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00:11<gpd>caker: 2.6.18-linode24 seems solid so far :)
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02:06<erikh>is the guy who posted to the hlds list here?
02:06<erikh>hlds_linux list, that is.
02:06<erikh>anyways, if you see this, send me a /msg and I'll help you hack on that script.
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03:01<linbot>New news from forums: Routing Problem At ThePlanet? in Linux Networking <>
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04:29<SpaceHobo>Sep 27 18:06:07 frotz dhclient: Discarding packet with bogus hlen.
04:29<SpaceHobo>was someone trying to run a bogus dhcpd?
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07:18<n9urk>hi all
07:18<n9urk>is host53 down?
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08:05<n9urk>is host53 down?
08:05<npmr>i can ping it
08:06<n9urk>I have been able to ping the machine before when it was down
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12:21<BitterIggy>displeased clients suck
12:25<npmr>micromanaging bosses suck more
12:26<bendy24>BitterIggy: worse than nagging wives?
12:27<BitterIggy>bendy24: there's more than one, so yes... unless I move to Utah
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12:32<bendy24>yeah, utah sounds great
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12:34<npmr>polygamy isn't actually legal there
12:34<bendy24>hasnt stopped them before from what i can tell
12:35<npmr>and the church of lds has officially disabused itself of the practice
12:35<npmr>there are of course, straglers
12:36[~]bendy24 daydreams
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12:38<kekc>hi, what's going on with host53?
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12:39<intuiworx-leonard>wow hos53 is taking hours to reload
12:39<intuiworx-leonard>reboot that is
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12:49<WaitingIggy>been about 20 minutes
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14:02<WaitingIggy>caker: mikegrb: can either of you tell why my host shutdown last time
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15:15<erikh>you're on host53 too?
15:15<bkirkbri>anyone else on host49?
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15:26<npmr>isn't 53 the xen beta?
15:29<tierra>I think that's 56
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15:47<IntuiWorx>I'm on host53; it's not the Xen beta
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16:14<hisada>Is there linode staff?
16:15[~]kvandivo tries to restrain himself.
16:15<npmr>linbot, staff?
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16:37<xinu>bad hair day for host53?
16:40<IntuiWorx>I think so.
16:40<IntuiWorx>Three times in one day ... must be a world record ...
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16:44<lard>just got migrated TO it.. frying pan -> fire
16:44[~]lard emeritus of host 40 (hindenburg) and host 23 titanic
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16:45<xinu>53 was pretty stable for the past few months
16:45<IntuiWorx>Well, a few weeks ago I it had a couple of reboots per week for a two-week period.
16:45<xinu>it used to panic a lot more often
16:45<IntuiWorx>Last 2-3 weeks have been relatively stable.
16:45<IntuiWorx>And now this ...
16:46<l4rd>OK JUPE
16:46[~]xinu kinda hopes it's not another hardware failure
16:46[~]l4rd hocks loogey on the drive controller
16:47<l4rd>OR THETANS
16:47<l4rd>it's up!
16:47<l4rd>our server is CLEAR of THETANS..
16:48[~]l4rd thanks lord xinu
16:48<IntuiWorx>Yeah, but don't hold your breath. Took my Linode ~45 minutes to reboot last time.
16:48<l4rd>dowd, it's running
16:48[~]xinu fell asleep waiting
16:48<IntuiWorx>Your Linode is actually up?
16:48<IntuiWorx>I think I'm last in the boot priority or somethin'
16:49<l4rd>we were last last time.. what comes around, goes down.. the drain
16:49<tierra>I do feel bad for those on 53... reboots on: Apr 28, May 15, 17, 24, 25, June 16, July 12, Aug 25, 30, Sept 7, and the 26th
16:50<l4rd>and 2 today, the 28th
16:50<IntuiWorx>No, three today
16:50<xinu>yes 3
16:50<l4rd>I stand miscorrected
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16:50<IntuiWorx>See, it's worse than you even thought. :-)
16:50[~]laaaard 53 like a tub of...
