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00:25<@caker> <-- hmm
00:28<encode>hmm, webalizer seems to depend on the following packages:
00:28<encode>dmidecode laptop-detect libfreetype6 libgd2-noxpm libx11-6 libxau6 libxpm4 x11-common
00:28<encode>why the heck does webalizer need laptop-detect????
00:28<encode>and x11-common?
00:28<encode>what the heck is going on there
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00:35<gpd>delayed 37564 seconds by postgrey-1.24 at [hmm... ]
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01:11<NigelJ>my problems with lish seem to be Telecom related, not actual issuse with linode
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01:23<kioma>host56 down?
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01:27<AnMaster>host59 down?
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01:28<kioma>host56 seems down
01:28<AnMaster>host59 seems down as well to me
01:29<AnMaster>that is I can't even ssh in to lish
01:29<kioma>same, can't ssh into host56 lish
01:29<AnMaster>nor can I ssh into my linnode on host59
01:30<AnMaster>caker, ^
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01:31<@mikegrb>network issues with HE, we're on it
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01:32<AnMaster>ok, no need to open support tickit then
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01:33<AnMaster>mikegrb, but how can that affect us, shows you use several backbones
01:33<prb>My host appears hung; anyone else having similar issues? (no HTTP, no ssh, no response to "reboot" via console)
01:33<@mikegrb>wrong datacenter
01:33<AnMaster>ah ok
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01:34<@mikegrb>the other one has multiple links as well
01:34<@mikegrb>but there are still failure points
01:34<AnMaster>Host servers host1 through host8, and host27 and up are located at ThePlanet's Dallas, Texas data-center facility. From there, our switches connect to ThePlanet's core network via multiple 100Mbps Fast Ethernet links (using HSRP), again for load balancing and redundancy.
01:34<AnMaster>and this is host59
01:34<@mikegrb>yes, that is a bit old
01:34<AnMaster>"Host servers host9 through host26 are located at Hurricane Electric's Freemont datacenter."
01:34<@mikegrb>host56 and up are at HE
01:34<@mikegrb>the didn't exist at that time
01:35<@mikegrb>apologies for the confusion
01:35<prb>Answers my Q -- I'm on 57.
01:35<AnMaster>(maybe time to update it when you fixed the problem)
01:38<NigelJ>hmmm, 9 through 26 are on a different HE datacenter or something?
01:38<NigelJ>(compared to 56+)
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01:44<@linbot>New news from forums: Network Switch problem affecting hosts 56-60. in System and Network Status <>
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01:59<EtherMage> SSH connection to my Linode on host14 just dropped and connections are timing out both to the host and my node's SSH server.
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02:02<EtherMage>hmm, it's back now
02:03<EtherMage>looks like the 'net dropped out for a sec on the remote end
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02:03<Thistle>Hi all, network troubles at the DC?
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02:04<Thistle>wonderin if I need to reboot my node or if it's network issues
02:04<prb>What's your node #?
02:04<Thistle>doh nm looks like it's back
02:04<prb>Just came back. :)
02:05<Thistle>take care all
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02:20<warewolf>oh lovely.
02:21<warewolf>someone who reads the linode planet (rss aggregator) sent me fan-mail.
02:22[~]tierra raises his hand
02:22<tierra>it was me ;)
02:23<warewolf>1) how did you find my gmail address
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02:23<warewolf>2) I host my own images 8-)
02:24<warewolf>3) ok fine, I'll frob my anti-hotlinking to allow the linode planet site
02:24<tierra>1) it's on the front page of your website
02:24<tierra>2) I was making reference for the sites your blog is aggregated on
02:25<tierra>3) excellent, cuz that's just kind of annoying while reading planet linode
02:27<tierra>I was actually more annoyed that everywhere I could find your post, the image was replaced, and it was making me very curious what the image was
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02:35<warewolf>tierra: go to, and click the little mushroom on the bottom right.
02:36<warewolf>tierra: that wallpaper is the entire reason why I have that anti-hotlinking config set up. People all over myspace were using it as the background of their myspace. So I fixed them right up :)
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02:40<tierra>warewolf: nice
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03:30<prb>Any word on that network outage?
03:31<prb>I'm still getting dead air with my host.
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06:42<brc>2/whois bonny
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13:40<manithree>Quick question (I think). I've played with OpenVZ and Xen, but this is my first experience with UML.
13:40<manithree>Can I use iptables to firewall my UML linode?
