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00:12<@caker>warewolf: I saw you added me too
00:21<encode>you haven't added me
00:21<@caker>bring it
00:22<encode>i dont use
00:22<warewolf>I did?
00:22<warewolf>what username did you pick?
00:22<@caker>warewolf: caker
00:22<warewolf>I may have added you forever and a day ago
00:22<warewolf>I'm miffed that is VACANT.
00:30<warewolf>because that used to be the public chat channel, where all the devs hung out.
00:30<warewolf>they hang out in on the same server, but it's keyed (I believe it's their private dev channel)
00:32<encode>how does one determine if a linode is actively using all the used portion of swap?
00:32<@caker>hmm, watch for paging via vmstat? .. not exactly sure what you mean
00:32<encode>Swap: 256 128 128
00:33<encode>just wondering if that meant that my linode was thrashing swap, or just using it occasionally
00:33<@caker>encode: 2.6?
00:33<encode>no, 2.4
00:34<@caker>ok .. in 2.6 you can echo a low number into /proc/sys/vm/swappiness (or via sysctl) and reduce the swappiness
00:34<@caker>by default, its value is 60, which is about what 2.4 does naturally
00:34<encode>2.6 is on my list of things to do next time i restart
00:37<encode>ok, restarting apache cleared a *lot* of swap
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00:42<warewolf>1.3 or 2.x?
00:43<warewolf>and also, what are your MaxClients, MinServers, MaxServers set to?
00:43<encode>and, umm, no idea
00:44<warewolf>the sheer fact that you restarting apache clearing up gobs of swap means that your apache is misconfigured to use up too much ram.
00:45<warewolf>I think there's a linode wiki on configuring apache for linodes; did you refer to it when you set up your apache at first?
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01:00<encode>yeah, i think so
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02:40<linbot>New news from forums: IPSet in Feature Request/Bug Report <>
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04:11<encode>i guess i should review it
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06:17<Sam8>any linide admins in here?
06:17<Sam8>can't type today...
06:18<encode>so on the subject of apache tuning
06:18<encode>my current settings are these:
06:18<encode>StartServers 2
06:18<encode>MinSpareServers 2
06:18<encode>MaxSpareServers 8
06:18<encode>MaxClients 14
06:18<encode>MaxRequestsPerChild 0
06:19<encode>(under the prefork section, since according to apache im running -D APACHE_MPM_DIR="server/mpm/prefork")
06:19<encode>do these sound bad?
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06:27<encode>ok, i've adjusted to the settings in
06:27<encode>we'll see how things go
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07:03<synaptic>hi all
07:04<synaptic>linode is up and running
07:04<synaptic>now a dense question
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07:11<encode>hmm, ok
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08:51<Drew1>hi can someone help m
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09:29<erikh>encode: if you are running any mod_(python|perl|ruby|etc) applications, you will want to play with MaxRequestsPerChild
09:29<erikh>those apps have a high tendency to leak memory.
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09:30<bendy24>mikegrb: ping
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09:32<rko>caker/mike: just a suggestion to your migration script: I'm not sure if it's just me but my lish ssh-keys weren't copied over
09:34<npmr>rko, it's not just you
09:36<rko>I have this script on my home linux that ssh's to lish and checks the status
09:36<rko>of it's powered off, it issues reboot. For some reason I found my linode in that state this morning.
09:37<bendy24>mikegrb: caker host52 thrashing
09:37<rko>I did change the hostname last night in that script... I should have tested it, too ... :-(
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09:37<bendy24>tjfontaine: already pinged
09:37<tjfontaine>with the host15 info i *finally* got
09:37<bendy24>not 52?
09:38<tjfontaine>no *I* am on 52, I was trying to proove a point
09:38<bendy24>bad tj
09:38<bendy24>host 15 then
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11:05[~]taupehat has kicked erikh in the shins
11:10<erikh>taupehat: you like my blog posts?
11:11<erikh>eh, do you get an email when someone comments on your blog?
11:13<taupehat>since it rarely happens
11:14<erikh>dude, 20 character minimum password?
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11:14<erikh>I just typed my password in 3 times
11:14<taupehat>I don't know anything about a 20-char passwd
11:14<erikh>that's what an account on your blog requires
11:15<erikh>go ahead now, register a new oine
11:15<taupehat>spam reduction
11:15<erikh>that's insane
11:15<taupehat>no, I don't know why it's 20 chars
11:15<taupehat>but I'll look =]
11:15<erikh>dunno. my blog just requires approval before comments are shown
11:16<erikh>I don't even know why they still bother, i just go through every couple of days and delete it all
11:17<erikh>that said, I post on it once every 6 months or so
11:17<erikh>I complained about HTML the other day!
11:17<erikh>so, um, just be sure and go there for all the fresh, up to the minute content
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11:47<erikh>the internet has nothing new for me
11:47<erikh>this makes me a sad panda
11:53<taupehat>my bank account has about $300 fewer than I need to get through the month.
11:53<taupehat>this makes me a sad dodo
11:55<erikh>taupehat: you have money in your bank account. doing better than me.
11:56<erikh>I might be able to get a meal at a fast food joint with what I have right now :)
11:56<kvandivo>visa, baby
11:56<erikh>no, no, no.
11:56<erikh>I may be broke, but I'm not in debt.
11:56[~]erikh likes it that way.
11:56[~]taupehat is recently-divorced. the visa option does not exist
11:56<kvandivo>it's a fine line
11:57<taupehat>looking at a payday loan or similar
11:57<erikh>taupehat: I highly recommend not doing that.
11:57<erikh>it's a vicious circle
11:57<taupehat>but if the rent check's about to bounce...
11:57<erikh>personally, my suggestion would be to skip out on something you can make a double payment on next month.
