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05:27<londonguy>is everything alright in land?
05:28<londonguy>Either my linode is slow or traffic from my site to my linode at is slow..
05:29<londonguy>as of about 2-3 minutes ago
05:29<JDM>from here everything's normal
05:29<londonguy>ok thanks JDM
05:31<londonguy>hmm my connection to my linode is exhibiting packet loss..
05:34<londonguy>is unhappy? it's losing about 30% of pings..
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05:35<londonguy>JDM which site is your linode on..
05:38<londonguy>I think I'm on host24
05:38<londonguy>yup I'm on host24
05:38<londonguy>not sure why but my CPU according to top is spending a lot of time in the "wa" catagory
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05:42<JDM>what is odd is that about 10 of the linode hosts just tried to get dhcp from my server, that doesn't usually happen
05:44<londonguy>I think something is thrashing the disk on host24.. hence my virtual server sits there
05:44<londonguy>I'm losing a lot of outgoing pings from my host24
05:50<londonguy>I've just opened a ticket.
05:51<JDM>so did i, the dhcp thing was just to unusual to ignore
05:52<londonguy>my linode has been up for 206 days :)
05:53<londonguy>lucky the outage started occuring when it did; I was about to try shifting domain names from a web provider over to my linode
05:54<londonguy>other providers offer a lovely amount of storage space; but I like the security of my own IP and cpu limits (although this i/o thing is not good).
06:02<londonguy>this is rediculous :-S
06:02<londonguy>I mean ridiculous
06:03<londonguy>what's the command again to check my io tokens?
06:03<londonguy>is it possible that, all of a sudden, I've started abusing my tokens?
06:04<londonguy>nope I've got 400,000 tokens to spare (cat /proc/io_status)
06:05<londonguy>oh well spose just gotta wait until 3 or 4pm for the Americans to wake up and confirm whether this is indeed a problem for otherse.
06:11<JDM>it shouldn't be too long, it's 7AM here and i'm in the same timezone as both of the linode staff
06:16<londonguy>hmm seems to have cleared up now. CPU now 99% idle. :S might have been someone putting a large IO load on the system, but I thought that's what the IO token were for.
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15:26<linbot>New news from forums: Sticky: DNS Manager README [Updated] in DNS Manager Beta <>
15:28<@caker> <-- come and get it
15:31[~]caker moshes with you
15:31<linbot>New news from forums: DNS Manager - Now in Beta in DNS Manager Beta <> || DNS Manager README [Updated] in DNS Manager Beta <>
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15:37<kvandivo>would be nice to be able to import the zone info from another name server without officially transferring the domain.. might be nice to just use that to get the domain set up quickly, but not quite pull the trigger on a full transfer
15:38<@caker>not sure if I follow
15:38<kvandivo>import says that it does a zone transfer and an import..
15:38<@caker>you can perform an axfr import, but not change the nameservers with your registrar
15:39<kvandivo>what's left at the remote site?
15:39<kvandivo>i guess.. i'm just wanting to play around.. not necessary actually move something..
15:39<@caker>yeah, that's what you want then
15:39<kvandivo>so the remote server would keep serving requests as normal, as though nothing has changed
15:39<@caker>If you leave your registar's domain settings alone for your domain, nothing will change
15:40<kvandivo>ok.. so AXFR is really just a request for "all the information that would be needed to handle dns requests for this domain"
15:40<erikh>that's why you restrict them :)
15:41<@caker>It's a zone transfer in the bind/named/dns server sense, NOT in the registrar/whois sense
15:41<erikh>at the last place I lived, a certain cable service let you do a full AXFR against their DNS servers
15:41<erikh>a few guys had fun with that, and they woke up
15:42<kvandivo>we'll see what zoneedit allows. 56 seconds on the POST and going..
15:42<kvandivo>and, then it did cfm style
15:42<kvandivo>died, rather
15:42<@caker>kvandivo: "we're sorry, an error has occured" ?
