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04:14<kevinl>anyone alive?
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05:52<SpaceHobo>I may actually have calmed my system's I/O load over an extended period
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09:24<kevinl>any linode staff available for a tech support issue?
09:24<kevinl>or perhaps it is a billing issue, im not sure ;)
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15:22<iggy>mikegrb: caker: how goes the new box?
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15:49<iggy>caker: what's the thought behind making token settings the same for all plan levels?
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16:23<@caker>iggy: it
16:23<@caker>iggy: it's ready -- are you?
16:25<afv-13>the lvm migrate?
16:26<iggy>I'm ready
16:26<iggy>well, no I'm not
16:26<iggy>I'll have to do it tonight sometime
16:26<@caker>no sweat -- what's the username on that host?
16:26<afv-13>ssl bug only fixed in debian now
16:27<afv-13>isn't that a little slow
16:27<@caker>ok, migration setup -- hit me up while it's going so I can make sure everything's going ok
16:28<iggy>caker: will do
16:30<iggy>caker: what about my other question about the token settings
16:31<@caker>do you run up against the limiter often?
16:31<@caker>Basically, the limiter is there just as a break for run-away nodes, regardless of size
16:31<@caker>if anything, larger linodes should run up against the limiter LESS than the smaller nodes
16:31<iggy>I think I hit about 4 times a day or so
16:32<@caker>from what?
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16:32<iggy>generally between 12-4pm central
16:32<iggy>not because of swap, it's always mysql that kills it
16:33<iggy>I'm surprisingly only using about 7M of swap
16:34<@caker>your tokens are full now, so you must be burning through them quickly
16:35<iggy>I've been trying to measure mysql, but I haven't really figured out what's causing it yet
16:35<@caker>iggy: I'd check on any long-running queries, and add indexes to reduce going to disk
16:35<@caker>full table scans on largish tables can quickly eat IO
16:35<iggy>yeah, mysql will suck them dry in about a minute, then it'll sit on the limiter for anywhere from 2-10 minutes
16:36<@caker>I've seen queries that can take minutes reduced to miliseconds with correct indexes
16:36<@caker>EXPLAIN is a very useful sql command (if you don't know about it already)
16:36<iggy>I've been trying to figure out what exactly is causing it, unfortunately, I just don't know enough about mysql monitoring/tweaking to be very effective
16:36<iggy>I have lot's of queries
16:37<iggy>it's figuring out which ones are killing it that's been my problem
16:37<iggy>I have one table that's 24M, I think it's the bad seed
16:37<@caker>maybe running SHOW PROCESSLIST while you're limited will help point you towards the query that needs to be optimized
16:38[~]iggy writes that one down
16:38<@caker>it might be SHOW FULL PROCESSLIST, I forget the exact syntax
16:39<@caker>anyhow, token limiter or not, indexes will do nothing but help performance if done correctly
16:39<iggy>I also don't know how to do those correctly
16:40<iggy>I've got some indexes, but I don't think they've actually done any good
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16:57<iggy>caker: you think you could up me for a few mins? I'm playing with indexes, and it's out of tokens
17:02<@caker>iggy: sure, on that node?
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17:06<iggy>caker: also... thanks for the pointer on that article, I think I've learned more in the last 15 mins than the last 3 months
17:07<@caker>making sense?
17:07<@caker>it's pretty .. obvious once you have some examples
17:07<Phase>mysql? yeah
17:08<iggy>yeah, that first page alone kind of connected a lot of (previously) unconnected info in my head
17:08<Phase>one night i sat down and was *determined* to learn it
17:08<Phase>had a friend help me, eventually i understood it
17:09<@caker>Phase: indexes, or mysql / relational databases?
17:10<Phase>more of INSERT, SELECT, CREATE, and ALTER dealing with php
17:10<Phase>created a signup manager for my webhosting project
17:10<iggy>a primary key is an inherent index isn't it? does it make any sense to index a primary key?
17:10<@caker>iggy: yes, and not by itself -- compound indexes, maybe
17:11<iggy>compound indexes... /me does more reading
17:11<@caker>iggy: like, say you often query a table based on username (a field in a table with UserID), if you make an index that has UserID and username in it, it never has to go to the table to get the UserID
17:12<@caker>there's probably better examples, but hopefully you get the drift
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17:17<iggy>it won't let me make an index with the primary key
17:19<iggy>or it will, but it bitches about it
17:19[~]Kurt blasts "In My Time of Dying"
17:20<Phase>i'd cut the cords if i were your neighbor
17:49<iggy>so I'm trying to add a unique index across 3 columns, and apparently I have some rows that aren't unique across those 3 columns, so it errors out, anybody got a clever way to get those dupes out?
