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02:27[~]warewolf decides to install mediawiki at work
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09:11<Ciaran>On my Linode control panel, I'm seeing that my email address is currently bouncing, which may have been true for a bit due to the host being silly, but the address that it lists as trying to have used to send to me is gobbledegook, even though it's set correctly in my contact info and I've received emails from Linode before just fine.
09:12<Ciaran> is what I'm seeing. Does anyone know why it would do that?
09:14<@mikegrb>mmm cake
09:14<kvandivo>doing it for me too.. i'd ignore it if i were you.. i'm guessing it will fix itself once the cake or mikey read this
09:14<andrew_j_w>same for me
09:15<andrew_j_w>I'm sure caker or mikegrb will be on it soon :-)
09:20<Ciaran>Hmm. I'm thinking of upgrading my account to a higher level but I really don't need all the bandwith it offers. Is there any way to upgrade but with a lower bandwidth spec?
09:21<andrew_j_w>you can buy additional ram/disk space
09:21<andrew_j_w>but that's it
09:22<andrew_j_w>and you don't get better cpu contention
09:24<Ciaran>I wasn't going to do the additional RAM route, since there really wouldn't be much point.
09:24<Ciaran>Since prices for additional RAM are the same as if you just upgraded to the plan with that amount of RAM.
09:24<Ciaran>I've never been quite sure why.
09:25<Ciaran>Thanks, though. :D
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09:43<erikh>Ciaran: unless things have changed, upgrading ram would just add more ram to your system - upgrading plans will likely result in a migration
09:43[~]erikh did it once, which is why he's saying that
09:43[~]erikh also likes talking in the third person
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09:44[~]timber does as well
09:45<Ciaran>Hee. Well, it won't just *likely* result in a migration, it definitely will, because of the way upgrading works.
09:45<Ciaran>But I mean... it still isn't that different.
09:45<Ciaran>I actually mused about this in a mailing list I have set up for people who I let use some services of the box, heh.
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11:08<miquel>I've a question about the payment.. can anyone helpme
11:09<miquel>I've seen in my profile that today is my "Next Payment Due Date"
11:10<miquel>It will be charged automatically?
11:11<miquel>Or I have to pay again.
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11:18<heidi>miquel: it is automatic
11:19<miquel>ok perfect... I payed with visa... and I didnt want loose a month of work xD
11:20<miquel>so I dont have to do anything will be charged monthly automatically,isnt?
11:20<kvandivo>luckily, though, since you have full backups stored on the external site of your choosing, you wouldn't really lose an entire months worth though, right?
11:20<miquel>yes but I dont know how to backup a linode box :-(
11:21<kvandivo> isn't a bad place to start, then
11:22<miquel>ok cool!
11:23<kvandivo>Backups: you've either been burned by not having them.... or you will be.
11:24<miquel>do you think if it will be possible to do a rdiffbackup to an Osx ¿?
11:25<kvandivo>i'd say there's a high probability that would work... just might require slightly more legwork tracking down the package
11:27<miquel>ok thanks
11:29<kvandivo>so it's already in Fink
11:29<kvandivo>and mac ports.. or you can just use the source
11:30<miquel>really interesting...
11:30<miquel>I'll make it work tonight...
11:30<kvandivo>that's the PMA we like to see!
11:31<miquel>PMA ?
11:31<miquel>kvandivo it's a python application ?
11:33<miquel>in catalan we say qllonut
11:39<miquel>but do you backup everything with this?
11:40<kvandivo>umm... i do... for the most part.. probably exclude /proc and a few things like that
11:40<kvandivo>haven't looked at my config for a while
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11:44<miquel>ok but. for what I nderstand, I need that application on both sides,isnt?
11:45<miquel>ok. and it uses the ssh scp to do the work,isnt ?