15:43<kvandivo>ExecCapture.cfm timeout Timeout period expired without completion of /usr/sbin/named-xfer
15:43<erikh>kvandivo: do you know what underlying dns server you're using?
15:43<@caker>ok, I can crank that up a bit
15:43<erikh>oh, zoneedit = dns beta thingy
15:44<kvandivo>really cool image of this skull and crossbones with an afro, though
15:44<@caker>cranked to 120 seconds now
15:45<erikh>kvandivo: are you allowing zone transfers from the dns manager IP?
15:45<erikh>that might be causing the timeout
15:45<kvandivo>very well could be.. i'm in beta testing mode, atm.. i'll check my lose ends after i break caker's gui in as many ways as possible
15:45<kvandivo>loose ends, even
15:45<erikh>ah, good point
15:46<erikh>wait, AXFR is done via tcp, right?
15:47<kvandivo>well, timed out at 120, also (122.353, according to fasterfox), so that's likely not the problem
15:48<@caker>kvandivo: what values are you submitting?
15:48<@caker>we can test axfr on the command line, too
15:48<kvandivo>which, now that i think about it, isn't even what i should have been sending
15:48<kvandivo>man.. i'm a good beta tester..
15:49<kvandivo>beta testing consists of figuring out what screwy input the stupid user will try..
15:49<@caker>kvandivo: shouldn't it be "ns[somenumber]" ?
15:49<kvandivo>in my experience, the correct, actual path doesn't even need tested.. because the author probably has tested that path 16 times..
15:50<kvandivo>BUT, the stupid user paths.... those are the ones that need driven down
15:50<@caker>well, the timeout makes sense to me, since ( has no nameserver runnign on it
15:51<kvandivo>:) i guess my only suggestion would be to catch that and offer that as a suggestion to the user..
15:51<kvandivo>"hey dummy, since this timed out, make sure that the url you entered ( actually has a server running"
15:51<@caker>yeah, the timeout error is nasty ...
15:51<@caker>exactly :)
15:52[~]caker makes note
15:52<erikh>either that or tinker with TIME_WAIT values
15:52<erikh>schedule potentially long processes async
15:52<kvandivo>from the import_axfr.cfm page, just hit 'Go'... cute error page
15:55<kvandivo>domain_aud.cfm definitely doesn't like being called without a DomainID param
15:55<erikh>caker: is named-xfer just a dig wrapper? I can't seem to find it in my bind9 installation
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15:55<erikh>(can't find a copy of dig in the debian package repository either, so ...)
15:56<@caker>erikh: dunno, it's part of the bind srcball
15:56<erikh>ah. figures... *smacks debian*
15:57<guinea-pig>dig is in dnsutils
15:57<erikh>ah, thank you
15:57<kvandivo>any point in entering the domain name on the domain_aud.cfm page? seems to just take me to the 'give details' page whether i type a domain there or not
15:57<@caker>erikh: says it's part of the bind package
15:57<@caker>kvandivo: yeah, that intermediary page needs to go away
15:58<erikh>that's probably still bind 8 though, and bind 8 scares me
15:58<@caker>it had a purpose when you coudl select Slave or Master zone
15:58<@caker>but it can go away until slave support comes back
15:58<kvandivo>*shrug* not really a bug.. was just curious
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17:19<linbot>New news from forums: DNS manager allows adding of in DNS Manager Beta <>
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17:46<caffeinated>question about billing... caker or mike?
17:48<caffeinated>basically, I started out annually. plan is up 10/31. want to switch to semi-annually (6 months) or monthly. what do I need to do?
18:06<@caker>caffeinated: shoot us a ticket saying so, and release the extra disk space by resizing your filesystem
18:07<caffeinated>can't keep the extra space?
18:07<@caker>Sure, but it would be added to your monthly bill
18:08<caffeinated>prolly don't use it. will resizing blow away my install? how much per month?
