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00:21<Nigel>caker, nope, ns2 isn't picking it up
00:25<Nigel>make that ns2 isn't picking either zones up, but ns1 is
00:25<Nigel>(2nd one is brand new)
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07:40<@linbot>New news from forums: Spamlists and exim4? in Email/SMTP Related Forum <>
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07:41<brc>which anti-spam would you suggest to use iwth postfix ?
07:42<SpaceHobo>I use spampd
07:42<SpaceHobo>which uses spamassassin on the backend
07:42<SpaceHobo>I do much better by just configuring postfix to be very strict to begin with
07:43<SpaceHobo>you can wipe out a vast amount of spam simply by making postfix require certain standard behavior from the sender
07:43<SpaceHobo>like a HELO that is a FQDN, etc.
07:44<brc>Coo. do you know where i can find a tutorial ? Using spam lists would also be great, is that done on spamd or directly on postdfix?
07:45<SpaceHobo>I don't know what "spam lists" are
07:45<SpaceHobo>I had a tutorial from free software magazine
07:45<SpaceHobo>that's a little out of date
07:45<SpaceHobo>npmr is keeping abreast of new postfix spam lockdown techniques, and experimenting a lot. He's where I get most of my good stuff.
07:46<SpaceHobo>npmr: you ought to write a tutorial
07:46<Kurt>postfix is a piece of shit
07:48<brc>gonna search for some tutorials. i wonder how efficient antispams are. are there lot of false positives ? i mean, "good" mail being rejected ?
07:49<SpaceHobo>brc: I've had people who lacked proper smtp servers who triggered my filters, but in general it fails the right way
07:51<brc>what you mean by "lack proper smtp servers"? People using their adsl as smtp for example ?
07:51<SpaceHobo>sort of
07:51<SpaceHobo>more like people who run a mail client that does its own direct smtp
07:52<SpaceHobo>and is also misconfigured
07:52<SpaceHobo>instead of specifying an smtp server to relay through in their config
07:52<brc>got it. great.
07:52<SpaceHobo>the system will accept mail from your adsl so long as you do certain things in your setup, like actually use a fqdn in your connecting smtp client
07:53<brc>gonna implement this asap. i bet 90% of the e-mails my clients receive are spam and they are already complaning
07:53<SpaceHobo>brc: if you'd like a sample config, I'd be happy to provide one
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08:01<brc>please, i want the sample :)
08:02<SpaceHobo>brc: can you dcc?
08:06<brc>i need to create a local dir for dcc
08:06<brc>one sec
08:06<SupaZubon>just dcc get from me
08:07<brc>can you send it again? it automqatcly closed when it found the directory did not exist
08:07<SupaZubon>it's still trying
08:07<SupaZubon>just /dcc get SupaZubon
08:07<brc>you ened to close and send again
08:07<SupaZubon>I sure don't.
08:07<brc>cause it has already rejected the request
08:07<SupaZubon>it has not
08:07<brc>my bx rejected the request
08:07<SupaZubon>it has now
08:08<brc>done :)
08:08<brc>nice speed for dcc. last time i used dcc was like 5 years ago when i was on dial up
08:08<brc>3k/s was considered fast :)
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08:12<SpaceHobo>heh, well, linode has good bw
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08:14<brc>this client i am on is on another dc
08:14<brc>if we were on the same network guess we would get around 1024k/s :)
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09:54<npmr>linbot, roulette
09:54<linbot>*BANG* Hey, who put a blank in here?!
09:54[~]linbot reloads and spins the chambers.
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14:10<interferon>caker, my 2gb linode has been migrating for the past hour
14:10<interferon>caker, username galoot on host51
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14:49<warewolf>linbot: roulette
14:49<linbot>warewolf: *click*
14:50<warewolf>honestly I liked the version of russian roulette I put in flooterbuck infobot
14:50<warewolf>there was a remote chance that the "gun" would explode
14:50<warewolf>if the bot was opered, the bot would /kill itself.
14:52<guinea-pig>linbot: roulette
14:52<linbot>guinea-pig: *click*
14:52<warewolf>linbot: roulette
14:52<linbot>*BANG* Hey, who put a blank in here?!
14:52[~]linbot reloads and spins the chambers.
