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00:37<taupehat>erikh: I know those places. There's on on University in Berkeley, too.
00:38<taupehat>You can go in and buy stuff, but the atmosphere can be a bit frigid.
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01:36<myfnp>N E 1 ?
01:37<myfnp>u know redhat?
01:38<taupehat>it's linux
01:38<myfnp>I can't get my emails to say the correct sent/recieve time
01:38<myfnp>its like a hour behind
01:39<myfnp>all the zones are correct
01:39<myfnp>everything coinsides
01:39<taupehat>does the output of "date" look correct?
01:39<myfnp>but still email hour behind
01:39<myfnp>hmm 1 sec
01:40<myfnp>yes date good
01:40<taupehat>no clue
01:40<myfnp>im using squirrelmail
01:41[~]taupehat wanders off to watch teevee
01:41<myfnp>and from my site when i send a contact form same thing
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22:26<erikh>taupehat: what on earth are you talking about?
22:27<Battousai>yeah, redhat's not linux... sheesh :P
22:28<erikh>eh, I was referring to his comment re: "Berkeley Store", as if I initiated conversation
22:28<erikh>I'm honestly not sure what I said to spawn that comment. :)
22:28<Battousai>well then
22:28[~]Battousai carries on
22:29<erikh>..... considering I've spent all of 10 minutes on IRC in the last 2 days, I'm surprised I don't remember it
22:30<@caker>anyone here use SASL, postfix and dovecot?
22:31<taupehat>erikh: was yesterday when you popped into ngs for a drive-byu
22:31<erikh>caker: SASL/postfix/courier?
22:31<erikh>I can help with that.
22:32<@caker>just curious about this:
22:32<@caker>what does postfix care how someone connects to dovecot?
22:32<erikh>that's odd
22:32<erikh>yeah, my thoughts exactly
22:32<Battousai>i have exim and dovecot...
22:32<@caker>That config doesn't seem to imply (to me) any type of pop3-before-smtp, or whatever
22:32<erikh>postfix has it's own sasl integration.
22:32<@caker>erikh: yeah
22:33<@caker>looks like postfix can be set up to allow relaying from SASL authed connections, which seems good enough for relay protection
22:34<erikh>yeah, I use SMTP AUTH like that.
22:34<erikh>required starttls and auth
22:34<erikh>otherwise, your mail either generates a response in the 5xx series or quietly gets redirected to /dev/null
22:38<erikh>I want you to respond by sending:
22:38<erikh>1. Your full names
22:38<erikh>2. Tel & fax numbers
22:38<erikh>3. Complete Address
22:39<erikh>I wish they'd just follow that with:
22:39<erikh>I will respond by:
22:39<erikh>1. Generating Fake Bank Accounts and Credit Cards in your name
22:39<erikh>2. Draining your personal life savings
22:39<erikh>3. Methodically destroying your credit rating.
22:41<warewolf_>blah blah blah blah life sucks and then you die.
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22:41<warewolf_>where the fuck did I get a tail
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22:41<erikh>bitter much?
22:41<warewolf>why does that keep happening
22:41<warewolf>erikh: eh, work is screwing with me something fierce. I'm not happy.
22:41<erikh>ah, I know the feeling!
22:42<warewolf>erikh: I am being used, and I'm not appreciating it. For someone who is dedicated to the /job/ as much as I am (screw who I "work" for, as a contractor) they should treat me better.
22:42<warewolf>I'm being forced into working 12 hour days.
22:42<erikh>I won't repeat myself, but I will say I sympathize.
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22:43<warewolf>caker- so you got any openings at linode? I'm willing to relocate.
22:43<erikh>I think the most upsetting job I had was one where I was completely devoted to the project, and all I needed was a serious set of requirements. Everytime I got a set of requirements, I changed the design. And my design was always missing a requirement.
22:44<erikh>finally, the client got frustrated because I apparently wasn't doing my job, which I finally determined required telepathy and omniscience
22:44<erikh>(after beating myself up quite a bit over it)
22:46[~]warewolf 's head is splitting open. Not sure if it's the lack of caffiene or if it's this most recent trouble with work.
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22:46<internat>*sends warewolf some staples*
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22:58<taupehat>err, back
22:58<erikh>taupehat: O RLY?
22:58<taupehat>erikh: YA RLY
22:58<erikh>taupehat: I have become disenfranchised with technology
22:58<taupehat>had to put my daughter to bed
22:58<taupehat>erikh: welcome to the club. I continue to work with it, however.
22:59<erikh>It took 22 years
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22:59<taupehat>Sure do wish you'd rejoin us in #rm-r
22:59<erikh>taupehat: eh, I could, but to be honest, it's so damn rare that I use my workstation for anything anymore.
22:59<erikh>my wife uses it more than me - to play WoW.
22:59<taupehat>so why not return to your previous habit of eternal lurking?
23:00<erikh>you call my carpet bombing of those snobs LURKING?
23:00<erikh>(not #rm-r - you know who I mean)
23:00[~]caker enters from the south
23:00[~]caker wield The Sword of A Thousand Truths
23:00<erikh>caker: heh!
23:00<erikh>that whole episode was a scarily accurate blizzard advertisement.
23:00<taupehat>erikh: I missed the carpet-bombing...