18:09<@caker>Resizing is lossless -- it uses the free space inside your filesystem (so, you've got to have at least that much free)
18:09<caffeinated>schweet (re: resizing)
18:09<@caker>looks like it would be $12 bucks + monthly
18:10<@caker>oh, resizing is free (is that the question?)
18:10<@caker>Just shutdown, click on Images, click on the image to resize, enter new size; hit submit
18:10<caffeinated>no. :)
18:15<caffeinated>booting back up. resized to 4608 (per the "brochure")
18:17<caffeinated>going to have to clean up my "drive"
18:22<caffeinated>caker, can you confirm I've resized properly? reported as 4608 in the Images, 4864 in storage summary, and ...
18:23<caffeinated>tstone@li11-191 [~] % df -h
18:23<caffeinated>Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
18:23<caffeinated>none 72M 0 72M 0% /dev/shm
18:23<caffeinated>/dev/ubda 4.5G 1.3G 3.2G 28% /
18:24<@caker>caffeinated: username?
18:25<@caker>right, but your total used is that image + swap which is Used: 4864 Megabytes
18:26<@caker>have to get that number down to 4608
18:26<@caker>also, make sure to submit the ticket once you're done for tracking, etc. We'll make sure to get it changed before tomorrow
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18:28<JDM>caker, while you're looking at tickets, did you see my update to the DHCP packets (22680)?
18:29<Raza>Anyone here have experience asking the linode folks to change reverse entries?
18:29<Raza>I'm considering picking up service with them and that factor weighs heavily.
18:30<JDM>reverse dns?
18:30<Raza>The opposite of forward DNS. So that when someone does a lookup on an IP it resolves to a specific name.
18:30<JDM>that's a feature of the control panel :)
18:31<Raza>All right, awesome.
18:34<@caker>JDM: yes, I did .. not sure what else to say without more data -- that one response could have been the one your dhcp client connected with, and is just renewing
18:35<@caker>JDM: I can check and see if any of the firewall rules failed to run for your node's interface, one moment
18:37<JDM>it's renewed about 4 hours ago without anything like that, so i'm pretty confident that it's not renewals
18:38<JDM>if anything it would be the original request triggering those, but that has never happened before
18:39<@caker>how about dns requests?
18:39<@caker>nvm, one sec
18:40<@caker>dhcp proto, duh
18:41<JDM>something on my or your end?
18:44<@caker>From what I can tell, those initial ones are all responses to your DHCPREQUEST
18:44<@caker>the later one looks like this entry:
18:44<@caker>(the one with your timestamp):
18:45<caffeinated>filed ticket (22691) with billing change request. Thanks Caker!
18:45<@caker>Oct 30 07:07:15 host24 dhcpd: DHCPOFFER on to fe:fd:40:3e:be:5f via br0
18:45<@caker>Oct 30 07:07:17 host24 dhcpd: DHCPREQUEST for ( from fe:fd:40:3e:be:5f via br0
18:45<@caker>Oct 30 07:07:20 host24 dhcpd: DHCPACK on to fe:fd:40:3e:be:5f via br0
18:46<@caker>(wasn't sure what timezone your node was set to)
18:46<JDM>it's set to UTC
18:46<@caker>ok, than that's the record
18:49<JDM>so host24 was just really slow responding to the original request? (i'm not sure what the server log means exactly, sorry never read them)
18:54<caffeinated>good night all.
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19:00<@caker>JDM: I can't say if it was slow to repond without a wider set of logs, but I suspect it was just a renewal handshake a while after reboot
19:09<JDM>caker: ok, i posted the full dhclient logs that i have for that reboot to the ticket
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19:33<linbot>New news from forums: http to https with authentication using .htaccess file in Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (LAMP) Forum <>
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19:45<maher>i'm looking at the new dns thingy - what does authoritative only mean?