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14:01<AnMaster>manithree, I use iptables on my linode
14:23<NigelJ>hmmm, i think lish is gonna be handy for firewalling
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15:03<LunaticFringe>hey all, anyone here know what's goin on with host8? it's being really "finicky" this morning
15:04<@caker>LunaticFringe: I'll have a look
15:04<LunaticFringe>ta caker
15:04<LunaticFringe>hm, i open my big mouth, and the load goes down
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16:22<@caker>HP ProCurve 2848 .. comments?
16:31<encode>i'd comment, if i knew what it was
16:31<kvandivo>sexy name
16:48<AnMaster>HP ProCurve 2848
16:49<AnMaster> <-- that thing?
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17:04<fo0bar>caker: while I've personally had no experience with them, in my corner of the world, "procurve" is a swear word
17:05<@caker>fo0bar: cisco elitists?
17:06<fo0bar>caker: maybe, but I've just heard a lot of horror stories about HP gear crapping out
17:07<encode>im no network engineer, so i cant really offer any useful info
17:08<encode>other than at my previous job at a multinational, the network gear was all nortel
17:08<@caker>hmm .. 2960G-48TC is slightly more expensive, but less than I expected
17:08<iggy>I've never used the 2848, but we have a couple of clients that use procurve gear and have never had any trouble
17:09<@caker> shows only $600 difference in price
17:10<fo0bar>most of my experience has been with cisco. while I could name a page full of cisco gripes, I like the common interface for (nearly) all products
17:10<@caker> <-- nice product page
17:10<fo0bar>if you've used a cisco switch, you can likely easily configure a cisco router
17:10[~]iggy coughs *pix*
17:11<fo0bar>iggy: ("nearly") ;)
17:11<fo0bar>there's also catos, which I don't think is being used on any cisco gear anymore
17:12<fo0bar>and the CSS stuff *looks* like IOS, but isn't really and has suble differences
17:12<iggy>these dual-purpose ports seem to be popping up on everything these days... not a fan, especially when they don't autoconfigure themselves
17:13[~]iggy flips off prosafe switches
17:13<fo0bar>the pix would be a great firewall/router if only they got rid of the concept of "levels"
17:13<fo0bar>just let me set up interfaces and define ACLs between them, damnit
17:16<@caker>fo0bar: have you ever seen a mac/address table full on a switch?
17:17<fo0bar>caker: nope, but I know it happens
17:17<@caker>curious what the effect is. I'd imaging lots of ARPing, but not anything noticeable unless there's a LOT more MACs than the table size
17:18<Eman>too many macs? wouldnt it start to just act like a huge hub at that point?
17:18<@caker>broadcasting everything? likely.
17:18<iggy>don't most switches allow something like 16k mac entries?
17:19<@caker>that $3,500 gige cisco switch has an 8k table size
17:19<@caker>the HP is 16k entries
17:20<@caker>my (oldish) ciscos are around 4k
17:20<iggy>still, 4k clients on one network doesn't sound like the best idea to me
17:21<Eman>16k entries... that'd be one bigass laggy network
17:21<@caker>But that's only 400 Linode hosts and 40 nodes on each!!
17:22<iggy>that still sounds like a bad idea
17:22<@caker>I kid
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17:33<@caker>hello adamg
17:35<@linbot>New news from forums: Some way to provide A record for domain itself in DNS Manager Beta <>
17:45<encode>hmm, mac/address tables being full
17:45<encode>that gives me an idea
17:45<encode>the network in our customer's DC is soo slow
17:45<encode>and its got heaps of equipment in there
17:45<encode>maybe the mac table is full
17:45<encode>its 100mbit switched
17:46<encode>but we dont see anywhere near that performance internal to the datacentre
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20:29|-|Ekipa kanalu #linode: Wszystkich: 47 |-| +op [2] |-| +voice [0] |-| normalnych [45]
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20:30|-|Kanal #linode zsynchronizowany w 55 sekundy
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20:35<Nigel>caker, my linode is working great, thanks for the quick setup etc
20:36<@caker>Nigel: you're welcome -- and thank you
20:37<Nigel>i should have a chance to try out the DNS panel in a few days too
21:18[~]warewolf fg
21:18<warewolf>Greetings, linode followers!
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22:37<@linbot>troy: Linode100 - 3, Linode150 - 0, Linode200 - 3, Linode300 - 20, Linode400 - 20
22:43<@linbot>New news from forums: Reboot: host46 in System and Network Status <>
22:48<troy>caker, you about?
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22:53<@caker>troy: hello
22:53<Nigel>caker, so far so good!
22:57<Nigel>caker, PTR's for HE ip addresses not propergating?
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23:22<Nigel>caker, one improvement... mass record add mode
23:24<Nigel>(kinda like
23:31<efudd>caker, don't buy HP. That is all.
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