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08:19<erikh>hey, anyone around?
08:19<erikh>does anyone know if the recent openssh vulnerability applies to more than just FreeBSD?
08:20<npmr>no dsa for debian yet
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08:38<SpaceHobo>debian and ubuntu recently patched libssl
08:38<SpaceHobo>it was a DOS vulnerability
08:41<npmr>oh that
08:41<SpaceHobo>not sure if it's related
09:20<npmr>i just got an email from my boss asking me to "change my email profile" so my responses are above the original message
09:20<SpaceHobo>when's your last day?
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10:00<erikh>npmr: Put Claus Assman's post from the sendmail newsgroup on top posting in your signature.
10:00<erikh>and then do what your boss requests.
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10:01<npmr>i responded and told him it's not a profile thing, and i'd rather discuss the matter than arbitrarily choose a convention
10:02<npmr>odds are good that we'll never have that discussion and we'll both just keep doing what we're already doing
10:03<erikh>diplomacy and subterfuge ftw
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10:34<purrdeta>hey all! I was wondering if I might be able to lovingly and respectfully prod caker or mikegrb into creating my account sooner :P
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10:38<@mikegrb>purrdeta: username?
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10:40<BitterIggy>weeeeee.... host53 problems again
10:41<bendy24>i'd hate to be on host53..
10:41<kvandivo>it's in a rack, isn't it?
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10:46<graham>My Linode on host53 just rebooted. Anyone else ?
10:48<SpaceHobo>poor host53
10:48<graham>I think that host is cursed.
10:57<@caker>I think it needs a BIOS update, but I'm not willing to try that with customers on it
10:57<Kurt>OBJECTIVE FACT: Peyton Manning is a class act
10:57<graham>Can we migrate off ?
10:58<@caker>graham: yes, if there was another host open -- I'm trying to ship one out this week
10:58<kvandivo>Kurt: is your last name Warner?
10:59<@mikegrb>mmm cake
10:59<SpaceHobo>OBJECTIVE FACT: caker is made of cake
10:59<Kurt>no, Weber
10:59<Kurt>the only good thing Kurt Warner has going for him right now is Edgerrin James
11:04<BitterIggy>caker: on a scale of 1-10 how possible does getting another host sent out this week look?
11:48<@caker>BitterIggy: 9
11:49<@caker>I'm headed over to FedEx in a few
11:49<@caker>(to pick up components)
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11:52[~]BitterIggy huggles caker
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13:50<SpaceHobo> ¡HILARIDAD!
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17:22<spr>I think host15 is unhappy
17:30[~]caker looks
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17:31<spr>well, lish just made it in. I've got a ENOMEM error
17:31<@caker>spr: better now?
17:32<@caker>spr: actually, your node is 130M into swap, thrashing
17:32<spr>Time to kill things, thanks
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20:46<erikh>"Computer games don't affect kids; I mean if Pac-Man affected us as kids, we'd
20:46<erikh>all be running around in darkened rooms, munching magic pills and listening to
20:47<erikh>repetitive electronic music." -- Kristian Wilson, Nintendo, Inc, 1989
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22:13<hisada>Is there caker or mikegrb?
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22:27<encode>hisada: im sure there is, but they're not around at the moment
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