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13:05<talat>kanal fısmı ?
13:06<deniz>galiba fıs
13:06<talat>su caker bana cevap vermişti
13:06<deniz>anybody can help us about vps?
13:06<deniz>we have a internet connection problem (speed problem)
13:08<talat>caker can you help us
13:25<talat>alo _?
13:33<talat>olum bak linode uce kadar sayıyorum cevap vermedin verdin vermedin
13:33<talat>ben bilirm yapacagımı
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13:44<talat>Kurt bosuna girme abi kimse konsumuyor
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14:02<god_>I host "questionable" material. I was wondering if anyone could elaborate on Linode's policies.
14:02<synchk>what kind of material
14:04<god_>torrents, pornography (legal), and music (legal rights held)
14:04<god_>I also host information that everyone should know.
14:04<god_>I think all information should be free.
14:05<synchk>well if linode has any problems with ur account they give you 12-24 hours to get all your stuff off before they shut it down
14:05<synchk>so u should be ok
14:06<god_>what if I'm away at the time?
14:06<god_>will they wait?
14:06<synchk>uh thats ur fault dude
14:06<god_>er, I'm the customer. shouldn't Linode trust me over a complaint from someone else on the Internet?
14:07<talat>ben varım ama digerleri fis :)
14:08<god_>translate please?
14:08<synchk>god_: you shouldnt make people complain about u
14:08<synchk>else ur probably doing something wrong
14:08<talat>i am here but other people only virtual :)
14:09<synchk>talat: what?
14:09<god_>synchk: so will Linode wait if I tell them I need more time to remove my stuff?
14:09<synchk>dude if ur givin them bad rep on the net
14:09<synchk>u dont deserve a linode
14:10<god_>okay, they can disconnect my server, but will they hold my files for me?
14:10<synchk>dude would you?
14:10<synchk>i hope not
14:10<god_>synchk: I'm the customer. I'm interesting in hosting legal content, that some may be offended by. I see nothing wrong about that on the website.
14:11<synchk>well if ppl are complaining
14:11<synchk>that gives a bad image to linode
14:11<synchk>a good image is worth more than ur $20/month
14:12<Kurt>synchk: are you an employee of Linode? If not, then please kindly shut up.
14:12<synchk>Kurt: i saw ur linode the other nite
14:13<talat>now what time is it in usa and which day ?
14:13<synchk>its monday
14:13<talat>time ?
14:14<talat>:) ok thanks
14:16<synchk>Kurt: did u know u can get a dedicated server cheaper then a linode?
14:17<god_>synchk: where?!
14:17<god_>they're probably unreliable
14:18<god_>probably have uptimes of a day or two
14:18<synchk>i have a friend who has an uptime of like 314 days
14:18<god_>paste the uptime then. is he online?
14:18<synchk>whats that
14:19<synchk>15:18:57 up 314 days, 6:40, 8 users, load average: 3.77, 3.29, 3.2
14:20<synchk>yeah linode has uptimes of like months
14:20<synchk>superb has uptimes in years
14:20<synchk>so its like huge difference dude
14:21<cmantito>my linode's uptime is months...well..was, until I piped the zero device to my ubda...
14:21<synchk>why did u do that
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14:23<synchk>how did u manage to make that typo
14:23<cmantito>best not ask.
14:23<cmantito>last time I made a typo I rm -rf'd /et
14:23<cmantito>last time I made a typo I rm -rf'd /etc
14:23<synchk>i use a ibm model m keyboard
14:23<synchk>i dont make tpyos
14:23<god_>rm -fr runs faster :/
14:27<god_>ALEX323 WUZ HERE -
14:30<god_>ALEX323 for the win.
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14:30<god_>apparently he had his account disabled solely for being reported for false actions.
14:31<god_>you are sinners. all of you.
14:31<god_>< Genesis 3:16 > To the woman he said, "I will greatly multiply your pain in childbirth. In pain you will bring forth children. Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you."
14:31<god_>My website is
14:31<god_>visit it.
14:31<god_>my name is Nick, and I am god.
14:31<god_>I bet you couldn't even packet my site, noobs.
14:32<synchk>yea alex323 was a cool guy
14:32<god_>I dare you to even try hacking my site, you will fail, because I use a better VPS company.
14:32<god_>what's the disk i/o like on a Linode?
14:33<god_>potential customers: BEWARE!
14:33<god_>the disk i/o is low, support is minimal, and their rDNS checking system is severely flawed.
14:33<god_>again, please visit my website at
14:33<god_> <-- packet it, just to see the strength of my server vs. a linode
14:34<god_> <-- packet it, just to see the strength of my server vs. a linode
14:34<god_> <-- packet it, just to see the strength of my server vs. a linode
14:34<synchk>where is alex323 now anyway
14:34<god_>I think he died :/
14:34<god_>He read this book about how to become invisible, over the summer, and now he's gone.
14:34<god_>He lives on 14 Schoolhouse Lane in Somerville, NJ 08879 though.
14:34<god_>you could probably visit him.
14:35<god_>or call his cellphone at 1-908-285-4350
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14:39<synchk>god_: What is that?
14:40<god_># 14 Schoolhouse Lane# Somerville, NJ 08876-2003# 908 218-9545
14:40<god_>IT IS A LIST OF ALEX323's INFORMATION FOR ALL TO SEE, inc ase they want tstn to contanct ihimhi
14:40[~]god_ buys a Model M
14:41<god_>if alex323 really is dead, he would've wanted us all to have Model Ms
14:47<synchk>god_: i thought lilo was dead
14:47<synchk>not alex323
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14:48<god_>LILOL IS DEAD
14:48<god_>LILO DIED
14:49<god_> #CRLF
14:49<god_> #CRLF
14:49<god_> #CRLF
14:49<god_> #CRLF
14:49<god_> #CRLF <-- Christian Republican Liberation Front.
