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#linode IRC Logs for 2006-10-18

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00:23<@caker>guinea-pig: what the perm denied thing on .bashrc?
01:11<AnMaster>caker, can I use iptables on my linode?
01:12<AnMaster>caker, and how to install it on gentoo (do I really need to install gentoo-sources to installl is?)
01:28<tronix>AnMaster: yes you can use iptables
01:28<tronix>AnMaster: no you don't need gentoo-sources
01:28<tronix>you don't need ANY kernel sources
01:28<AnMaster>tronix, emerge -pv iptables
01:28<AnMaster>Calculating dependencies... done!
01:28<AnMaster>[ebuild N ] sys-kernel/gentoo-sources-2.4.32-r7 USE="-build -symlink" 31,314 kB
01:28<AnMaster>[ebuild N ] net-firewall/iptables-1.3.5-r4 USE="ipv6 -extensions -imq -l7filter -static" 187 kB
01:28<tronix>you can mask it
01:28<tronix>or rather
01:29<tronix>you can inject it into virtuals... trying to remember new way
01:29<tronix>yeah that's it i think
01:29<tronix>I just retired my Gentoo linode :)
01:29<tronix>but ran fine for a year
01:29<tronix>with iptables and all
01:29<tronix>i didn't want it to emerge sources because it'd have chewed limited disk space, so blocked it that way
01:31<tronix>caker builds in iptables support into the kernels he provides, for both 2.4 and 2.6, so no issues there
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12:32<blake>lOL N00B
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14:57<talat>hi i want to ask something. my linode server sometimes is very slow what is the problem ?
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18:02<flint>caker, if you have a minute, I am pleased to report that I have found the filesystem I thought was lost. but I have a quesiton.
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18:31<@caker>flint: go on
18:36<flint>the information I found there was complete, in fact I am pleased beyond words. The information is so complete that there must have been a process running which mirrored the filesystem I destroyed on 15 October. Either that is the case or you good folks at Linode cut me some magic slack. The question thus becomes how to arrange the two partitions in the flint account to periodically image the primairy to the backup. Is this done at
18:36<flint>the admin level or the user level? BTW if you all cut me some magic slack thanks a bunch. :^)
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21:47[~]caker goes nuts and installs IE7
21:47<internat>im going to hate to see how much the sites i use break with ie7
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22:03<hirstpf1>Hurricane Electric listed as spam host in SPEWS???
22:05<hirstpf1>anyone getting mail rejected because of this?
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22:29<guinea-pig>caker: you're insane
22:29<guinea-pig>IE3 all the way!
22:29<Eman>ie7 is nice cause it removes alot of the explorer integration
22:30<guinea-pig>so does pre-integration IE
22:30[~]xptek stabs Eman
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22:30<warewolf>7 minutes left on my apple xcode download
22:30<Eman>not like i use ie for anything other then ytmnd
22:30<xptek>use ietab
22:31<warewolf>it's funny as hell when in MCSE training class, you explain something to a fellow classmate, and the instructor says to you "You're absolutely correct."
22:31<xptek>warewolf: try taking a CCNA class where your instructor thinks telnet is a 'hacking tool'
22:32[~]warewolf headdesk
22:32<Eman>xptek: did your ccna teacher wear prescription pants?
22:32<xptek>'yeah you can telnet random ips and you WILL find one that you can hack!'
22:32<xptek>Eman: I seriously think so. He was.. large. :D
22:32<warewolf>xptek- someone I know thoght nmap could take down networks.
22:32<Eman>mmm furthers my theory that you have to be obese to teach ccna
22:33<xptek>I had one good (and normal) CCNA teacher
22:33<xptek>maybe he was obese at one point
22:33<xptek>let's just go with that idea
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22:37<Eman>my ccna teacher sweats like a pig during classes... its rather disgusting
22:37<xptek>ours gets all worked up and he's like "URRRR SUBNET RIP V1 IS BAD BUT RIP V2 IS REALLY HARD URRRRR"
22:37<xptek>and then usually does nothing
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22:44<@caker> <-- har
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22:54<npmr>something just forced my system to use the swap partition.... it's been six weeks since anything used swap
22:54<gpd>don't look at me
22:55<guinea-pig> <-- orgasm
22:56<gpd>glad I installed flash9 for that
22:56<guinea-pig>flash9 is out?
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22:59<guinea-pig>... adobe bought macromedia? where the hell have i been?
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