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01:10<@caker>Phase: sure
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01:26<TheDragon>Who do I talk to in order to report site hacking attempts originating from a linode IP?
01:26<@caker>TheDragon:, with logs if possible
01:27<TheDragon>Does it have to be a full log? It's just my root report of attempted SSH logins and it looks like they used a dictionary file.
01:27<TheDragon>So there are a TON of entries. heh
01:27<@caker>TheDragon: just a sample would be fine
01:27<TheDragon>Ok. Thanks.
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06:22<linbot>New news from forums: Some Ubuntu questoins... interested in signing up. in Sales Questions and Answers <>
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08:47<linbot>New news from forums: porting OpenBSD to Linode in General Discussion <>
08:49<Kurt2>AH HAVE SPOKUN!
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12:27<@caker>any host53 users here ready to migrate off as a test of the host (I already tested it, but...)?
12:27<@caker>where's BitterIggy when you need him?
12:44<tierra>A friend has a node on 53, I'd be willing to bet he'd be happy to migrate if there's any chance of stability.
12:54<@caker>Yes, that's this new host's intention
12:55<@caker>just wanted to migrate one person over before configuring the rest of the migrations
12:55<@caker>also, this host rocks :)
12:55<afv-13>a new xen host?
12:57<@caker>No, but it's LVM for when the time comes
12:57<@caker>also, hardware raid, LotsaRam<tm>
13:03<afv-13>sounds good
13:07<efudd>watch them in order.
13:07[~]efudd snickers
13:11<SpaceHobo>efudd: I don't have a desktop
13:11<SpaceHobo>efudd: I have a laptop
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13:14<tierra>caker: he's sleeping for the moment, I'll let him know if he gets up anytime soon :)
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14:06<lucca>any word on if that new 2.6 kernel fixes the high-loadavg/nosleep problem?
14:08<lucca>also, is there something we need to do to enable the cute little cricket/rrdtool graphs in the members pages? They don't seem to graph anything
14:09<lucca>the only charting I see died out in mid week36
14:12<SpaceHobo>Latest 2.6 Series (2.6.18-linode25)
14:12<SpaceHobo>I wonder if that would help us
14:12<lucca>SpaceHobo: you saw that loadavg/sleep thing also?
14:12<lucca>I had to revert to 2.4 >_<
14:13<SpaceHobo>lucca: to what are you referring?
14:13<lucca>the 2.6.17 kernels I tried had a rather strange bug
14:13<lucca>where processes sleeping using select() tended to return instantly
14:14<lucca>i.e. sleep 10 on the shell prompt returned instantly
14:14<SpaceHobo>not for me
14:14<lucca>Surprisingly, many things like cron and friends limp along just fine
14:14<lucca>but exim4 relied on that timing more, and was inoperable
14:14<lucca>so I had to revert to 2.4
14:14<lucca>yeah, tried that 2.6
14:14<lucca>oh right
14:15<SpaceHobo>Works For Me.
14:15<lucca>do you run ntpd?
14:15<SpaceHobo>root 1319 0.0 0.8 3308 3308 ? SLs Aug18 0:06 /usr/sbin/ntpd -p /var/run/
14:15<SpaceHobo>my only odd situation is that rngd tends to grab crazy amounts of CPU sometimes
14:15<lucca>what distro, if I may ask?
14:15<SpaceHobo>which baffles me
14:16<SpaceHobo>with backports
14:16<lucca>ah, sarge... hm
14:16<lucca>heh, running sid here
14:16<SpaceHobo>most people do
14:17<lucca>well i'll have to try it I guess
14:17<SpaceHobo>if I had the chance, I'd reinstall with ubuntu
14:18<SpaceHobo>because I used to run unstable
14:18<SpaceHobo>and every year there'd be a big OMFG NOBODY DIST-UPGRADE event
14:18<lucca>heh, I've been using debian since 96. takes a bit more breakage to shake me :p
14:18<SpaceHobo>and when I grumbled people would say "Oh this NEVER happens"
14:18<SpaceHobo>once a year.
14:18<SpaceHobo>I started in 1998
14:18<SpaceHobo>while working at SuSE
14:18<lucca>"wfm" hehehe
14:19<SpaceHobo>because that's what having to use SuSE does to you
14:19<SpaceHobo>it makes you seek out a real distro
14:19<lucca>yeah, sid breaks things periodically
14:19<lucca>the apache2.2 move was beautifully catastophic
14:19[~]SpaceHobo nods
14:19<lucca>had to roll backward there...
14:19<SpaceHobo>anyway, ubuntu seems to do the release thing correctly
14:19<SpaceHobo>and for the kinds of things I do, I am a sucker for releases
14:20<lucca>hm, I prefer to have something break every time I upgrade, rather than everything break whenever I finally do upgrade
14:20<SpaceHobo>as i said, they get it right
14:21<lucca>worth a look I guess
14:21<lucca>but not on my linode for now
14:21[~]SpaceHobo nods
14:22<SpaceHobo>of course, where the ass-kicking nature of ubuntu *really* jumps out at you is on the desktop
14:23<lucca>still haven't moved to kde or gnome... just bare windowmaker on X11...
