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00:35<ramalho>hello, i need to talk to someone in support re: password reset (the e-mail never arrived in the mailbox where i get my invoices)
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14:12<purrdeta>what does transfer mean? Like what counts towards transfeR?
14:13<Battousai>anything that goes over the network
14:13<purrdeta>ah I misread... I read 50MB not 50GB thus I freaked out because I have used 75 mb :P
14:13<Battousai>wow, 50mb would suck
14:22<purrdeta>I know
14:22<purrdeta>I realise that
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14:29<purrdeta>is Geentoo broken somehow?
14:30<bendy24>from the very begining
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14:37<Battousai>sens are gonna win!
14:42<bendy24>go back into your hole
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14:50<purrdeta>what linux distro should I use? :P
14:50<JDM>debian or ubuntu
14:51<purrdeta>hmm I was thinking of using ubuntu but I have no clue how to configure it :P
14:51<purrdeta>like how to install gcc so it can make executables
14:51<purrdeta>and such
14:52<bendy24>i bet google knows!
14:52<purrdeta>yes LOL
14:52<purrdeta>Google knows all
14:54<JDM>gentoo is good for compiling things on your own
14:54<purrdeta>I am setting up an IRCd and such
14:55<JDM>i just don't like portage (their software management), otherwise i would use it regularly
14:56<purrdeta>I like apt-get
14:57<purrdeta>I just dont know how to get it all set up :P
14:57<bendy24>one package at a time...
15:00<Battousai>gentoo no good for linodes
15:09<purrdeta>I know
15:09<purrdeta>I dont know what packages
15:10<bendy24>well, you have apt-cache search
15:11<purrdeta>yeah but I still dont know what packages are required :P Google, yeah I know
15:12<purrdeta>I am sorry, it has always been done before me or I use FBSD and thus ports
15:12<bendy24>apt will retrieve any dependancies
15:14<purrdeta>but the IRCd I want isnt listed (it seems
15:15<Battousai>build it by hand then
15:15<JDM>which IRCd?
15:15<purrdeta>Unrealircd >.>
15:16<purrdeta>I know it sucks so I was contemplating changing, except I didnt want to redo the config and whatnot
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16:33<cmantito>... -- so who's who? :P
16:33<@caker>tall guy is me
16:34[~]caker purrs seductivly
16:34<Battousai>the sexy guy is mikegrb
16:35<Battousai>well, the sexy guy on the right
16:35<kvandivo>actually, the guy in black is standing on a concrete block you can't see
16:35<@caker>kvandivo: nah, 9" heels
16:35<kvandivo>oh.. you swing that way.. i see
16:36<cmantito>caker: heh. nifteh.
16:36<cmantito>so mikegrb is the really dorky looking one? ;)
16:37<cmantito> offense mike ;)
16:37<cmantito>(please don't hurt my linode)
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17:17<NeonNero>is caker or mikegrb in? i just noticed something odd in lpm
17:17<NeonNero>i just checked the "Extras" tab, and it showed the following:
17:17<NeonNero>Total RAM: 200 MB
17:18<NeonNero>Total Storage Space: 9216 MB (fair enough, i'm paying for a full year at a time)
17:18<NeonNero>Total Transfer: 100 GB
17:18<NeonNero>Number of IPs / Max: 1 / 2
17:18<NeonNero>it's that last line that got me a bit curious
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17:20<NeonNero>what exactly does that last line mean?
17:20<purrdeta>what is the command to get space left on all your devices?
17:20<NeonNero>purrdeta: df
17:21<purrdeta>ah df
17:21<purrdeta>thanks :)
17:21<NeonNero>or to display in human-readable format: df -h
17:21<purrdeta>hmm it is telling me I have run out of space... but I have only used 19%
17:22<purrdeta>actually... no space left on devices..
17:22<NeonNero>lpm shows how much you've allocated to your disks, not how much is left on those disks
17:22<purrdeta>no I know...
17:22<purrdeta>I mean when I am compiling, it tells me no space left on device
17:23<NeonNero>how many devices do you have set up for storage, then?
17:23<kvandivo>you have one. you can purchase up to 1 more
17:23<purrdeta>only one... I suppose and swap
17:24<NeonNero>purrdeta: just /dev/ubda and tmpfs?
17:24<purrdeta>I will reboot fgor the hell of it. I love that reboot button :P
17:27[~]purrdeta screams
17:27<purrdeta>oh well, live and learn
17:28<purrdeta>oh, I kinda didnt pay attention and set up all my files in /var/run and it kinda got cleared on reboot...
17:41<@caker>NeonNero: hmm?
17:41<@caker>NeonNero: the number of IPs thing?
17:41<NeonNero>yep, i think kvandivo got me the right answer to that one
17:42<@caker>yeah, we did that to keep the rdns-weenies from sucking up all the IPs
17:43<NeonNero>you mean those b0rkers who want bnc names for irc, right?
17:44<NeonNero>i hate those ppl
17:45<NeonNero>this, otoh, will be an interesting experience.... i've just cleared out my linode 200 to go from gentoo to debian... and i've just done reconfiguring my secondary dns
17:46<NeonNero>one down, several other services to go...
17:48<NeonNero>does anyone have a quick-n-dirty tutorial on how to set up secondary mx with spam+antivirus filters on debian?
17:48<NeonNero>no matter which server software, as long as it has some logic for adding new domains/addresses as well as for viewing/deleting messages from the queue
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