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06:28<Swal>I just registered and the payment has been processed too. How long would it take (roughly) for me to receive a "welcome you may login" email ?
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09:45<guinea-pig>hare krishna
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10:47<darkwind>So, who here is actually an employee of linode? Anyone? =)
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11:02<kvandivo>JavaWoman: been on any impressive hikes lately?
11:05<JavaWoman>hi kvandivo
11:05<JavaWoman>impressive... don't if I'd call it that
11:05<JavaWoman>I've been to North Korea (no hikes) and Bejing (one hike) recently though
11:07<kvandivo>i was reading just yesterday that Sherpa Ang Rita summited Everest on December 22, 1987.. with no oxygen.. Whether it was a "mild" winter or not.. that's still awfully late in the season to be climbing. I think you should do that.
11:07<JavaWoman>The hike in Beijing was very, very beautoful though - north west of the city proper
11:07<JavaWoman>hehe, I think not!
11:08<kvandivo>gee.. when was the last time we talked? probably before i did the canyon..
11:09<JavaWoman>I'm still working to update my blog as there was really no occasion to do that while in North Korea - I tried toi do a littel in Beijing bu I wasn't there to just sit in Internet cafes of course :)
11:09<kvandivo>were you incognito in NK ?
11:09<JavaWoman>eventually I'll get it all written up - kept detailed notes each day
11:09<JavaWoman>incognito, no... why?
11:10<kvandivo>no particular reason.. i just hear they like to do strange things like set nukes off over there and stuff
11:10<JavaWoman>strange how? if Isreale is allowed to have nukes to defend itself, why shouldn't North Korea?
11:10<JavaWoman>not that I'm in favor of nukes at all - but if one country can have them, so can another
11:11<bendy24>isreal has nukes?
11:11<kvandivo>ya.. but they haven't set one off in a while
11:11<bendy24>i didnt know that
11:11<JavaWoman>which is the only posible reason Iran *might* be interested in developing them as well (if that)
11:12<bendy24>yeah, iran only wants to generate electriciy
11:12<JavaWoman>well, you have to set one or two off to be sure you have the capability, no?
11:12<kvandivo>no clue.. never attempted to have the capability myself
11:12<JavaWoman>aybe, I'm not sure
11:12<JavaWoman>but if they are interested in nukes as well, I can understand that
11:12<bendy24>i have heard the us postal service has the capavility
11:13<kvandivo>err.. "going postal" doesn't typically mean nukes, bendy
11:13<bendy24>capability even
11:13<bendy24>kvandivo: i see
11:13<JavaWoman>anyway, NK was very interesting - quite an eye opener
11:14<JavaWoman>but "hard work" with a very busy program to see as much as possible in 10 days
11:14<bendy24>how did you escape?
11:14<JavaWoman>on the train :)
11:14<kvandivo>ahh.. a train escape.. that should make for a good movie a few years from now
11:15<JavaWoman>not that it was an "escape" of course, although border control on both sides is very thorough
11:15<JavaWoman>NK and Chinese that is
11:16<bendy24>cool stuff
11:16<bendy24>where are you from?
11:16<JavaWoman>we flew in from Beijing, went back to BJ by train - nice trip (apart from the bit I couldn't see because we were sleeping, of course
11:16<JavaWoman>Amsterdam, NL
11:17<bendy24>ah, cool
11:17<JavaWoman>the NK part was an organized tour, but I booked an extra week in BJ for myself - first time on my own in China but I loved it
11:18[~]kvandivo whispers to bendy24, "She's a stud, no?".
11:18<bendy24>kvandivo: im drooling
11:19<bendy24>anyway, back to work :)
11:19<JavaWoman>ok :)
11:19<JavaWoman>back to work for me is importing and cataloguing all my photographs in my image database...
11:21<JavaWoman>somewhere between 3 and 4 thousand...
