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00:00<Dreamer3>macbook is sweet
00:00<Dreamer3>anyone else here so blessed? :-)
00:00<Nigel>l0st_s0ul, why not use logrotate
00:01<l0st_s0ul>didnt know about it? I'm running game stats for a half life2 server
00:02<Nigel>l0st_s0ul, with logrotate, you can make it to basically kill the log at 250mb, email it say, and tell the server to 're-HUP' that could work
00:02<l0st_s0ul>I'll look into it. thanks for the insite.
00:02<Nigel>should be safer that making it suddenly hitting a quota
00:03<Nigel>if it hits a quota your gonna have to manually rm it, and possible restart the program
00:03<Nigel>l0st_s0ul, 'man logrotate'
00:04<Nigel>something like the access.log one is what you'd want i think
00:04<l0st_s0ul>My next question... I'm wanting to setup a half life 2 deathmatch server for me and my bother to play on, but when I try to install the files I keep getting Unable to determine CPU Frequecy, is there a way to get around this?
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00:04<warewolf>it's great when you explain to a coworker how you uncompressed a tarball and recompressed the tarball
00:04<warewolf>"untarred and retarred"
00:04<Nigel>warewolf, haha
00:05<SpaceHobo>I personally like that the word "tarball" became commonplace
00:05<SpaceHobo>you didn't see it much ten years ago
00:05<Nigel>caker, ns2 still hasn't picked up the records for both of my zones....
00:05<Nigel>well, i should say, it may have them, but it's not answering for them
00:06[~]l0st_s0ul watches
00:06<Nigel>l0st_s0ul, i'd have no clue about the CPU Freq thing
00:07<l0st_s0ul>well, I posted in the forums about it like a week ago, but no one has answered :(
00:08<Nigel>l0st_s0ul, cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep "vendor_id"
00:08<Nigel>do you get "User Mode Linux"
00:08<Nigel>right, yeah, UML doesn't report a CPU Freq
00:08<l0st_s0ul>oh ;/
00:09<l0st_s0ul>so im screwed
00:09<Nigel>Xen however might
00:09<Nigel>l0st_s0ul, it's something Linode are doing a public beta of
00:09<l0st_s0ul>how can i find more info?
00:09<Nigel>mikegrb, any ideas about this one?
00:14<Nigel>l0st_s0ul, i'm about 90% sure Xen would return a CPU freq, so my advice would be: If your happy with the risks, willing to give feedback to the admins, and don't care if there is a possibility of frequent reboots, consider it, if not, try and find a way around the CPU Freq problem
00:15<l0st_s0ul>ok... thanks
00:16<l0st_s0ul>I'll keep that in mind. Or I'll keep posting on the forums & see if anyone gives me a way around it.
00:16<l0st_s0ul>well, gtg to bed... gnight
00:16<Nigel>l0st_s0ul, your using steam it seems, tried contacting the steam devs?
00:16<l0st_s0ul>not yet.
00:16<l0st_s0ul>I might do that tomorrow.
00:18<l0st_s0ul>you wouldnt happen to know any of their mailing lists would you?
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00:19<Nigel>l0st_s0ul, not a gamer sorry
00:20<Nigel>just searched for your forum post you mentioned
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10:01<Fingaz>hey I have a linux question for you guys. I'm using gentoo on my linode that I just got and I'm trying to ebuild --sync the portage tree and it fails every time on gostscript-0. Any Idea's how to get around that
10:02<Fingaz>I use freeBSD a lot of the time so I'm used to cvsup not the ebuild sync
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11:10<hoohaa2>Think of this as a cough
11:12<hoohaa2>yo linode!
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11:13<fake>So I migrated my linode from 53 to 39 and it's kind of fucked.
11:14<fake>Needs manual fsck. fsck hanged. Now it's stuck, shutdown isn't working.
11:22<fake>might be ok now.
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16:08[~]Razathorn sets up his linode like a kid in a candy store
16:09<Nigel__>Razathorn, heh
16:09<Razathorn>my wife has been all over me to setup a site for her so I'm gonna do phpbb+wiki+some java irc client
16:11<Razathorn>oh snap! I get to think of another food based hostname for this box
16:12[~]Razathorn is and every hostname must be mildly funny with after it
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19:46<linbot>New news from forums: MediaWiki Problems--Can't Edit in Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (LAMP) Forum <>
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23:14<Nigel__>hmmm... that was a bit of a surprise...
23:15<Nigel__>didn't expect reboot not to work... must be a UML thing
23:18<guinea-pig>linode thing. you've got to reboot through lish or the web interface... reboot within the linode only acts as a poweroff
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23:45<warewolf>yeah it's a linode thing
23:46<warewolf>otherwise .. hum. I wonder if the uml .. no that wouldn't allow people to shut down their linodes.
23:46<warewolf>Ya know DJB's services crap where a "service" is not supposed to close stdin if it's still alive? I was thinking that you could ensure a linode UML process on the host could use that to ensure the UML processes are up.
23:50<Nigel>warewolf, an option to choose what happens when the linode goes down?
23:51<Nigel>warewolf, basically an option in each config profile "Shutdown option: o Power Off, o Restart"
23:52<Nigel>so basically, if the LISH screen dies, then that action is performed...
23:54<@caker>It's a Linode thing
23:54<Nigel>caker, at least i know for future...
23:54<@caker>because UML just reexecs itself, and wouldn't pick up any config changes, and I didn't want to deal with "why can't I see my new IP after reboot" tickets en masse
23:55<Nigel>i was kinda... "this should've come back up by now.... LISH!!!"
23:55<@caker>also, for now there's a simple script you can run remotely that ssh's into Lish, checks status, and issues a boot if needed
23:55<@caker>it's on the forum somewhere
23:55<Nigel>caker, okay, that makes sense
23:59<Nigel>caker, on another note, ns2 still isn't responding for my zones
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