16:51<tierra>I'm guessing 53 is a Linode 100 host?
16:51<laaaard>what does 100 mean?
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16:51<IntuiWorx>No, it's 1 400 host
16:51<IntuiWorx>100 == Linode 100 service level
16:52<laaaard>there's a secret level 999
16:52<tierra>wow, 400's on there... I would of expected more problems on a 100 host
16:52<laaaard>where it never reboots and chocolate grows on the DRAM
16:52[~]xinu has a 400 with 500
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16:53<laaaard>it would be great if they did a suspend/resume for VMs instead of a hard power off when rebooting the host
16:53<IntuiWorx>Woohoo, mine is booting ...
16:53<laaaard>would come up much quicker
16:53<xinu>650 really but no kernel will boot with over 500 ;-(
16:54<laaaard>we need to form a neighborhood watch program.. arp spoof your switch and look for IRC BOTZ.. then REPORT your neighbors
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16:54<IntuiWorx>I think in the instances when they reboot they have no other choice ... machine is locked hard.
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16:54<IntuiWorx>Would be much nicer.
16:54<laaaard>I wonder if I can pay $5 extra for guaranteed "first boot order"
16:55<xinu>let the bidding begin
16:55<IntuiWorx>My Linode has this annoying issue where 99% of the time it hangs at "VFS: Mounted root (ext3 filesystem) readonly." when it reboots ...
16:55<tierra>not that your node would get much processing time after booted until everyone elses is up as well...
16:55<IntuiWorx>And I have to cycle it off and on 5-6 times to convince it to actually boot.
16:55<xinu>how much ram?
16:55<IntuiWorx>500 I think
16:56<xinu>try less, like 450, mine did that too.
16:56<npmr>last time i migrated, the host config on my new host had a typo
16:56<xinu>maybe try a different kernel too
16:56<npmr>i booted up with 1.2 GB of ram
16:56<npmr>it was supposed to be 200
16:56<npmr>MB, that is
16:56<IntuiWorx>I'll try the new kernel caker just gave us and see if that helps
16:57<IntuiWorx>If not, I'll try reducing the RAm
16:57<xinu>mine would hang at the same place.
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16:58<IntuiWorx>Actually I've got 525 megs.
16:58<IntuiWorx>Come to think of it, I don't think I had this problem until after I bumped my RAM up to this level about 2 months ago ...
17:00<xinu>i noticed it after a reboot at the new ram levels, when they upped it a few months back.
17:01<IntuiWorx>Are you running Gentoo by chance?
17:03<IntuiWorx>Wish I was ...
17:03<IntuiWorx>Caker told me when I asked him he thought it was unique to Gentoo ... but then I asked here a few weeks ago, the only other person who had experienced it was running something other than Gentoo.
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17:05<rko>any ideas what is going on with host53? 3 reboots today
17:05<laaaard>it's "that time of the month"
17:05<laaaard>see also: end of august
17:06<rko>August was just one crash
17:06<IntuiWorx>I'm 99% sure there were more than that in Aug.
17:07[~]xinu had about 40 days uptime at one point
17:07<laaaard>have fun peeps
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17:07<IntuiWorx>(mostly because I have 3 customers who call me w/o fail within seconds of it going down)
17:07<IntuiWorx>(it's like having my own personal monitoring service ...)
17:09<xinu>sometimes when it crashes like this the mysql db gets corrupted and needs repairs
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17:10<rko>xinu, right
17:10<rko>but you can automate it
17:10<rko>put this in your startup script: --myisam-recover=BACKUP,FORCE
17:11<rko>annoying thing is that startup in the case like this is very slow
17:11<rko>basically all tables are marked crashed and they're being checked
17:11<rko>but that's better IMHO than possibly corrupted table
17:11<xinu>hmm, i didn't know that, thanks man
17:12<IntuiWorx>Is it slow because it's time-consuming, or slow because it eats up your io tokens?