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15:05<SpaceHobo>lucca: I used to do that
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15:14<@caker>lucca: for what it's worth, that sleep/loadavg thing has been fixed for a while now
15:15<afv-13>would that have somehow caused my cron daemon from dying?
15:16<@caker>no clue
15:17<afv-13>hmmm, maybe it's safe to go back to vixie
15:21<@caker>afv-13: graphing should work now -- host60's time was off
15:22<@caker>...causing samples to be skipped
15:22<afv-13>my graphing has always worked, i think lucca had the problem
15:22<@caker>oh, wrong tab selection
15:22<@caker>lucca: ^--
15:44<tierra>caker: I was wrong, he's on 51, not 53
15:45<tierra>(though 51 had it's problems at one time)
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16:21<lucca>caker: errr, my ticket is still open and all kernels tried (not the new one yet) still exhibited the sleep problem. I'll be trying that new one later tonight
16:21<lucca>reboots during primetime seem to promote angst within my users...
16:22<lucca>as for the graphing... wooo, it's fixed :p
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16:40<@caker>lucca: hmm, yeah the ntp thing makes sense, since the host's time was off -- also, the latest kernel you tried was 2.6-linode19, and I'm pretty sure the sleep thing was fixed after that kernel
16:40[~]caker checks the forums
16:41<lucca>I tried
16:41<lucca>and 2.6.17-rc2-linode19
16:41<lucca>and both exhibited the problem
16:41<@caker> <-- 2.6.17-linode21, supposedly fixed
16:42<lucca>I don't see a 2.6.17-linode21 selectable...?
16:42<@caker>most likely I removed it after the security issues
16:42<@caker>just go with Latest 2.6
16:42<lucca>yeah, that points to 2.6.18-linode25 now, the new one
16:42<lucca>will test that asap tonight
16:43<@caker>cool, lemme know if you still have problems, and I'll investigate further
16:43<lucca>okay, thanks!
16:48<@caker>the OCC/American Chopper/Teutuls have been doing their tour thing in Nashville this weekend
16:49<@caker>I'm tempted to go check it out (they'll only be here for a few more hrs)
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18:37<JDM>caker: can you make 2.6.18-linode25 selectable without having to select latest 2.6?
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18:40<thelsdj>so how are things in linode land? haven't been herein a while since i canceled my account heh xen changeover any closer?
18:42<JDM>supposedly they're just waiting for xen to get more stable, which hasn't happened yet
18:42<Battousai>it's like robot santa claus, with his belly shaking like a bowl of nitroglycerin
18:42<thelsdj>we run it in production ourselves, but i do admit there are some issues
18:43<thelsdj>actually its not that bad :)
18:43<Battousai>i gets naughty on your jolly asses?
18:44<thelsdj>we do have some xen servers that crash under certain types of load though nothing we can easily duplicate
18:44<thelsdj>last few weeks i've been building some new ones, core 2 duo systems
18:45<thelsdj>so yea what used to be my linode runs on a xen on work servers for free, i just need to be a little more careful about how much bandwidth i use and content i host hehe
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19:12<linbot>New news from wiki: User:Scott <> || User:Martinultima <> || User:JDM <>
19:18<linbot>New news from wiki: Main Page <>
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20:26<caffeinated>mike, do you record the police scanner as a matter of course, or was it serendipity that you happened to be recording?
20:40<Phase>police scanners eh?
20:40<Phase>i have mine running 24/7
20:40<Phase>unless i'm listening to music, in which case it gets switched off
20:44<erikh>did anyone see this?
20:44<erikh>this is why I avoid my own national news and read the BBC instead
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23:06<@caker>has anyone done the mp3 file server/front end thing, and if so, what stack I be looking at first?
23:07<Eman>you mean something like jinzora?
23:07<@caker>I guess, or icecast?
23:08<@caker>jinzora looks cool
23:08<Eman>ya, its quite nice
23:09<@caker>so jinzora runs on the same server as the mp3s, accessible through a browser?
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23:16<tierra>there was netjuke for a while, and it was good, but seems to have disappeared
23:18<tierra> project still exists, yay for being serving as an archive for OSS
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23:25<jack>any linode staff in here?
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23:48<@caker>tierra: from the jinzora website, netjuke merged with jinzora
23:48<tierra>oh yeah, I knew that, but forgot
23:49<tierra>I still think netjuke is better, I just liked the interface a lot more
23:49<tierra>it is a pain to setup though
23:50<tierra>I have an old article I wrote up on getting the latest Netjuke source left on working with PHP5 (it doesn't work out of the box)
23:51<tierra>It took me some time to get it working, and the only place I ended up finding the info needed to do it ended up being a Google cached page (a cache of the forums which have been gone for some time now)
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