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01:17<fo0bar>heh, like when mikegrb brought his nav system in your car (with an onboard nav) and tried to make the two fight or something :)
02:04<@mikegrb> the awesome
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06:26<encode>i just installed roundcube webmail
06:26<encode>im loving it
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08:14<sidewinder>Hey Chris, I am tired of being hacked via apache. Who ever isd doing it is depositing and launching the files as apache. How are they able to upload the files?
08:15<sidewinder>The are depositing the files in world writabel subdirectories like /tmp
08:15<internat>more then likely u are running some sort of forum or addon that has a security exploit
08:15<internat>phpbb or wordpress or anything else like that
08:16<sidewinder>Does pearl have a problem?
08:16<internat>perl wouldnt, it would be whatever application is using it
08:17<sidewinder>Can they use vsftpd as user apache?
08:18<internat>i guess if they can execute system commands they could create a user..
08:18<sidewinder>Well the goo part is so far thay have been locked into (suexec) user apache
08:19<internat>so all they have been able to do is upload files?
08:19<sidewinder>And execute them...
08:19<sidewinder>Usually a chat slave
08:20<internat>does it end up running as the apache user?
08:20<sidewinder>As 'a' apache user
08:20<internat>are you running an updated version of ur neomail?
08:21<sidewinder>probably not. Was going to cahnge to squirel mail anyway, but PHP hacks worry me.
08:22<SpaceHobo>php is scary bad
08:22<internat>well thats probably the main problem
08:22<internat>are u running anything other then neomail?
08:22<internat>no forums or bullentin boards or any other thing
08:23<internat>hell what cgi's are ur users running?
08:23<sidewinder>No, just neomail and html
08:23<internat>in particular the user that the script ended up running as
08:24<sidewinder>Script runs as apache
08:25<sidewinder>Could this be a RH9 distribution issue?
08:25<sidewinder>The apache include with RH9 that is...
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08:35<sidewinder>I think its time to change to a 2.6 distribution anyways. I'll wipe the virtual box and go from there.
08:40<guinea-pig>ugh. RH. it's been 6 years since i used RH in *any* form
08:41<guinea-pig>the reason? default install always was comprimised within 24 hours of being connected to the net
08:41<guinea-pig>been using debian since, and i've *never* had an issue
08:41<guinea-pig>also, i actually found RH's installer more confusing than debian's :P
08:43<sidewinder>Does it use the 2.6 kernel? I need to use ip-range with iptables.
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08:59<sidewinder>Hmm, I guess fedora core 2 it is...
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09:03<guinea-pig>debian doesn't require a specific kernel...
09:03<guinea-pig>any distro that does is crap, IMO
09:04<guinea-pig>i can't speak for any other distros as it's been a year since i've played around with them
09:05<sidewinder>I'm sorry, not really the question. Does the linode version of the distibution utilize a 2.6 kernel. I would like to make use of iprange to block all of the foriegn hackers.
09:06<guinea-pig>linode lets you choose your kernel version
09:06<guinea-pig>from the list
09:06<guinea-pig>does redhat stop you? that's bizarre
09:07<SpaceHobo>all the linode images should support all the linode kernels
09:07<SpaceHobo>if your distro is particularly out of date, it may not have certain things set up to work best for a 2.6 kernel
09:07<SpaceHobo>but I don't know how out of date most distros are
09:07<guinea-pig>sidewinder: 1) does redhat offer security updates? 2) are you using them?
09:08<sidewinder>Well, from the "Distro Wizard" Debian 3.1 is an option.
09:09<guinea-pig>if you're thinking of trying a different distro, i'd recommend tightening up what you have first, then play around with different distros before actually installing them on your production system
09:09<guinea-pig>yes i suppose it iss
09:10<sidewinder>I thought the linode distibutions where production quality. I know any distro can be configured poorly. I just thought the linode versions where a good starting point.
09:11<guinea-pig>learning how to configure one distro vs. another is a big jump. if you're not familiar with it, it can fall apart fast
09:12<guinea-pig>which is why i always recommend playing around with it first, for a couple reinstalls
09:12<guinea-pig>i will *NOT* tell you to change distros. i offer it as an alternative if RH doesn't suit your needs
09:13<guinea-pig>more important is proper configuration and updates.