11:46<miquel>ok. perfect. then I can use the ssh tunnel xD
11:46<miquel>portknocking and all the stuff
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12:32<linbot>New news from forums: general xen status wrt linode in Xen Public Beta <>
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13:22<linbot>caker: More Voting Shenanigans in Florida <> || Google Advertising Tools <> || Bomb Explodes At PayPal Headquarters <> || NPR Finds XM's Achilles Heel (4 more messages)
13:23<@caker>bombs at paypal. great.
13:31[~]kvandivo is reminded of the yuletide classic It's Christmas At Ground Zero
13:33<linbot>New news from forums: "the state of the linode" in General Discussion <>
13:40<erikh>heh, maybe paypal will start allowing chargebacks now
13:40[~]timber chuckles under his breath
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13:50[~]warewolf laughs at forums post
13:50<warewolf>"Dear $company, how do you intend to stay afloat?"
13:50<warewolf>some people are absolutely clueless and rude
13:51<erikh>oh jesus
13:51[~]erikh cackles with laughter
13:52<warewolf>ahha that was good
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14:23<dmGremlin>any admins in tha house?
14:24<SpaceHobo>technically, all customers of linode are admins of one sort or another
14:27<dmGremlin>hmm. well, maybe someone could answer this tech question then...
14:27<dmGremlin>if I were running an internet radio station on a linode, what is that maximum number of clients that could connect to a 128kbps data stream?
14:29<kvandivo>1 to infinity-1
14:30<kvandivo>if you want them to all have a pleasant experience, refer to and the chart of bandwidth with a node
14:30<kvandivo>and never assume more than about half of theoretical peak. :)
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18:24<james889>my linode had been found on off mode lately, and not when i boot it i get a success but it shows as off
18:24<james889>anyone have any ideas?
18:25<james889>i'm running a mandrake 9.1 small setup, which has been running fine for a year until about 6 weeks ago
18:25<@caker>/sbin/init: error while loading shared libraries: /tmp/ file too short
18:25<@caker>Kernel panic: Attempted to kill init!
18:25<@caker>james889, that's your bootup log from Lish
18:26<warewolf>that's not a good sign
18:26<@caker>looks like a perl-suid exploit
18:26<warewolf>lish is the virtual "console" to your linode
18:27<warewolf>guh, why do people install suidperl it's a bad idea
18:27<warewolf>why do DISTROS even continue to package it
18:28<@caker>cmon coldfusion mailspool -- you can do it!
18:28<warewolf>isn't CF entirely java backed now adays?
18:29<@caker>it is, all j2ee like, too -- but not until a after the version I use
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18:31<james889>ok, i ssh'ed into the lish, (i didn't realize you could do that while it was off)
18:31<@caker>james889: logview will show you your last boot logs
18:32<james889>yep, i'm there thanks
18:45<james889>i got /sbin/init: error while loading shared libraries: /tmp/ file too short
18:45<james889>thr same thing posted above
18:51<james889>anyone know what that is? i'm not finding much on the forum
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18:57<dark>/tmp/ file too short error is preventing my linode from booting
18:58<dark>anyone know of an article or way to remedy it?
18:59<warewolf>you're the second person to have this problem
19:00<@caker>(same person)
19:00<warewolf>nevermind then
19:00<warewolf>I was about to get worried
19:01<dark>i'm james89 whatever, someone mentioned it too as I signed in
19:01<dark>i switched pcs
19:02<dark>who was the other persn that had the problem?
19:02<dark>did they leave?
19:02<warewolf>no you're the only person
19:04<dark>i guess someone looked at my log file
19:05<warewolf>caker is one of the linode admins, yes he can look at your console log, just like you can via lish
19:05<dark>thanks caker
19:05[~]warewolf petpets dark
19:05<dark>thats a temp file, maybe i can jjust delete it
19:06<@caker>my guess is someone rooted your box
19:06<warewolf>someone rooted your box
19:06<@caker>replaced /sbin/init and likely a bunch of other stuff
19:06<@caker>time to reinstall, sorry
19:06<warewolf>you need to find out how, and fix it
19:06<warewolf>that too
19:06<dark>i was hacked huh
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20:19<taupehat>caker: ping (911ish)
20:42<@caker>taupehat: pong
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