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04:31<Nigel>caker, i can't work out if this problem is my fault or bind's fault... but it's really werid
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06:01<Nigel>caker, seems bind doesn't like the blank hostnames
06:02<warewolf>blank hostnames?
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06:19<dggoldst>Good morning, everyone
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07:15<Thistle>Morning all
07:16<Thistle>anyone know which build of MySQL is included with the Fedora Core 4 distro?
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13:25<@linbot>New news from forums: A records for base of domain not working in DNS Manager Beta <>
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15:35<JonR>I can't connect to lish on host17
15:35<JonR>running ssh with -v shows that it's stopping at "debug1: Entering interactive session."
15:42<JonR>okay, working now
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18:07<MidNightPrince>yo any Linode operators here?
18:07<MidNightPrince>like, tech support?
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18:11<Nigel[CPI]>MidNightPrince: sometimes there are
18:11<Nigel[CPI]>they might be working though ;)
18:12<MidNightPrince>¤ Laughing Out Loud ¤ well a friend of mine has an account and it went offline but hes at work and i dont have his login
18:12<tierra>if it's something important that only they can handle, submitting a ticket would be your best option
18:12<MidNightPrince>so i was just wondering if i could have somebody like reset it or turn it back on or something
18:12<tierra>oh, login would be needed
18:12<MidNightPrince>damn. cuz i dont need to view any account data i just want them to fix it... i cant even get a shell login to the IP
18:12<tierra>and he'd probably have to take care of it really
18:13<MidNightPrince>dang :(
18:13<MidNightPrince>ok well ty for helping
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23:07<growltiger>ok, why does sign up take so long?
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23:10<internat>it takes long?
23:10<internat>took me about 15 minutes
23:11<internat>it just depends when the admins are awake
23:11<internat>they have to approve every signup
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