09:13<sidewinder>I concure. I am familur with Suse, Redhat, Slackware, Trustix as well as....mmmm.....SCO
09:13<sidewinder>:-) we all start somewhere.....
09:14<guinea-pig>i started... after 2 days of RH hell... in debian :P
09:14<sidewinder>How about Coherent
09:15<sidewinder>It was a small 286 based *nix. It is where I bumped into Linus..
09:15<sidewinder>I am just puzzled as to how the hacker is depositing files to be executed on the system...
09:16<sidewinder>All as user apache
09:16<guinea-pig>oh. i was thinking of a different Coherent company... which actually may not exist.. huh
09:16<guinea-pig>the question is he getting in through apache, or just using that username because it's relatively common enough?
09:17<guinea-pig>FYI, debian's apache runs as user www-data
09:18<guinea-pig>i actually tried once with a bash script
09:18<guinea-pig>and a default install of apache
09:18<sidewinder>I tried to su into apache and receive "This account is currently not available."
09:18<guinea-pig>using the script as a CGI, without escaping anything, etc
09:18<guinea-pig>shell is probably /usr/sbin/nologin
09:19<guinea-pig>and i could not get it to break through
09:20<guinea-pig>i don't know what's different about debian's config, but it impressed me
09:22<sidewinder>Hmm, I think I will play with Debian on a node tonight to see if it meets most of the requirements need for the sites
09:23<sidewinder>Unfortunatly PHP is going to be a must, so I need to get these sites hunkered down.
09:23<guinea-pig>also of note: stable is going to be updated in a few months
09:25<sidewinder>Well, I;m at the mercy of Chris. If he updates the distros, I'll update as well.
09:25<guinea-pig>if you need php5 vs php4, mysql5 vs. mysql4, python2.4 vs python2.3, etc.
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09:25<guinea-pig>uh no
09:25<guinea-pig>once you install, you can update yourself
09:25<guinea-pig>apt-get. read up, boy!
09:25<guinea-pig>and if apt is pointing at the current stable release
09:25<sidewinder>Really? I guess, but what about the kernel?
09:25<guinea-pig>when stable updates, so you will follow
09:26<guinea-pig>ah, well, that's up to you on a linode
09:26<guinea-pig>not the distro
09:26<guinea-pig>go to the control panel and select your kernel :D
09:27<sidewinder>To a point..... I understand its not usually an issue, but I have had problems in the past.
09:27<guinea-pig>but yeah.... it's close enough to release (they're estimating December), it might be better for you to play with testing until then
09:27<sidewinder>I'll play. I have some extra disk space.
09:27<guinea-pig>problems, perhaps because you didn't have the right software installed?
09:27<guinea-pig>apt-get, my boy!
09:28<sidewinder>2libc issues
09:28<guinea-pig>heh. i haven't seen that notation in a while
09:28<sidewinder>Looking for kernel functions that just did not exist...
09:29<sidewinder>I'm OLD!!!
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09:29<guinea-pig>debian is unique, for one reason, because it supports more architectures than any other linux distro
09:30<guinea-pig>i'm guessing, from what you're telling me, as i've never had the problem, that it maintains support for older and newer version of things better
09:30<guinea-pig>actually, heh
09:31<guinea-pig>to save memory, i've actually gone and recompile a .deb for my linode's glibc to remove back-support for older kernel versions, and older CPUs my linode won't ever user
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09:32<guinea-pig>although I stopped using it when linode's started supporting TLS as that was also something I removed
09:32<guinea-pig>from my diff:
09:32<guinea-pig>-MIN_KERNEL_SUPPORTED := 2.2.0
09:32<guinea-pig>+MIN_KERNEL_SUPPORTED := 2.6.0
09:33<guinea-pig>so yeah. guess debian's glibc supports back to linux 2.2.0 right now
09:34<sidewinder>Like I said, I have some extra spce to monkey around with it.
09:34<guinea-pig>keep in mind, the default install is tiny. they don't force extra software on you, just what it *needs*
09:35<guinea-pig>use apt-get and apt-cache (or a number of other frontends) to get what you need
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09:36<sidewinder>Looks like I will be doing a little reading. Does the core distro include sshd?
