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00:19<@mikegrb>"Station 7, Engine 6, Engine 3 - Structure Fire - XYZ Meadowbrook Ln"
00:19<@mikegrb>"Caller believes an electrical outlet is about to catch on fire because her dog keeps sniffing the outlet and barking."
00:20<@mikegrb>the dispatcher started laughing as he dispatched that call
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03:57<erikh>damn it's cold in this house
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08:44<problynought>Hi, I am not a linode customer but am considering it, and I have a question
08:45<problynought>From the website, it looks like you have two datacenters; in Texas and in California. Is it possible to specify which location you want for your virtual server?
08:48<npmr>you can request one, yes
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08:52<BitterIggy>it depends on availability
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09:23<erikh>STRONG ISLAND, NY -- With recruitment down sharply, and the prospect of being held back by the nation of millions appearing once again likely, top-ranking Public Enemy officials issued an order Monday for all retired Security Of The First World personnel to return to active duty.
09:23<erikh>oh man, that's awesome.
09:24<SpaceHobo>It so is.
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10:41<bx>echo name
10:42<bx>Sorry, playing with irssi scripting.. will do it offline instead.. :)
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11:06<purrdeta>do I have to restart to get a revdns to take effect?
11:09<purrdeta>hmm ok :P
11:09<purrdeta>how long does it take
11:09<npmr>the reverse dns zones are reloaded periodically throughout the day, after which it may take up to 10800 seconds for pre-update cached lookups to expire
11:10<purrdeta>hmm ok
11:10<npmr>sorry 86400 seconds
11:10<npmr>(1 day)
11:11<npmr>what's the ip?
11:14<npmr> 86400 IN PTR
11:14<npmr>that's what's currently being served
11:15<purrdeta>hmm thansk
11:16<purrdeta>thanks even :)
11:30<purrdeta>if you are tunneling does that use 2 times the bandwidth?
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14:25<purrdeta>when you hit bandwidth limit what happend
14:26<@caker>you get billed
14:27<purrdeta>so it wont stop :(
14:27<purrdeta>I am no where near it but meh
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15:27<linbot>New news from forums: exim running as user 104 in Email/SMTP Related Forum <>
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16:26[~]taupehat sings the swedish chef song
16:50<afv-13>from the muppets?
17:13<npmr>is there any othre?
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21:30<You_Wish>anybody alive
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22:02<You_Wish_AWY>I'm currently Away - [Pager=ON] [Log=OFF]
22:13<You_Wish_AWY>I'm back!
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