23:01<taupehat>"Oh, no, it's that guy again!"
23:01[~]taupehat is not an r-tard...
23:01<erikh>"This could mean the end of the world.... of warcraft."
23:01<@caker>those were perfect
23:01<taupehat>they nailed it
23:01<erikh>I mean, the characters were ripped right out of the game
23:02<internat>whats this from?
23:02<erikh>a lot of the terminology was technically accurate..
23:02<taupehat>although I have to admit to a somewhat scary physical resemblance to the fat hacker guy
23:02<taupehat>and my desk is similarly cluttered
23:03[~]taupehat is losing weight though, and doesn't grow a beard, and doesn't really play his MMOG much anymore, so the times, they a'changing
23:03<erikh>well, those of us who are more "casual" players (and I use that term /carefully/) all know a guy or two like that.
23:03<warewolf>taupehat: a *lot* of people have said that.
23:03<erikh>we have one guy in our Guild who's living in saudi arabia.
23:03<warewolf>taupehat: it's *scary* how *well* they nailed that stereotype.
23:03<taupehat>erikh: if you have a level 60 char, you cannot claim to be casual player
23:03<erikh>he has bought 6 pre-leveled characters
23:04<erikh>taupehat: it took me a year and a half to get there.
23:04<erikh>I can claim to be a casual player
23:04<taupehat>how long does it take if you're determined, and have no life
23:04<erikh>I know guys who can hit 60 from a freshly rolled character in 3-4 weeks.
23:04<warewolf>3-4 weeks of *real time* or *play time* ?
23:04<erikh>12 hours is the fastest time that I've heard of.
23:04<erikh>12 hours of play time.
23:04<internat>12hrs of play time? bullshit!
23:05<erikh>internat: one mage, one priest.
23:05<internat>there is no way u can get to lvl 60 in WoW in 12hrs
23:05<erikh>mage just AOE's constantly and the priest heals
23:05<erikh>it's a cakewalk.
23:05<internat>i call bs
23:05<erikh>a little tired here.
23:05<internat>12days.. ok that ill pay
23:06<erikh>but nowadays you can just pay some chinese power leveler $150 and have a 60 in 2 days.
23:06<taupehat>ok, that is something of a significant difference
23:06<erikh>(and yes, that stereotype is very accurate)
23:06<taupehat>eve has similar
23:06<taupehat>I pirated one once.
23:06<taupehat>He was running seven characters
23:06<internat>i have a lvl 59.. and its taken me over a year and half of play to get it:)
23:06<taupehat>he told me "Your problem why!"
23:07<taupehat>to my "huh?" he apologized and told me he was from china
23:07<internat>the best way to powerlvl at a small age is wow, is get a friend with a lvl 60 preist, put him on auto follow with an auto heal script.. and just cut loose.. the aura from the priest normally keeps u healed fully
23:07<taupehat>and he just happens to enjoy keeping a fleet of alt characters in high-security space mining cheap ore
23:08<taupehat>internat: what about killing boars?
23:08<taupehat>you really need to watch that south park episode
23:08<internat>guess so
23:08<internat>anyone got a youtube link to it? :D
23:08<warewolf>I think you mean pally.
23:09<internat>what was the ep called?
23:09<warewolf>priests don't have auroras.
23:09<taupehat>internat: don't think it's on youtube, but the torrent sites are flooded with it
23:09<internat>whats it called?
23:09<erikh>err, hold on a second.
23:09[~]taupehat looks it up
23:10<taupehat>Make Love, not Warcraft
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23:11<erikh>well shit, I must have deleted it
23:11<erikh>you'll find a good torrent there.
23:11<erikh>(and matt and trey know about it, apparently, so there's no scare in sharing it here)
23:12<taupehat>yeah, uh, my uh friend only had a shitty real media copy that, uh, he deleted after watching because it was a shitty real media copy
23:12<internat>its ok its on demoniod ill grab a link form there
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23:13<internat>man i have so broken my logcheck package
23:13<internat>either that or ive done something to postfix to make it output non standard logs
23:14<erikh>eh? people still use logcheck?
23:15<internat>is there something better?
23:16<erikh>probably nto.
23:16<erikh>I guess I just got spoiled by FreeBSD's security check.
23:17<erikh>well, I'm sure it's customizable, but every install i've used that has had logcheck preconfigured just sends me a bunch of spam about people who are trying to ssh in
23:17<linbot>New news from forums: Availability in Sales Questions and Answers <>
23:17<erikh>and since I have it configured in a way that makes that more or less impossible, it's just spam I have to wade through
23:18<erikh>I'm not trying to say one thing is better than the other - I guess I just worked on a lot of RH boxes that were preconfigured by goons and got rather annoyed
23:19[~]warewolf pains
23:19<warewolf>ingrown chesthairs suck.
23:20<JasonF>getting told about ingrown chesthairs suck
23:20<erikh>I guess what I'm trying to summate is that, any tool that generates more noise than signal is generally going to make me write a tool, and if I'm writing a tool to parse the output of a log parser, well....
23:21<taupehat>warewolf: nothing for it but to break out the proper cutting edges and excavate
23:22<internat>ii think i ignored auth.log or something stupid.. i stopped getting lots of cracking attempts anyway
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