14:52<warewolf>someone op the bot please
14:52<warewolf>it's shooting blanks
14:52<guinea-pig>haha. you dead
14:52<warewolf>no I'm not, it shot a blank
14:53<warewolf>caker/mikegrb/tasaro: /mode #linode +h linbot
14:53[~]warewolf considers entering a ticket to get the bot halfopped
14:54<guinea-pig>i didn't know sane networks used that
14:54<warewolf>can do everything ops can do except op
14:54<warewolf>this is oftc
14:54<guinea-pig>point taken
14:54<warewolf>this network has lots of modes
14:54<warewolf>not nearly as many as dancer, but enough that are useful
14:55<guinea-pig>who uses dancer?
14:55<warewolf>freenode, or they used to.
14:56<guinea-pig>i miss cyclone
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15:04<Fingaz>can somebody help me please
15:05<kvandivo>that's a pretty open ended question
15:05<npmr>Fingaz, i can't help you. i can never help a person who doesn't say what the problem is
15:06<guinea-pig>npmr: you're already helped him.
15:06<npmr>damn it
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15:12<Fingaz>hello can somebody help me
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15:14<guinea-pig>Fingaz: you have to ask your question before anyone can say if they can help you or not.
15:14<guinea-pig>at least hint what it's about
15:14<Fingaz>first I wanna know if somebody that can actually help me is here
15:14<kvandivo>and guinea-pigs know things like they.. they've learned by trial and error
15:15<guinea-pig>that depends on what the problem is!
15:15<Fingaz>I ordered a server this morning and I can't log in
15:15<guinea-pig>everyone has different ranges of experience/expertise. none of us know if we can help you
15:15<kvandivo>what email have you gotten?
15:15<Fingaz>payment receipt
15:15<Fingaz>and invoice
15:16<kvandivo>no 'welcome to linode' email yet?
15:16<warewolf>those people would be caker, mikegrb, and tasauao
15:16<Fingaz>and sign up email that you needed to use to confirm your address when you signed up
15:16<Fingaz>I finished the registration about 5 hours ago
15:16<guinea-pig>warewolf: itym tasaro
15:16<kvandivo>you'll need a Linode Account Activation email
15:16<warewolf>yeah i didn't look at /scan
15:17<@tasaro>Hey Fingaz, I can help you with that...
15:17<@tasaro>Gimme a sec
15:17<guinea-pig>warewolf: my reason for correcting you is that /whois showed him active, but your misspelling wouldn't nick-highlight him :P
15:18<guinea-pig>and be lasy: tas<tab>
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15:19<@tasaro>Ok, Fingaz, check your e-mail - you should be set now.
15:19<Fingaz>ok I'll check thanks
15:19<guinea-pig>tasaro: out of curiousity, why are we getting so many more people complaining about setup delays nowadays?
15:19<guinea-pig>or am i just imagining that
15:19<@tasaro>Your welcome - Welcome to Linode
15:19<kvandivo>5 hours isn't exactly slow
15:20<guinea-pig>kvandivo: it's not the amount of time, it's the frequency of comment
15:20<@tasaro>It's a reasonable complaint.. We're working on speeding it up
15:20<guinea-pig>and i'd think 5 hours is not slow when applying overnight, but when it's mid-afternoon after a full workday...
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15:21<guinea-pig>i never had to deal with that, and i'm happy :D
15:22<guinea-pig>tasaro: i don't recall seeing you around here before your hire. were you a customer?
15:22<guinea-pig>curiosity, and all
15:22<joruffin>Sorry to interrupt, but does anyone know how long it usually takes to migrate 3G to a new node?
15:22<kvandivo>i just want to know if grapevine was pirate bbs. those were fun, back in the day
15:23<guinea-pig>joruffin: same DC or not?
15:24<guinea-pig>linode migration, or just you moving data? :P
15:24<guinea-pig>then not too long :P
15:24<joruffin>moving primary FS (3G) has been going for about 50 mins.
15:24<guinea-pig>for relative values of "too long"
15:24<guinea-pig>i think that's too long
15:24<@tasaro>guinea-pig: I was not a customer
15:25<joruffin>by my calcs, that's about how long it should take using all of a 10Mbps connection.
15:25<guinea-pig>joruffin: yah
15:25<joruffin>but it was estimated from support at 2-3 mins per gig.
15:25<@tasaro>joruffin: It shouldn't take that long - looking into it now
15:25<joruffin>Thank you.