20:15<@caker>maher: that the dns servers show up in whois for your domain -- those are the authoritative dns servers
20:21<maher>ok - lets see if i can switch over....
20:29<maher>are you very bored with nothing better to do than answer stupid questions about the dns thingy?
20:31|-|cmantito [] has quit [Quit: I aer quitted.]
20:40<@caker>it's a worthy pursuit. Ask away.
20:40<maher>umm - dig isn't giving me my A ip address back
20:43<maher>for the A record if I want to resolve to do i need <blank> as the hostname or as the hostname?
20:44|-|shrap [] has joined #linode
20:44<shrap>ops around?
20:45<maher>shrap: caker was here a minute ago...
20:45<shrap>im getting high ping and packet loss :/
20:46<maher>shrap: i'm fine at
20:47<shrap>its probally hh again
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20:49<Eman>argh HE has gone crazy again
20:49<shrap>ya he...
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20:51<fapestniegd> having issues?
20:51<taupehat>I should think so!
20:51<shrap>thats why im here...
20:51<fapestniegd>it's like clockwork
20:51<maher>have any of you guys used the new dns thingy?
20:51<taupehat>ping caker m
20:53<Eman>i swear, can always tell when im in a bad mood
20:53<@caker>already working on it
20:53<@caker>maher: still looking into that issue
20:54<maher>caker: sorry - i'm not trying to hassle you if you have more important things to do...
20:54<shrap>damn, if u had said so 2min earlier caker i wouldnt have opened a ticke, heh
20:56<lucca>HE datacenter here too, and we're takin water
20:56<@caker>maher: ahh:
20:56<@caker> A
20:57<@caker>no period, so it's actually
20:57<maher> comes back just fine... ;)
20:57<@caker>pretty sure that'd be a bug on my end
20:57<@caker>what did you enter into the field? Blank?
20:58<maher>caker: when i enter i get a result for
21:00<maher>caker: when i enter i get a blank in the host name entry in the web thing
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21:01<taupehat_>ow oy ouch!
21:01<taupehat_>anyone put a ticket in yet?
21:01<@caker>already on it
21:02<taupehat_>so caker can continue working, can someone else tell me what's known at this point?
21:02<shrap> sux
21:02<taupehat_>shrap: err, not so much as any other place. what's specifically happening?
21:02<@caker>it's not he's fault -- a Linode is a target of a DoS
21:02<@caker>we're working on getting it null routed
21:03<taupehat_>ah, that's what it felt like
21:03[~]taupehat_ wonders who pissed off a s'kiddie
21:12|-|Shrapnal [] has joined #linode
21:15|-|GhostXz [] has joined #linode
21:15<GhostXz>uh need help
21:15<GhostXz>my server is getting packeted.
21:15|-|JonR [] has joined #linode
21:16<JonR>GhostXz: they all are
21:16<JonR>well, linodes on HE, anyhow
21:16|-|shrap [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)]
21:17<GhostXz>any ideas where it was directed to though?
21:17|-|AnMaster [~AnMaster@] has joined #linode
21:17<AnMaster>ok wtf is going on?
21:18<AnMaster>we are being packeted
21:18<JonR>last word is DDoS
21:18|-|fish1209 [] has joined #linode
21:18<AnMaster>Oct 31 03:14:54 blaze kernel: martian source from, on dev eth0
21:18<AnMaster>Oct 31 03:14:54 blaze kernel: ll header: fe:fd:40:3e:be:70:00:b0:4a:6c:76:53:08:00
21:18<AnMaster>Oct 31 03:14:59 blaze kernel: NET: 299 messages suppressed.
21:18<JonR>caker's in contact with HE about it
21:18<JonR>yay martians
21:18<AnMaster>can someone explain what that means exactly
21:19<JonR>martians are packets that can't have come from any "terrestrial" source.
21:19<JonR>that is, the source address is non-routable.
21:20<@caker>better now?