09:36<guinea-pig>well, maybe the linode install might. dunno
09:37<guinea-pig>by default, no. it doesn't assume network connectability
09:37<guinea-pig>and therefore doesn't force such items
09:37<guinea-pig>it does install exim as a default MTA, though.
09:37<guinea-pig>so mail can be sent locally even if not networked
09:38<sidewinder>No sendmail huh.... :-)
09:38<guinea-pig>it's UP TO YOU :D
09:38<guinea-pig>sendmail is bulkier. exim is small and simple
09:38<sidewinder>Man, talk about yet another battle..
09:39<guinea-pig>you can install sendmail if you want
09:39<guinea-pig>it's an option
09:39<guinea-pig>apt-get install sendmail
09:39<guinea-pig>The following extra packages will be installed:
09:39<guinea-pig> rmail sendmail-base sendmail-bin sendmail-cf sensible-mda
09:39<guinea-pig>The following packages will be REMOVED:
09:39<guinea-pig> exim
09:39<guinea-pig>0 upgraded, 6 newly installed
09:40<guinea-pig>Need to get 2089kB of archives.
09:40<guinea-pig>After unpacking 3695kB of additional disk space will be used.
09:40<guinea-pig>Do you want to continue [Y/n]?
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09:40<guinea-pig>get the idea? :)
09:40<sidewinder>Well, thanks. Still would like to know how those hackers pushed past apache.......
09:40<sidewinder>Soon it will not be a problem though
09:40<guinea-pig>that's another issue entirely
09:40<guinea-pig>and it might do you good to research it further
09:41<guinea-pig>even if you won't be dealing with it. it might be useful knowledge :D
09:41<sidewinder>I have been. Google is the pits for researching the problem.
09:42<sidewinder>Just update and hope for the best..
09:42<guinea-pig>don't mean to be rude, but maybe you're searching for the wrong thing
09:42<sidewinder>Is it a buffer over flow... ssl overflow...
09:43<sidewinder>Do not know if I have to... If ssl had been comprimised, I imagine they would not be stuck as user apache
09:44<SpaceHobo>install ubuntu
09:44<SpaceHobo>it is the One True Distro
09:44<guinea-pig>ssl within the webserver doesn't necessarily get them outside user privs...
09:45<sidewinder>I don't know how to take that...:-)
09:45<guinea-pig>ubuntu is based on debian :P
09:45<SpaceHobo>guinea-pig: and has seen further by standing on the shoulders of giants
09:45<guinea-pig>supposedly a bit more userfriendly, but i haven't had a free machine to try it out on yet
09:45<SpaceHobo>the server distro r0x
09:46<guinea-pig>the server distro?
09:46<SpaceHobo>trust me
09:46<SpaceHobo>ubuntu > *
09:46<guinea-pig>dear god, not another distro releasing different versions
09:46<SpaceHobo>not different versions
09:46<SpaceHobo>it's all ubuntu
09:46<SpaceHobo>but the server install doesn't install X or anything
09:46<guinea-pig>debian rocks because it installs the core. you install the extra stuff to make it your own
09:46<sidewinder>Does apt-get work?
09:46<SpaceHobo>however, ubuntu kicks ass
09:46<guinea-pig>apt-get rocks
09:46<SpaceHobo>and ubuntu even has an unattended-updates thing
09:47<SpaceHobo>where security updates never require user interaction
09:47<guinea-pig>SpaceHobo: those scare me
09:47<SpaceHobo>so they can install automatically
09:47<guinea-pig>what if they want to update a conffile?
09:47<SpaceHobo>guinea-pig: requiring manual install of security updates scares me
09:47<SpaceHobo>guinea-pig: that stuff is broken out properly
09:47<guinea-pig>SpaceHobo: cron job, to fetch updates regularly and notify me if they're waiting
09:47<sidewinder>I detect a hack point
09:48<SpaceHobo>sidewinder: I suspect that your "hack point" lies somewhere in the gpg signature process for ubuntu packages?
