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#linode IRC Logs for 2006-10-03

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06:37<LunaticFringe>hey, any sales types about?
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08:52<LunaticFringe>any of the linode guys up yet?
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13:22<jlinos>host28 is rebooting ?
13:22<@caker>Yes, should only be another few minutes
13:22<@caker>(graceful reboot)
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13:26<WonderClown>Rebooting host28 again?
13:27<@mikegrb>yes, gracefully
13:27<kvandivo>is host28 being rebooted?
13:27<@mikegrb>no but kirby is
13:27<bendy24>whats gracefully?
13:27[~]kvandivo smirks.
13:28<@caker>bendy24: as opposed to crashing
13:28<WonderClown>Is this because of the default console issue, or hardware problems?
13:28<@caker>SKAS3 bug, causing pagefault handling to not work, so Jeff says
13:29<jlinos>my linode is up
13:30<bendy24>is that was host2 was rebooted a while back?
13:30<@caker>english, please? :)
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13:30<WonderClown>I'm thinking was=why
13:31<@caker>bendy24, keeping us on our toes
13:31<kvandivo>caker: you have to forgive him. He's from canada
13:31<@caker>bendy24: Not that I remember
13:31<bendy24>sorry, i've got my attention on an auction atm
13:34<@mikegrb>for a new bride?
13:34<bendy24>check out my rack
13:36<kvandivo>that's a huge rack
13:36<bendy24>for $99
14:05<bendy24>kvandivo: if you are ever around, i'll let you touch it!
14:08<kvandivo>i don't talk your types around channels like this
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14:25<bendy24>awww, dont be shy. you know you want to.
14:26<kvandivo>nope. not in this channel
14:28<bendy24>when you become president you can say "I did not have sex with that rack!"
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19:31<linodeCC>any linode customers here from australia?
19:31<Eman>ive seen a couple
19:31[~]darkbeholder is
19:33<linodeCC>hi darkbeholder. you having any download speed issues from your server?
19:33<linodeCC>full steam at all times of day?
19:33<darkbeholder>i havent really tried downloading recently though, but my pages are just as fast as normal
19:33<JDM>i'm not in australia, but there was a forum thread a couple of days ago about routing issues to/from australia
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19:34<linodeCC>thanks JDM will double check forums
19:36<JDM>here's the link:
19:38<linodeCC>thanks JDM. i don't see in my traceroute
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23:10<xavier>I need help with a shutdown/reboot. In overview my machine is off but the job queue jas several shutdown tasks "waiting on host", the first started 15 mins. ago. How can that be solved?
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