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10:52<linbot>New news from forums: Alternatives to MediaWiki + Wordpress + Coppermine + phpBB in General Discussion <>
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12:34<pknetworks>Hey is chris around?
12:35<pknetworks>Hey Caker, let me know when you are around I have a question for you. Thanks
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12:37<pknetworks9>Maybe now I can read things better.
12:37<pknetworks9>Yep. Hey Caker or Mike, Did you get an email from
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14:05<flint>good afternoon, I use linode for many moons and find I need to make some changes. Can anyone here lend a hand?
14:06<afv-13>what kind of changes?
14:08<flint>afv-13, thanks, I currently am running Hoary on one iso, and have another iso available. I want to put 6.06 on this new iso and swap the two virtuals.
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14:08<flint>Hey kevin!
14:10<afv-13>why not just do a dist-upgrade?
14:10<flint>afv-13, the simple answer is fear.
14:11<kjcole>afv-13, it's not a pure box... especially consideing who's been monkeying with it...
14:11<flint>The more complicated answer is I did some very perverse things with my sources on the 4.10 and want to sort of start with 6.06 (and a decent python) while keepin the first iso available as a mount...
14:13<flint>and I have two images one of which is not online. I am thinking of deteting it and creating from the free space a 6.06. The only question then is how to swap the 4.10 and the 6.06 as the bootable with the bonus question being how subsequently to mount the 4.10.
14:14<afv-13>you'd change your booloader to mount the new image as root
14:14<flint>afv-13, the issue is both of the images have the same name, and I do not know which one is the live image and fear deleating the wrong one...
14:15<afv-13>and then make sure the fstab is in step
14:15<afv-13>device names
14:16<kjcole>afv-13, (there are some files (e.g. web pages) that would be nice to keep, but since the box is an amalgam of ubuntu packages and other weird stuff, the house of cards will probably collapse in a dist-upgrade.)
14:17<flint>afv-13, root on the box is /dev/ubda
14:18<flint>afv-13, that is the live box.
14:18<flint>How can I mount the 3 gigs that are sitting out there unmounted but formated ext3?
14:19<afv-13>create a directory somewhere, probably under mount, then have a look at your fstab and add an entry for the new partition, then mount -a
14:21<flint>afv-13, I just killed one of the 4.10 partitions. I think I got the right one... eh
14:24<flint>afv-13, ok, the new iso is in the process of being made. I want this iso to take the place of the 4.10 iso currently being booted. Any good ideas?
14:26<flint>kjcole, kevin I am gonna stop the 4.10 and start the 6.06 iso.
14:27<afv-13>double check your grub/lilo and fstab
14:29<flint>afv-13 listen I screwed up. can i get that partition back?
14:35<flint>afv-13, is there anyone who is actually at the linnode console at this time?
14:36<AnMaster>caker or mikegrb here?
14:37<flint>AnMaster, thanks, these are the ops people... I am praying for an offline backup right now.
14:38<AnMaster>flint, huh?
14:39<flint>AnMaster, I am new to this channel. My apologies.
14:39<AnMaster>I need them because I got no response to an upgrade request ticket yet
14:39<flint>AnMaster, I desperately need some help from the linode system operators right now.
14:39<AnMaster>one of them I guess
14:39<AnMaster>I'm not one
14:39<AnMaster>I'm a user
14:39<JDM>linode doesn't have offline backups
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14:41<flint>JDM, I need some help right now. can anyone contract me.
14:41<JDM><-- not staff
14:42<JDM>but all they have is RAID 1 in case the drives fail, so if the delete job was successful there's no way to get it back
14:42<flint>JDM is there staff working
14:43<JDM>!seen caker
14:43<linbot>JDM: caker was last seen in #linode 22 hours, 19 minutes, and 28 seconds ago: <caker> <-- classic
14:43<JDM>!seen mikegrb
14:43<linbot>JDM: mikegrb was last seen in #linode 1 day, 18 hours, 20 minutes, and 42 seconds ago: <mikegrb> lolz
14:46<JDM>so no, they don't seem to be here. they get paged if you open a support ticket, that would be the way to go if you need them soon
14:48<flint>JDM, thanks I have sent the support tickets in three times...
14:55<AnMaster>JDM, well "response to an upgrade request ticket yet" <-- support one yes
14:58<flint>Please, anyone. I need some serious help here.
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15:45<linbot>New news from wiki: IPv6 <>
15:51<flint>mikegrb, are you available here?
15:54<kjcole>!seen caker
15:54<linbot>kjcole: caker was last seen in #linode 23 hours, 30 minutes, and 41 seconds ago: <caker> <-- classic
15:54<kjcole>!seen mikegrb
15:54<linbot>kjcole: mikegrb was last seen in #linode 1 day, 19 hours, 32 minutes, and 13 seconds ago: <mikegrb> lolz
16:07<kjcole>!seen flint
16:07<linbot>kjcole: flint was last seen in #linode 16 minutes and 0 seconds ago: <flint> mikegrb, are you available here?
16:08<flint>kjcole, i am still here.
17:06<kjcole>!seen flint
17:06<linbot>kjcole: flint was last seen in #linode 57 minutes and 51 seconds ago: <flint> kjcole, i am still here.
17:16<encode>flint: linode do no backups. its an unmanaged service. if you deleted something, you're out of luck
17:16<encode>if you need help fixing / reconfiguring something, we'd be happy to provide advice
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17:32<@caker>flint: did you delete the disk image, or just the config profile?
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17:47<iggy>looks like someone's got some splaining to do
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17:54<AnMaster>caker, hi
18:02<kjcole>caker: Still there? I was working with Flint and can call him
18:03<kjcole>!seen flint
18:03<linbot>kjcole: flint was last seen in #linode 1 hour, 55 minutes, and 11 seconds ago: <flint> kjcole, i am still here.
18:03<kjcole>!seen caker
18:03<linbot>kjcole: caker was last seen in #linode 31 minutes and 10 seconds ago: <caker> flint: did you delete the disk image, or just the config profile?
18:10<kjcole>!seen caker
18:10<linbot>kjcole: caker was last seen in #linode 38 minutes and 14 seconds ago: <caker> flint: did you delete the disk image, or just the config profile?
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18:11<JDM>you'll see caker if he's here. linbot only sees what you see
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18:22<AnMaster>JDM, yeah /whois caker caker is better
18:22<AnMaster>shows idle time
18:22<AnMaster>* [caker] idle 00:05:10, signon: Tue Aug 08 14:35:11
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20:33<hirstpf1>hi are any Linode staff reading? I have a question about upgrades
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21:19<flint>linbot, the disk image.
21:20<@caker>flint: sorry, your image is gone
21:21<flint>caker, yea. I would like to find out about any spam filtering you all at linode can do Chris.
21:22<IggyTheHairPuller>it's an unmanaged service, they don't do that kind of stuff
21:22<@caker>flint: sorry, none -- we just provide the server currently
21:22<flint>IggyTheHairPuller, I understand, the damn spam filtering is actually the reason to rebuild my mail server... gonna try postgrey.
21:23<IggyTheHairPuller>I personally use a mixture of blacklists and spamassassin with courier
21:23<IggyTheHairPuller>although, I've heard some people have load issues with spamassassin on heavily loaded sites
21:25<IggyTheHairPuller>at work we use amavis+postgres+blacklists
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