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00:02<@caker>Nigel: ok...
00:02<@caker> <-- Lish watchdog script
00:02<@caker>ahh :)
00:02<@caker>rko: thanks
00:04<Nigel>caker, i'm just wondering if bind on ns2 actually knows of my zones (i.e. are they actually added to the main config file)
00:05<@caker>Nigel: what's a domain to grep on?
00:06<@caker># grep void named.conf.local
00:06<@caker>zone "" {
00:06<@caker> file "/vbin/ns-zones/";
00:06<@caker>zone "" {
00:06<@caker> file "/vbin/ns-zones/";
00:06<@caker># grep include named.conf
00:06<@caker>include "/etc/bind/named.conf.options";
00:06<@caker>include "/etc/bind/named.conf.local";
00:07<@caker>hmm .. try now :)
00:08<Nigel>caker, SOA records!! it works!
00:08<@caker>etc/init.d/bind9, not bind :)
00:09<Nigel>caker, hmm?
00:11<guinea-pig>hehe, helps to use the right script :)
00:11<Nigel>rehupping the wrong thing?
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01:02<Fingaz>anybody around
01:02<Fingaz>I could use some advice
01:05<Fingaz>I'm new to linux and I've mainly been learning unix on freebsd
01:06<Fingaz>so I used gentoo for my linux distro on my linode
01:06<Fingaz>but I can't get it to ebuild the portage tree correctly
01:06<Fingaz>it's keeps erroring out on ghostscript-0
01:06<Fingaz>so I can't install anything I want
01:06<rko>sorry... I'm not an expert on gentoo...
01:07<Fingaz>I really don't like the way their ports are setup compared to freeBSD
01:07<Fingaz>debating just dropping it before I get anything running and going with a different disto
01:08<Fingaz>takes a very long time for to process their updates
01:08<rko>for the first time, yes
01:08<rko>then you want to put updates daily
01:08<Fingaz>gets to 90% then errors out
01:08<rko>I have gentoo at home, but I don't do much else than emerge -Davu world
01:09<rko>their website is quite informative
01:09<Fingaz>what's the davu switch
01:09<rko>look for rebuilding portage tree
01:09<Fingaz>yea I read through it a few times I'll check again
01:10<rko>deep, ask, verbose, update
01:10<Fingaz>yea remember now deep looks updates dependencies also along with what you've installed
01:11<Fingaz>alright just keep playing with it thanks
01:12<rko>have fun
01:12<Fingaz>yea lol just need it to update so I can get some work done
01:14<rko>emerge --pretend --deep --newuse world ?
01:14<rko>oops, I mean:
01:14<rko> /usr/bin/emerge --sync
01:14<rko>won't that sync it for you?
01:14<Fingaz>that's what I'm running
01:14<Fingaz>and it errors out
01:15<rko>let me try... I have that in my cron for nightly
01:17<rko>does it do rsync part fine?
01:17<Fingaz>I think so... I'm new to rsync
01:17<Fingaz>used to cvsup
01:19<Fingaz>I'm running it again now it just said rsyn completed ok
01:19<Fingaz>then when it's updating the portage cache is errors
01:19<Fingaz>around 90%
01:20<rko>>>> Updating Portage cache: 100%
01:20<rko>q: Updating ebuild cache ...
01:20<rko>q: Finished 24800 entries in 10.531924 seconds
01:20<rko>no problems here
01:20<Fingaz>I have a brand new install
01:21<Fingaz>error's every time
01:21<rko>can you first try to emerge new portage/emerge (or whatever package it belongs to)?
01:22<Fingaz>you mean try and emerge that particular package
01:22<rko>emerge emerge
01:23<rko>emerge portage
01:23<Fingaz>it's at 32% now
01:23<Fingaz>wait and see what it does
01:26<warewolf>be cautious of how much disk IO you chew up, emerging a lot can cause disk IO contention issues for others on your host.
01:29<rko>I did mine at my home system, not at linode
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01:34<Fingaz>>>> Updating Portage cache: 89%!!! Cannot resolve a virtual package name to an ebuild.
01:34<Fingaz>!!! This is a bug, please report it. (virtual/ghostscript-0)
01:34<rko>try updating emerge and portage?
01:35<rko>you might have old version and your tree is having something they don't understand
01:35<rko>put look for 'cat /proc/io_status' first
01:36<Nigel>actually, thats a file i'm confused about, how is it intended to be read?
01:38[~]Nigel slaps self
01:40<Nigel>rko, ahhh thats
01:40<Nigel>i totally understand it now (honestly) good system
01:42<Fingaz>I'm still pretty much close to my max amount of tokens
01:42<Fingaz>what is the command to emerge emerge?
01:42<Fingaz>I'm sorry for all the questions just first time I've ever used gentoo
01:43<Fingaz>still really unfamiliar with it
01:43<rko>emerge emerge
01:44<rko>emerge portage
01:44<Fingaz>pfft that's pretty simple
01:44<rko>give those two commands
01:44<Fingaz>aight give it a try
01:44<Fingaz>root@localhost proftpd # emerge emerge
01:44<Fingaz>!!! ARCH is not set... Are you missing the /etc/make.profile symlink?
01:44<Fingaz>!!! Is the symlink correct? Is your portage tree complete?
01:45<Fingaz>oh wait do I need to be in the root of portage tree
01:45<rko>oh yes!
01:45<Fingaz>same error
01:45<rko>no I thoght you asked if you need to be root
01:46<rko>no, that shouldn
01:46<rko>'t matter
01:46<Fingaz>same error about the make.profile symlink
01:46<Fingaz>and asking if my portage tree is complete which is obviously isn't since it can't sinc
01:47<rko>where do you have it symlinked?
01:48<Fingaz>this is where my noobness comes in. I don't know how to check that
01:48<rko>file /etc/make.profile
01:48<Nigel>Fingaz, ls -l /etc/make.profile
01:48<Nigel>Fingaz, or stat /etc/make.profile
01:49<rko>or file :-)
01:49<Nigel>rko, i didn't think file says
01:49<rko>it does if it's a symlink
01:49<Fingaz>/etc/make.profile -> /usr/portage/profiles/default-linux/x86/2005.0
01:50<rko>ok, so you had it there...