17:54<thelsdj>Tekeli-li! Tekeli-li!
18:02<@caker>iggy: the error should tell you which records have the dupes, then you can delete them
18:03<iggy>caker: unfortunately, I think there are a lot of them
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18:04<iggy>I tried that first, and it kept giving me more, then I started looking through, and there are lots of dupes it seems
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18:06<Battousai>sweet jesus
18:09<thelsdj>iggy: you mean all 3 columns are the same on certain records?
18:10<iggy>thelsdj: yeah
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18:29<randyjg>Is this the channel for the virtual linux service?
18:31<randyjg>interested in purchasing an account, but linode is not answering the phone. WHat hours are the phone s open?
18:31<iggy>I would guess 8-5, and they are Eastern time, so it's 7:35 there already
18:31<randyjg>okm will call tommorrow then.
18:32<iggy>but caker and mikegrb work there, so you can ask questions in here
18:32<iggy>or privmsg them
18:32<randyjg>thanks anyways.
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18:37<iggy>figured it out... made a temporary table with the same layout, gave it the unique index I wanted, then did INSERT INTO ... SELECT * FROM ... ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE ....
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19:10<@caker>iggy: word
19:10[~]caker <3s SQL
19:19<guinea-pig>brain + time = no brain
19:19<@caker>any questions?
19:20<guinea-pig>i've completely forgotten all perl and SQL i used to know
19:20<guinea-pig>and here i am wanting to write something!
19:21<@caker>SELECT * FROM guinea-pig.brains
19:21<@caker>Query returned 0 records.
19:21<guinea-pig>i ate them
19:21<guinea-pig>back to scratch.
19:21<guinea-pig>i suppose there's better website engines than ecore nowadays
19:22<iggy>caker: you ready for that migration?
19:23<@caker>iggy: go for it
19:23<@caker>iggy: about to announce them, so now would be good
19:24<linbot>New news from forums: Host53 Instability Issues / Migration Information in System and Network Status <>
19:26<iggy>caker: host39?
19:26<@caker>iggy: yes
19:27<@caker>iggy: the orig host39 died earlier this year, so this is a new box just with the old label
19:27<iggy>when you click migrate, it adds a system shutdown to the queue, but it makes you shut down before it'll enable the button, so it's redundant
19:28<@caker>iggy: yeah, to make sure you didn't shove a boot in between hitting the button
19:28<iggy>disk image in progress
19:28<@caker>looks good so far .. it'll likely take a while to xfer 18G
19:30<@caker>ntop wants X11 stuff?!
19:30<iggy>only if USE="X"
19:30<@caker>this is in debian/ubuntu
19:30<@caker>any other lightweight network activity viewers?
19:30<iggy>I like nload
19:31<iggy>it's a console app
19:31<iggy>caker: does it actually copy the swap over, or just recreate a blank one with the same size on the new host
19:32<@caker>iggy: it copies it -- I have no clue if users remade the fs or not
19:32<iggy>ahh, good point
19:33<iggy>I should have deleted it first then
19:33<@caker>guinea-pig: bingo
19:33[~]iggy sulks
19:34<guinea-pig>guess my brian isn't completely vanish
19:34<guinea-pig>err, brain
19:34<guinea-pig>err, vanished
19:34<guinea-pig>i give up
19:34<iggy>err, hasn't
19:34<guinea-pig>i didn't even missed that
19:34<@caker>err, miss
19:34[~]iggy takes guinea-pig's keyboard away
19:35<guinea-pig>this si what happens when you rephrase a sentence in the middle of typing it
19:35<guinea-pig>caker: no. s/missed/catch/
19:36<guinea-pig>hmm ok
19:36<guinea-pig>i want something that looks like wikipedia, but is not a wiki. any ideas?
19:36[~]guinea-pig isn't big on customisation
19:37<iggy>just make registration mandatory and break it so no one can register
19:38<iggy>that's what I did on my personal site, it's drupal, but I broke registrations after I setup my account
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19:43<iggy>caker: Can't locate Term/ in @INC
19:44<@caker>iggy: ahh, one sec
19:51<@caker>iggy: should work now
19:52<iggy>it won't automatically boot when it's done migrating will it?