09:48<SpaceHobo>oh well, some folks don't trust cryptography I guess
09:48<guinea-pig>sidewinder: new version of apt-get in the upcoming debian release supports signed packaging. debian doesn't release as often as other distros :P
09:48<SpaceHobo>that's why people still use telnet for fuck's sake
09:49<guinea-pig>(but for most cases, it's fine to run testing... i just don't like to on a server. i prefer stable+security)
09:49<guinea-pig>hmm.... something's lagging brb
09:49<SpaceHobo>testing is shit
09:49<SpaceHobo>stable is ancient
09:49<SpaceHobo>and unstable is unstable
09:49<SpaceHobo>although testing is apparently *more* unstable than unstable
09:49<guinea-pig>i'm seeing a 120ms delay in Freemont
09:49<SpaceHobo>testing is a failed experiment
09:49<guinea-pig>more unstable? haha
09:50<guinea-pig>where do you get that?
09:50<SpaceHobo>my boss is an ftp-master
09:50<SpaceHobo>I trust him on this
09:50<guinea-pig>don't trust without self-knowledge
09:50<guinea-pig>question. learn.
09:50<guinea-pig>don't believe everything i say, either
09:50<SpaceHobo>basically testing is a set of packages that have never been tested in combination
09:50<guinea-pig>i'm old and stubborn.
09:51<SpaceHobo>because debian developers only use sid
09:51<sidewinder>secured ftp I take it.
09:51<guinea-pig>and a large userbase uses testing
09:51<SpaceHobo>and guinea-pig nope
09:51<guinea-pig>unstable is to prevent severe bugs from migrating.
09:51<SpaceHobo>guinea-pig: 95% of all debian users use unstable, according to the logs
09:51<SpaceHobo>testing creates more bugs than it solves
09:51<SpaceHobo>it is a failed experiment
09:51<guinea-pig>show me
09:52<guinea-pig>the truth is, nobody knows what combinations of software people will try installing
09:52<guinea-pig>so how is it wrong to work those bugs out, anyway?
09:53<SpaceHobo>none of the developers ever touch testing
09:53<SpaceHobo>and so hideous bugs remain resident in it
09:53<guinea-pig>i recommend stable+security for production servers, only fetching what you need from testing/unstable if you *need* a newer version of something
09:53<SpaceHobo>I recommend ubuntu for production servers
09:53<SpaceHobo>because your software will actually become up to date at a reasonable pace
09:54<guinea-pig>i don't recommend majorly updating server software too often. security updates are a better idea!
09:54<SpaceHobo>and ubuntu's security updates are on by default
09:54<SpaceHobo>so let it slide as long as you like
09:55<SpaceHobo>dapper has 5 years of support
09:55<SpaceHobo>if you want to stay still for a long time, you can
09:55<guinea-pig>5 years... has it been that long?
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09:56<SpaceHobo>um, no?
09:56<guinea-pig>sorry. what do you mean "dapper has 5 years of support"
09:56<SpaceHobo>if it had, why would I bring it up?
09:56<guinea-pig>it's been around for 5 years?
09:56<erikh>heh, I had a boss that was a ftp master, too.
09:56<SpaceHobo>it will be supported until 2011?
09:56<guinea-pig>or they'll maintain updates for 5 years?
09:57<erikh>he kept telling me, "why the hell did you disable ftp for the root account? I USE THAT"
09:57<guinea-pig>oh good, i thought ubuntu is only a couple years old at most
09:57<SpaceHobo>erikh: Um, no.
09:57<guinea-pig>erikh: HAHAHAH
09:57<erikh>yeah, he was a real winner
09:57<guinea-pig>erikh: a debian ftp-master?
09:57<sidewinder>I had a client put it back.....Ugh
09:57<erikh>you should have seen how PO'd he got when I disabled root logins via SSH too
09:58<erikh>"use sudo"
09:58<erikh>"what the hell is that?"
09:58<guinea-pig>i'll just piss myself if that's the case
09:58<guinea-pig>sidewinder: huh?
09:58<erikh>"if you don't know, don't use root, mmkay?"
09:58<sidewinder>A client of mine re-enable root ftp access...
09:59<guinea-pig>then they shouldn't be allowed root access
09:59<sidewinder>I agree, but they pay the bills. Thank goodness it is NOT in the internet.
10:00<SpaceHobo>anyway, I'm running stable on my linode, and I am really regretting that I did this before ubuntu images were available
10:00<guinea-pig>can you not install ubunto over debian and vice-versa? yay for apt-get, right?