21:20<Shrapnal>still getting high ping, but no packet loss
21:20<AnMaster>caker: nop
21:21<JonR>caker: it's coming and going for me, past five minutes
21:21<@caker>huh, looks perfect here
21:21<AnMaster>caker: still no response from it
21:21<Shrapnal>180pms ping
21:21<AnMaster>lost connection to it now even
21:22<GhostXz>caker, was it directed to any ip of a client or just the whole box?
21:22<AnMaster>can't reach it at all
21:22<@caker>a specific client -- they'll be notified
21:22|-|lucas [] has joined #linode
21:23<AnMaster>caker: us?
21:23<Shrapnal>so thoes of us that can access our box's are off the hook?
21:23<AnMaster>caker: anyway our linode seems down now
21:23<@caker>AnMaster: dunno, what's your username?
21:23<JonR>AnMaster: the source address there means it's a martian, since is a reserved class of IP addresses meaning "a host on this network"
21:23<GhostXz>caker, fish1209
21:23<AnMaster>caker: fish1209
21:23<AnMaster>JonR: yeah
21:23<@caker>Yes, you were the target
21:23<AnMaster>caker: ouch
21:23<AnMaster>caker: we can't get it
21:24<AnMaster>any longer
21:24<@caker>your IP has been null routed
21:24<@caker>you can still get in via Lisjh
21:24<AnMaster>caker: ok we got services on it
21:24<AnMaster>that host
21:24<AnMaster>irc services
21:24<AnMaster>we NEED them
21:24<JonR>that explains why you'd get DDoSed then...
21:24<AnMaster>well we are waiting to get them back thanks
21:25<synchk>AnMaster: Oh, what IRC Network do you run?
21:25<AnMaster>caker: well?
21:26<synchk>AnMaster: Isn't that a "hacker" IRC server?
21:26<synchk>Seems a bit shady. :/
21:26<@caker>AnMaster: well, what? -- that null route will stay in place until the traffic dies down
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21:26<JonR>I bet he wants a different IP
21:26<lucas>yeah, "dooms day hackers" or something
21:26<AnMaster>caker: that means a lot of problems for us
21:26<GhostXz>synchk, its my network, and there is a hacking channel on it, but its not a hacking network.
21:27<@caker>AnMaster: so does a DDoS into our network -- it affects everybody, which, obviously we can't have
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21:27<AnMaster>caker: true
21:27|-|taupehat [] has joined #linode
21:27<AnMaster>it just mean a hell of problems for us, why not simply block those martains?
21:27<AnMaster>or whatever they were called
21:27<JonR>your linode WAS blocking them.
21:28<JonR>it didn't help.
21:28<JonR>because it takes time to look at a packet
21:28<@caker>DDoS, too many to block
21:28<JonR>the only solution is to dump all the packets into /dev/null until the script kiddies give up
21:28<AnMaster>how long do you expect this to take?
21:28<AnMaster>anyway there is no way I could copy the services data files over to another host
21:29<AnMaster>now that the IP is unusable
21:29<AnMaster>that sucks
21:29<AnMaster>caker: tell me how to get the services data files off that host to another one?
21:30<JonR>yeah, you can get in through lish
21:30<AnMaster>but I can't scp to another host
21:30<JonR>you can do a poor-man's scp, I think.
21:30<JonR>using tar over ssh
21:30<Eman>his ip is null routed, he cant communicate anywhere - in or out
21:30<AnMaster>it uses screen
21:31<AnMaster>that is what I mean
21:31<AnMaster>inpossible in other words
21:31|-|AfterDeath [] has joined #linode
21:31<JonR>ah yes.
21:31<AnMaster>caker: well?
21:31<AnMaster>caker: can YOU help he get those service data files of it?
21:32<AnMaster>at least you could do that in my opinion
21:32<JonR>you could still do something involving base64ing, and catting over the screen
21:32<Eman>caker has better things to do then go digging for files... like cleaning up the mess from your attacks
21:32<GhostXz>caker, any ideas on who the attacker was?