17:12<xinu>luckily mysql crashes very rarely
17:12<rko>because I have big tables
17:12<rko>mysql doesn't crash, right, but the system does...
17:12[~]xinu meant that
17:13<xinu>the tables crash
17:13<rko>and I think that option rebuilds are indexes etc
17:13<IntuiWorx>I made the mistake of turning on quotas on my /home fs one time ... quotachk on boot would eat up the io tokens and it would take 45 minutes to boot ...
17:13<rko>I think that's what takes most of the time
17:13<IntuiWorx>xinu: I dropped my RAM down to 475 mb and it booted right up.
17:14<IntuiWorx>Could be a coincidence, but I'm thinking you're on to something.
17:14<IntuiWorx>I'm going to test fate and reboot a few times and see if it continues to work.
17:17[~]xinu tested it extensively, and linode knows about the problem, says it kernel related
17:17<IntuiWorx>ok, I won't bother then ...
17:18<xinu>only ticket that closed without fixing it :(
17:22<IntuiWorx>I hate to lose the RAM, but with reboots happening like this ... it's much better to have the Linode boot on its own.
17:22<IntuiWorx>Thanks for the tip!
17:22<xinu>me guesses he has to move off linode for more than 500 megs
17:26<rko>what RAM limit you're talking about?
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17:27<xinu>some kernel bug (?) that prevents a node from booting with more than 500 megs allocated
17:27<rko>ah, I have never noticed any problems like that
17:28<rko>and I think I have 512M
17:28<rko>or no...
17:28<xinu>lucky you, intuiworx and i seem afflicted.
17:28<rko>300 MiB
17:29<rko>none of the plans have that much RAM... you bought so much extra?
17:30<xinu>mod_perl loves RAM
17:31<IntuiWorx>I bought extra because I'm running MySQL + PostgreSQL + Apache2 + Tomcat 5.5 + a whole bunch of other stuff
17:31<IntuiWorx>I'm really pushing the limits of what I can do on a VPS at this point ...
17:31<IntuiWorx>But, the RAM was keeping it happy for the time being.
17:34[~]xinu implemented a reverse proxy and found out that 2 apaches are much more efficient than one
17:35<xinu>that cut cpu use in half and freed up about 100 megs
17:37[~]xinu also suggests lingerd for apache
17:38<rko>is lingerd still relevant in 2.2?
17:38<rko>I thought it was 1.3 specific
17:38<linbot>New news from forums: Credit Card Authentication for Account Activation in Sales Questions and Answers <>
17:39<xinu>i think you're right rko
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20:39<xinu>ig day off
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20:48<internat>question to the network specialists out there, is it an issue if u have cat 5 cable still like looped up when ur using it? ie i havnt undone the cable ties from when i first bought it?
20:49<purrdeta>I dont think it matters
20:49<encode>it shouldnt matter
20:50<internat>good stuff
20:50<internat>people always say you shouldnt leave powercables rolled up when u use them so i was just checking
20:50<encode>cat5 is pretty good with signal interference because of the twisted pairs
20:51<encode>it would be a problem if you've got more than 100metres (no idea how long that is in feet) of it rolled up and using that
20:51<encode>cos then it would be out of spec
20:53<internat>nah im talking about a 3 m roll wound up so it reaches about 10cm :)
20:58<internat>trying to clean up my office/junkroom/network centre/computer room :)
20:59<internat>there was like 6 network cables running over my desk from the switch to the wall mount for the house, and yeah..
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21:07<encode>how tightly is it cable tied?
21:09<internat>not that tight
21:10<internat>ive wrapped it loosely in a cable arround my hand and then used a cable tie to die it
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21:16<encode>that should be fine
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21:23<internat>ooc, what mirrors are people using for debian? just the standard us or is there a faster one?
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