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03:13<fish1209>question for anyone i have linode 100 if i upgrade to linode 200 will everything that i have done so far be saved?
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03:49<encode>fish1209: if the linode 200 is in the same datacentre you can retain everything, including your ip addresses
03:49<encode>if its in a different datacentre the migration will take longer, and you will have to change ip addresses
03:56<fish1209>its in same
03:57<fish1209>another question i bought it yesterday if i upgrade will i have to pay the full price of the linode 200 or the diffefernce?
04:02<encode>the difference i *think*, but you really need to check with caker / mikegrb
04:02<encode>i'd raise a support ticket from the web interface, they respond pretty quickly to them usually
04:02<fish1209>ok thanks
04:08<SpaceHobo>npmr: Oct 14 10:08:14 frotz postfix/smtpd[22011]: NOQUEUE: reject: HELO from unknown[]: 504 <>: Helo command rejected: need fully-qualified hostname; proto=SMTP helo=<>
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07:07<linbot>New news from wiki: Multiple IPs <>
07:16<encode>i wonder what would cause an ip interface to go down on a linode
07:16<encode>in such a way that having a 2nd in a load balancing configuration would make any difference
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07:44<brc>Good morning everyone. I Want an opinion from you guys.. I have a linode100 for hosting just 1 website, but it is sometimes really slow (waiting 5 sec to do an ls). Would an upgrade for linode150 have a great effect ? This site i am hosting does not have many accesses.
07:45<SpaceHobo>brc: does your site do much disk I/O?
07:45<SpaceHobo>or does it require much RAM?
07:46<SpaceHobo>you may be able to tune your 100 more
07:46<brc>Not much ram is needed and almost no I/O
07:46<brc>Small siet with a postgresql database
07:46<brc>It seems that the HOST is slow, and it makes my linode really slo
07:46<brc>Iif i run vmstat i have no swapping
07:46<brc>No swapping activity
07:47<SpaceHobo>what about bi/bo?
07:47<SpaceHobo>I watch vmstat for si, so, bi, bo, and wait state percentage
07:47<Drew>What host are you on? j/w
07:47<SpaceHobo>if your si/so/bi/bo are low and your wait state is at 99%, then it's the host
07:47<brc>Most of the time bi/bo is zero
07:48<SpaceHobo>unless there's something else funny, like 500 cs or whatever
07:48<brc>i am on host18
07:48<brc>So i have bi/bo zero, si/so zero, and if sometimes if i do "time ls" it will take 5 seconds
07:49<Drew>I think I'm on 9. It's worked pretty good.
07:49<brc>The site loads REALLY slow when the server is acting like that
07:49<brc>mmaybe someone is cosuming all resources on host18?
07:49<brc>At this momento its speed is ok. Maybe becasue we are on satursday and everyone is sleeping :)
07:50<brc>I am just trying to find a way of having the site to load faster
07:50<brc>And i was wondering if the cost of upgrading to a new plan is worth it
07:50<brc>just to host 1 site
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07:59<Drew>You don't have any plans for more sites?
08:00<Drew>I'd just keep the 100 unless I wanted to host more sites, etc...
08:00<Drew>That's what Im doing, hosting just 1 site right now
08:01<Drew>well, a website, and an irc server
08:01<brc>What i meant is that linode100 gets slow soemtimes, and even having just 1 hosted site it loads really slow
08:02<brc>Even if i want i would not have more sites there
08:02<brc>That's why i was wondering about an upgrade
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13:41<linbot>caker: The latest stable kernel is; the latest snapshot of the stable kernel is unknown; the latest beta kernel is 2.6.19-rc1-mm1.
13:44<SpaceHobo>get that to spit out latest linode kernel and you're set
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13:46<guinea-pig>hey cakes
13:47<guinea-pig>i'm seeing random segfaults again. they're far enough apart, and random enough that i'm still thinking it's hardware
13:48<guinea-pig>just wondering if anyone else on host10 is seeing this
13:50<@caker>guinea-pig: uml kernel?
13:51<@caker>the kernel on host10 is way old -- I need to sched a host kernel upgrade for that one, and two others
13:51<guinea-pig>i had been seeing it off and on under 2.6.12.something as well, for a while now.
13:51<@caker>I'm surprised 2.6-um runs at all
13:51<guinea-pig>oh, heh
13:51<@caker>the skas version is so old
13:52<guinea-pig>i've also got 12 bytes in swap that won't leave. i can't swapoff
13:52<@caker>guess I'll queue those reboots up for next weekend
13:53<@caker>@host10 root]# uptime
13:53<@caker> 14:52:27 up 768 days, 23:07, 5 users, load average: 0.67, 0.76, 0.79
13:53<@caker> sad :)
13:53<guinea-pig>yeah, way old. last host reboot was ... yeah. i was gonna say
13:53<guinea-pig>on the other hand, yay for stability :D
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14:42<warewolf>it's almost that time of the year again, the anniversary of a really good friend of mine passing away.
14:42<guinea-pig>i drink a shot of belvedere annually for a similar reason
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15:13<brc>768? that is good
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16:11<Eman><jedi mind trick>host 9 does not need to be rebooted</jedi mind trick>
16:23<@caker> <-- classic
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19:18<linbot>New news from forums: Gentoo default profile broken? in General Discussion <>
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21:05<taupehat>Make me a sandwich.
21:07[~]linbot dispenses sandwiches
21:22<warewolf>sudo make me a sammich
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