21:32<AnMaster>he should help paying customers
21:33<JonR>he did. he helped all of us who were innocent bystanders and our linodes weren't working.
21:33<JonR>because your services were a target.
21:33<lucas>i'd say his first priority should be paying customers that don't land ddos on their servers
21:33<AnMaster>innocent? everyone is innocent
21:33<AnMaster>except the ones that DDoSed
21:33<JonR>if you don't know services are a common target, you shouldn't be allowed to run an irc network
21:33<AnMaster>with 2 servers on a network
21:34<AnMaster>you can't have a dedicated services server
21:34<Eman>you're getting ddos'd. wait a couple hours until its done, then ask for your ip to be re-routed
21:34<Shrapnal>should be easy to find out who did it then
21:34<AnMaster>Eman: "ask" for it? wouldn't they do that as soon as it is possible without us asking for it?
21:35<synchk>AnMaster: Just order a new IP...
21:35<Eman>yes, ask.
21:36<AnMaster>where is caker now then?
21:36<AnMaster>great support here...
21:36<@caker>sorry, what now?
21:37<synchk>AnMaster: He's busying fixing YOUR problem, dude.
21:37[~]caker reads scrollback
21:37<AnMaster>caker: well can YOU help he get those service data files of the host as we can't?
21:37<AnMaster>that is what I ask for
21:37<@caker>AnMaster: yes, we'll reroute your IP once the traffic is gone
21:37<@caker>You'll need to transfer them via Lish somehow, or grab another IP
21:37<AnMaster>caker: well I want the services data files to another host now, tell me how to do it
21:38<@caker>AnMaster: no
21:38<AnMaster>lish uses some stupid screen so you can't scp as far as I can see
21:38<AnMaster>caker: an ip in this case doesn cost money
21:38<@caker>AnMaster: that's a good reason not to get DDoSed then. There's nothing more I can do
21:38<AnMaster>doesn't* cost extra money right?
21:39<AnMaster>as we don't have one at all currently it seems
21:39<@caker>Correct, so does getting DDoSed
21:39<@caker>(to me)
21:39<@caker>you'll just have to wait, or purchase another IP in the meantime
21:39<AnMaster>caker: and how long do you expect it to take?
21:40<@caker>AnMaster: unknown, possibly 24 hrs, possibly a week
21:40<Shrapnal>find out whos doing it and ask them
21:40<AnMaster>caker: can I request ip change then?
21:41<@caker>AnMaster: purchase another IP and we'll remove the one that's being DDoSed once it's no longer useless to me (as it's nullrouted)
21:41<AnMaster>well time to start a fund raiser then...
21:41<JonR>feel entitlement much, AnMaster
21:41<AfterDeath>what does nullrouted mean?
21:41<Eman>fund raiser? its a frigging dollar for another ip
21:42<AnMaster>fish1209: can you handle it?
21:42<AnMaster>get another ip
21:42<AnMaster>don't update dns though
21:42<JonR>you can do it easy through the web interface
21:43<JonR>AfterDeath: it means all the packets are going straight to /dev/null
21:43<AfterDeath>excellent way to avoid a ddos?
21:44<lucas>there's an even better way to avoid a ddos
21:44<GhostXz>mm, how come there is no ddos migration?
21:44<synchk>lucas: Don't be script kiddies?
21:44<synchk>Because I think that's the best solution.
21:44|-|Raza [] has joined #linode
21:44<lucas>synchk: oh my, paranormal powAH in you
21:45<GhostXz>synchk, there are no script kitties, the hacking group on my network does nothing at all lol
21:45|-|kokoko [] has joined #linode
21:45<synchk>GhostXz: Which is why you were DDoS'd. For doing nothing at all.
21:45<Eman>all we can be sure of is that someone from your network pissed off someone with bots
21:46<Raza>Anyone know what the average time to get an order fulfilled is? I placed my order much earlier today.
