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06:24<AnMaster>something is odd with host26
06:24<AnMaster>it has lag spikes
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07:50<flint>caker, are you online?
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08:53<flint>I have two iso disk images under my linode account, each of these images are named as boot devices (/dev/ubda). I would like to mount the device I have labled the image as a filesystem off the operating system which is Does anyone know how do this preferably from a root command line on
08:56<bendy24>mount -t iso9660 -o loop /path/image.iso /mount/path
10:02<flint>bendy24, ah, if only I knew the right iso file name and its location, as it stands these two storage areas filenames are not revealed to me... Thanks anyway.
10:03<flint>bendy24, I have mounted my share of iso's, mostly under xen.
10:04<bendy24>oh, wasnt sure if tahts what you were after
10:04<bendy24>thus the ?
10:07<npmr>flint, you need to add the disk image to your boot profile
10:08<npmr>flint, when you do this, it will be available as a block device when you boot
10:08<flint>npmr, thanks that is a fine idea!
10:09<npmr>it'll be /dev/ubdb, or if /dev/ubdb is already assigned as a swap device or something, it'll be /dev/ubdc
10:13<flint>npmr, let me give this a try. Thanks.
10:17<flint>ok then, I noted that in the configuration the root drive had not been assigned. I therefore in the configuration assigned the iso to /dev/udba and the to udbc. We are now gonna reboot and loose everything (hope not!)
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10:40<AnMaster>seems like my linode is stuck in a half shut down state
10:40<AnMaster>lish is also stuck
10:40<AnMaster>any idea?
10:40[~]AnMaster has done suport ticket but got no response yet, need help now
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16:47<hirstpf1>hi any Linode staff? I am migrating server and it is going VERY slowly - is there a problem?
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16:50<hirstp>hi any Linode staff reading?
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16:59<hirst>anyone hre??
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17:19<JDM>hirst: how slowly is it going (minutes)?
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17:41<Dreamr3>shell tokenize load error?
17:50<@caker>hirst: you should be all set -- you found a bug!
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19:02<hirstpf1>caker? mike? any Linode staff reading?
19:05<hirst>guys it's still going really slowly!
19:07<fish1209>hirst how long did i take for your upgrade after sending ticket?
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19:09<hirst>its been running for 90 minutes SINCE they said they fixed a bug
19:10<hirst>I think it must be failing which is a pain as its my production server
19:11<hirst>now they seem to have gone home
19:12<fish1209>is still waiting for some one to reply about my upgrade request
19:12<hirst>they replied initially fairly quickly - but now seem to have disappeared
19:14<JDM>the linodes available might be in the other datacenter, so they could be waiting for some slots to free up in your DX so that you can keep your same IP addresses. if you don't care that the IP might change i would attach that to the ticket
19:15<fish1209>there 1 free that i wanted
19:15<fish1209>the original i wanted had 3 free
19:16<hirst>in my case the migration is running - it just seems to be crashed
19:18<hirst>do the Linode staff just all go home for the night? Am I SOL until tomorrow now?
19:19<fish1209>i think they have access to it 24/7
19:19<JDM>i'm fairly certain that the linode staff work from home
19:20<hirst>then I hope they are checking their IRC!
19:21<guinea-pig>mikegrb, caker? ^^^
19:22<hirst>good luck guinea pig they are only with us in name at the moment I think
19:22<guinea-pig>hirst: nick highlighting
19:23<guinea-pig>hirst: a couple relevant questions: are you migrating from one datacenter into another?
19:23<guinea-pig>how much diskspace do you have in your linode? (total, not just used)
19:24<hirst>i don't think changing datacenter - host 59 to host 23 didnt ask to change ip
19:24<hirst>the linode was I think 3 gigs
19:24<guinea-pig>yeah, those are in the same DC
19:25<guinea-pig>between DC migrations take a fair amount longer, is why I asked
19:25<guinea-pig>transfer rates are slower
19:25<hirst>they started it, the swap took an hour to do nothing, they said it was a bug and now fixed, now the swap is i queue, the main image has been running for over 90 mins
19:26<hirst>seems like they didnt fix the bug - or needed to re submit the lami image too after their fix
19:26<hirst>*main image
19:27<guinea-pig>might have just restarted the whole transfer
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19:27<guinea-pig>did they say what the bug was?
19:27<guinea-pig>did you file a support ticket?
19:28<hirst>oh yes - well updates to the original one
19:28<guinea-pig>after it stalled again
19:28<hirst>maybe i should start a new one too!
19:28<guinea-pig>updates might not page them.
19:29<hirst>ok well I just filed a new one in case that helps - good idea
19:29<guinea-pig>(not that i encourage doing so frivolously)
19:29<guinea-pig>((not that I'm saying your case is frivolous!))
19:30<hirst>hardly frivolous - kind of serious at the moment
19:30<guinea-pig>i know
19:31<guinea-pig>i'm just stating that i don't encourage people doing so without a good reason. to cover my own ass :P
19:32<hirst>I'm weighing the pros and cons right now of doing a dns update to at least get a server temp unavail response for my main domain but that could cause a mess of issues too
19:34<linbot>New news from wiki: GentooSetup <> || LinodeWiki:Copyrights <>
19:35<hirst>geez only the bots are alive here! :o
19:35<hirst>hey mike!
