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00:46<encode>Eman: depends - whats the issue?
00:46<encode>have you turned level 9 logging on and seen what it says?
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01:05<Eman>i have an external app that is proxied thru apache, however i cant figure out how to make apache rewrite the urls within the pages it spits out to point to the proxy instead of the internal network address
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01:08<Eman>i got it
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06:08<linbot>New news from forums: New account activation in Sales Questions and Answers <>
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16:49<cmantito>caker: ping.
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16:58<osierra>any admin in the room?
16:58<osierra>i registered 5 days ago but my account hasnt been activated yet (although my card has been charged)
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17:16<IggyTheHairPuller>osierra: have you tried logging into the members area of the website?
17:20<osierra>IggyTheHairPuller, yes ive tried
17:20<osierra>i get:
17:20<osierra>Login incorrect or session timed-out
17:21<osierra>any ideas?
17:21<osierra>ive contacted but no answer so far
17:28<encode>osierra: thats highly unusual - the response here is pretty quick
17:28<encode>most of the time
17:28<osierra>weird, is there any other email address i can contact apart from service@ ???
17:30<encode>not thing to do is talk to caker / mikegrb in here when they're around
17:30<encode>i dont think you can create a ticket without being able to login
17:32<osierra>ive tried to create a ticket but cant login, will wait for an admin over here... thanks!
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17:50<heidi>if that guy comes back, he probably got an email saying they need more info and he needs to follow the instructions in the email
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18:05<internat>yeah he posted on the forums, that he sent them the id fax as required but didnt hear back
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21:36<Sputhuff>Can anyone help me i just registered a domain name and not sure how to setup my linode to be more then a webserver
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