21:46<GhostXz>some stupid tards want to get us fucked
21:46<AfterDeath>GhostXz: they are succeeding
21:46<GhostXz>they are spamming other networks saying to join that channel on my network
21:46<GhostXz>and its fucking bullshit
21:46<tierra>Raza: not long, I'm sure as soon as caker is done dealing with this DDoS, you'll get activated
21:47<lucas>eh, the only thing i know is that i got flooded by Zigara for a bit, if that's what your "no script kitties on my network" means
21:47<synchk>GhostXz: They're going around making a fool of your network?
21:47<@mikegrb>GhostXz: watch your language
21:47<Raza>tierra: Didn't know a DDoS was going on :(
21:47<Raza>That happen often?
21:48<tierra>Raza: not often, I've only heard of 2, maybe 3 this year, only 1 of which affected me
21:48<@mikegrb>Raza: weltymm?
21:49<@caker>maher: pretty sure I corrected the domain only bug. You might need to re-enter those A records
21:49<maher>caker: thanks - I'll clear everything out and start again....
21:50<AnMaster>fish1209: ask caker or mikegrb about that card thing
21:51|-|okokok [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:54<Raza>mikegrb: Yup, that's me :) Thanks a lot for the activation.
21:54<@mikegrb>no problem
21:54<@mikegrb>and apologies on the delay ;)
21:54<taupehat_>I love it when people run some ircnet, get themselves packeted, and then go "OMG For my $15/mo server, I expect Akamai DDOS protection!" Or whatever, meanwhile, ignoring the fact that the server admin was on the job within about five mintues of the attack starting
21:54<synchk>taupehat_: I know. :)
21:55<GhostXz>our 10$ shell has ddos migration.
21:55<taupehat_>$10 you mean?
21:55<Eman>veritynet = loltastic
21:55<JonR>then why not use that $10 shell for your services?
21:55<maher>caker: how long should the dns take to update itself? I'm still not getting an A for, but is workign fine....
21:55<JonR>since that's the part of the ircnet that's most often attacked
21:56<GhostXz>we would but we cant move the services over right now
21:56<taupehat_>look, I think caker did a nice job of being on the spot getting you all null-routed until the s'kiddies you play with get tired of packeting you, so everyone eles'e server starts working again
21:56<GhostXz>seeing as we cant copy the files.
21:56<GhostXz>i know
21:56<GhostXz>im not angry about this.
21:56<@caker>maher: They autogenerate every 60 minutes, but if you generate it yourself, the dns server reloads every 5 minutes
21:56<taupehat_>I'm more referring to AnMaster
21:56<GhostXz>yeah hes a bit.. crazy.
21:57[~]taupehat_ grumbles about crazy people bringing packet floods into the network he relies upon for his web/mail/etc
21:58|-|Raza [] has quit [Quit: Raza]
21:58<synchk>taupehat_: Yeah, IRC isn't really worth the hassle.
21:58<taupehat_>not when you allow children on the ircnet
21:59<taupehat_>(hint: grown-ups can use IRC just fine, as they don't find it "leet" to packet an entire network just to prove their capabilities)
21:59<@caker># nslookup
21:59<tierra>caker: getting anywhere with the DNS VAS?
22:00<@caker>tierra: yeah, it's in beta, ready to be tested
22:00|-|FireSlash [~FireSlash@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
22:00<tierra>with actual running name servers now?
22:00<tierra>I may want in on this
22:00<AfterDeath>if theres a situation that affects a lot of peoople
22:00<AfterDeath>two people should be punished
22:00<AfterDeath>the one causing the situation
22:01<AfterDeath>and the one that did something to cause someone to cause the situation
22:01<lucas>and the one whining enormously after creating the situation
22:01<AfterDeath>same person in this case
22:01<taupehat_>ok that's cold
22:01<taupehat_>even if funny
22:02<lucas>meh, they're punished enough by not having services, reverting to an old database, then learning why that's a bad idea
22:02<maher>caker: thanks! for some reason none of my nameservers in resolv.conf point to so I was just having lots of lag in the updates - sorry about that....
