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03:01<pingu>Anyone know if there are any plans to update the gentoo image? It's quite an old profile involving a painful gcc upgrade and lots of rebuilding to get to 2006.1 from 2005.
03:02<SpaceHobo>That's gentoo for you
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03:05<pingu>SpaceHobo: not helpful :\
03:09<SpaceHobo>pingu: gentoo + uml == bad bad idea
03:09<SpaceHobo>The end.
03:09<SpaceHobo>Enjoy your bad idea
03:10<pingu>SpaceHobo: you have no idea what I want to do, please take your opinion and insert it in your rectum. Alternatively, keep it to yourself.
03:11<SpaceHobo>I know just what you want to do
03:11<SpaceHobo>you want to run gentoo on a UML
03:11<SpaceHobo>and that means long long builds that saturate the I/O channel
03:11<pingu>Binary packages.
03:11<SpaceHobo>and I quote:
03:12<SpaceHobo><pingu> ... lots of rebuilding ...
03:12<pingu>What is your point?
03:12<SpaceHobo>09:11 <SpaceHobo> and that means long long builds that saturate the I/O channel
03:13<pingu>18:11 < pingu> Binary packages.
03:13<SpaceHobo>...09:12 <SpaceHobo> <pingu> ... lots of rebuilding ...
03:13<SpaceHobo>This is fun!
03:13<pingu>The rebuiling doesn't happen on the hosts!
03:13<pingu>Hence no IO saturation!
03:13<SpaceHobo>Oh, that's nice
03:13<SpaceHobo>well, good luck with that
03:14<pingu>SpaceHobo: next time you feel the need to push your opinion on others reguarding something you have no clue about, please don't be such an asshole about it?
03:15<SpaceHobo>I have plenty of clue
03:15<SpaceHobo>Enjoy your rebuilding!
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03:52<alex452>Hi! Is there any admin i can talk to ?
03:53<alex452>Hi Caker! Are you an admin ?
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04:28<encode>alex452: whats up?
04:28<encode>most questions, someone here will know something, even though most of us aren't admins
04:29<alex452>Hi, encode! The thing is that i paid for my brand new Linode 100 and i cant get in touch with anyone at linode and cant login as a member either
04:30[~]encode sighs at pingu and SpaceHobo - differences of opinions don't require personal attacs
04:30<encode>alex452: did you get any emails about requiring any extra verification?
04:30<encode>also, how long ago did you sign up?
04:30<alex452>yes and i emailed them copy of my cc and driving licens and they did withdraw money from my cc
04:31<alex452>10 days ago
04:31<alex452>i even called them and its just the same damn answering machine
04:31<encode>hm. that sounds quite odd
04:31<encode>caker was last active in here around 7 hours ago
04:32<encode>if you can hang around in here for a few more hours you'll probably catch him
04:32<encode>or /msg him
04:32<alex452>ok, nice
04:32<alex452>what time is it where you are ?
04:32<alex452>i am in Sweden
04:32<encode>im not in caker's timezone though
04:32<alex452>it 11.30 , morning
04:33<encode>sometimes the cc verification can take quite a while due to privacy laws and such
04:34<alex452>yeah but since they could withdraw the money right away, i figured i can get my linode now
04:34<encode>i cant really help unfortunately
04:34<encode>but i can tell you that its worth the wait
04:34<alex452>ok, thanks anyway, whats your experience of Linode ?
04:35<encode>ive been with linode for about 18 months, they're the greatest company i've ever dealt with on the internet
04:35<encode>so helpful
04:35<encode>great product
04:35<encode>anyway, i have to go now
04:36<alex452>what about the ram, i saw i get 100 ram with my Linode 100, is it whats total ram or whats free when the linode is upstarted the first time?
04:36<alex452>oh ok
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04:43<SpaceHobo>encode: you will note that I made no personal attacks.
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05:13<alex452>anybody can answer? i saw i get 100 ram with my Linode 100, is it whats total ram or whats free when the linode is upstarted the first time?
05:14<pingu>alex452: I don't understand your question, it is all ram you can use. Are you askind if the kernel is included in that?
05:15<alex452>yes, is it the total ram or free ram?
05:16<pingu>Imagine it's a real server.
05:16<pingu>And you have one stick of 100MB of ram.
05:16<pingu>It's the same as that.
05:16<alex452>oh...i was afraid it is that way
05:16<pingu>What did you think it was like?
05:17<alex452>my wmware debian then upstarted takes more ram than 100, i just dont get how 100mb can be enough to run a simple server
05:17<pingu>It's plenty for me, what do you want to run?
05:18<alex452>not much, i just need to run some perl scripts, install different modules and so on
05:18<alex452>how much free ram do u have and what do u run?
05:18<alex452>what linux do u run?
05:19<pingu>I run lighttpd, postfix, dovecot, fastcgi -> ruby on rails, fastcgi -> php, hybrid ircd and mysql.
05:20<pingu>And I have about 40MB free, including cache.
05:20<alex452>wow, mysql database , shit thats cool that u can have so much ram left
05:20<alex452>wow, nice
05:20<pingu>I'm running bind9 as well.
05:20<alex452>wow, bind9 takes ram i know that
05:20<alex452>what linux clone did u choose?
05:20<pingu>Not really, it's got a reasonably small footprint.
05:20<pingu>I'm running Ubuntu, dapper.
05:21<pingu>Most of the RAM is eaten by mysql.