11:57<kvandivo>let it bounce. the late charge will probably be less than the interest to the payday place
11:57<taupehat>see above
11:58<taupehat>no, the late charge will be an irate landlady with whom I am already having problems
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11:58<erikh>kvandivo: lots of places will ask your prior renter if you were late at all
11:58<taupehat>(due to her being a lazy ass and not maintaining the property)
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11:58<kvandivo>i'm glad i own
11:59<erikh>taupehat: well, take the payday loan if you have no other option, but be warned
11:59<kvandivo>don't regret leaving the renting game behind
11:59<Drew>I wish I had money.
11:59<erikh>kvandivo: you likely have a mortgage. you own nothing.
11:59<taupehat>erikh: at least he doesn't have a landlord to deal with
11:59<taupehat>he can fix his own goddamn roof
11:59<erikh>taupehat: true!
11:59<kvandivo>taupehat: and i need to
11:59<taupehat>I can't even do that, and it needs it badly
11:59<Drew>Im going to stay in my parents basement forever
11:59<taupehat>was told specifically to not go up there and fix it
11:59<erikh>Drew: heh
12:00<erikh>taupehat: that's because they'd have to pay you for the repairs
12:00<kvandivo>tell her that you're applying this month's rent to a "roofing fund" that you can use to hire a roofer in a couple of months
12:00<erikh>taupehat: call a safety inspector
12:00<erikh>if you really want to slide on your rent, call a fire marshal too.
12:00<taupehat>at all of that
12:01<taupehat>if the check bounces (which was already sent), none of the above is relevant
12:01<erikh>and an electrician.
12:02<erikh>dunno. we had an ant problem, called the landlord... they denied the problem existed. called an exterminator and sent them the bill.
12:02<taupehat>yeah, you can do that by statute
12:03<erikh>the second time it happened, they brought their own exterminator
12:03<erikh>who ordered that the hole in the floor under our stove that was letting the bugs in be repaired
12:04<erikh>the day we moved up here to salem, we had a lady looking in our place....
12:04<erikh>I chatted her up, I guess she lived in the apartments across the way (same complex), she had rats and wanted to move to another one
12:04<erikh>lady must have been at least 80.
12:05<erikh>made me want to pimp slap that landlord
12:05<erikh>(and I reserve the term "pimp slap" for rare occasions)
12:05<erikh>anyways, it's obvious that I'm tired and rambling, and must sleep
12:06<taupehat>dang graveyard workers
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15:32<tierra>awe, caker is my friend :)
15:33<tierra>good to see you've got a head start on getting some Radiohead on your charts
15:36<thelsdj>tierra: will you be my friend? i need more friends heh
15:37<tierra>depends on what music you listen to ;)
15:37<tierra>I'm guessing you use the same username
15:39<thelsdj>hmmm i don't have my shpongle anymore
15:40<thelsdj>hmm and most of my infected mushroom and hallucinogen seems to have dissapeared too, good thing i still have my psycraft and gms
15:42<tierra>hehe, yeah, dunno about BT or Enigma, but since you've shown interest in IM, GMS, etc, I'll take that, hehe
15:43<thelsdj>the top stuff doesn't really reflect my real average listening, i didn't have working for a long time, the moby is from years ago, and then the enigma and bt is all from like 1 week where i was overdosing on it back in august when i started using again
15:43<thelsdj>i really need to get around to watching gits: sac
15:44<tierra>Solid State Society kicks ass btw
15:44<thelsdj>ooh you got a bunch of e nomine plays, not many people i know of know about e nomine
15:45<tierra>some good stuff
15:46<thelsdj>i've got SAC on dvd, but never gotten around to watching more than first ep, and thats pretty weird considering how much i love the first movie
15:47<tierra>you seen Innocence yet?
15:47<thelsdj>i'm a little worried thats going to be dissapointing
15:47<thelsdj>though i'll probably love it
15:47<tierra>not quite like the first movie or SAC/2nd GIG, but it's a nice change of atmosphere (sp?)
15:48<tierra>extremely artistic
15:49<thelsdj>i have too much music, 70% of what comes on random i can't remember ever listening to before (even though i have heard everything, but mostly just once)
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15:50<tierra>yeah, I switch shuffle on and off from time to time depending on the artist I come up on and my mood
15:51<tierra>I haven't bothered setting up my players at home to report, so most of what gets reported is what I listen to at work
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15:51<thelsdj>i work at home so this is what i listen to at work hehe
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16:42<@caker>Cows with guns.
16:43<thelsdj>Chickens in choppers.
16:44<guinea-pig>snakes on a plain
16:44<Kurt>Fat and docile, big and dumb
16:45<Kurt>They look so stupid, they're not much fun
16:45<Kurt>Cows aren't fun
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16:48<iggy>caker: don't know if you can see the cpu graphs for individuals, but yesterday compared to today is wildly different on my linode... thanks again for that pointer
16:49<@caker>iggy: yes, lemme go look
16:49<kvandivo>what ended up being the straw that isn't breaking the camelbak?
16:50<iggy>kvandivo: I think the biggest thing was this one query that I was doing with a crazy "sort desc" at the end
16:50<iggy>I ended up removing the dupe entries
16:50<iggy>making a unique index on the 3 columns that needed it
16:50<@caker>iggy: looks good
16:50<iggy>then tossing the sort
16:51<iggy>I had tried to do it before, but I didn't know you could do unique indexes on multiple columns
16:51<iggy>so I could never get it to work
16:52<@caker>one saturday I took a walk to zipperhead
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22:12<rko>thanks for everything you did today caker/mikegrb
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23:19[~]taupehat is rofl
23:19<taupehat>look at the sign on the left
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