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15:36<guinea-pig>btw, anyone have any advice for hopping freight trains?
15:38<guinea-pig>nevermind. i'm gonna go take a shower, and then just do it. c'ya sunday!
15:39<kvandivo>which begs the question... will we actually see him on sunday?
15:41<guinea-pig>haha, not likely
15:41<guinea-pig>but you never know
15:41<guinea-pig>hmmm. i should phone-post to my LJ
15:41<guinea-pig>or something so people can contact me if i'm nearby
15:41<guinea-pig>but that's too much advanced thinking
15:41<guinea-pig>no, the question is, where's the nearest freight yard?
15:42<kvandivo>find an 18-wheeler and follow it. you'll get there eventually
15:43<guinea-pig>only certain types
15:43<kvandivo>i was giving you the benefit of the doubt on being able to figure that out
15:43<guinea-pig>i didn't even notice until i drove out west
15:43<guinea-pig>you don't see that sort of semi in new england
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15:49<@tasaro>joruffin: Didn't forget about you. . .
15:49<joruffin>I know
15:49<joruffin>looks like you just rebooted the host
16:00<joruffin>Job queue shows success now, but I did see failures on both image migrations for a second. As such I'm gonna wait for you to give me the OK on starting it
16:01<@caker>joruffin: go ahead
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16:03<guinea-pig>linbot: roulette
16:03<linbot>*BANG* Hey, who put a blank in here?!
16:03[~]linbot reloads and spins the chambers.
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16:06<joruffin>Everything seems normal, thank you.
16:07<@tasaro>joruffin: Sorry it took so long
16:07<linbot>kvandivo: Linode100 - 6, Linode150 - 0, Linode200 - 6, Linode300 - 19, Linode400 - 19
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16:09<PenguinOfDoom>Is anybody having problems with HE's ipv6 tunnel broker?
16:09<PenguinOfDoom>I registered a tunnel for my linode, but I'm not receiving any tunnel packets from them.
16:11<PenguinOfDoom>My other tunnel crapped out too -- the tunnel server is spitting ICMP destination unreachable.
16:11<PenguinOfDoom>I opened a case with HE, but they never bothered to respond :(
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16:14<joruffin>my tunnel is up and running
16:14<joruffin>I'm using HE with gentoo
16:14<joruffin>but it won't work at all until you get the activation email
16:15<PenguinOfDoom>Oh, it's activated.
16:15<PenguinOfDoom>What your tunnel server IP?
16:17<PenguinOfDoom>Hm. Mine is .82. I wonder if that one's all buggered up
16:28<joruffin>You can always use the multicast address for ipv6 peer resolution
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17:19<tavella>Hello. Is there a problem with host56?
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17:32<linbot>New news from forums: Reboot: host56 (2006-11-10) in Xen Public Beta <>
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17:52<Nigel>tavella, seems so
17:54<Nigel>tavella, sounds like xen panic'd
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17:55<PenguinOfDoom>I thought Linode used UML?
17:56<Nigel>PenguinOfDoom, hosts 51-56 or something use xen
17:56<Nigel>it's a beta
17:57<Nigel>oh, maybe it's just host 56
17:58<Nigel>PenguinOfDoom, hosts 1-55 use UML
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23:51<l0st_soul>Can anyone assist me in setting up Disk Quotas?
23:52|-|l0st_s0ul [] has joined #linode
23:52<l0st_s0ul>anyone here?
23:53<Nigel>i'm here
23:53<Nigel>i could, but you'd have to tell me what OS your using etc
23:54<l0st_s0ul>Redhat 9
23:54<Nigel>wow, ancient!
23:54|-|besonen__ [] has joined #linode
23:54<l0st_s0ul>I tried from the instrctions on redhats website, but it killed the linode.
23:54<l0st_s0ul>Well, redhat is the only thing I'm used to using... I use it on my computers here at home
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23:57<Nigel>l0st_s0ul, ahhh right, fair enough, if your doing something super important, you might find it a good idea to switch to debian which still gets security updates, but thats another matter... so whats the status of the linode?
23:58<Nigel>have you tried to recover it?
23:58<l0st_s0ul>its running right now... I had to reinstall everything.
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23:59<l0st_s0ul>what im trying to do is set up a 260mb quota for one user I have, its running a stats program for a game server, and it updates nightly, and keeps log files, but I dont want it to exceed 250mb
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