10:00<SpaceHobo>that strikes me as a bad ida
10:01<erikh>guinea-pig: yeah, I ended up leaving that job for more or less that reason
10:01<SpaceHobo>^-- guinea-pig
10:02<guinea-pig>actually. i did try ubuntu once
10:02<guinea-pig>hated it
10:02<guinea-pig>so much eye candy
10:02<guinea-pig>ran poorly on my p233
10:03<sidewinder>Is that a PIC or something...:-)
10:03<erikh>I tried it, was surprised at how much linux on the desktop had progressed, and then promptly returned to my mac once it came back from the shop
10:03<erikh>sidewinder: heh
10:04<SpaceHobo>guinea-pig: I am specifically referring to the server
10:04<guinea-pig>sidewinder: position independant code?
10:04<SpaceHobo>guinea-pig: no eye candy on the server, dude
10:04<erikh>guinea-pig: a PIC is a basic microprocessor - used in alarm clocks, microwave timers, etc.
10:04<guinea-pig>erikh: i know :PD
10:04<erikh>oh, heh
10:04<guinea-pig>:sdfjkldsagjklgkljklgkl; df
10:05<guinea-pig>i'm malfunctioning
10:05<erikh>:syntax off
10:05<guinea-pig>vim is so cuddly
10:05<SpaceHobo>hmmm, maybe if I stick to the server version...
10:05<sidewinder>:X encryption not available
10:05<guinea-pig>i've *never* had emacs installed on any of my debian computers. ever
10:05<guinea-pig>sidewinder: huh?
10:06<erikh>wow, I'm getting a kick out of the latest spam I'm getting
10:06<erikh>I honestly thought there was some problem with linux's swap handling or something at first... basically a piece of spam with a link, then a manpage and/or source code pasted at the bottom
10:07<SpaceHobo>oh yeah
10:07<SpaceHobo>they've been doing that for a long time now
10:07<sidewinder>Oh wow, I did not know vim did not include the X command
10:08<erikh>I used emacs for ... 7 or so years
10:08<erikh>just switched to vim with the 7.0 release
10:08<guinea-pig>oh yes it does. i've never used it
10:09<sidewinder>Whoops, was on the RH6.2 box.
10:11<guinea-pig>heh. i'm still using vim 6.2. i got tired of updating vimrc's, and i'm happy with it
10:12<guinea-pig>likewise, i'm still using mutt-5.5
10:12<guinea-pig>and i'm fine with that, as i don't have outside users, and they're not "public" access points to the box
10:15<guinea-pig>SpaceHobo: when changing distros like that... debian to ubuntu, or backwards. it's definitely doable, just depends on how much handholding and patience you have.
10:15<guinea-pig>i would NOT start the way that article mentions, though
10:15<guinea-pig>i would not do an apt-get dist-upgrade
10:16<erikh>guinea-pig: eh, just make sure your version doesn't have a whacked modeline parser
10:16<SpaceHobo>guinea-pig: yeah, I just did a --simulate, and it doesn't seem so bad
10:16<guinea-pig>i would handhold more... upgrade libc6, apt, dpkg. pause. upgrade other essential things, pause
10:16<guinea-pig>upgrade the rest
10:16<SpaceHobo>I think it helps that edgy is far enough away from sarge as makes no conflicts
10:16[~]SpaceHobo nods
10:16<SpaceHobo>it also helps that I have backports' version of dpkg and apt
10:17<guinea-pig>if they're close that ubuntu's versions are close enough to debian's versions, then 'upgrade' really means 'reinstall'
10:17<guinea-pig>and you can't rely on apt to fetch the ubuntu version
10:17<guinea-pig>hence the handholding
10:18<SpaceHobo>you can
10:18<SpaceHobo>debian: 1.3.5
10:18<SpaceHobo>ubuntu: 1.3.5-ubuntu1
10:18<SpaceHobo>debian: 2.6.4-5
10:18<SpaceHobo>ubuntu: 2.6.4-5ubuntu1
10:18<guinea-pig>what if: debian 2:1.3.5, ubuntu 1.3.5
10:19<SpaceHobo>um what
10:19<SpaceHobo>not sure, but it's all been sorted out
10:19<guinea-pig>sort of a way to force a downgrade
10:19<SpaceHobo>the ubuntu version is the debian version with an ubuntu suffix
10:19<guinea-pig>1.1.1 < 1.2.1 < 1:1.0.0 < 2:0.9.0
10:20<guinea-pig>SpaceHobo: currently... but you can't tell me they're not diverging somewhat
10:20<SpaceHobo>what, for whole epochs?