01:50<rko>I think google will be your friend:-)
01:50<Fingaz>always is :)
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01:51<Nigel>Fingaz, or #gentoo
02:05<Fingaz>alright pointed it to 2006.1
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13:20<blake>who is tasaro?
13:21<guinea-pig>the @ next to his nick should give you a hint
13:21<blake>shhh. when did he become staff?
13:22<guinea-pig>who is blake, and why do i get the feeling you're in rhode island?
13:23<blake>hmmm, perhaps my vhost has RI in it?
13:23<guinea-pig>but are you?
13:23<blake>yes, i am.
13:23<guinea-pig>i wonder where a majority of linode users actually are
13:23<blake>lil' rhody
13:23<blake>most are in the us i think
13:23<guinea-pig>there should be a linode party
13:23<guinea-pig>yeah, but the US is ... big
13:24<guinea-pig>why not?
13:24<guinea-pig>i'm upstairs from you, btw
13:24[~]guinea-pig nods
13:24<blake>i used to live in good ol' bean town
13:24<blake>southie to be precise
13:24<npmr>blake is a well-known character in this comedy of fools
13:24<npmr>hi aaron
13:24<guinea-pig>npmr: somehow i don't remember him... but i've been sparse as of late
13:25<guinea-pig>as in, the last 2 years, give or take
13:25<npmr>i heard you were taking a trip by rail?
13:25<guinea-pig>how's tricks?
13:25<npmr>will you be by chicago again?
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13:25<guinea-pig>ah... i was planning to, but the weather disagreed with me this weekend
13:25<npmr>ha ha
13:25<guinea-pig>and i've still got to pack up and move all my belongings
13:25<blake>guinea-pig: you're in boston?
13:26<npmr>so are you going with a genuine carpet bag over your shoulder or what?
13:26<guinea-pig>blake: barely... and not for much longer
13:26<blake>why move?
13:26<blake>nothing in the world like south bosto
13:26<guinea-pig>blake: unemployed, and broke
13:26<blake>so is everyone in southei :)
13:27<guinea-pig>well, my rent is $560, and my bank account has $230, and i already gave my notice :P
13:27<blake>i miss my days in south boston, drunk outside broadway station at 3 am
13:27<guinea-pig>and my truck loan is $600 past due
13:27<blake>kicking a retards head in
13:29<guinea-pig>npmr: i don't especially see myself going back to chicago anytime soon... i keep wanting to give the west coast another shot, though
13:29<npmr>yeah but all railroads lead to chicago
13:30<guinea-pig>i haven't gotten that far in my mapping yet... i've only mapped through Albany and NYC
13:30<blake>mmm west coast is nice
13:30<blake>well, socal is
13:30<guinea-pig>i've had difficulty in finding railroad maps online...
13:31<blake>i wouldn't go to norcal, unless i had a death wish
13:31<guinea-pig>blake: freight trains
13:31<blake>norcal = san francisco
13:31<blake>= aids
13:31<guinea-pig>O RLY?
13:33<blake>lol cheeze
13:33<blake>i must admit, i do enjoy linode.
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13:34<blake>but it's just not worth it these days
13:34<blake>dedicated has become so cheap
13:34<guinea-pig>i got my linode when i had to move years ago and had to give up running a home server
13:34<blake>home servers suck
13:34<blake>especially when people love to ddos you
13:35<blake>not that they can't ddos a linode, but atleast you're not offline then. :]
13:35<blake>Trin00 :-
13:35<npmr>yeah, i've never had that problem.... people wanting to dos my server
13:36<blake>it's quite common for me.
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13:36<blake>it's common for anyone.
13:36<blake>you don't have to upset someone.
13:37<blake>all you have to do is have a succesful site.
13:37<npmr>no, but it sure does help
13:37<blake>they gave my old linode away
13:37<npmr>i doubt they "gave it away"
13:38<blake>i pinged my domain and somebody else has it :[
13:40<blake>Battery Life: Battery lifetime unknown
13:40<blake>Video Cards Installed: 1
13:40<blake>OS: WinXP Professional 5.1 Service Pack 2 (Build #2600) CPU: Intel Celeron , 2.80 GHz Video: NEC LCD1565 on Intel(R) 82845G Graphics Controller (1024x768x32bpp 75Hz) Sound: Intel(r) Integrated Audio Memory: Used: 127/248MB Uptime: 57m 56s HD: [C:] 25.79/37.26 GB Connection: Realtek RTL8139 Family PCI Fast Ethernet NIC - Packet Scheduler Miniport @ 100.0 Mbps (Rec: 11.59MB Sent: 3.37MB)
13:41<blake>Record Uptime: 20h 45m 27s set on Sun Nov 12 01:22:31 2006
13:41<blake>Sound Card: Intel(r) Integrated Audio
13:42<blake>Connection: Realtek RTL8139 Family PCI Fast Ethernet NIC - Packet Scheduler Miniport @ 100.0 Mbps (Rec: 11.59MB Sent: 3.37MB)
13:42<blake>Bios: Phoenix - AwardBIOS v6.00PG
13:43<npmr>you know, we all have computers
13:43<npmr>everyone here
13:46<guinea-pig>jesus... even florida has to go through chicago to get to california?!
13:47<blake>O RLY?
13:47<guinea-pig>look up on amtrak, miami to san diego
13:47<blake>i am selling the domain to anyone that is interested
13:47<blake>NuclearIRC was my old network. :-\
13:48<blake>npmr: i will sell it for 10 dollars
13:48<blake>not looking for profit, just enough money to buy a new domain
13:49<blake> could be resold for $50 bucks easily if you had the time
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13:50<npmr>why don't you sell it for $50, then?
13:50<blake>because i don't have the time
13:50<blake>i need to sell it today
13:50<blake>i found a domain i wanna buy today
13:50<guinea-pig>and what happens if you can't sell it today?
13:50<blake>before it gets grabbed
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13:51<blake>then somebody else grabs the domain i want
13:51<guinea-pig>in other words, you don't have $10 of your own...
13:52<guinea-pig>and i thought i was broke!
13:54<blake>it's true :[
13:54<blake>i have to beg my mom for gas money
13:54<blake>all my money goes into cell phone, gym membership, has for the car, and dutch
13:55<guinea-pig>hahah gym membership
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13:55<blake>guinea-pig: why is that funny?
