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#linode IRC Logs for 2006-09-27

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00:06<encode>/usr/bin/ld: attempted static link of dynamic object `/usr/lib/'
00:06<encode>collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
00:06<encode>any ideas?
00:06<encode>(compiling freeradius)
00:09<@caker>what's the environment? (distro?)
00:10<efudd>!errno 1
00:10<encode>ubuntu 6.06 server
00:10<linbot>efudd: EPERM (#1): Operation not permitted
00:10[~]efudd looks around
00:10<encode># uname -a
00:10<encode>Linux kiev 2.6.15-26-server #1 SMP Fri Sep 8 21:00:37 UTC 2006 i686 GNU/Linux
00:10<@caker>I think that's just exitcode
00:11<encode>but with gcc 4
00:11<efudd>Sure, ideally it's something sane tho.
00:11<encode>well, the previous command is a couple of paragraphs long
00:11<efudd>strace -aefl -o foo.log $thatcommand is your friend
00:11<encode>/usr/bin/ld: attempted static link of dynamic object `/usr/lib/'
00:11<encode>so that means nothing? ^^
00:12<efudd>Sure, it suggests that your gdbm_compat isn't what it expected.
00:12<@caker>how oldish is the rest of the toolchain/distro?
00:12<efudd>or you've told ld to do something bad given the dynamic object.
00:12<@caker>oh, ubuntu 6
00:12[~]efudd heads off to bed whilst wondering why his 'node hasn't panic'd in the last couple of days
00:12<encode> thats the last little bit
00:12<@caker>running this via make?
00:12<encode>caker: yup
00:13<encode>caker: but with build-essential from edgy
00:13<encode>tho i was getting the same error before, with build-essential from dapper
00:14<efudd>get ridda '-static'? :)
00:15<encode>lemme try that
00:15<encode>it will be fun finding that in the makefile
00:15<efudd>Re: linking error in gcc 4.1.0 when address of static function is assigned to function pointer and shared library link is attempted
00:15[~]efudd ponders
00:22<efudd>Hahaah @ shipping on
00:22<efudd>$112.50 for 2 business day!?
00:25[~]efudd preorders
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00:47<encode>efudd: but wwwhhhhhyyyyyyy?
00:47<encode>why would you buy that?
00:47<encode>you'll be locked into some lousy form of DRM
00:48<encode>that will require you to continually pay to read the same book
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01:10<encode>well dynamic linking seems to have helped
01:10<encode>it compiles at least
01:11<encode>still running make install
01:11<encode>this thing takes longer to compile / install than a new kernel
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09:33<Miquel>Anyone has created a Vpn in an ubuntu box ? I've a routing problem.
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10:01<linbot>New news from forums: setting up a central outlook disclaimer in Linux in Email/SMTP Related Forum <>
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10:11<eric>caker/mikegrb here?
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10:16<vicrojo>hi there!!
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16:04<intuiworx-leonard>hi all, just getting in here
16:04<intuiworx-leonard>anything host 53?
16:04<intuiworx-leonard>let me rephrase that
16:04<intuiworx-leonard>anything wrong with host53? It has a proc load about 30
16:04<intuiworx-leonard>for our VPS anyway
16:05<BitterIggy>it's probably me
16:05<intuiworx-leonard>you kill the host ;)
16:06<BitterIggy>site went live 2 days ago, it's been getting pegged pretty bad, but it'll level out
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16:06<kvandivo>who knew would be so popular?
16:06<intuiworx-leonard>we have had an ongoing problem with host53 crashing, high loads, etc for several several weeks
16:07<BitterIggy>I've noticed the crashing, think it's because of some cpu revision issues
16:07<BitterIggy>but haven't really noticed load problems
16:07<BitterIggy>more than likely because the site wasn't live
16:09<BitterIggy>I've had a couple of peaks ~20% CPU for the past hour, but the last ~6 hours has been pretty steadily high
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16:16<intuiworx-leonard>I think we had postfix killing us
16:16<intuiworx-leonard>we killed postfix and everything returned to normal
16:18<kvandivo>so it was a kill-or-be-killed situation
16:19<intuiworx-leonard>kvandivo, did you once tell me that you were/are an amateur radio operator?
16:19<intuiworx-leonard>ok, bad memoriy :)
16:19<kvandivo>i know someone around here that does have a ham radio code and all that jazz.. but i won't speak for them
16:20<intuiworx-leonard>I know that several are on here
16:20<intuiworx-leonard>from tiem to time
16:21<JDM>i have my amateur radio technician's license, but it doesn't seem to be good for anything other than local VHF/UHF
16:21<intuiworx-leonard>then upgrade ;)
16:22<intuiworx-leonard>5wpm code is easy
16:23<JDM>i've been working on the code but I haven't had enough time recently
16:23<intuiworx-leonard>use that chart and it will really help
16:24<intuiworx-leonard>you can be doing 5wpm with the chart in about 1 hour. 2-3 wpm instantly
16:24<intuiworx-leonard>and then after some time (maybe a week) you won't need the chart
16:24<intuiworx-leonard>if you can practice 2 hours a night
16:24<intuiworx-leonard>so . . .
16:25<intuiworx-leonard>otherwise it will depend on how much you practice. That is the best learning method I have came across. But I am sure not everyone came to #linode to hear a morse code conversation ;)
16:26<intuiworx-leonard>best of luck on that though
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16:42<linbot>New news from forums: Kernel: 2.6.18-linode24 in Announcements <>
16:48<@caker>^-- any early takers?
16:54<BitterIggy>I'll try it on my linode
16:54<BitterIggy>not the work one just yet
16:57<kvandivo>what, and upgrade from 2.4? Never!
16:59<@caker>BitterIggy: no getty on your console?
17:00<@caker>IOW: no login prompt via Lish
17:00<BitterIggy>looks like it's starting on tty1 instead of tty0
17:00<@caker>fixerate, then: "init q", if you don't know already
17:02<BitterIggy>everything looks fine
17:03<BitterIggy>well, it looks fine now that I've fixed my inittab and fstab
17:03<BitterIggy>can you tell how little maintenance I do on that box....
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19:11<encode>caker: btw building freeradius with dynamic linking did the trick, thanks heaps
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