19:36<JDM>it's a script
19:36<@mikegrb>mmm cake
19:36<hirst>my migration still VERY slow
19:36<JDM>it's not really him saying that, he has a script that says things like that
19:37<hirst>oh that's helpful
19:37<hirst>thanks JDM
19:40<hirst>so what are the chances of getting action from Linode staff on this issue tonight?
19:41<guinea-pig>you'd have to ask linode staff that question :P
19:41<hirst>there's an irony in there somewhere
19:42<guinea-pig>i remember back when it was just caker, everyone still asked for linode staff, and if caker was a representative
19:42<guinea-pig>as if there were a hundred employees at linode
19:42<hirst>well now there's at least two of them
19:42<guinea-pig>there's only two of them
19:42<guinea-pig>there's only one, afaik. the other owns the thing :P
19:43<guinea-pig>shit brb
19:43<hirst>oh no alone again
19:44<guinea-pig>sorry... mire fireplace fell apart
19:44<guinea-pig>logs rolling out
19:45<hirst>something poetic about the juxtaposition of technologies
19:45<guinea-pig>i'm very much anti-technology, actually
19:45<guinea-pig>but i just can't beat the addiction
19:45<hirst>I just wish it would work! lol
19:46<guinea-pig>mikegrb: shut up, fool!
19:46<hirst>I guess that s to stop him being d/c but it is annoying
19:46<guinea-pig>no, it's meant to be annoying.
19:46<guinea-pig>who gets disconnected in this day and age?
19:47<guinea-pig>i mean
19:47<guinea-pig>/whois mikegrb
19:47<hirst>as I am right now) using the web irc cllient
19:47<guinea-pig>his irc client connected on 9/9
19:47<@caker>hirst: I'm hand-holding it this time .. so far, 2.1/2.5GB transferred
19:48<hirst>yay thanks caker :)
19:48<hirst>you're my hero again!
19:48<guinea-pig>caker, how 'ya been!
19:48<@caker>guinea-pig: good, and yourself?
19:48<@caker>2.4 :)
19:48<guinea-pig>without work, rent's due soon... otherwise, great
19:48<@caker>no more textiles?
19:48<hirst>guinea-pig was curious what the bug was caker
19:48<guinea-pig>textiles!? i've been landscaping for 4 years!
19:49<@caker>wasn't that you doing textile plant work stuffs?
19:49<hirst>caker it failed
19:49<hirst>in my jobs queue
19:49<@caker>hirst: the bug was that for migrations going from lvm to a file, the dest path still had the lvm path instead of a file path
19:49<guinea-pig>textiles, half-year of landscaping, bought linode, half-year of textiles, 3 years of landscaping
19:49<@caker>hirst: that's ok, don't pay attention to that yet
19:50<guinea-pig>so yeah, i got my linode when i went back to the mill :P
19:50<hirst>I should hire myself as a bug-magnet
19:50<@caker>hirst: all better now, seems like
19:51<hirst>if there's a bug I get it!
19:51<hirst>so can I boot now caker?
19:51<@caker>already did
19:51<guinea-pig>hirst: better take your cold medicines!
19:52<guinea-pig>good news, the day after i quit my landscaping job, i took a part time at a haunted house, and met a girl who i can connect with in a way i never expected from anyone
19:52<guinea-pig>things happen for a reason
19:52<guinea-pig>literally. i'm death, and she's an undead mauled princess.
19:54<hirst>for the archive and anyone reading - caker has sorted my Linode and all is well with the world again :)
19:55<hirst>from villain to hero in under 30 seconds! lmao
19:57<hirst>hey guinea-pig - death ... princess: what are your roles in the haunted house? ;)
19:58<guinea-pig>oh, there i'm a sea lion.
19:58<hirst>she likes how you juggle your ball?
19:59<guinea-pig>she likes to juggle my balls herself!
19:59<guinea-pig>uh uh uh...
19:59[~]guinea-pig runs for the door
20:01<hirst>knock knock
20:01<guinea-pig>who is there?
20:02<hirst>it was your door mate
20:02<guinea-pig>it was your door mate who?
20:02<hirst>sorry its getting a bit Python in here
20:03<hirst>resisting the urge to type lol
20:03<hirst>oh bugger
20:03<guinea-pig>i don't like Python. Wanna battle it out in /bin/bash?
20:04<hirst>ah what perls of wisdom
20:05<hirst>maybe we need to get back to BASICs
20:05<hirst>C what I mean?
20:05<@caker>don't forget your A, B, and Cs
20:06<hirst>anyone can play this game
20:10<hirst>ok well I am signing out to do some other work. Thanks again caker for sorting my migration. NIght all
20:10<@caker>hirst: np, see ya
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20:13<guinea-pig>] apt-get clean
20:13<guinea-pig>Segmentation fault
20:13<guinea-pig>second time worked fine
20:19<fo0bar>oooo baby
20:19<fo0bar>I now have 10mbps/1mbps cable service
20:20<guinea-pig>just think of the pr0n!
20:25<fish1209>damn that migration was fast :)
20:25<fish1209>Thanks caker
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21:04<@caker>ok, so I tested out Jinzora -- any other central mp3 sharing packages to investigate?
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21:14<@mikegrb>fo0bar: ich habt der 9mbps/1mbps, ist sehr gut
21:14<@mikegrb>damn verb conjugations
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21:56<miquel>hi all
21:56<miquel>Can anyone help me with iptables and vpn routing ?
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22:12<pknetworks>Hey Mike are you around? :)
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22:15<pknetworks> is there anyone here? I have a setup that I need to have done. :)
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