13:55<npmr>and clubbing expenses, right?
13:55<blake>a lil of that
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13:56<guinea-pig>blake: you pay someone else to pick up heavy things. look around you, there's plenty of heavy things.
13:56<guinea-pig>hell, some people even pay YOU to pick up heavy things
13:56<blake>ummm, it's not quite that
13:56<guinea-pig>also: try parkour. it's fun exercise
13:56<blake>i have a personal trainer and a special builders diet
13:56<blake>it's alot more than just lifting
13:57<guinea-pig>just be healthy. i know that's hard to do with fastfood all around... but
13:57<blake>i don't touch fast food
13:58<blake>anyways, i am willing to provide somebody with the login details for or allow a transfer
13:58<guinea-pig>sorry. i've always had a thing against gyms... from highschool gyms to people paying to use one.
13:58<guinea-pig>never understood the need
13:58<guinea-pig>or the desire
13:59<blake>i'm not sure why.
13:59<blake>the ladies love it.
14:00<blake>having a six pack is much ore atteactive than a man having breasts from eating mcdonalds and getting no exercise
14:00<guinea-pig>that's the problem
14:00<blake>looking after your body/
14:00<blake>that's the problem??
14:00<guinea-pig>you assume those things are connected: no gym, mcd's, no exercise, sixpack
14:00<blake>lol, trust me
14:01<guinea-pig>i've never been to a gym ONCE
14:01<guinea-pig>doesn't mean i eat fastfood or don't get exercise
14:01<blake>exercise and weights are different
14:01<npmr>or have a saggy gut
14:01<blake>exercise won't build muscles much
14:01<blake>so when you get in a fight with a 500 lb. gorilla, you may rethink the gym
14:02<blake>and, their are quite of few of them in boston (roxbury)
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14:03<guinea-pig>500 lb. gorillas tend not to roam boston
14:03<blake>yeah, they do.
14:03<blake>they like to walk around southie like they own
14:03<blake>fucking roxbury scum
14:03<guinea-pig>well, maybe in southie. never been there
14:03<blake>and they get the shit kicked out of then
14:03<guinea-pig>i'm a davis square/mit area type
14:03<blake>u a yuppy
14:03<blake>ya u are
14:03<guinea-pig>i'm not
14:03<guinea-pig>it's just pretty.
14:03<blake>u would get beat down on broadway
14:04<blake>come to the quiet man, it's right outside of broadway on the red line
14:04<blake>come at 3 am dressed like a yuppy and see what happens
14:04<guinea-pig>i've never been in a fight
14:04<blake>ur gonna end up in mgh
14:04<guinea-pig>i don't dress like a yuppy
14:04<Eman>the solution is to not piss people off
14:04|-|robbert [] has left #linode []
14:04<guinea-pig>Eman: you piss people off by acknowledging them.
14:04<blake>nope, my southie boys will beat you senseless for the fun of it.
14:04<guinea-pig>you piss people off by NOT acknowledging them.
14:05<blake>especially fucking yuppies.
14:05|-|robbert [] has joined #linode
14:05<guinea-pig>blake: define yuppie
14:05<blake>people that think they better than southie cuz they got rich parents
14:05<guinea-pig>i ain't got rich parents
14:05<blake>people that hang out in harvard square
14:05<blake>people that come to boston for college and think they run it
14:05<guinea-pig>i hang out in harvard square because it makes me feel richer than I am :P
14:05<blake>they get their head knocked in
14:05<guinea-pig>i've never been to college
14:05<npmr>classically, the epithet "yuppie" is derived from the acronym YUP, which stands for young urban professional
14:06<Eman>haha, if my family were rich, i wouldnt live next door to a crack house
14:06<guinea-pig>npmr: i know that :P
14:06<npmr>yeah, but southie here thinks it means having rich parents
14:06<guinea-pig>well, it's come to refer to a mixing of people...
14:06<blake>i saw that shit go down lol
14:07<npmr>blake, ever seen a mob hit?
14:07<blake>yup, i live in providence
14:07<guinea-pig>i know i ain't seen shit
14:07<guinea-pig>i ain't been through anything
14:08<guinea-pig>but i ain't no fucking yuppie
14:08<blake>i never put myself in a situation where i can get fucked up real bad
14:09<blake>if i go into another neighborhood i take some people
14:09<guinea-pig>that's why i stay out of those neighbourhoods :P
14:09<blake>even in southie i would always go with people
14:10|-|Dreamr_3 [] has joined #linode
14:10<guinea-pig>i honestly think a change in ... not climate... but social environment, perhaps, would benefit me greatly
14:10<guinea-pig>social? maybe something else... but
14:11<guinea-pig>maybe somewhere without as many catholics
14:12<blake>oh man, can'y do any better than a good irish catholic
14:12<blake>good family values
14:12<blake>it's hard to find these days
14:14<blake>that's that happens when lil asian gangs come in southie thinking they're hard
14:14<guinea-pig>it's stuff like that that conditioned me to not bother watching the news/read newspapers a long time ago.
14:14<blake>"let's go punk those white boys in southie."
14:14<blake>well, one ended up dead
14:15<guinea-pig>i grew up hearing about bad neighbourhoods on the local news, never having a chance to visit boston until i was 21...
14:15<guinea-pig>as such, i've almost always avoided said areas
14:15<blake>lol 21
14:15<guinea-pig>why what?
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14:16<guinea-pig>why avoid them? i don't go looking for trouble
14:16<guinea-pig>why WOULDN'T you avoid trouble areas?
14:16|-|Dreamer3 [] has joined #linode
14:16<guinea-pig>if you could
14:17<npmr>well, when your personal sense of worth is derived from being able to kick another person's ass, you just *have* to
14:17<blake>boston isn't a trouble area
14:17<blake>you said you avoid boston idiot
14:17<guinea-pig>i didn't say i avoided all of boston
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14:17<blake><guinea-pig> i grew up hearing about bad neighbourhoods on the local news, never having a chance to visit boston until i was 21...
14:18<guinea-pig>you're one of those people who don't consider JP and Dot and ... etc to be Boston?
