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00:11<warewolf>tasaro-- # using shareware
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03:41<linbot>New news from forums: Alternatives to MediaWiki + Wordpress + Coppermine + phpBB in General Discussion <>
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10:08<erikh>someone gave out a host, username, and password to a machine last night?
10:08<erikh>what a f'n moron
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10:13<timber>anybody here this morning?
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13:00<gpd>thought: is there anything similar to open from OSX for debian?
13:00[~]timber shrugs
13:01<gpd>it's not an easy thing to search for and get waht you want...
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16:47<jasonpowell>hey everyone i was wondering if anyone could help me with a sendmail question
16:51<jasonpowell>i setup sendmail to use authentication with define(`confAUTH_OPTIONS', `A p y')dnl
16:51<jasonpowell>and then TRUST_AUTH_MECH(`LOGIN PLAIN')dnl
16:51<jasonpowell> define(`confAUTH_MECHANISMS', `LOGIN PLAIN')dnl
16:51<jasonpowell>and when i test it out its very very slow
16:52<jasonpowell>but when i dont have the "y" in there (prohibit annoynomous logins) and have my mail client not use auth its fast
16:52<jasonpowell>does anyone know why this would be?
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18:43<linbot>New news from forums: welcomes Tom Asaro in Announcements <>
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18:58<jasonpowell>hey chris
18:58[~]fo0bar celebrates by continuing to work on finnix
18:58<jasonpowell>do u know why my mail is doing that?
18:59<@caker>jasonpowell: no ideas, sorry
18:59<fo0bar>jasonpowell: my answer is "don't use sendmail", but that's just me :)
18:59<fo0bar>and that doesn't really help
19:00<jasonpowell>what do you like?
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19:18[~]gpd welcomes tasaro
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20:12<JonR>I can't reach my linode on host17, and the traceroute dies at Anyone know what that is?
20:20<@caker>JonR: ip?
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20:30<JonR>nm, it just started working again.
20:30<JonR>(if you did something, thanks)
20:31<erikh>jasonpowell: what are you using for sasl?
20:31<erikh>I can guarantee all that time there is being spent finding sasl
20:31<erikh>if you're smart, you're using saslauthd
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20:53[~]linbot dispenses pumpkin pie
20:56<linbot>New news from forums: Reboot: host49 in System and Network Status <>
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21:02<npmr>linbot, roulette
21:02<linbot>npmr: *click*
21:07<guinea-pig>linbot: roulette
21:07<linbot>guinea-pig: *click*
21:08<fo0bar>linbot: roulatte
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21:08<fo0bar>soy milk, double shot
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21:28<npmr>linbot, roulette
21:28<@linbot>npmr: *click*
21:38<tierra>caker: I've got a TXT SPF record imported to the DNS manager that isn't working
21:51<warewolf>do I detect a new linode employee?
21:53<tierra>caker: after using 'generate' for the first time, it looks like your stuff converted the entry from ["v=spf1 a mx ~all"] to ["%22v%3Dspf1%20a%20mx%20%7Eall%22"] ... some drawback to urlencoding?
21:54<warewolf>oh ick
21:54<tierra>if I set it using the DNS manager without quotes, I still get ["v%3Dspf1%20a%20mx%20%7Eall"]
22:09<@caker>tierra: yeah, known issue ... it arose from my inability to find out how bind prefers to escape quotes, and thus I broke it completely
22:09<warewolf>I'm pretty sure it's backslash.
22:09<warewolf>becuase that's hwo you escape a . in an email address in the SOA record
22:10<@caker>warewolf: just single quotes? I think I recall it enclosed in singles
22:10<@caker>granted, I should just try these things
22:10<warewolf>eg if my email address was, the SOA record would be richard\
22:10<@caker>tierra: one sec and I'll change it
22:10<warewolf>caker- try just using a backslash, I bet it will work
22:11<tierra>I don't have quotes in my SPF record though (that I submitted the second time)
22:12<tierra>should '=' be translated to '%3D'?
22:12<tierra>and space, etc...
22:13<@caker>no, I'm fixing it
22:13<@caker>one moment
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22:22<@caker>tierra: ok .. click on generate and it should be fixed
22:23<tierra>excellent, you should probably also double check that AXFR import accounts for the double quotes (my domains I haven't played with imported with double quotes)
22:25<tierra>I'll re-import one of mine to check
22:29<tierra>caker: yeah, it's still double quoting
22:29<tierra>so my records come out looking like this:
22:29<tierra>TXT"\"v=spf1 a mx ~all\""
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22:37<warewolf>man I had no idea how much work it is setting up a mediawiki
22:37<warewolf>well, lemme rephrase.
22:38<warewolf>installing it is a snap
22:38<warewolf>actually making it useable is a whole world of trouble
22:38<tierra>warewolf: try doing it on a webserver ;)
22:38<warewolf>no thank you
22:38<tierra>hehe, it's such a joke
22:39<warewolf>I got tired of wikitikitavi bugs (I just *LOVE* it when it decides to eat a long winded post, and turn it into binary gook)
22:39<warewolf>but now I have to learn wikimedia markup, and how it "works"
22:40<warewolf>like the namespaces and categories and stuff.
22:40<tierra>I've got a majority of that stuff down... I love MediaWiki, but hate it at the same time
22:41<warewolf>is there a way you can turn on StudlyCapLinks ?
22:41<tierra>yes, one sec, lemme find the variable
22:42<tierra>$wgCapitalLinks = false;
22:42<tierra>err, actually, that's something else, I think I misunderstood you
22:43<tierra>were you talking about forcing camel-case titles?
22:43<warewolf>automatically making camel case into links
22:43<warewolf>no need to [[link]] them
22:44<tierra>ok, I think we are talking about two different things
22:44<warewolf>it might not support it, I don't know
22:44<tierra>yeah, I don't think it supports that
22:45<tierra>just to clear this up, $wgCapitalLinks = false; will turn off the forced capital first letter for all articles
22:45<tierra>basically, a linke to [[linode]] won't resolve to the article "Linode", it makes the first character case sensitive
22:48<tierra>If you run into articles on Wikipedia like iFolder, that's the reason it says "The correct title of this article is iFolder. The initial letter is shown capitalized due to technical restrictions."
22:49<warewolf>right, I've seen that beofre
22:51<tierra>I run the wxWiki (, and probably almost half the articles start with 'wx' which needs to be lower case, but because of MediaWiki, it imported to 'Wx', it's annoying, I thought maybe you had some similar issue
22:51<warewolf>a weather wiki?
22:51<tierra>na, for wxWidgets
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23:14<tierra>it really is too bad the Enlightenment team has no intentions of playing with some of the stuff Beryl is doing, I think it would make for an awesome combination, but there's no way I could jump into Enlightenment code and play with it myself
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