11:21<JavaWoman>if you want to read the start of my story:
11:24<kvandivo>if i ever go to china i want to see the terra cotta warriors
11:24<kvandivo>i think that would be really cool to see
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11:40<JavaWoman>kvandivo, I did see those, in Xi'an
11:40<JavaWoman>very, very impressive
11:40<JavaWoman>and I like Xi'an itself as well - woudl like to spend more time there, too
11:40<kvandivo>supposedly, sometime in the past week or so.. a guy dressed up as a terra cotta warrior and jumped down in the pit.. stayed there for a little while before the guards came and got him
11:41<JavaWoman>really? there are guards keeping an eye on everyomne, but I suppose it's possible if you're quick enough
11:41<kvandivo>i don't think the report i saw noted how long he stayed there
11:42<JavaWoman>and then they have to go down to get you - which woudl take so etime
11:42<JavaWoman>all in all, I'd reckon with enough of a surprise element you could make it maybe 10 minutes
11:45<JavaWoman>After questioning and reprimanding the student for some time, they let him go without filing charges, as no damage had been done."
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11:45<JavaWoman>nice - glad to hear they saw the humor of it
11:46<JavaWoman>"Or is it that the Chinese police suddenly developed a sense of humor?"
11:46<JavaWoman>don't see why there would any suddenness about it - the Chinese are people like us, some with a sense of humor, others without
11:48<@caker>wtf, Hans Reiser was arrested for murder?
11:48<kvandivo>caker: been off line for a while?
11:48<@caker>Yeah, first time I've come across this
11:49<@caker>when did this go down?
11:49<kvandivo>yesterday was the first time i noticed it
11:49<kvandivo>first irc operators getting run down on bikes, and now this
11:50<@caker>no kidding
11:50[~]caker starts watching his back
11:50<kvandivo>what's next? a linode owner paying $20 mill to go up in space?
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11:58<npmr>caker, it's been a developing story
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12:02<cmantito>any link to the reiser story?
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12:05<@caker>and he has a boyfriend?
12:06<kvandivo>maybe that's why he murdered his wife
12:08<kvandivo>apparently Zografos was the boyfriend of missing mother Nina Reiser
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12:09<@caker>ok, it was ambiguously written in that first article
12:09<kvandivo>yes.. very
12:14<@caker> Her blood was found in her husband's car and home, Lt. Sean Whent said Thursday.
12:15<bendy24>yes, yes. but what about the filesystem?
12:20<bendy24>ahh, thanks tierra
12:21<tierra>there isn't much more info other than that on the reiser mailing list (to which I've been subscribed for a couple years now)
12:23<bendy24>they'll probably change the name of the fs now
12:24<tierra>still comes down to if he's convicted
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13:05<phlaegel_>caker: the latest 2.6 kernel won't boot for me... had to go back to 2.6.18-linode24 to boot last night. it fails trying to open /dev/ubdc, do you want more of the log?
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14:05<@caker>phlaegel: the log would be great
14:22<phlaegel>is there a linode pastebin?
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15:02<@caker>phlaegel: very odd -- anything special about ubdc?
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15:06<@caker>phlaegel: from those logs -- something made the /deb/ubdc dev node not be created (udev?)
15:06<phlaegel>caker: nope, it's just my /home
15:07<phlaegel>that's what it looks like to me... no idea why though
15:07<@caker>phlaegel: the _only_ thing different between -linode24 and -linode25 is that I added CONFIG_DM_SNAPSHOT and recompiled...
15:09<phlaegel>I tried booting a few times with 25, failed the same every time
15:12<@caker>ok -- was going to suggest more than one try ... Did you get that udev warning (udevd[781]: udev_rules_init: could not read '/etc/udev/rules.d/z60_alsa-utils.rules': No such file or directory) with -linode24?
15:12<@caker>maybe it dies after that...
15:13<@caker>nope, your current boot log has that, too
15:14<@caker>and the kernel on your -25 boot knew about all your filesystems
15:14[~]caker is stumped
15:16<phlaegel>yeah, I thought I remembered seeing it on 24 as well
15:23<phlaegel>I don't even know why my linode restarted last night... nothing in the logs, just went away
15:27<@caker>phlaegel: too late to see now -- if that happens again, please check Lish's logview and see if there's a kernel stack
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15:34<jricher>Has anything been happening with host15?
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16:55<Drew> /msg
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18:48<@caker> <-- more Reiser stuff
19:00<@caker>RAIDiator <-- har
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19:54<linbot>New news from forums: Upgrading from a Linode to another in General Discussion <>
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20:34<encode>does scp copy hidden files?
20:35<@mikegrb>it's generally the shell that is important
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21:06<internat>haha thats awsome
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