14:18<npmr>reading comprehension is probably a better indicator of character than physical strength
14:19<blake>ya i do
14:19<blake>dot is boston
14:19<blake>it's all scum living in dorchester these days tho
14:19<guinea-pig>what about southie? roxbury?
14:19<guinea-pig>are they boston?
14:20<blake>what? you think boston is only downtown?
14:20<blake>dorchester is shit
14:20<guinea-pig>you think none of those spots have trouble areas?
14:21<blake>dorchester isn't trouble lol
14:21<blake>neither is JP
14:21<blake>roxbury is
14:21<guinea-pig>it's changed in 20 years
14:21<guinea-pig>but i grew up hearing about dorchester and JP on the news just as much as roxbury
14:22<guinea-pig>and hell, the first time i visited someone in dot, i almost was run over by 3 cop cars on their way to something nearby
14:22<blake>lol dorchester is nothing man
14:22<guinea-pig>so it kinda reinforced
14:22<blake>that's irish niggers
14:22<blake>think they're irish
14:22<blake>they act black tho
14:23<guinea-pig>i've driven THROUGH areas, and seen the difference, but yeah, i'm chickenshit :P
14:23<guinea-pig>and i'm still alive for it
14:23<blake>i'm alive...
14:23<guinea-pig>tired now
14:23<blake>that's why i am able to speak to you.
14:23<guinea-pig>you don't get it
14:24<guinea-pig>tired now = bored of this conversation. ooh, what's that shiny thing...
14:24<blake>where do you live
14:24<blake>west roxbury i bet
14:24<blake>or bunker hill or some shit
14:25<guinea-pig>...i'm renting a room in lincoln.
14:26<guinea-pig>BUT I'M NOT RICH
14:26<blake>lol right
14:26<blake>old colony :]
14:26|-|flatronf700B [~flatronf7@] has joined #linode
14:26<guinea-pig>i'd been doing landscaping in town for 3 years. the cost of gas living in the city was too expensive
14:27<guinea-pig>$560/month plus no commute is cheaper than $600/month plus $6/day in gas
14:28<guinea-pig>but now i'm unemployed and broke so there :P
14:28<blake>same here
14:28<blake>i don't need a job though
14:28<guinea-pig>yes you do
14:29<blake>Aaron Haviland
14:29<blake>Dudley, MA
14:29<blake>lol dudley?
14:29<blake>dudley is fucked up
14:30<guinea-pig>is it, now?
14:30<blake>i seen that commercial
14:30<guinea-pig>caker: nice
14:30<guinea-pig>blake: define 'fucked up'
14:31<blake>fucked up as in a porch monkey trying to stab or shoot me for being irish
14:31<guinea-pig>i don't comprehend
14:31<guinea-pig>what's a porch monkey and who cares if you're irish?
14:31<guinea-pig>and what does that have to do with dudley?
14:32<blake>lol nvm
14:32<blake>im thinking of dudley square not dudley, ma
14:32<blake>dudley square in roxbury
14:32<guinea-pig>yes, i know
14:32<guinea-pig>there used to be a T stop there
14:32<blake>dudley station
14:33<blake>i almost got stabbed their
14:33<blake>dudley, ma is near RI
14:33<blake>you ever come to providencE?
14:33<blake>providence is shit
14:33<guinea-pig>never knew anyone there, never had a desire
14:33<blake>run over by illegals
14:35<guinea-pig>wait... didn't i say i was tired?
14:35[~]guinea-pig goes to pack some boxes
14:35<blake>you're still here.
14:35<blake>/part if you're tired
14:35<guinea-pig>i don't
14:35<guinea-pig>i idle
14:36<guinea-pig>i'm good at that
14:36<blake>lol Dudley boy
14:36<guinea-pig>wow... MA minimum wage is going up to $7.50 in january
14:36<blake>do you support immigrtion?
14:37<guinea-pig>i don't know any immigrants. i don't have a stance.
14:37<guinea-pig>but your question isn't as simple as you ask it
14:37<blake>don't you see them lying dead on the streets of boston?
14:37<blake>smelling like a pile of shit/
14:37<guinea-pig>why is immigration such an issue?
14:37<blake>what a waste of life
14:37<blake>because they ruin this country?
14:38<blake>surely living in boston you can see that
14:38<guinea-pig>they *are* this country
14:38<guinea-pig>let me see. i'm 1/64th native. the rest of me is immigrant-descended. what about you, irish boy?
14:38<blake>i'm sick of 800 lb. fat mexicans coming over here, not learning english, smelling like shit, and then trying to stab me
14:39<blake>that was different, my ancestors came over here and wanted to be american
14:39<blake>they wanted to learn english
14:39<blake>they were proud
14:39<guinea-pig>they didn't know english already? :P
14:39<blake>these mexicans just want to exploit welfare and everything to be in spanish for them
14:39<guinea-pig>i'm not anti-mexican. i'm anti-spanish-language. there's a difference.
14:40<blake>yes, me too.
14:40<guinea-pig>i'm upset that there's not as much french influence as there is spanish
14:40<blake>although, it's safe to say the majority of them wish to not learn english.
14:40<blake>so they're almost one and the same.
14:40<guinea-pig>they'd learn it if they had to.
14:40<blake>no, i don't think they would.
14:40<guinea-pig>*had* to
14:41<blake>i'm convinced they don't have the ability to.
14:41<blake>they're too stupid.
14:41<blake>that's why they die on the side of the road in downtown crossing
14:42<guinea-pig>so you're saying hispanics are less intelligent? is that what you're saying?
14:42<blake>i'm saying the immigrants are, yes.
14:42<blake>mexico is a poor country.
14:42<blake>it's not racist or baseless to come to the conclusion that poor people are not as intelligent.
14:42<guinea-pig>not just the immigrants. the hispanics. it's been studied.
14:43<blake>i would say so, yes.
14:43<blake>because hispanics are generally poor.
14:43<blake>i agree with that
14:43<guinea-pig>i don't know if i agree that they can't learn a second language, but i agree that they don't feel they NEED to
14:43<blake>asians are very intelligent
14:43<blake>they want us to conform to their needs.
14:43<guinea-pig>it's not an intelligence thing so much as a social/cultural thing
14:44<blake>when my family came over here, they worked their asses off to integrate.
14:44<blake>i mean, their was still irish pride.
