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00:12<soundsoldier>is anyone else experiencing troubles when sshing to
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06:19<linbot>New news from forums: Roundcube Webmail - Recommendation in Email/SMTP Related Forum <>
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09:52<jlinos>Hi, I sent an email to billing at linode com, and still no answer, can I talk to someone about billing on this channel? or should I wait for an email response ?
09:52<bendy24>caker isnt usually on for a few more hours
09:52<bendy24>you'll want to talk to him
09:53<jlinos>thought caker is a tech guy, is he also responsible for billing too?
09:53<bendy24>hes the owner
09:54<jlinos>ok, thx, i will call here later then
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13:42<jlinos>Hi, i have a question on billing, can i ask it here?
13:42<@caker>jlinos: hello
13:43<jlinos>i have sent an email and received no reply, there are some problems with the transaction this month
13:44<@caker>jlinos: a ticket would be better, if you could open one
13:46<jlinos>ok, the idea is there are few days left untill you say you cancel the account, i really do not want that to happen, i have almost 2 years here, and it's the first time this delay happens, are you really going to act after 10 days delay ?
13:46<jlinos>it is really not my fault
13:46<@caker>jlinos: how long do you need?
13:48<jlinos>well, i don't know, a hope to solve the problems untill 12 , but i can't understand why this happens, my bank says it is you who do not continue the transaction and i really do not understand their language shit
13:49<@caker>jlinos: well, please submit a support ticket so we know you'd like to extent the grace period, and you should be fine -- ok?
13:49<jlinos>i will open the ticket, maybe if you look at it soon, the proble will go away fast
13:51<jlinos>opened the ticket, thank you
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15:33<@caker>BitterIggy: you'll be happy to know I shipped the replacement server today
15:38[~]BitterIggy humps caker
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15:49<taupehat>network burping at HE?
15:50<Battousai>farting mostly
15:50<Battousai>little bit of chunky monkey thrown in
15:51<Battousai>actually it's working fine for me
15:51<JDM>it's working fine for my node on host18
15:55<@caker> <-- uh, wow?
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20:05<Somazx>there are a couple posts on linode's forums about updating an ubuntu install and having to 'change the kernel'. how should this be done?
20:07<Somazx>udev requires a kernel >= 2.6.8, upgrade aborted
20:09<JDM>you can change the kernel in the configuration profile (in the linode platform manager)
20:09<JDM>then you have to reboot
20:09<Somazx>ah.... thank you
20:10<JDM>if that doesn't work you have to somehow convince ubuntu's package management that the running kernel is newer (because what package management thinks has no real effect)
20:11<Somazx>I'm sure there must be a force option somewhere =)
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20:30<Somazx>JDM, great things are moving along again - thanks once more
20:48[~]Somazx breathes a sigh of relief
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22:53<linbot>New news from forums: Kernel feature request: dm-snapshot (for LVM2 backups) in Feature Request/Bug Report <>
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23:15<tofu>hey, my load just went up to 12 and I do not see anything that should cause that
23:16<tofu>it has been a trend around 12 am EST
23:16<tofu>has anyone else seen this? or is it just me? :)
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