22:02<warewolf>back to work, finally.
22:03<@caker>maher: yeah, those nameservers shouldn't do recursive lookups, btw, so
22:03<warewolf>I get into my office and discover that my cubicle has been repurposed as a storage closet, one of my monitors has died, and someone decided my defcon fridge poetry magnets were offensive and removed them from my file cabinet.
22:04<Eman>warewolf: i hope you made heads roll for such desecration of a holy space
22:04<@caker>maher: either way, that's a bad idea (resolv.conf entry) long term, someone could feed you poisoned data
22:04<taupehat>warewolf: then you discovered a pink slip of paper in your inbox?
22:04<@caker>just fyi :)
22:04<warewolf>eman- heads will roll :)
22:04<warewolf>taupehat: naw, they need me desperately. I keep this place alive.
22:05<@caker>warewolf: time for a raise
22:05<warewolf>just got one.
22:06<warewolf>stupid xmodmap
22:06<AfterDeath>how long will anmaster's account be nullrouted?
22:06<warewolf>just got a 24% raise.
22:06<taupehat>warewolf: nice
22:06[~]taupehat just changed jobs, and his 2-week paycheck is about fifty bucks shy of his previous monthly check
22:06<warewolf>taupehat: I lost a lot in the process though, so .. I'm not entirely sure where I stand
22:06|-|Dreamr3 [] has joined #linode
22:06<warewolf>taupehat: wow, impressive
22:06|-|taupehat_ [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)]
22:07<taupehat>so I now make $150 a month =]
22:07<darkbeholder>i wish my pay check was larger
22:07<taupehat>warewolf: yeah, it was the big leap from the public sector to the private sector
22:07<darkbeholder>but then id probably actually have to work to earn my money instead of just studying full time :)
22:07<maher>caker: sorry - i thought the resolv.conf stuff came from dhcp - i seem to have theplanet's nameservers....
22:13|-|Dreamr_3 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:16|-|AnMaster_ [~AnMaster@] has joined #linode
22:33[~]warewolf sighs
22:33<warewolf>not enough caffiene.
22:34<GhostXz>caker, still geting loads of traffic?
22:59|-|VS_ChanLog [] has left #linode [Rotating Logs]
22:59|-|VS_ChanLog [] has joined #linode
23:02<erikh>jesus h. christ
23:03<erikh>anyone that "relies" on an irc network for any reason needs a physical head adjustment (perhaps shoulders, too)
23:04<erikh>warewolf: re: the script kiddie magnet that wrote earlier
23:04<lucas>erikh: either that, or learn to properly admin one :P
23:04|-|maher [] has quit [Quit: Client exiting]
23:05<erikh>lucas: perhaps, but if I had problems with my host and it could be traced back to an ircd, I wouldn't be running one anymore.
23:06<lucas>stop ruining my jokes with your "logic" and "reason"
23:08<warewolf>ok now I understand after reading my scroll back
23:11<synchk>lucas: Did you hear yet?
23:12<lucas>huh what's that?
23:14|-|JonR [] has left #linode [Leaving]
23:16<encode>you mean, irc isnt an essential service? like water and electricity?
23:16<encode>what kind of nerd are you?
23:21|-|spr [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:26|-|spr [] has joined #linode
23:33<erikh>encode: I drink my fair share of caffiene
23:33<erikh>irc is just, secondary.
23:34[~]erikh <3 greylisting
23:34<erikh>I implemented it at 4:10pm, last spam was at 3:50pm
23:34<erikh>(and yes, mail still works)
23:35<erikh>considering I got 62 spams between 10am and 3:50pm, I should have got at least one by now :)
23:56|-|GhostXz [] has left #linode []
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