14:44<blake>but they learned english as fast as they could
14:44<guinea-pig>learn english yourself
14:44<blake>i used their properly...
14:44<guinea-pig>you mean theirs?
14:44<blake><blake> i mean, their was still irish pride.
14:44<blake>that's correct
14:44<guinea-pig>they had pride, it was theirs
14:45<guinea-pig>no it's not
14:45<guinea-pig>what is your usage of the word?
14:45<blake><blake> i mean, their was still irish pride. = correct
14:45<guinea-pig>prove it
14:45<blake>there is for a location
14:45<blake>like "I'm going over there."
14:46<blake>wow, blacks are lower than hispanics?
14:46<blake>that's surprising.
14:47<guinea-pig>their is a pronoun implying posession. you didn't specify the noun to which it referred, so if that was the use you intended, it should've been 'theirs'
14:47<guinea-pig>however, if you just mean that the pride existed, 'there' is correct.
14:47<guinea-pig>there is not only location
14:49<guinea-pig>it's a very ambiguous sentence, so strict usage is very important to avoid misunderstanding!
14:49<guinea-pig>although even being ambiguous, it's still very understandable what you meant, haha
14:50<blake>the point is, mexicans that come over here a filthy and ruining the country
14:50<blake>did you understand that?
14:51<npmr>so did the irish
14:51<blake>no, it wasn't the same
14:51<npmr>actually it is
14:52<blake>and irish were treated like shit
14:52<chris>Actually, most of the mexicans I see in ohio are working the shit jobs that need to be done but no one wants to do
14:52<npmr>ever heard the acronym "NINA"?
14:52<blake>these mexicans are treated like gold
14:52<npmr>it was posted in store windows all over america in the middle of the 19th century
14:52<npmr>it stands for No Irish Need Apply
14:52<blake>i know man
14:52<blake>you don't see that with the mexicans though
14:52<guinea-pig>ooh, it's close:
14:53<blake>and they're 100 times worst than the poor irish were
14:53<guinea-pig>LEARN ENGLISH
14:53<npmr>i have no idea whether "mexicans are ignorant" or "mexicans are stupid" becuase there are a lot of them and i'm sure they're each unique
14:53<npmr>but i do know that you are stupid and ignorant
14:53<blake>they're slightly unique, but they're all stupid.
14:54<blake>come on, npmr. you're saying you wouldn't generalize mexicans as lazy?
14:54<guinea-pig>not the ones i've known
14:54<npmr>indeed not
14:54<npmr>i know plenty of hard-working mexicans
14:54<blake>you don't see immigration as a threat to this country?
14:54<blake>i know plent of MS13 gang members
14:54<blake>they kill for sport
14:54<guinea-pig>actually... aren't they always referred to as "hard-working mexicans" ?
14:54<blake>MS13; Latin Kings
14:55<blake>fucking scum
14:55<blake>they kill for sport
14:55<guinea-pig>what do they kill?
14:55<blake>they kill people
14:55<blake>for fun
14:55<guinea-pig>that's different
14:55<blake>so you can watch cnn as think "they
14:55<blake>"they're all nice and just wanna be happy and make minimum wage and be americans"
14:55<blake>that's bullshit
14:56<blake>they're fucking animals
14:56<blake>you haven't seen the shit i have
14:56<npmr>are implying that all mexicans are members of the gang Latin Kinds?
14:57<blake>nope, but alot are
14:57<npmr>how much is "a lot"?
14:57<blake>i'm not saying more thna 50%
14:57<blake>i'm saying enough that it is a serious issue
14:57<npmr>well, what *are* you saying?
14:57<blake>enough to need to stop immigration
14:57<npmr>you're saying that the Latin Kings are the reason we need to stop immigration?
14:57<blake>because research has been done showing illegal immigrants reproduce alot faster than others
14:58<blake>so it may not be aproblem now, but it will grow exponentially
14:58<guinea-pig>oh you're talking about ILLEGAL immigration. you never mentioned that.
14:58<blake>8 mexicans are born for everyone that dies
14:58<guinea-pig>you just asked if i was for or against immigration
14:58<blake>read up on exponential growth
14:58<blake>in 20 years this country is going to be majority spanish speaking at this rate
14:59<npmr>so what?
14:59<blake>this isn't mexico.
14:59<npmr>so what?
14:59<blake>npmr: are you serious?
14:59<npmr>mexico isn't spain
14:59<blake>yuo want to live in a country with poor mexicans that don't speak english/
14:59<blake>"so what?"
14:59<npmr>habla espanol, no?
14:59<blake>you fucking terrorist
14:59<guinea-pig>blake: they're not mexicans if they live here :P
14:59<blake>YES THEY ARE
14:59<guinea-pig>anymore than you're from ireland
14:59<blake>ITS DIFFERENT
14:59<npmr>no it isn't
15:00<guinea-pig>then invite one home and give him a shower
15:00<blake>it's not like on the fucking news, trust me
15:00<blake>you're so ignorant
15:00<blake>until you have seen the shit i have
15:00<npmr>that's rich
15:00<guinea-pig>so let's back up a minute
15:00<guinea-pig>there's a problem
15:01<npmr>i live in a mixed neighborhood in chicago, where the store signs are typically in two languages
15:01<blake>no, you don't see shit in harvard square
15:01<blake>you fuck
15:01<npmr>english and spanish is just one possibility
15:01<npmr>there's also english and arabic
15:01<blake>all you see is your harvard buddies all talking about how they love immigrants
15:01<npmr>and english and korean
15:01<guinea-pig>you believe in one solution to the problem
15:01<blake>they never had a family member stabbed by a fucking beaner
15:01<npmr>and you know what, i do see immigrants
15:01<guinea-pig>blake: I HAVE NO HARVARD BUDDIES
15:01<npmr>every day
15:02<guinea-pig>so shut the fuck up because you don't know me any more than i know you
15:02<blake>and if me and my southie boys see some beaner trying to look tough, we like our odds
15:02<npmr>i probably see more immigrants every day from more places than you
15:02<npmr>so, no, i am not ignorant
15:02<npmr>but you are
15:03<guinea-pig>i used to work in a factory full of polacks and vietnamese
15:03<npmr>you see mexicans laying in the gutter and immediately extapolate that that's the majority
15:03<guinea-pig>try understand them... i'd rather the mexicans!
