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#linode IRC Logs for 2006-10-20

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06:13<Narada>hi; anyone home?
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16:23<tsi>signup sure got a lot more intimidating since the last linode i rolled
16:23<tsi>"callback verification" makes me think of adult bbses back in the 90s
16:24<kvandivo>you're showing your age as well as your predilections
16:25<tsi>meh, it's the internet. it'd take you guys 15 minutes to find my age, street address, and selective service registration number
16:26<tsi>note: that's not a challenge, please don't
16:27<kvandivo>if i were going to use the internet to find out info about someone, it wouldn't be a 30-something guy who frequented adult BBSes
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16:43<guinea-pig>heh, yeah back when i got my linode, there wasn't any of that. but then linode was only a month old at the time...
16:44<guinea-pig>time to go. we're putting on rocky horror at a college in an hour!
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19:55<Kurt>you know
19:55<Kurt>if I ever decide to commit suicide
19:55<Kurt>I'll do it by wearing an Indianapolis Colts shirt in Baltimore
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