10:20<SpaceHobo>most of the ubuntu developers are also debian developers
10:22<guinea-pig> echo $(dpkg --list |grep ^ii | cut -f3 -d' ')
10:23<guinea-pig>i absolutely love how echo turns that into a one-line output :D
10:23<guinea-pig>hmmm it's getting chilly
10:23<guinea-pig>my CPU is reporting 95.9F
10:24<Redgore>guinea-pig: then use it to warm up :P
10:25<guinea-pig>that's while building glibc!
10:25<guinea-pig>[1] no, not really
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10:27<guinea-pig>hmmm. debian seems to have chosen to skip glibc2.4, and they've got 2.5 in experimental
10:28<guinea-pig>ah, maybe they're hold off... changelog says glibc2.4 removed support for 2.4 kernels?
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10:31[~]SpaceHobo upgrades from sarge to edgy
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10:41<SpaceHobo>Get:7 edgy/main mailman 1:2.1.8-2ubuntu2 [8013kB]
10:41<SpaceHobo>epochs, bitches
10:42<guinea-pig>what i meant...
10:42<guinea-pig>i wasn't sure how strictly ubuntu versions stuck to debian versions
10:42<guinea-pig>and things might get skewed
10:42<SpaceHobo>ubuntu tries very hard to play nice by debian
10:42<guinea-pig>well then
10:43<guinea-pig>maybe i shouldn't have just upgrade my linode to testing, then...
10:43[~]SpaceHobo is doing a fair bit of hand-holding, to be fair
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11:52<cmantito>!seen caker
11:52<linbot>cmantito: caker was last seen in #linode 11 hours, 8 minutes, and 33 seconds ago: <caker>
11:52<cmantito>caker: ping when you have a few minutes, short billing question.
11:55|-|vitrum [] has joined #linode
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12:23|-|afv-13 [~afv@] has joined #linode
12:23[~]dungeon waves
12:23[~]dungeon waves
12:23<dungeon>anyone alive?
12:23<D|AFK>Nope - I'm not
12:24<dungeon>you're AFK!
12:24<D|AFK>Cos D's already taken on this network, unsurprisingly :)
12:25<dungeon>Tried Dee?
12:25<dungeon>or DeeInTehUK
12:25<D|AFK>Nah,not bothered
12:25<D|AFK>Can stay AFK
12:25|-|Cpl_Rogue [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC]
12:27<D|AFK>But your best bet is to fire your question into the channel - Caker's not always around, but he or mike do tend to read it
12:27<D|AFK>Or raise a ticket ^^
12:28[~]D|AFK pokes Erik - stop hiding!
12:31|-|SupaZubon [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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13:01|-|spr_ [] has joined #linode
13:05<erikh>D|AFK: I'm going to assume you're not referring to me
13:08<D|AFK>nah ;)
13:08<D|AFK>Someone else here :)
13:23|-|Drew [] has quit []
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13:39<@caker>cmantito: pong
14:08|-|insanum [] has joined #linode
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14:20<cmantito>caker: gah, darnit, was out shopping. still ponging?
14:38|-|Battousai [~bryan@2002:d8a4:1c9e:2:20e:35ff:febc:b116] has joined #linode
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14:59<@caker>cmantito: pongggg
15:00<kvandivo>like ships passing in the night
15:11<guinea-pig>my parents call me 'foghorn' when i blow my nose
15:13|-|spr_ [] has quit [Quit: "Ah, the bounce has gone from his bungie"]
15:16<cmantito>caker: last november, I paid for a year for my linode, and got the extra disc space. it expires this november, I assume if I were (if it were even possible) to pay monthly the extra disc space would go away, which is fair enough
15:16<cmantito>is that correct?
15:19<guinea-pig>or pay extra for the extra disk space
15:19<cmantito>s'also an option.