15:03<blake>understand who?
15:03<npmr>you don't know any different than that because it's all you see, or care to see
15:03<blake>i agree, viets are disgusting, they kill for sport too.
15:03<npmr>you don't see the mexicans who own homes and businesses
15:03<blake>but they're not coming over here like the mexicans
15:03<blake>npmr: that's my point
15:04<npmr>no, it's mine
15:04<npmr>*i* do see them
15:04<blake>what do you think happens when there are more immigrants than blue collar jobs?
15:04<npmr>there's raoul who bought george's restaurant on foster avenue when george and hellen retired
15:04<blake>it's going to be too late when you see it.
15:04<blake>lol raoul
15:04<npmr>there's jesus, a friend of my girlfriend who works for motorola
15:04<blake>i'll knock his head in with a tire iron
15:05<npmr>there's a couple of dozen mexican families living on my block
15:05<npmr>they go to work every day and send their kids to school, just like the white folks and the black folks and the koreans and the arabs
15:05<guinea-pig>people will do what they need to do to survive
15:06<guinea-pig>maybe we need to redefine what "surviving" means
15:06<guinea-pig>maybe we already have, and it backfired.
15:06<blake>i'm not saying i wouldn't come over here if i were a poor mexican.
15:06<blake>i'm saying we shouldn't allow it.
15:06<guinea-pig>why not?
15:06<blake>i would try too.
15:07<blake>that doesn't make it right.
15:07<blake>"they just want a better life" doesn't work
15:07<guinea-pig>who says it's right or wrong? who says country borders even make sense?
15:07<blake>any more than killing for "a better life" is
15:08<blake>guinea-pig: this country is being invaded, if you're not just playing devils advocate, it's people like you that will bring this country down, not muslim terrorists
15:08<guinea-pig>blake: don't even get me started on muslims
15:08<blake>muslims are nothing
15:08<blake>that's just a tiny blotch in history
15:08<guinea-pig>you associate those two words so easily
15:08<blake>it will come and go
15:09<guinea-pig>would you prefer we invaded mexico?
15:09<guinea-pig>annexed it?
15:09<blake>no, why invade?
15:09<blake>just throw the mexicans out
15:09<guinea-pig>well, if mexico is part of the US, then they won't need to come up here naymore, would they?
15:09<blake>i mean, we need to fight the terrorists, but it's not as big a deal as the immigrants
15:10<blake>why would it be part of the US?
15:10<blake>and yes, they would come up.
15:10<guinea-pig>hey, here's an idea: let the terrorists fight the immigrants
15:10<blake>because there section would be shit
15:10<guinea-pig>blake: if we annex mexico....
15:10<blake>if we annex mexico, it will be the same problem, just civil war
15:10<guinea-pig>civil between?
15:11<blake>you're fucking stupid
15:11<blake>im gonna come over to dudley and fuck you up asshole
15:11<guinea-pig>hey, here's an idea. let's annex the world. no more borders. no more disputes. it'll be wonderful
15:11<blake>guinea-pig: why would there be no disputes?
15:11<guinea-pig>blake: why do you hate me/
15:11<blake>we had a civil war in the us, there were no borders.
15:11<blake>you fucking moron
15:11<blake>i hate you because it's people like you that destroy this country.
15:12<blake>more so than terrorists
15:12<guinea-pig>you can't go around killing everyone who disagrees with you.
15:12<guinea-pig>you're no better than those gangs you hate so much, if you do.
15:12<blake>guinea-pig: who suggested that?
15:12<blake>guinea-pig: so you would like no borders?
15:12<blake>all one country?
15:12<guinea-pig>sorry, i associated "fuck you up asshole" with killing
15:13<guinea-pig>my mistake :)
15:14<guinea-pig>blake: i don't know what i'd like. maybe i'd like to go back to a time pre-border, when you didn't have to worry about the next village over because it was so rediculously far away
15:14<blake>that's not an option
15:15<guinea-pig>sure it is. it's a big country.
15:15<blake>it's not an option for the country as a whole
15:15<blake>that's what i mean.
15:15<guinea-pig>it's an option for me. i don't care about the country as a whole.
15:15<blake>and that would only work for 10 years
15:15<guinea-pig>and of course, that's the problem for everyone: they only care about themselves and their immediates
15:16<guinea-pig>but then again, if something doesn't impact you, you've really no firsthand idea how it impacts anyone else because you have to rely on their feedback.
15:16<guinea-pig>anything you don't experience yourself may not be true
15:17<guinea-pig>i don't understand those images.
15:17<guinea-pig>legalize the irish? what does that mean?
15:18<blake>legalize the illegal irish
15:18<guinea-pig>legalize WHAT about it?
15:18<blake>didn't you hear about that on the radio?
15:18<blake>it's big news in boston.
15:19<guinea-pig>i don't listen to the radio. how long ago?
15:19<blake>they want to legalize all illegal irish
15:19<blake>it's got a good chance of passing
15:19<guinea-pig>what's illegal about being irish?
15:20<guinea-pig>how do you feel about that?
15:20<guinea-pig>i see you're not getting in a big fuss about irish imigrants, the way you were about mexicans.
15:21<blake>well, the argument they are making is that the US has a good relationship with IRL
15:21<blake>but, i'm not for it really
15:21<guinea-pig>the US has a bad relationship with mexico?
15:21<blake>it's ammunition the mexicans can use
15:21<blake>yes, we do.
15:21<guinea-pig>i was not aware
15:21<guinea-pig>hell, then why are we attacking iraq?
15:22<guinea-pig>let's get mexico!
15:22<blake>because we can't attack every country that acts stupid
15:22<guinea-pig>but we can attack some countries that act stupid?
15:22<blake>we can attack the ones that threaten us.
15:22<blake>every country has that right.
15:22<blake>every person has that right.
15:22<guinea-pig>you threatened me.
15:22<blake>to defend itself
15:22<blake>then defend yourself
15:23<blake>do as you see fit
15:23<guinea-pig>i'm doing it
15:23<blake>you're an idiot.
15:23<guinea-pig>no i'm not.
15:23<blake>you would love to see this country overrun by illegals.