14:49<god_> #CRLF <-- Christian Republican Liberation Front.
14:49<god_> #CRLF <-- Christian Republican Liberation Front.
14:49<god_> #CRLF <-- Christian Republican Liberation Front.
14:49<god_>JOIN THE CRLF
14:49<god_>ARE YOU GAY?
14:49<god_>ARE YOU A NIGGER?
14:49<god_>ARE YOU A GAY NIGGER?
14:50<god_>If you answered "yes" to both of these questions, then GNAA might be exactly what you're looking for!
14:50<god_>YHBT NOOBS
14:50<god_>okay, this is really boring.
14:50<god_> #CRLF
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16:44<synchk>hello i am looking for an attractive female
16:44<synchk>hi dear
16:44<god_>search google images for hai2u without safe search on
16:44<god_>u will c me! :)
16:44<god_>I want sex.
16:44<god_>do you?
16:44<synchk>wow u r hot
16:45<god_>i no
16:46<AnMaster1>ah that spam, I was spammed with "" some days ago too
16:47<synchk>o rly
16:47<synchk>where were u spamed
16:47<AnMaster1>synchk, on a ircd that I run on a linode
16:47<Eman>lol, they have two servers in that dns pool... one on cable, one on dsl
16:47<AnMaster1>synchk, or rather on a network where on server is on a linode
16:47<AnMaster1>mikegrb, hello
16:48<synchk>AnMaster1: wut server is this
16:48<synchk>and arent ircds banned on linodes
16:48<AnMaster1>synchk, I read the TOS and it didn't say anything as far as I could see
16:48<Eman>ircds are not banned on linodes
16:48<AnMaster1>if I missed it please point out where
16:49<AnMaster1>if I missed it and you point out where I will also try to correct it as soon as possible (1-2 days)
16:50<Eman>linode specifically points out you CAN run ircds on their website
16:50<AnMaster1>ah :)
16:50<Eman>IRC Server Set up a dedicated Internet Relay Chat server
16:51<synchk>arent irc servers illegal though
16:51[~]AnMaster1 goes to read the last Terry Pratchett book, bbl
16:51<synchk>like in the us
16:51<AnMaster1>synchk, you are on an IRC server now
16:51<AnMaster1>synchk, and it is not illegal
16:51<synchk>im on firefox
16:51<AnMaster1>you are
16:51<synchk>im on firefox
16:51<AnMaster1>this is a IRC channel!
16:51<synchk>not irc
16:51<synchk>this is a web chat
16:51<synchk>uh no
16:51<synchk>youre the idiot
16:52<AnMaster1>mikegrb, tell him
16:52<AnMaster1>I don't want to start a war here
16:52<synchk>im not starting a war
16:52<AnMaster1>saying idiot once is enough for me
16:52<Eman>synchk: yes, it is an irc channel, the web thing is just a web based irc client
16:52<synchk>im just saying at the root at every internet crime
16:52<synchk>youll find irc
16:52<synchk>every time.
16:53[~]AnMaster1 goes to this
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17:42<Eman>serious question; i use fedora core 2 on my linode, what would be the best upgrade path?
17:54<AnMaster1>Eman, to install debain or gentoo?
17:54<AnMaster1>(serious answer
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18:47<synchk>hi impl
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21:02<@caker>Time for some reboots! (
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21:02<efudd>I thought you said "robots".
21:03<@caker>shutting down host10's linodes...
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21:04[~]efudd appears safe, this time
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21:08<@caker>rebooting host10...
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21:11<greg1234>host10 reboot time already?
21:11<greg1234>(you can guess what computer holds my copy of the schedule :-)
21:12<@caker>host10 nodes coming up...
21:12<internat>caker rebooting host10...
21:12<internat> * greg1234 (greg@ has joined #linode
21:14<greg1234>thanks chris :)
21:15<@caker>host14 nodes coming down...
21:15<@caker>wow .. host14 still has Linode 64 nodes up
21:15<@caker>[root@host14 root]# uptime
21:15<internat>those people are going to see an awsome boast!
21:15<@caker> 22:15:48 up 863 days, 23:41, 2347 users, load average: 3.25, 3.35, 3.06
21:16<greg1234>wow, that's more than twice my linode's uptime
21:16<internat>thats a shame to destroy a load time like that
21:16<greg1234>hey, i bet i'm gonna get an upgrade out of this reboot too
21:18<@caker>host10 was in the high 700 days uptime range
21:19<greg1234>22:18:57 up 3 min, 1 user, load average: 1.12, 0.74, 0.30 *sigh*
21:20<greg1234>wow, that screen session must have lasted a long time.
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21:21<greg1234>huh, my linode didn't shut down properly. oh well, i bet we fubared rc.something
21:22<@caker>or, didn'd shutdown in the time allowed
21:23<greg1234>yeah i bet it hung on killing the funky mailserver my co-sysadmin installed.
21:24<internat>funky asin non standard?
21:26<greg1234>funky as in has always been a pain in the butt, courier
21:27<@caker>rebooting host14...
21:30<@caker>nodes starting up...
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21:31<@caker>host18 linodes shutting down...
21:33<internat>i use courier for pop/imap but postfix for smtp
21:40<@caker>rebooting host18...
21:48<@caker>host18 nodes coming up.
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