05:21<alex452>i see
05:21<alex452>do u think i can get around 40 ram left if i choose debian or feodora too ?
05:22<pingu>Fedora tends to start every service you may need within a lifetime.
05:22<pingu>Or, at least that's the rumour.
05:22<pingu>So, I can't vouch for fedora.
05:23<pingu>But, it all depends on what you want to run.
05:23<alex452>but debian then ?
05:23<pingu>What do you want to run?
05:23<alex452>just scripts and maybe mysql after some time
05:23<pingu>You will be fine.
05:24<alex452>how happy are u with linode ?
05:25<pingu>Quite, reliability isn't quite good enough for anything production.
05:26<pingu>But, hopefully caker will be working on being able to network your linodes.
05:26<alex452>i see
05:26<pingu>Which means we should be able to cluster.
05:26<alex452>oh thats cool
05:27<pingu>Other than that, the bandwith is great and free upgrades every now and then are quite nice.
05:28<pingu>Sorry, I'm typing with a cat on me. Lots of mistakes.
05:28<alex452>yeah i see, how do u usually get in touch with admins, here in chat, mail or what? i have had problems reaching them so far
05:28<pingu>I've only ever contacted them in the chat, but I'm pretty sure there is a support system.
05:28<alex452>hehe, its ok, i dont have enlish as my mother language so i am the one to apologise :-)
05:28<pingu>With tickets.
05:29<pingu>Yup, there's a support ticket system.
05:30<alex452>i see
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08:42<Damir>Anybody here can help me???
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09:24<ziplock>can anyone here help me with my account? I want to claim my refund under the "7 day money back satisfaction guarantee" but emails and trouble tickets go unanswered.
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10:39<Sikvestor>Anybody here, can you help me???
10:39<Sikvestor>Anybody here, can you help me???
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10:53<ziplock>Sikvestor , I asked for help here at 10:24 and nobody replied. Nobody responded to my Service Ticket 3 days ago, or my email yesterday either.
10:55<IggyTheHairPuller>I haven't seen the guys around much lately, they may be on a server building spree to expand
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10:56<@caker>ziplock: our bad -- typically upgrade requests remain open until there's an open slot to put you into, but I agree we should have replied with just an "ok, we're working on getting a slot for you"
10:56<ziplock>It would seem that if they hope to maintain a successful business, they'd check the service tickets and email occasionally
10:56<@caker>ziplock: My apologies -- I'll process your refund today
10:56<@caker>yeah, it's a situation I'm working on improving
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11:43<alex452passagense>Hi Caker ! ARE U THERE ?
11:43<Fabio>do you have a bsd system for setuping into a linode vds?
11:48<Fabio>??? Z zz Z Zz zZz
11:53<Fabio>voi no procon
11:53<alex452passagense>-> Fabio i feel the same way :-)
11:55<alex452passagense>When was anybody able to talk to caker or any admin last time?
11:59<Fabio>o sapo nao lava o pé, nao lava porque nao quer, ele mora la na lagoa e nao lava o pé pq nao quer
12:00<Fabio>mais que chulé
12:02<Fabio>o cravo brigou com a rosa
12:02<Fabio>em baixo de uma sacada
12:02<Fabio>o cravo ficou doente
12:02<Fabio>e a rosa despetalada
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12:14<alex452passagense>so when was anybody able to talk to caker or any admin last time?
12:15<manithree>Any official linode reps here?
12:15<alex452passagense>obviously none
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12:55<alex452passagense>hello caker! Please help me, i payed for my new membeship for 10 days ago
12:56<@caker>alex452passagense: I believe I answered your question in another window
12:56<alex452passagense>sent you an email with copy of my cc and driving licens by email
12:56<@caker>alex452passagense: anyhow, you should have received an email requesting additional information -- I can resend that if you need me to
12:56<@caker>all right, lemme check
12:57<alex452passagense>i sent the email 2006/10/19 14:33 swedish time with 2 pictures
12:57<@caker>got it -- thanks, you're all set
12:58<alex452passagense>ok, good, what do i do now?
12:58<@caker> <-- :)
13:01<alex452passagense>nice! i was able to login now, i just wish it didnt take over a week
13:01<@caker>I really need to set up greylisting, spam to our email addresses makes them more or less useless
13:02<alex452passagense>i understand that
13:02<@caker>sorry it took so long
13:03<alex452passagense>it would pretty natural if u guys added the email to the white list as soon as it was used in the register form
13:03<@caker>good suggestion
13:03<alex452passagense>make a perl script for that or whatever
13:03<@caker>in fact, that's a great suggestion -- thanks
13:04<alex452passagense>u're welcome, i probably can get a free month as a goodwill guesture for the inconvience ;-)
13:05<manithree>I want to set up nagios servers on the east coast and the west coast to monitor my production web servers. Can I do that with
13:05<@caker>manithree: we've got nodes in Dallas, TX and Fremont, CA
13:06<manithree>Might be close enough. I can choose where my vps lives?
13:06<@caker>manithree: Currently, the signup allocates your node to the least-loaded server, but after signup we can move your account if necessary
13:07<@caker>13:00 < Fabio> mais que chulé
13:07<@caker>13:00 < Fabio> mais que chulé
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13:40<alex452passagense>i can do ssh from cmd prompt but not via SecureCrt. Why?
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15:25<@caker>I like it
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20:13<@caker> <-- took this shot driving down the highway yesterday
20:13<@caker>two others in that directory
20:29<encode>haha, so bizarre
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