15:23<guinea-pig>i'm just a bit ignorant
15:24<guinea-pig>then make them legal and it won't be illegals :P
15:24<blake>i wanna see your face at that moment when an illegal is about to stab you for 20 bucks and you're thinking "oh fuck, i was stupid, now i'm paying for it with my life."
15:24<guinea-pig>i'm very much in favor if legal immigrants.
15:25<guinea-pig>why are these people illegal, is my question?
15:25<blake>because they came over without applying for citizenship...
15:25<blake>are you stupid?
15:25<guinea-pig>then why don't they apply?
15:25<blake>because they know they wouldn't be approved
15:25<guinea-pig>why not?
15:26<blake>because too many illegals are here, so the ones applying can't get here legallt
15:26|-|sonorous [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
15:26<guinea-pig>that sounds a bit circular
15:26<blake>it is.
15:26<guinea-pig>could you maybe straighten it out ?
15:27<blake>we can only allow so many immigrants in every year
15:27<guinea-pig>says who?
15:27<blake>people alot smarter than you
15:28<guinea-pig>so those really smart people are responsible for this problem?
15:28<blake>wow, you're an idiot.
15:28<blake>the way you argue, you could defend anything.
15:28<blake>all you have to do is say "says who?"
15:28<guinea-pig>no really. why do we only allow so many per year?
15:28<blake>"why is that opinion any more important than mine?"
15:29<blake>you can't argue that way, idiot
15:29<guinea-pig>i think the problem is you don't question enough things.
15:29|-|_andrew_j_w [] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
15:29<guinea-pig>most people don't question enough things
15:29<blake>i know what i see
15:29<blake>i see illegals ruining this country
15:29<guinea-pig>they don't look deep enough or far enough back
15:29<guinea-pig>ruining ... heh
15:29<guinea-pig>you just see the surface, though... what CAUSED it?
15:30<guinea-pig>and in whose perspective is it being ruined?
15:31<guinea-pig>and btw... i'm not arguing the point. i'm questioning the logic.
15:32<guinea-pig>my point is most people don't question the logic
15:32<blake>come on.
15:33<blake>if you saw somebody murdered for no reason would you say "from who's perspective is that wrong?"
15:33<blake>it's intrinsically wrong
15:33<blake>would you make the argument "well, maybe he needed to kill so he could have money for food."
15:33<guinea-pig>you believe murder is wrong because you don't want to be murdered.
15:34<blake>it's wrong because i know as a human being it's wrong
15:34|-|sonorous [] has joined #linode
15:34<blake>regardless of fear for my own life
15:35<guinea-pig>instinctually? all humans know this?
15:35<guinea-pig>or because it's the way they were taught growing up?
15:36<blake>no, all humans should know it.
15:36<guinea-pig>heh "should"
15:36<blake>those who don't are categorized as having a personality disorder
15:36<guinea-pig>and I believe... there's always a reason. it just may not seem valid to you, or other people.
15:37<guinea-pig>it may not even seem valid to the person doing it, but it's a reason
15:37<guinea-pig>(this is a wider statement, not specifically murder)
15:37<guinea-pig>we have such a complex set of rules, all to protect ourselves
15:38<guinea-pig>we don't like change, so we limit its speed
15:38<blake>i love change
15:38<blake>i like new thing
15:38<blake>i don't like illegal mexicans stabbing me though
15:38<blake>maybe i'm wrong in my thinking
15:38<guinea-pig>then embrace the immigrants. something else will come along soon enough
15:39<blake>nothing you say will change the way i think
15:39<guinea-pig>i know i'm wrong in my thinking. i just don't know what parts are wrong.
15:39<Eman>maybe if your border security actually did their job and kept the mexicans out, illegal immigration wouldnt be such a problem
15:39<guinea-pig>so i question
15:39<blake>i'm gonna go out with my southie boys every saturday night and look to solve a little piece of the problem
15:39<blake>do the best i can to fix it
15:39<guinea-pig>blake: solve?
15:39<blake>Eman: I agree.
15:39<blake>that's right
15:39<blake>fix the problem
15:40<guinea-pig>you're not fixing the problem in southie.
15:40<blake>i do my best.
15:40<Eman>you need a border with a berlin style wall
15:40<guinea-pig>you can't fix the problem
15:40<guinea-pig>it's a government thing that'll fix the problem.
15:40<guinea-pig>if there is even a "fix"
15:40<blake>Eman: I'm convinced they would find a way over. They're too lazy to learn English, but they will always find a way in.
15:40<guinea-pig>go to the source, not the end result of a problem.
15:41<guinea-pig>blake: is it a way in... or a way out?
15:41<blake>it's a way out for them.
15:41<guinea-pig>are they coming to US to come to US, or are they coming to US to escape Mexico?
15:41<guinea-pig>there's a major difference
15:41<blake>either way, they're coming in.
15:41<guinea-pig>and if it's the latter, nothing short of "fixing" mexico will change anything
15:41<guinea-pig>so don't bother in southie
15:42<blake>guinea-pig: when illegals fear for there lives, that will make a change
15:42<guinea-pig>and if they are "ruining" the US
15:42<blake>maybe not completely, but a tiny change
15:42<guinea-pig>then they'll continue ruin it to a point where the scales balance, and the US is equal to Mexico.
15:42<guinea-pig>so don't deal with them in southie
15:43<guinea-pig>go improve Mexico
15:43<blake>that's their job.
15:43<blake>i will do what i can.
15:43|-|spr_ [~spr@] has joined #linode
15:43<guinea-pig>that's debatable whose job it is
15:43<guinea-pig>by coming here, apparantly, they've made it your job as well
15:43<blake>what isn't debatable?
15:44<guinea-pig>since you've taken such a keen interest in them
15:44<blake>you debate everything, for the sake of debating.
15:44<blake>guinea-pig: i will deal with them as i please
15:44<blake>i deal with them in my own area
15:44|-|robbert [] has quit [Quit: robbert]
15:44<Eman>what do you mean by "deal with"?
15:44<guinea-pig>i don't want to be reading about you on the news
15:44<blake>Eman: you figure it out
15:45<guinea-pig>my question is, what will your "dealing with" accomplish besides provoking them?
15:45<blake>reading about me on the news?
15:46<blake>guinea-pig: The more reasons they have to not come here, the better.
