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00:15<@caker>business up front, party in the back
00:18<taupehat>hey caker
00:18<taupehat>since you're around
00:18<@caker>mm hmm?
00:18<taupehat>do you see any unusual activity on host56?
00:18<@caker>well, I restarted xend, since it was hung up
00:18<taupehat>I'm getting terrible shell meltdowns right now
00:18<@caker>how so?
00:19<taupehat>locks up hard
00:19<taupehat>I can reconnect immediately
00:19<taupehat>but then it goes (just did it again)
00:19<@caker>how about to the host?
00:19<taupehat>you mean lish?
00:20<@caker>seems fine here
00:21<taupehat>I'll stick with this connection for a while
00:21<taupehat>see what happens
00:32<taupehat>so far so good
00:32<taupehat>next time I think of getting upset when my daughter makes a mess
00:32<taupehat>I'll just remember that she didn't do that
00:32[~]taupehat nods to erikh for giving him the link
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03:08<gpd>filthy packet loss
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03:17<kandinski>so I installed a debian image in my linode account and promtly forgot my root password
03:17<kandinski>I am trying to clobber it with a new image, but now the control panel tells me I have 0 space left
03:18<gpd>delete the old image and create a new one?
03:19<kandinski>ok, deleted
03:19<kandinski>I didn't find the option to delete
03:19<kandinski>I guess this is why this channel is logged... so people think twice before looking like asses for Google and beyond
03:20<gpd>I wouldn't worry
03:22<kandinski>who here works for linode?
03:22<gpd>caker: and mikegrb
03:22<kandinski>caker and mikegrb have the op badg
03:23<gpd>but it is late for them
03:23<gpd>in fact - it is late for me...
03:24<kandinski>oh, they are in US and work only on US hours?
03:25<gpd>they are in US but work when required ;)
03:25<gpd>if you have a serious issue and put in a ticket you might get lucky
03:26<gpd>what providers did you look at before deciding on linode?
03:42<kandinski>I have a friend on linode who said was very happy
03:42<kandinski>so I didn't look much, really
03:49<kandinski>are you happy with it?
03:49<gpd>yes - very much so - but competition is heating up
03:50<gpd>but caker is good about upgrade treats :)
03:50<gpd>anyway - i'm heading to bed -- bye
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04:41<Shermozle>Hmmm, looks like my linode just crashed :(
04:41<Shermozle>Oh well, last reboot was 21st Sept :)
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14:04<sime>Hi, Trying to the the DNS feature on If I want to point to my linode IP, firstly I need to put linode namesevers in my domain registrar, and then put in an A record ?
14:05<@caker>sime: correct
14:05<sime>so I should have two a records ? and ?
14:05<@caker>that would work
14:06<sime>Hrm, once the NS has been proagated, A records can be changed on the fly ?
14:07<@caker>You can make changes, yes, although they'll be some delay while nameservers pick up the changes
14:08<AnMaster>how long is the TTL?
14:08<sime>hrm default I think
14:09<sime>okay, when I dig I only see question section and authority section. Is that a complete record? Digging other domains show's there should be an answer section
14:09<sime>yes TTL default
14:09<AnMaster>and that is?
14:10<AnMaster>1 hour?
14:11<sime>Sorry TTL of the A record ? The option is default, assuming 1 hour as its next on the list
14:18<sime>Well thanks for trying to give me a hand, I really have much of an idea for DNS. I'll have to try this later.
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15:58<marc_in_lux>good evening
15:59<marc_in_lux>I have a very weird problem - can't get through to my linode any more from home. traceroute dies at 17 (
15:59<marc_in_lux>from the office it does work - don't have traceroute though to check the path
15:59<marc_in_lux>my linode is
16:01<Eman>dies at the same place for me
16:01<marc_in_lux>thanks for trying, Eman
16:02<kvandivo>hanging for me after 11 (
16:02<marc_in_lux>at lease it's not me... my ISP had bad DNS trouble over the last couple days. Thought I was missing something...
16:02<kvandivo>ahh.. second traceroute is making it to pos8-0
16:03<marc_in_lux>caker, mikegrb... ?
16:03<Eman> keeps dropping out for me
16:04<marc_in_lux>yep, that's what I see
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16:06<Eman>im getting this nice mess too
16:06<Eman> 7 26 ms 35 ms 54 ms
16:06<Eman> 8 * * * Request timed out.
16:06<Eman> 9 457 ms 398 ms 454 ms []
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17:03<jcox>any way to schedule an account cancellation prior to next bill?
17:03<jcox>hi all
17:04<jcox>I have a linode that's paid up until dec 1... would like to receive no more bills for it, but keep it until this month is up.
17:05<jcox>It was not clear from looking at the account cancellation page if the account would just die then and there.... or if it would keep things unti the billing cycle was over.
17:06<kvandivo>it will die when you cancel it.
17:06<@mikegrb>mmm cake
17:06<kvandivo>seems like in the past they've had people submit a ticket to do what you are asking.. but only the cake or mike can actually say
17:06<jcox>How can i make it die at end of billing cycle instead? any way to do that?
17:07<tierra>I thought there was a checkbox you could un-check or something... I've never canceled, so yeah, I dunno ;)
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17:38<linbot>New news from forums: Game Server in General Discussion <>
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18:27<erikh>phpbb signup pwnt by greylisting
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19:06<miquel>can anyone helpme with rdiff-backup?
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20:01<taupehat_>did host56 fall over?
20:02<taupehat_>ping caker mikegrb
20:02[~]taupehat_ gets home, starts checking email, and bam!
20:02<taupehat_>no more host
20:02<@caker>yup, doing the upgrade now..
20:02<taupehat_>lol, ok
20:02<@caker>but first, it paniced :)
20:02<taupehat_>webapp shows my host running
20:03<taupehat_>running in circles from the sounds of it =]
20:03[~]taupehat_ wanders off to make dinner
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20:04<erikh>taupehat_: it's all your fault
20:04<taupehat_>oh of course it is
20:04[~]taupehat_ actually really wanders off to make dinner
20:04<erikh>well that's the only logical conclusion
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20:20<taupehat_>caker: how's it coming along?
20:20<@caker>still compiling
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20:29<taupehat_>lish got killed...
20:30[~]taupehat_ is hopeful - there were some kind of important emails there
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20:33<Eman>anyone looked at dd-wrt for x86 at all?
20:33<gpd>don't suppose anyone has a logcheck rulefile for dropbear ?
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20:38<hallow>anyone else experiencing problems with the xennode? I couldn't connect to mine, isued a reboot, and it's still sitting in the queue
20:38<taupehat_>it's down
20:38<taupehat_>caker is upgrading xen I think
20:39<hallow>ah. I just got a failed message in the job queue.
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20:40<taupehat_>I'm in
20:40<taupehat_>life is good
20:41<miquel>anyone has used rdiff-backup in an ubuntu box?
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22:34<efudd> Out of Business due to Multiple Sony Lawsuits
22:34<efudd>Tue Oct 24 2006 21:58:51 Hong Kong Time - Corporate Info
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