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01:35<csiotian>hello all
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05:16<Ciaran>taupehat: Still around?
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08:24<brc>so, isnt xen as stable as uml ?
08:27<brc>I was wondering if linode would upgrade uml to xen somedayso we would have performance increased, but i prefer stability :)
08:27<npmr>what sorts of problems does xen still have?
08:29<brc>i had a vps at unixshell and it was terrible. performance was great but it went down and did not come back for 2 weeks. they do use xen. but i guess it is the company that sux not xen
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09:16<greggypoo>greetings. does linode do backups?
09:16<greggypoo>(my assumption is that the answer is 'yes, but don't count on it') :)
09:24<@tasaro>greggypoo: We utilize RAID to protect against drive failure, but backups are the customer's responsibility
09:27<Ciaran>Whoa, another op.
09:27<Ciaran>Hi. :)
09:27<@tasaro>Hi Ciaran
09:28<Ciaran>Whoo, so you joined the staff just over a week ago? Nice.
09:30<erikh>bacula is also nice.
09:31<erikh>setup is slightly more involved, but the ability to mine and control your backups remotely is worth it IMO
09:31<erikh>and it's a heck of a lot easier to configure than AMANDA
09:31<erikh>hell, sendmail is easier to configure than AMANDA.
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09:36<linbot>New news from forums: Recycled IP addresses in General Discussion <>
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10:06<jayyers>does anyone know why when i edit /etc/postfx/ and then i save it and open it back up its no even the same file i started out with?
10:08<@caker>jayyers: is your filesystem healthy?
10:08<jayyers>postfix was not running when i was editing the file
10:08<jayyers>it happend before so i reloaded the image and it still did that
10:09<jayyers>so it was a clean install....
10:09<jayyers>so i would hope its healthy
10:13<jayyers>nevermind for some reason it saved it as
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10:31<greggypoo>RAID is the answer i wanted. thanks. :)
10:31<greggypoo>i just make a tarball every few months
10:31<greggypoo>it's not like i have credit card transaction logs from my hiigh-bandwidth commerce site :)
10:32<greggypoo>i had no idea there was a linode wiki
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10:57<jayyers>ive been folowing this tutorial for setting up postfix
10:57<jayyers>and now am trying to send a message in my mail client using TLS port 465
10:57<jayyers>why does it jus time out?
10:59<jayyers>or take forever.....
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11:00<jayyers>eventualy it fails to send the message
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11:34<npmr>is your server listening on that port?
11:36<jayyers>says it is when i do netstat -ln
11:37<jayyers>another tutorial i looked at said i have to edit /etc/postfix/
11:37<jayyers>is this correct
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11:38<jayyers>but the first one didnt mention it
11:38<npmr>there are two completely different methods of doing encrypted smtp
11:38<npmr>it looks like that ubuntu tutorial configures what's called starttls
11:38<Kurt>one way to fix it would be to stop using postfix
11:39<Kurt>postfix is completely worthless
11:39<jayyers>what do u suggest?
11:39<npmr>using starttls, clients connect to port 25, the server lists "STARTTLS" as one of its capabilities
11:39<npmr>the client can then issue a "STARTTLS" command at any time
11:39<jayyers>thats the problem then
11:39<jayyers>cause i cant connect on port 25 cause its blocked on my isp
11:40<npmr>in order for postfix to actually start a listening server on another port, you would have to modify
11:40<npmr>Kurt, i have been using postfix for many years
11:40<npmr>Kurt, it is definitely not worthless
11:41<npmr>if it doesn't suit you, or you're more familiar with something else, that's fine
11:41<Kurt>then you've had your head up your ass for many years
11:41<npmr>but it does not mean that postfix is worthless
11:41<Kurt>because it certainly is worthless
11:41<npmr>can you be more speicific?
11:42<jayyers>is there a way with ip tables to rout say port 252 to port 25 so i can use it at home?
11:42<Kurt>npmr: for one, it's not written by Allman
11:43<npmr>jayyers, you could do that, or you could just have postfix listen on both ports
11:43<jayyers>what would be easiest
11:44<npmr>jayyers, you should have a line in your that looks something like this:
11:44<npmr>smtp inet n - - - - smtpd
11:45<jayyers>in this one tutorial it says to do this tlsmgr fifo - - n 300 1 tlsmgr
11:45<jayyers>smtps inet n - n - - smtpd -o smtpd_tls_wrappermode=yes -o smtpd_sasl_auth_enable=yes
11:45<jayyers>587 inet n - n - - smtpd -o smtpd_enforce_tls=yes -o smtpd_sasl_auth_enable=yes
11:45<npmr>copy it, and change "smtp" at the very beginning to ""
11:45<npmr>actually, don't use 465, that might confuse clients that are actually looking for smtps
11:46<npmr>use 252 or whatever
11:46<npmr>since it's to avoid a block on port 25, take your pick
11:47<npmr>Kurt, i bet you use a lot of software that's not written by Eric Allman
11:47<Kurt>yeah, but not mailers
11:47<npmr>and you're 100% convinced that no one else can do it right?