15:46<blake>If they think they're going to get killed, maybe things aren't so bad in Mexico.
15:46<guinea-pig>boston's a bit far from the mexican border. it's a big country
15:47<guinea-pig>so my question now is why do they want to leave mexico?
15:48<blake>Because Mexico doesn't have a welfare system like ours that can be exploited.
15:48<guinea-pig>if they overexploit the system, it won't exist much longer. what else?
15:49<guinea-pig>try not to make a comparison between the US and mexico.
15:49<blake>How else could I make my argument?
15:49<blake>Why else would they come besides a comparison?
15:50<guinea-pig>why would they make the comparison if things weren't intolerable enough?
15:50<guinea-pig>what's intolerable?
15:53<blake>wow, i can't argue with you
15:53<blake>fuck off man
15:53<blake>you're an idiot
15:54|-|blake [] has quit []
15:54<guinea-pig>man... i'm a bit rusty.
16:02<Eman>hes a bit of an elitest asshole imo
16:04<npmr>no, he's not elitist
16:05<npmr>he's racist and ignorant, for sure
16:05<guinea-pig>he's been around for a while, eh?
16:05<npmr>several months
16:05<guinea-pig>oh, is that it
16:06<npmr>his name is blake barrie
16:06<npmr>and he hates it when people use his full real name in the channel
16:06<npmr>because he thinks some future employer will find the channel logs and not hire him
16:07<guinea-pig>well, after *that*
16:07<npmr>which is nonsense, because all he needs to do is maintain decorum and there would be no problem
16:07<npmr>obviously that's not a possibility for him
16:13|-|Nigel[CPI] [] has joined #linode
16:26|-|Eman [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
16:32|-|Eman [] has joined #linode
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16:52|-|Drew [] has joined #linode
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17:15<taupehat>Hmm, I think blake barrie should be proud to give his beliefs in here. As someone who's likely to do some hiring in the future, I would certainly appreciate knowing how he speaks of such things.
17:15<taupehat>While I'd be one to circular-file his resume in about 0.00003 seconds as a result, who's to say he wouldn't find a more sympathetic audience when he applies to be a sysadmin for, say, the KKK, or maybe the Republican Party?
17:17<taupehat>(assuming there's a huge difference between the two - I sometimes have difficulty discerning between the two)
17:40|-|usacnet [] has joined #linode
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19:47<warewolf>I was wondering why I was onlys eeing one side of the conversation!
19:47<warewolf>Ignorance List:
19:47<warewolf>blake: ALL
19:47<warewolf>this ignore is stale: *: ALL -regexp -pattern freenode/staff/pdpc.levin
19:52|-|spr_ [~spr@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:57<linbot>New news from forums: "the state of the linode" in General Discussion <>
19:58<taupehat>warewolf: oof
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20:13|-|FireSlash [~FireSlash@] has joined #linode
20:14<guinea-pig>warewolf: nice
20:15<taupehat>they finally ghosted his client
20:15<taupehat>after not insignificant discussion
20:16<encode>i also have blake on ignore
20:16<encode>maybe thats why this conversation doesnt make much sense
20:17<taupehat>he came in, did his thing, dropped some f-bombs
20:17<encode>who ghosted who's client, and what does that mean anyway
20:17<taupehat>nothing new
20:17<taupehat>encode: lilo's client - ghosted by freenode staff
20:17<taupehat>his client lingered weeks after he had died
20:18<warewolf>on efnet /wii sk0t
20:19<@mikegrb> <-- me at the end of an 8.5 story ladder
20:19<encode>it looks like you have a face mask on
20:20<taupehat>mikegrb: don't look down!
20:20<@mikegrb>bad light
20:20<encode>it looks kinda like a cartoon face
20:20<@mikegrb>light was brought up a lot
20:20<@mikegrb>was black before
20:20<@mikegrb>but you are right
20:20<encode>8.5 story ladder...thats pretty long
20:21<@mikegrb>didn't realize that
20:21<@mikegrb>yes indeed
20:21<@mikegrb>took a while to get up there
20:21<@mikegrb>and then the step didn't want to come down
20:21<@mikegrb>had to go ahead and clip in and yank it with both hands
20:22<@mikegrb>quite a bit of sway once you get to the last segment
20:22<@mikegrb>and then the operator rotated the ladder around
20:23<encode>what were you doing up so high?
20:23<@mikegrb>one of the things I have to have signed off as doing to not be a rookie
20:23<taupehat>encode: getting motion sickness, no doubt
20:23<taupehat>it's that subtle form of hazing that falls fairly within the scope of "training"
20:24<taupehat>I've got a 40-foot ladder I have to climb regularly as a function of my new job
20:24<taupehat>and it's definitely a "let the new guy do it" kind of task
20:24[~]taupehat rubs his hands together as he's now rated on the scissor lift and will just use that instead
20:25<@mikegrb> a view with more of the ladder
20:25<taupehat>ahh, that looks like a short trip to "overcoming vertigo for dummies"
20:25<taupehat>mikegrb: any breeze?
20:26<@mikegrb>it's always windy here
20:30<encode>i'd feel scared it was going to fall over
20:30<encode>or that i'd fall off coming back down
20:41<Drew>Im trying to sign up for the forums, but it won't let me sign in with no/spam, I think I'm missing something?
20:42[~]taupehat wonders if drew is also known as droo
20:42<Drew>no... I'm not
20:44<@mikegrb>Drew: have you signed up for a forums account?
20:44<@mikegrb>it's seperate from the linode account
20:44<Drew>That's what I'm trying to do now. A login pops up saying "please sign in with no/spam as user/pass"
20:44<Drew>I type it in and it doesn't work
20:45<@mikegrb>yeah username = no password = spam in the http auth box
20:49<Drew>ohh got it now finally lol
20:49<Drew>I was putting no/spam in both boxes:(
20:49<@mikegrb>mmm cake
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22:57<fo0bar>I wouldn't go to that URL. oh, and I'd ban eman
22:59|-|VS_ChanLog [] has left #linode [Rotating Logs]
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22:59<taupehat>this is why I have flashblock installed
23:07<taupehat>I do think at least a severe warning is in order
23:09|-|internat [] has joined #linode
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23:50<encode>any of you guys used iscsi much?
23:53|-|Newsome [] has joined #linode
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