15:19<cmantito>I'm just trying to find out exactly what happens
15:19<guinea-pig>i suspect that would be the first option, actually, as the other would require interaction to reduce your used space
15:20<cmantito>because while I may not be able to pay for a year this November,I probably would in December, so I'm trying to find out what the choices are.
15:24<guinea-pig>hmmm. i've gotta eat and hit the shower... leaving in an hour for a date ;)
15:24|-|Newsome [] has joined #linode
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15:31<@caker>cmantito: month to month, the extra space goes away
15:32<cmantito>caker: it possible to switch from month-to-month back to yearly?
15:32<cmantito>is there any way we could *possibly* work it out so that I could pay a month's worth in November, and then go back to the year in December, and not lose the disc space?
15:33<@caker>cmantito: that's fine -- would you remind me with a ticket?
15:33<cmantito>thanks :)
15:42|-|insanum [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC]
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16:01|-|sonorous [] has joined #linode
16:02|-|internat [] has joined #linode
16:11|-|cakey [] has joined #linode
16:13<darkwind>So, how strict is the no-IRCing from linode rule? Or is that basically no running IRC servers from a linode host?
16:13<darkwind>(not on a linode box right now :P)
16:13<Eman>no irc? since when?
16:15<darkwind>It may have been in the AUP. ;) Just checking, really.
16:15|-|internat [] has quit [Quit: This computer has gone to sleep]
16:15<cakey>I was a linode user and very happy. I don't know why I left. Thought I'd try something new "Tektonic". They suck ass. Linode rocks and cakers the man
16:16<JDM>i've read in the forums that you can do whatever you want (as long as it's legal and in the AUP) if you're at Fremont (including IRC), but if your in Dallas the datacenter will let you run ircds as long as they don't link to any other server
16:22<Battousai>what the hell is the point in that?
16:22<Battousai>silly theplanet
16:26<darkwind>So, once you've used up your monthly alotment of bandwidth, do you have the option to have the system deny all further traffic until a decision is made on the web portal (or some other mechanism0?
16:26<kvandivo>they will warn and work with you on it
16:26<kvandivo>well, maybe not warn.. that depends on the timing
16:28<JDM>if nobody catches it, then the system will just bill you for the overages
16:32<JDM> clears it up even more
16:35<JDM>ROFL, the planet can't even get it's page titles (in <head>) right "Acceptable Use Palicy"
16:36<sonorous>seems you can't get "its" right either
16:37<kvandivo>^5 sonorous
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22:50|-|guinea-pog [] has joined #linode
22:52<guinea-pog>well, not just bizarre, but disturbing
22:52<guinea-pog>caker, mikegrb?
22:55<taupehat>guinea-pog: what's the odd happening tonight?
22:57<guinea-pog>caker: check out the last line...
22:57<guinea-pog>it locks my node, and i have to reboot it, but
22:58<guinea-pog>fyi, it's the result of a bad libc6 upgrade
22:58<@caker>pastbin won't load
22:58<taupehat>caker: look at my paste
22:58<@caker>guinea-pog: ?
22:58<taupehat>that may explain it
22:58<@caker>taupehat: yeah
22:59|-|VS_ChanLog [] has left #linode [Rotating Logs]
22:59|-|VS_ChanLog [] has joined #linode
22:59<taupehat>.ca loads just fine
22:59<guinea-pog>huh. i was wondering why .com was slow..
22:59<guinea-pog>don't use it all too often
23:00<guinea-pog>it's TLS
23:00<guinea-pog>i thought TLS was working in newer 2.6 kernels?
23:01<@caker>wow, you got 2.6.18 to run on that host kernel, eh?
23:01<guinea-pog>or maybe it's not tls, but -i686 specific. i didn't break it down...
23:01<@caker>that host might need to be updated before tls and friends will work
23:02<guinea-pog>you mentioned that
23:02<guinea-pog>still, that response I pasted kinda had me worried for a minute, until i realised my node was locked.
23:08|-|guinea-pig [] has joined #linode
23:08|-|guinea-pog [] has quit [Quit: bye...]
23:10<guinea-pig>*sigh* time to restart my uptime
23:14<guinea-pig>so. anyhoo
23:14<guinea-pig>caker: did that seem out of the ordinary, or was i overreacting? :P
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