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11:51<jayyers>grr now its not accepting my password
11:51<npmr>check your server logs
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11:54<warewolf>pgp key ids, in decimal are the same number of digits as phone numbers.
11:54<warewolf>I must find some way to use this to my advantage in a perl japh or something.
11:55<npmr>phone number vary in length
11:56<warewolf>us american 7 including area code
11:57<jayyers>im getting this error
11:58<jayyers>sasldb2 no file or directory
11:58[~]npmr shrugs
11:58<npmr>i don't know sasl
11:59<Kurt>npmr: It's an objective fact, provable from the first principles of the Universe.
11:59<npmr>Kurt, do it
11:59<Kurt>npmr: You would do well to familiarize yourself with the writings of the eminent 20th-century Russian-American philosopher Ayn Rand.
11:59<npmr>ah ha
11:59<Kurt>A is A.
12:00<npmr>well, you need to do a much better job of explaining your reasoning, rather than just asserting that postfix is worthless
12:01<npmr>people have no idea whether to value your opinion without knowing why you hold it
12:01<Kurt>I did
12:01<Kurt>did you not read what I just said?
12:01<Kurt>A is A
12:01<npmr>you have just now, because i asked
12:02<npmr>but typically, you just say "postfix is worthless" and go back to lurking
12:02<Kurt>I said it twice.
12:02<Kurt>A is A.
12:03<npmr>i'd also like to point out that it's a pretty long logical jump from "A is A" to "postfix is worthless"
12:03<npmr>what's your method of proof?
12:03<Kurt>And what I provide are not opinions.
12:03<Kurt>They are objective facts.
12:03<Kurt>And it's not.
12:03<Kurt>Every truth of the Universe stems from that simple fact.
12:03<Kurt>If you are unable to see that, then you are immune to reason.
12:03<npmr>good day
12:04<Kurt>And, as the eminent 20th-century Russian-American philosopher Ayn Rand proved, those who have rejected reason cannot be conquered by it.
12:04<npmr>that much is obvious
12:11[~]iggy is confused
12:18<guinea-pig>hmmm. always a decision
12:18<guinea-pig>should I move the bed or the couch first? and which one will i get stuck sleeping on tonight?
12:19<Kurt>guinea-pig: the answer to your second question depends on what answer you give your wife when she asks if her socks make her ankles look fat
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12:22<guinea-pig>Kurt: my wife? i'm a geek...
12:22<kvandivo>can socks make ankles look fat?
12:22<guinea-pig>fat ankles
12:23<guinea-pig>honestly, does anyone ask that?
12:23<Kurt>my girlfriend does
12:23<Kurt>and she's a ballerina
12:23<npmr>"no honey, it's the fat that makes your ankles look fat"
12:23<guinea-pig>your ankles make your socks look fat.
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13:13[~]guinea-pig opts for the bed first
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15:28<erikh>jayyers: you need to configure sasl to look at your authorative auth database (probably /etc/passwd)
15:29<erikh>jayyers: also, I apologize if this is rude, but it's /very/ unwise to just throw stuff in your mail configuration without having at least a cursory understanding of what you're implementing
15:30<erikh>Kurt: sendmail uses SASL too.
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17:17<jekil>i have a ticket opened from a couple of hours
17:17[~]kvandivo gasps.
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17:40<linbot>New news from forums: Reboot: host47 in System and Network Status <>
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17:42<warewolf2>47 bouncy?
17:42<Internat-afk>yeah we just restarted :(
17:43<warewolf2>it was so solid for so long why
17:43<warewolf2>why why why
17:43<Internat-afk>im crying.. now i have to check that it boots ok :(
17:43<warewolf2>dear linod gods
17:43<warewolf2>linode gods even
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17:44<gpd>trouble with 47?
17:44<Internat-afk>we just restarted :(
17:44<gpd>DON'T PANIC
17:45<Internat-afk>TOO LATE!!!! PANACING!
17:45<warewolf2>did it die again?
17:45<Internat-afk>dunno im still waiting for it to boot the first time
17:45<@caker>quick!! everyone insert a bunch of reboot jobs
17:45<warewolf2>that's why I'm not touching it :)
17:46<Internat-afk>shotguns being in first!
