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02:35<stocksy>Is anyone from the linode staff in here?
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03:27<jasonpowell>chris are you there?
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03:33<jasonpowell_>does anyone know how long it takes for a new linode account to be activated, signed up like 3 hours ago and still nothing?
03:39<chris>Keep in mind caker is EST
03:39<chris>Doing something at midnight shouldn't except and instant account verification
03:44<jasonpowell_>so he has to manually validate new accounts?
03:44<chris>It would seem foolish to automatically approve new clients
03:45<jasonpowell_>after they have paid and been given an invoice
03:46<jasonpowell_>but whatever im an impatient bastard haha
03:50<stocksy>is there anybody from linode that can help me with a billing question?
03:56<jasonpowell_>does anyone know of any sites that have good tutorials on setting up an email server?
04:06<jasonpowell_>is the billing question something that i could possibly answer?
04:07<chris>Again, it's some ungodly est hour, come back later
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13:28<jasonpowell>hello, i just set up a new linode account and set it to use ubuntu and was wondering how do i install X and vncserver?
13:29<jasonpowell>i tried apt-get install vncserver is this not correct?
13:35<@caker>jasonpowell: apt-cache search vnc
13:35<@caker>I think it's vnc-server (guessing)
13:39<jasonpowell>and whats the command to start a new screen and also to attach to that screen if it has been detatched?
13:45<jasonpowell>nevermind i got it
14:18<chris>screen -dr?
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14:57<stocksy>hello, any linode staff here?
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15:06<@caker>stocksy: hello
15:07<stocksy>hi caker, I'm sorry to pester you on irc, but I'm chasing a refund and I've not had much joy through email/snail mail
15:07<@caker>stocksy: ok, I can help -- what was the username?
15:08<stocksy>username was stocksy
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15:13<@caker>stocksy: all set
15:13<stocksy>thanks a lot :)
15:13<@caker>thank you
15:13<stocksy>I hope I can get another linode in the future
15:21<jasonpowell>what was the args for rpm again chris
15:22<@caker>rpm -Uvh $url_of_yum_package_for_your_version
15:22<jasonpowell>error: Failed dependencies: /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/elementtree is needed by /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/urlgrabber is needed by /usr/lib64/python2.4/site-packages/rpm is needed by /usr/lib64/python2.4/site-packages/sqlite is needed by /usr/lib64/python2.4/site-packages/ is needed by yu
15:22<jasonpowell>are these all in one package?
15:23<jasonpowell>jus python?
15:23<@caker>jasonpowell: is this our fedora disk image?
15:23<@caker>because apt and yum should already be installed
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15:59<jasonpowell>no its not
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18:30<jasonpowell>if i have kdebase installed i should be able to ssh into my linode and do startx correct?
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18:34<sime>In the DNS manager, is it valid to have a blank hostname for an A record (trying to make valid). Then CNAME hostname be 'www' which aliases to ?
18:36<orospakr>jasonpowell, no.
18:36<jasonpowell>set up an A record to point to the ip address
18:36<orospakr>startx is for starting an x server.
18:37<jasonpowell>so what do i need to do to be able to run an kde from the linode
18:37<jasonpowell>then set up a cname for www that points to
18:37<orospakr>jasonpowell, ssh -X in and run kdeinit.
18:37<orospakr>something like that.
18:38<orospakr>although why you'd want to run KDE on a linode is beyond me...
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18:40<sime>jasonpowell, if I put in hostname, and IP address in IP field, press submit, hostname is black, it only sticks if there is an subdomain i.e, which would hold 'www'
18:48<@caker>sime: blank hostname is ok, the end result will be that has an IP
18:49<sime>caker, Is that the correct way of doing it ?
18:49<sime>like, does have a black A record hostname so people can get to ?
18:50<jasonpowell>this is how the records should be 43200 CNAME
18:51<jasonpowell>and 600 A
18:51<jasonpowell>numbers are ttl
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18:52<jasonpowell>make sence?
18:53<sime>like this ?: NS
18:53<sime> NS
18:53<sime> A 123.456.789.123
18:53<sime>www CNAME
18:53<sime>using the generate link
18:55<@caker>sime: might be easier just to add another A record for www pointing to the IP
18:55<sime>does order matter ?
18:55<@caker>sime: the way it looks now, your cname is missing a period on the end, so your CNAME actually points to
18:56<sime>So CNAME alias requires trialing period ?
18:58<jasonpowell>caker how do i set it up so i can tunnel in with ssh and then do a startx that would start kde so it would kind of be like i was using a "workstation"
18:59<jasonpowell>im using fedora core 2 on my linode
18:59<sime>jasonpowell, ssh -X ?
19:00<jasonpowell>Fatal server error:
19:00<jasonpowell>xf86OpenConsole: Cannot find a free VT
19:01<jasonpowell>and i also get this error: XIO: fatal IO error 104 (Connection reset by peer) on X server ":0.0"
19:01<jasonpowell> after 0 requests (0 known processed) with 0 events remaining.
19:01<jasonpowell>Couldnt get a file descriptor referring to the console
19:02<sime>never actually tried startx, but normal X apps work ? like xcalc ?
19:02<jasonpowell>i think i tried but lemme make sure
19:03<jasonpowell>it says cannot connect to X server
19:03<sime>and you connected with -X flag ?]
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19:04<jasonpowell>all knowing god aka caker any suggestions?
19:05<sime>try export DISPLAY=localhost:0.0 or something similar
19:07<sime>are you on windows or linux (desktop)
19:10<jasonpowell>OS X
19:11<jasonpowell>using X11 xterm
19:11<jasonpowell>and osx terminal
19:11<jasonpowell>(tried both)
19:11<jasonpowell>now i got a new error after setting the path
19:12<jasonpowell>bunch of these errors: X Error: BadAtom (invalid Atom parameter) 5
19:12<jasonpowell> Major opcode: 20
19:12<jasonpowell> Minor opcode: 0
19:12<jasonpowell> Resource id: 0xa6
19:12<sime>you have an X server running ?
19:13<sime>you have any local linux boxes you can test this on ?
19:13<jasonpowell>not right now
19:15<sime>maybe its, DISPLAY=localhost:10.0
19:16<sime>and X11Forwarding is to be set in /etc/ssh/sshd_config
19:19<jasonpowell>it says its doing x forwarding
19:20<sime>yeah, DISPLAY should be set to localhost:10.0
19:21<jasonpowell>ok did that and am still geting those errors as before
19:22<jasonpowell>ive done this before like a year ago when i had my last linode and i dont remeber it being this hard
19:22<sime>sorry dude, cant help
19:23<jasonpowell>i remember now that you said it to enable X11Forwarding to be set int /etc/ssh/sshd_config
19:23<jasonpowell>are u on linux
19:23<jasonpowell>why dont u try going in
19:23<jasonpowell>i set up a user test
19:23<jasonpowell>password trinity
19:23<sime>ya okay
19:25<jasonpowell>if ur able to do it ill know its something with my local copy of X
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