19:53<@caker>no, but you can insert a boot job now
19:53<iggy>nope, thought about that
19:54<iggy>it says: your linode is currently Brand New
19:54<@caker>iggy: there's still a boot button in the body of that page
19:54<@caker>under/next to your config profiles (near the big power switch icon)
19:56<iggy>it's late
19:57<iggy>I'll be back, going to grab some grub, I'll let you know
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21:15<@caker>iggy: looks fine to me
21:16<rko>just curious, what's the new server for host53 migration? I will see it in my menus after I am done?
21:16<@caker>rko: it has the label host39, but it's a new box -- you should see it off the Overview page already
21:16<rko>oh, there it is... host39
21:16<rko>yes I do, I just didn't see it in the forum posting
21:17<rko>gotcha, I'll do it later tonight after my rsync has finished
21:17<@caker>iggy just migrated -- about 20 minutes it took for his 18G
21:17<rko>is there anybody else doing it right now?
21:17<@caker>rko: what's this, your fourth host?
21:17<rko>must be...
21:18<rko>4th or 5th
21:18<rko>one change was my own stupidity
21:20<@caker>looks like host3, host45, host49, host53 and now host39 ...
21:20<rko>all sounds familiar :-)
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21:21<rkoMIGRAT>not yet but soon
21:22<rkoMIGRAT>ok screw the rsync, here we go
21:23<rkoMIGRAT>I trust that my files will move OK
21:24<@caker>the original filesystem(s) will still be on host53 for a bit, anyway
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21:25<rkoMIGRAT>JobID: 284434 - Migrate Filesystem - Fedora Core 2 Disk Image from
21:27<rkoMIGRAT>ok, this is now a good time to go roll the garbage on the curb
21:27<@caker>tuesday is trash day there, too, huh?
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21:30<rkoMIGRAT>yes it is
21:31<rkoMIGRAT>I was faster than the migration
21:33<rkoMIGRAT>btw, how risky would it be to move to 2.6 kernel?
21:33<rkoMIGRAT>any problems expected?
21:33<efudd>one point six file billion dollars
21:33<efudd>18 months work.
21:33<efudd>go go
21:43<Phase>caker, what kind of connection is the Linode 100 on?
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21:45<Phase>nevermind found the page on the site
21:50<@caker>rkoMIGRAT: I'd move to Latest 2.6, it's been nice and stable thus far
21:53[~]caker attempts to upgrade his video card ... and now I'm stuck in 640x480
21:57<rkoMIGRAT>caker... problem
21:57<rkoMIGRAT>my image got migrated, queue says success
21:57<rkoMIGRAT>but when I go to boot it, it doesn't have boot button
21:58<rkoMIGRAT>but says "brand new"
21:58<@caker>rkoMIGRAT: right next to the power button icon, your profiles drop-down and boot button still exist
21:58<@caker>this is on the overview page
21:59<rkoMIGRAT>Your Linode is currently
21:59<rkoMIGRAT>Brand New
21:59<@caker>rkoMIGRAT: look to the left of that
21:59<rkoMIGRAT>I was just looking for it's usual place
21:59<rkoMIGRAT>thank you!
21:59<@caker>np -- now would be a good time to try Latest 2.6 :)
22:01<rkoMIGRAT>rebooting again
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22:03<rko>Linux 2.6.18-linode25
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22:12<rko>host39 is pretty fast... so far
22:12<rko>no hurry for others to migrate
22:13<Phase>caker, does your billing system work with debit cards? (I asked you this earlier in a /notice, didn't get a reply)
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22:23<@caker>Phase: if they work as a credit card then yes (has a Visa logo, or the like)
22:23<Phase>ahh k
22:23<Phase>credit union 30min away offers free checking
22:24<Phase>which comes with a debit card
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23:08<rko>gee, whoever suggested roundcube... not a good idea!
23:09<rko>I have a lot of big mailboxes, it wanted to read them all, and used all io-tokens
23:09<rko>and I could not find a way to tell it to read only my inbox (squirrelmail has that)
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23:37[~]caker stabs windows
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23:47<thelsdj>why not?
23:50<encode>i like being able to see outside
23:50<encode>and doors tend to let the wind and rain in
23:52<thelsdj>maybe just needed a little ventelation
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23:57<warewolf>thelsdj: I don't know if you noticed, but I added you on
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