17:47<linbot>gpd: The latest stable kernel is; the latest snapshot of the stable kernel is 2.6.19-rc5-git2; the latest beta kernel is 2.6.19-rc5-mm1.
17:48<warewolf2>caker- ready for me to boot yet?
17:49[~]warewolf2 suggests a !<host number> icmp ping feature of linbot
17:50<gpd>lish `status` says 'Running'... lies.
17:50<warewolf2>yeah mine does too, but the website is correct
17:51[~]warewolf2 wonders how long it will take for the host load to pull back from "high"
17:51<gpd>warewolf2: i thought you moved to xen - 56?
17:51<gpd>obviously not.
17:52<warewolf2>this is an interesting host message: Host Message Profile has no root partition.
17:52[~]warewolf2 is now very afraid
17:53[~]warewolf2 boots with init=/bin/bash
17:53<Internat-afk>mines coming up now
17:54<warewolf2>Job Entered 01/04/1974 12:00:00 AM
17:54<gpd>ya -- just noticed that too
17:57<Internat-afk>oh god this is booting like a bitch.. guess thats what happens when 20nodes start booting
18:00<warewolf2>btw, internat, mikegrb is going to grill you for cursing.
18:01<@caker>NAB, it's so that job goes before others (and it's my bday)
18:01<erikh>caker: what are you doing here, then?
18:01<troy>happy bday caker
18:01<@mikegrb>mmm cake
18:01<erikh>go enjoy cake
18:01<@caker>nono, the date above is my bday :)
18:01<erikh>oh, heh.
18:02<@caker>It's my epoch
18:02<warewolf2>you're a bit older than me caker
18:02<warewolf2>not much, but a bit
18:02<@mikegrb>mmm cake
18:02<erikh>man, barely recovering from the post-new-years hangover and you have to ... enjoy cake
18:04[~]warewolf2 wonders if he is stuck in queue, or if the number of linodes on host 47 is that large to delay a boot by 8 minutes
18:04<Internat-afk>yeah mine delayed about 10
18:04<warewolf2>oh then I'll continue waiting then
18:04<darkbeholder>im up to 11 mins
18:05<Internat-afk>12 actually i had
18:08<gpd>ok mine is up :)
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18:12<Internat-afk>mines started im still waiting for boot to finish so i think im gonna come back in 20minutes
18:17<warewolf2>yaay server coming up
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18:18<gpd>or not
18:18<warewolf2>no no don't say that gpd
18:19<gpd>seems to have gone again :|
18:19<warewolf2>mine's still booting
18:19<warewolf2>taking a while, but it's progressing
18:20<gpd>mine came up - then went away -- 'powered off'
18:20<Internat-afk>mine powered off as well by the looks of it
18:21<gpd>Profile has no root partition.
18:21<gpd>which is lies
18:23<Internat-afk>guess ill come back in 30mins and see if its back up then
18:23<warewolf2>I'm ujp
18:24<gpd>caker: should I issue a boot request - or u
18:24<gpd>just wait?
18:24<@caker>gpd: go ahead
18:24<darkbeholder>im up, smooth sailing now i hope
18:25<Internat-afk>my inittab file has disapeared again
18:25<warewolf2>that would be whyI backed mine up
18:26<Internat-afk>yeah mines back uped
18:26<@caker>Internat-afk: let me know if I can assist
18:26<Internat-afk>ta :) should be ok, i have a backup from last nite, so ill just load up finnix and get it :)
18:26<Internat-afk>any idea why that file would disappear tho?
18:27<Internat-afk>it happened last time the node crashed as well
18:27<@caker>yes, it points to some code we have that updates fstab
18:27<@caker>I can't find anything wrong in the code.. time to just disable it -- it's not needed right now
18:28<Internat-afk>ah ok
18:28<warewolf2>what did the stuff do? update udba whtever for fstab root?
18:28<@caker>did the magic substitutions for for xen<-->uml
18:28<@caker>...and back
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18:33<gpd>load avg 7.47 ...
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18:40<Internat-afk>finnix for the win~
18:48<Internat-afk>and lives again!
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19:07<donnchaocaoimh>anyone else here affected by the reboot of linode 47?
19:07[~]donnchaocaoimh has a corrupted fs
19:08<donnchaocaoimh>ah, Chris says it'll be fixed shortly :)
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19:33<id10t>is there a mirror for debian that is particularly close network wise for a linode to use?
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20:54<jimcooncat>with what do I play a midi file? gui app please
20:55<jimcooncat>sorry wrong channel
20:56<Internat-afk>*cheers that his node is running again*
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23:51<warewolf>yaay, the network card in my UPS now knows how to talk to the UPS.
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