiwick glue records!
17:53<SpaceHobo>gotta look them up too!
17:53<kvandivo>well, TTL would only affect those that are even remotely close to the cutoff
17:53<SpaceHobo>plenty of opportunity to charge you there
17:53<kvandivo>that's over 2 million "average" requests that they will allow for free
17:53<npmr>don't you get to specify your own ttls?
17:54<JDM>i don't think so - i use zoneedit for 1 domain and don't remember seeing it anywhere
17:56<JDM>they do have a dynamic dns feature on every A record, so i guess they don't want to be blamed when that goes wrong
17:57<SpaceHobo>wildcard A records make me happy, by the way
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20:34<@caker>viva la resistance
20:34<@caker>~10 days until BSG :)
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